Facebook's Timeline & User Privacy

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Although there are settings users can alter. Before Timeline. prediction and analysis With this new feature. ‘‘Privacy Pilfered. Further critism is based on a fact that third parties can use Facebook for data mining. photo. type of media and location. complete control over data seems impossible. and publicizing embarrassing private information to harass individuals are other frequently reported forms of malicious mischief on Facebook (Kessler. With that much users. Facebook users will have a new way of sharing their profile. they can do it more easily than before because of the neat organizing of your profile data. “Manipulating user pictures. 2006).Facebook's Timeline & User Privacy Timeline – a new Facebook profile Timeline is a new features of Facebook that replaces profile. The good news is that you can see everything you've done in Facebook and that way you can hide everything you want. They are worriyong that people won't take time to filter all their past posts. phising and other malicious purposes. event. Maher. Critics and charges have been issued by some organization regarding Facebook privacy policy and flaws.’’ 2007. regardless of the user's will. The “News Feed” feature on 2006 is also receiving a lot of critics regarding privacy issues. at 2005 a simple algorithm can be constructed to gather Facebook user's data because of the predictive URL used by the site. Stehr. Timeline has three main components : (1) a user's stories (2) apps (3) a new way to express a person's identity. With the introducing of Timeline. there are some responses concerning user privacy. In general. This means that a lot of data is available to the public to see. thus making this feature exposing all of user's data including the sensitive one. the bad guys can take your data easily. or even misuse. After Timeline. of course there are enourmous information posted on the site. This open new problem. especially if you're an old user of Facebook. Viewers can sort through information by date. But that requires a lot of effort. Facebook ranks as the top social networking site with more that 400 million active users worldwide. 2007. including privacy settings. . a huge database of Information In May 2010. 2007. if you don't protect it. Another thing is that most of people don't bother to re-check every bit of their activities and just let them be so every other people can see it. Facebook policy changes states that all “connections” are regarded as public. setting up fake user profiles. Some letters have been sent to Federal Trade Commision regarding this matter. This allow users to share certain information to more people and third party provider. most users do not change their default settings. It morphs personal profiles into “timelines” that contains every activites of users including update. Facebook. For example. Facebook's default settings allow all user information to be shared to anyone and even outside the social network.” Timeline. especially about identity theft and fraud.

Even though that there are some flaws. deploy. With the danger of identity theft. then we'll be more cautious and start to protect all of our data. to the extent foreseeable. My final conclucion is that Timeline is a great and neat feature to organize our Facebook's activites but you will need some efforts to protect your sensitive data in order to prevent the misuse of your data. its effects. But with the current level of using and understanding of Facebook in Indonesian community. As a user. about the sociotechnical systems in which they think the artifact will be embedded. and. In my opinion and experience. but usually they will ignore the privacy options and set privacy options of the data so that everyone can read it. there will be an impact to our social life. But I think that there should be announcement about the possible misuse of the Timeline. Because of Facebook's new Timeline expose all of our activities. reliable. promote or evalute a computing artifact should provide honest. According to the “Moral Responsibility for Computing Artifacts : 'The Rules' ” especially in the explanation of rule number 5. we also have the responsibilities to protect our sensitive data with the privacy settings given by Facebook. prevention is important because once you've been a victim there's no turning back. Event though it requires a lot of effort. You can't take back your stolen data and the theft will misuse it freely. as far as I know doesn't give a warning about the possibilities of Timeline misusing. especially teenagers. There are some cases when the data is so private that they have to limit the privacy of the data. there will be a big chance for identity theft to steal user's data. develop. most of Indonesian teenagers tend to ignore the privacy options on Facebook. and understandable information about the artifact. we have to protect a lot of sensitive data. Especially if we/our close person ever been the victim. An advanced user of Facebook will understand this and protect his/her data to prevent indentity theft and fraud. .Facebook engineers have provide us some privacy options. stated that “people who design. possible misuses.“ Facebook. but the current technology is quite useful to protect your Facebook datas.

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