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Science Camp

The science camp organized to allows students to be introduced or re-introduced into aspects of science that they have learnt in school through a fun, hands-on journey. The camp is a mixture of practical experiments /demonstrations, short concise presentations, and great take home projects.

Duration: 2 Days (3 hours each session; total 6 hours)

Day 1 (Under Pressure and the Light)
No. Activity 1 Introduction & registration 2 Science challenge 1: A different way to lift a Jar Lifting a jar of Rice without touching the Jar The big dripper Moving water from Bowl A to B to C without touching the bowls. Learning outcomes: - Introduction to pressure and its effects - Learn about siphoning Presentation: Pressure Diver in the bottle Participants will be guided through the process of making the Cartesian Diver Learning outcomes: - Pascals Law introduced Tea-break Science challenge 2: Separating colours Chromatography of whiteboard marker colours Making a rainbow spinner Participants get a chance to make a colour wheel and explore aspects of light Learning outcomes: - Introduction to simple chromatography - Learn the colours of the rainbow Presentation: Colours Kaleidoscope Participants will be guided through the steps to making their own Kaleidoscope Crystal bridge and crystal garden Duration 10mins 20mins

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10mins 30mins

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20mins 20mins

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10mins 30mins 10mins


Setting up of two experiments for next Science Camp session Home-made salt crystals Participants are shown a simple method of creating their own crystals


Day 2 (Physical science and nature)

No. Activity 1 Coloured flowers and plants Participants will set up various experiment sets for the session after their break 2 Our Experiment: Crystal bridge Make observations of the progress of the formation of the crystal bridge Crystal garden Participants will make observations of the growth of their crystals Home-made salt crystal Participants will compare their individual crystals with others Learning outcomes: - Introduction to crystals Science challenge 3: 3 Layer float Participants are shown an experiment that begins an introduction and concept to density, mass and volume Vinegar and oil in a bottle Participants are shown effects of different densities Learning outcomes: - Introduction to density, mass and volume - Introduction to a simple separating technique Presentation: Density, mass and volume Lava lamp Participants are guided through the process of making a lava lamp of their own Tea-break Science challenge 4: Transport in plants Participants will make observations of the progress of their individual experiemts Plants make food Duration 15mins 20mins


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10mins 30mins 20mins 20mins

Participants are shown experimentally what plants produce Plants and light Participants are shown that light is necessary for plant growth and likewise shown the effects plants grown in the dark Learning outcomes: - Introduction to transport in plants and photosynthesis - Learn the type of conditions necessary for healthy plant growth Presentation: Plants & conservation Garden in a glass Students are shown how to create a small garden of their own, and how to care for it Science fun Balloon rockets Balloon kebabs Potato shooters Effect of temperature on reactions Cutting ice without hands

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10mins 25mins 10mins