Venere Jeanne Kaufman

July 6 1947 ~ November 5 2011

From VJ's 93 year old Mom, Ruth Keiffer (dictated over the phone):
Sunday, I found out I had lost the most precious thing a Mother can lose. My daughter Jeanne passed from this World to a better place. Though we spoke often I hadn't seen her in 2 years. Her memory remains in my heart and my love for her will never fade. Her laughter made my life lighter when I often felt low. She also had the ability to forgive and forget, a true sign of Love. Her husband is a kind, gentle person who thinks of others before himself. He was a perfect match for Jeanne and I am blessed to have him as a son in law. I thank God for giving Jeanne to us although briefly. May we all remember that life is short and look for true signs of Love in each other. God is in Jeanne's example, there is no better. She loved Eastend and everything she became involved in, especially publishing the Edge, was for its benefit. She loved the people who make it the exceptional Town it is. Please don't forget her. Wherever she is, you can bet she won't forget you. God bless you Dear, Mom.

There must be some built-in defence mechanism in all of us that just will not allow our minds to grasp the obvious.... And thank whoever for that, because without it functioning would be next to impossible. Shock, grief, reflection then inevitably, acceptance and remembrance. Particularly when it is a special person who truly touched our lives. Jeanne was my best friend and chosen Sister. Twenty years of memories to sustain me. No one ever truly dies unless they are forgotten. Ever loved - ever remembered - a beautiful light that will shine forever. Susan D.

Venere touched so many people with her beautiful nature and that will remain in our hearts forever. Georg and I are so thankful the two of you found each other in this lifetime. Both of you brought so much joy to each other and to the world at large. I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of her life. Thank you, Sister, for being you. Brenda Feuerstein

