UAV Communication System

Joel Pigdon La Trobe University

• A bi-directional line of sight data link • Secure and Robust Communications • Modest Weight and Power requirements • Easy interface to the Battery Monitor • Reliability


Hardware Design • Simple Switcher Switch-mode power supply • Aerocomm AC4790 Radio Modem Module • Z8 Encore 6422 Microprocessor • HP-03D Digital Pressure Sensor • PWM RC model Servos Power Supplies 2 .

Pressure Interface GPS Interface 3 .

10mil tracks 4 .Microprocessor PCB Design • Ground plane design for good EMI handling • Two Layer design for Manufacturability • Manufactured at Gold Phoenix PCB in China • 8mil minimum clearance.

Top Layer Bottom Layer 5 .

Power Supplies Large Ground plane for thermal dissipation High Current paths kept short to reduce EMI Decoupling Capacitors placed close to components Star grounding with solid ground plane Power Supplies 6 .

27mm GPS module footprint Solid ground plane for signal integrity 7 .Microcontroller/Logic Difficult routing around the Serial IO Good ground plane under Z8 for EMI Custom 2mm Aerocomm socket footprint Decoupling Capacitors placed close to input pins GPS Module Test interface for RS232 communication Short lead for antenna matching loss reduction 1.

33Ω Antenna Design Quickyagi azimuthal radiation pattern 8 . F/B ratio 35.39dBi.Antenna Design • • • • • • Yagi-Uda 5 Element Directional Antenna Optimised for 28Ω feedpoint impedance (35Ω 1/4 wave match to 50Ω feed) Dipole feed Small size 915Mhz centre frequency Gain of 10.

Antenna Design Yagimax bandwidth and VSWR plot Microcontroller Software • Interrupt Driven • Low power modes used • Robust design • Modular design 9 .

PC Software • Java for cross compatibility • Java for robust error management • Multithreaded • Google Maps or Static Map Imagery • Comprehensive logging 10 .

Hardware Realisation Base station hardware 11 .

Hardware Realisation Mobile station Software Realisation 12 .

Software Realisation Pressure Sensor Testing Experimental Setup and Results 13 .

975 and 915Mhz testing • Antenna performance poor in real world Results with Balun MK2 14 .Antenna Testing • Testing carried out using Network Analyser • S11 reflection coefficient measured • Three Baluns constructed centre frequencies 650.

Results with Balun MK3 Power Testing Current versus transmission power level 15 .

System Testing • • • • • • Completion of goals Robust line of sight communication link with check-summing Security provided through 56 bit DES encryption. construction and testing 16 . and FHSS technologies Software Interrupts and Watchdog Timer as a failsafe Reliable base station software written in Java for compatibility and robust operation Prototype mechanical design Prototype Antenna design.

Future Work • A better ground station antenna • Development of a better pan/tilt mechanism • Integration into a UAV • Further testing Questions 17 .

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