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Barry Collard

Personal Details Address: 53 Hillfield Road, Inverkeithing, Fife, KY11 1BN Home: 01383 418486 Mobile: 07763 411207 Email: Website: Nationality: British Date of Birth: 24/10/1975

Profile I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable multimedia designer with experienced web and graphic design skills. I have a creative eye on both the 2D and 3D world. I am a committed team player with a mature attitude to work, is both humorous and generous but with a responsible and practical side.

Education September 1987 - June 1991 Netherhall Secondary School GCSE’s in Art and Design (B) Drama (C) and Biology (D)


September 1991 – June 1992 Hills Road Sixth Form Cambridge GCSE’s in English (B) History (C) Maths (D) Business Studies (D) September 1992 – June 1994 Cambridge Regional College Cambridge BTEC National Diploma in Leisure and Tourism September 2001 - June 2004 BA (Hons) Computer Animation University of Teesside (2:1) Middlesbrough

With modules ranging from storyboarding through to setting up a realistic work budget the Computer Animation degree provided a versatile education in many aspects of both the design and animation industry. At the start of the course many basic key skills were developed further in areas such as creative drawing, communications, scriptwriting and digital imaging. With further progression more involved elements included areas such as analysing sound within an environment, filming live footage for manipulation in post production and becoming skilled on

Education (cont) expensive software packages such as USanimation, Softimage & Combustion and becoming even more adapt on software such as Photoshop and Premiere. For the final dissertation it was chosen that a two-minute animation piece would be created that would exploit all of the skills learnt whilst at University. From the ground up the piece was taken from a simple synopsis through to a more developed storyline with character designs and style through to a final piece with a keen eye on acting, camera positions and lighting. The course also helped to develop a better sense of teamwork and achievement whilst working on projects with other individuals. Other improved abilities would also include that of focus and confidence.

Employment History Project Co-ordinator University of Edinburgh September 2005 – Present Edinburgh My full title is NextGRID Dissemination and Administration Project Co-ordinator. I’m currently working within the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) on two European funded projects called NextGRID and FHPCA. I help to promote the projects via websites created in Dreamweaver and Flash ( and and promotional materials such as posters, flyers and newsletters, which are compiled within Adobe Creative Suite 2. We have recently purchased Softimage XSI, a 3D package, to further promote the project in a more ‘hands-on’ feature for both displays and conference talk visual aids. I also look after the administration side of the project arranging hotels, preparing financial reports and keeping our European partners in-touch with each other via email and tele-conference calls. I have recently converted the NextGRID site over from a tables based website over to CSS for speed and a cleaner interface. Junior Compositor Absolute Studios January 2005 – July 2005 Glasgow I was employed to work on the ‘Say it with Noddy’ children’s animated TV series, which can currently be seen on Channel Five, working within Maya, Combustion and Photoshop. My work involved taking the raw low resolution animation files and adding lights, high resolution sets and editing sets or animations where required. I then set-up the files for transfer to the studio’s render farm. When rendering was complete the images were then taken into Combustion and finalised with any colour correction or effects that were required and re-rendered for shipping across the Atlantic for editing overseas. This was all under high pressure time constraints and many hours of overtime.

Employment History (Cont) Administration and Clerical Bank Officer Addenbrookes NHS Trust December 2001 – October 2004 Cambridge Whilst on academic breaks at University and after completing the course I worked as a temp at my local hospital. Tasks varied from working in the Medical Records department, tracking confidential patient records in a local database system and manual filing, through to working within the hospital’s I.T department as a System Administrator, looking after the email database for a staff structure of over six thousand members of staff, configuring staff computers for email and logging calls on the I.T support call system. Materials Controller Addenbrookes NHS Trust August 1998 - September 2001 Cambridge Duties involved gathering data from various wards and departments, over the phone and in person via an automated ordering system, and entered information into a national supplies system. Figures and costs were maintained in Excel spreadsheets. Other duties involved creating weekly reports for senior members of staff to monitor the department’s productivity. The position was vacated to return to full time education. Sales Person Tecno Retail LTD June 1996 - August 1998 Cambridge Responsibilities involved selling various items of photography to the public ranging from simple “point and click” to professional equipment such as lenses, film and cameras. Each was done so with the attitude of catering to the users need, not for that of profit. The position was vacated to move on to a newer job. Sales Person Radio Rentals PLC August 1994 - June 1996 Cambridge Tasks included completing lease forms for entertainment and household products within the shop. Looking after the customer database and accepting payment for both rental goods and general sales.

Interests I like to keep up to date with the latest design and video gaming news via the Internet and reading specific magazines. In my free time I like to attend the gym and socialise with friends.

Skills Over the years I have developed a sound knowledge of both the Windows operating system and Apple’s OS X. From my office background I have extensively used the Microsoft Office applications, dealing most commonly with Word and Excel, and whilst studying at University and to this current day I enjoy working with many design and animation applications such as Adobe Creative Suite CS2 (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) Macromedia MX 2004 Suite (Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks) Softimage XSI Autodesk Maya Autodesk Combustion Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects

Referees Will happily be supplied upon request.