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It is very difficult, nigh impossible to adequately describe or encapsulate Venere Jeanne Kaufman in a few words. This challenging task is made more difficult by the measured way in which Jeanne let people into her life. Even those who have known Jeanne the longest are discovering things now, after her sorrowful passing, that they did not previously know. This only adds to the enigma that she presented as a very close friend to many, but also guarded friend who retained a palpable mystique about her. She was known as Jeanne to some, but known only as Venere to others. With her new community she shared snippets of her past, of her vast and varied life experience through the Eastend Edge. This little paper permitted her to communicate with her readership; this little paper that she cultivated so that the smallest peeks into the depth of her intellect and her experiences were broadly shared. Jeanne only lived in Eastend for about 41/2 years, and we thought it might be interesting to reveal to her community a few details of her life before she “retired” here. She was born Venere Jeanne Gauvreau in Cleveland in 1947, her mother an artist and her father an MIT educated electrical Engineer. Her Grandfather was Emile Gauvreau, celebrated author and Editor of The New York Graphic, (nicknamed porno-graphic!), a tabloid scandal sheet of the early 1930’s (well worth a Google). This knowledge of her lineage illuminates the source of her prodigious intellect. Her pursuit of the arts, of knowledge, of science, of music and reading was very strongly encouraged in her childhood home and it never left her. Seeking change, Jeanne arrived in Canada as a newlywed in the fall of 1970, attended UBC and achieved a degree in accounting. She worked at Price Waterhouse, and rose steadily. After obtaining her MBA from UBC, Jeanne relocated to Calgary in 1980 where she became a tax partner at a successful firm. In search of a change in professional direction, Jeanne became a Financial Consultant with Wood Gundy in the late 1980’s. In this role Jeanne was able to utilize her incredible problem-solving skills and sense of reason. Jeanne was very successful in this profession; she was much loved by her clients and was a regular fixture on CBC Radio, on CBC Television and in the Calgary Herald – all as commentator on the markets and complex economic issues. She was a great asset to the firms she worked for and to the clients she served. After the untimely passing of her Husband in December 2004, Jeanne was ready to contemplate the next stage of her life. As was her custom, she did so privately through a measured yet acutely perceptive and reason-infused process. With retirement beckoning, a great change was made – from the busy, fast paced life of Calgary to the peaceful, languid lifestyle of Eastend and semi-retirement. Slowly at first, Jeanne joined the Eastend community. She spent more and more time here, and by 2007 the move was complete. Her outside friends visited, and we saw how happy and comfortable she was. We were thrilled, initial skepticism was replaced with marvel at how she seamlessly adapted from a busy and demanding professional career in a large city to the pursuit of handicrafts and the arts in a small, quite isolated but beautiful town. Aside from professional activities, Jeanne had always focused her energies on lifelong learning and the arts and this continued. She read 150 books a year – every year. Her television was used only to watch educational or documentary DVD’s – no cable. Her art collection was varied and stunning, and her skill as a writer was only just being explored, shared and enjoyed. She rode Harley motorcycles in earlier years; she loved music, good wine, good scotch, travel and great food. Jeanne was unconventional – she liked unconventional people and places, she was drawn to what are today mostly unconventional pursuits. The beauty of Eastend and this part of Saskatchewan is unconventional but it truly captivated her. She felt at home here; she reveled in the landscape and this became her home. With meeting Stephen in 2008, her life became full, her happiness more complete. Consequent to her characteristic privacy, friends only slowly figured out she had met a new love, but it was not easy to hide her joy. The ease and comfort of her life in Eastend was now guaranteed, her carefully laid plans had come together, albeit with the unplanned bonus of Stephen. The Edge became her passion, her pastime and her way of making a contribution, a statement about and for her community and her final home. Jeanne felt a part of this place, a part of the social fabric and the vital artistic community that so attracted her. Sadly this peaceful, quiet life of the arts, the Eastend Edge, Stephen, Roo, her garden and long walks through the rugged fields and valleys that she so loved was tragically abbreviated. Jeanne bore her illness with a privacy, stoicism, acceptance and independence. She was an inspiration to all who must suffer these terrible trials. Through it all she focused on the Edge; Jeanne’s last heroic struggle only a few days before her passing was the completion of her final issue. Jeanne lived her life with dignity, caring, empathy and compassion - she was a giver – she wanted to learn about things and learn about people. She sought a community where she could make a meaningful contribution, and she found it here. It is very hard not to feel cheated by her passing, but we shouldn’t - Jeanne simply did not do maudlin. We should simply feel thankful for having known Jeanne, and thankful for the quiet happiness she found living here in Eastend, at the end of her life. Paul & Karen Harrison, Calgary Just two of Jeanne’s many, many friends…..

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Remembering Venere Her voice – full of humour when recounting a good story Her Sense of mischief - ask anyone who went on the audit in Mackenzie with her Her rabble rousing nature - an instigator of the student revolt for more adding machines in the Price Waterhouse bull pen - and the most eloquent spokesperson – not the easiest thing when all the partners being addressed are over 6 foot 5 inches tall and won’t sit down! Her “Focus” when practicing Tai chi in the basement of our master who was also a retired air force officer in Chang Kai Shek’s army Her fascination with human nature – who else would do a Masters paper on the relationship between stock prices and consumer confidence? Her creativity - Guitar player, craftswoman and bead artist Her eclectic mind -Owner of an original Cheiro at one point in time Her Belief in living in the moment – thinking nothing of driving down to Everett to the Mexico Café for dinner or Marysville for pie Her trust in sharing with me , old family friends and a mountainside in Medicino one Christmas Her Wonderful sense of the absurd – oh my how we laughed til we cried - Alan in the barrel; the policeman who never drank coffee because it was an amphetamine; the goats who chased us down the mountain in Mendicino, Her presence at my side throughout my wedding day and the twinkle in her eye as she witnessed our marriage license using her maiden name; later telling me that if I ever changed my mind that would be OK because it wasn’t a legal document – hahahha Her love of life Rosemary Leavitt Coquitlam, BC The days were so free When we'd walk, you and me By the tall golden field Where a good crop would yield. A pretty dress I would wear A flower up in my hair The sky summer blue And you were so true. Cynthia Fehr

