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ALTA research Quiz Question 1 What constitutes Primary mandatory authority sources for MI 1.

. US constitution on Fed, Constitutional, statutory issues. 2. MI constitution 3. MI statutes and rules 4. MI supreme court opinions 5. MI appellate court opinions Who publishes and in what order? US constitution has no publication sequence o Published MI constitution available in MCL (official/gov) MCLA MCLS (unofficial) o MCLA (unofficial/WEST) o MCLS (unofficial/Lexis) MI statutes and rules o 1. Slip law No official pub for MI Unofficial pub MI legislature website West Lexis o 2. Session Laws Official Public and local acts of the legislature of MI Unofficial MI legislative service found on WEST Advanced Legislative service on LEXIS Session laws collection on HEINONLINE West MI Bound session laws o 3. Code Official MCL Unofficial MI legislature website West MI compiled laws o 4. Ann. Code No official Unofficial WEST MCLA LEXIS MCLS MI Supreme Court Opinions o Official

MI reports 1847 o Unofficial North Western reporter 1879-1942 North Western 2nd 1942-Present MI Reporter 1941-present MI Court of Appeals Opinions o Official MI Appeals Reports 1965-present o Unofficial NW Reporter 2nd 165-present MI Reporter 1965-present

What constitutes Primary and Mandatory authority in Fed system 1. US constitution 2. Federal Statutes and Rules 3. US Supreme Court opinions 4. Fed Court of Appeals (only from the circuit in which the Fed TC is a member) Who Publishes and in what order? US Constitution o No publication sequence Federal Statutes and Rules o 1. Slip Laws Official GPO access GPO FDsys THOMAS Unofficial Lexis West West Law Next o 2. Session Laws Official Statutes at Large GPO access GPO FDsys Unofficial LexisNexiss Advance Wests US code Congressional and Administrative News HeinOnlines Statutes at Large Collection Westlaw Next Westlaw

Lexis o 3. Code Official US code GPO Access GPO FDsys Office of the Law Revision Counsel Unofficial Justia The Public Library of Law FindLaw Cornell Legal Information Institute Westlaw o 4. Ann. Code No official Pub Unofficial West US Code Ann. (West and WestNext) Lexiss US Code Service US Supreme Court Opinions o Official US Reports 1789-present o Unofficial US Supreme Court reports, Lawyers Edition 1879-present Supreme Court Reporter 1882-present US Law Week 1933-present Federal COA opinions o No Official o Unofficial Federal Reporter 1880-present Federal Appendix 2001-present Federal District Courts o No Official o Unofficial Federal Supplement 1932-present

Question 2+4 (Worksheet) Primary authority is not applicable when it is from another jurisdiction and cannot be used in your jurisdiction Persuasive primary authority precedential value are the same in MI and Fed All secondary authority are persuasive and are the same for MI and Fed o 1. Treatises o 2. Restatements

o 3. Law Review Articles o 4. Legal Encyclopedias o 5. Blacks Law o 6. Annotations and American Law reports o 7. Jurisprudence MI jurisdiction other states not primary or mandatory Fed Jurisdiction other circuits are not primary or mandatory

Question 3 MI o Supreme Court o Court of Appeals o District/Circuit Court Federal o Supreme Court o Court of Appeals o US district Courts Question 5? Hierarchy of Most Persuasive Legislative History o Conference Committee Reports From both House and Senate Best evidence of intent, last report coming out before the bill is enacted law. o Committee Reports House or Senate Persuasive b/c they include research testimony o Bill Mark-Ups Persuasive if done after a debate or hearing b/c physical evidence of legislators shift of opinion after debate or hearing o Debates o Hearings o Other random docs Four Print Sources o CIS o U.S.C.C.A.N (US States Code Congressional and Admin. News) o Compiled legislative history (Nancy Johnson) o Congressional Record Question 6 Shepards is LexisNexis o Treatment and Currentness Keycite is WestLaw o Based and depth and Coverage

Question 7 MI Pg 426 ALWD Fed Pg 454 ALWD Look at other outline

Question 8 US Constitution Official o USC o USC analysis and interpretation ( Const. is official not commentary) Unofficial o USCA o USCS o MCLA o MCLS MCLS and MCLA are just MI cases that deal with Fed Constitution Thomas* (is a portal) o Official or unofficial depending on where it takes you Question 9 Federal Administrative Law US Government Manual Published in Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) by Government Printing Office (GPO) Michigan Michigan Registry Michigan administrative Code Question 10 What is a Digest? Multi volume index in which cases are organized by subject Provides a headnote under each subject and a citation to the case. (headnotes are not authoritative) Why do we use it? Look up a damn subject and narrow it down What digests are available? Michigan o Callahans Michigan Digest (Lexis) o Michigan Digest (West, most popular) Scope is geographically by state or region Two editions 2d covers from 1932-present

North Western Digest Federal Practice Digest U.S. Supreme Court Digest Decennial Digest