Eastends’ sky
An Ice blue dawn Breaks its light ... Crests over black hills edge A silent wave Brightly Crashing hoarfrost fields of mourning Tumbling down earths dark shoulder Overwhelms the heart Kindles a new day Burnished gold Sweeping you away This waking loneliness of Forever prairies sorrow. Timothy Hume

From Jeanne’s Notebook. What do I want most to do, Spend time with slg & Roo Walk & hike Glass Knit Needlepoint Go to Arizona to see Bobbie
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From Jeanne’s Notebook. What I’m not missing, Osteoporosis Senility Old age in a nursing home Blindness Deafness Poverty Parkinson’s Having to do what everyone else wants

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Jeanne was many things to me and we shared some interesting times over the years. She was a friend of my late partner and she transferred that friendship to me. Over the last years she sat on the jury for the Dave Greber Freelance Writers Awards. She gave of her intelligence, time, wisdom and humour-all gifts that will be sorely missed. I will miss her favourite sign off to our telephone calls- "I Love Ya" The remaining members of the jury will join with me in a dinner composed of Jeanne's favourite dishes and lift a glass to her. Shirley Dunn

no goodbyes you vanished gone to a place too large for words the incomprehensible the unknown beyond a barrier we all must cross the treasure of YOU a piece of it lodged in every heart you touched a warm glowing ember of loving memory your gift a living legacy graciousness and generosity kindness and curiosity your beautiful smile you are not yet far barely out of sight along a river bending flowing within the oneness of life continuing i speak with you often now i like that you see into my heart my shining moments my dark yet lovingly you gather me into your arms i am understood accepted the barriers dissolve our spirits meet across time and space on wings of love always, gabriele and paddy (with slg)

transparent quality of first light of dawn an array of richly variegated hues of colour that took flight in arcs and circles of the Eagle Damn! Your energy and being so beautiful To you------THANK YOU Linda Krisjansons

The Spirit departs. The beauty remains. Tania Sekura

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We're all going to miss Jeanne's intelligence, quick wit and many contributions to our corner of the World. Mary Thomson

Stephen, she was a truly wonderful woman....we send our love and our deepest sympathy for you and Roo. We will truly miss her. Jacquie Tokaryk

Heaven has received an amazing angel. Stephen our sympathy to you. She was a remarkable person who will be missed by so many. Bonnie Gleim "I have gone over in my mind the times I have spent with Jeanne and am reminded of a woman with a fine mind, a deep sense of self and a kind heart. Her spirit and energy will be missed to be sure and will be held and treasured by those whose lives were touched by her." Virginia Boulay

She encouraged me to write. I will always be grateful... Cynthia Fehr

She was a remarkable woman and will be missed terribly. Jamie Morvik

I just loved that lady.. we shared some thoughts about what we were both going through and inspired me to keep doing the "Relay for Life".. I, of course will continue in her memory now. Rest in Peace. Stephen it eases my mind to know that she was not alone at this time... glad you had each her. Joni McNaughton

The Edge was very special with Jeanne! I remember seeing her darting in and out of SONOTO cafe and other drop off spots. A dynamo, so full of energy! full of light and grinning...! Ester Balekjian

She will be missed.... Lee Tysseland Jeanne was a generous, thoughtful, kind and considerate neighbour who remembered our names and asked questions of interest about us and our boys. I liked her and I was very happy to see you 2 go out on a date when we were working together and I am so glad you and her found love. Brad Robertson Thinking of you stephen, and of that amazing woman that brought so much to your life. Melanie Grimster Graven

I am grateful for chance I had to meet & get to know her. Diane Kohl

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This memorial and last copy of the Edge has been lovingly crafted by slg and iju

There will be a celebration of Venere Jeannes life At the Eastend Memorial Hall On Saturday, November 19th From 10:30am until noon. Everyone is welcome

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Photomontage by iju

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