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Advanced Topics: Dr.

Derek Murphy, ND March 6, 2008

- Home practice in Mississauga took a chance with home practice

- LOVES being an ND and father, married Chinese lady
- Believes: Do a great job and they won’t come back actually a
compliment if you help them and they don’t come back
- When you first start out, do awesome research to do a great job with your
first patients because you have the time
- Works 8:15am-5pm
- Also a Bowen instructor used to do massage and bodywork but now
finds that Bowen works faster
- Enjoys teaching Bowen to others so that they can spread the healing
share your knowledge!
- Past Education: did cancer research in Minnesota (followed a girl there)
- Worked with master herbalist Matthew Wood; learned a lot about native
American culture
- Life: you’re always learning need to discover who you are follow your
path; you will learn to integrate all the things that you have learned will
make you a better ND
- “Simple practice”; his colleagues bug him because he doesn’t use any high
tech machines all you need is your knowledge
- Asked our class who liked homeopathy the best; TCM; Bodywork?
 He believes that people who like to use bodywork in their practice have an
advantage i.e. People get injured to treat acute traumas (external), you
need to put your hands on them good way to connect with patient because it
is something tangible that the patient can feel
- if the injury becomes chronic, it can move to internal symptoms
- Derek really likes TCM (oldest) but the only problem with Chinese is
they are very practical they don’t like to talk about their emotions
- He would ask his Chinese teacher why he needed to do his exercises
she would never tell him: “Just do them and you will know why” was
always the answer
3 Areas of Illness (Root of all Illnesses in TCM)

Internal (7 emotions) External (6 environmental) Neither (6 physical)

Anger Damp Diet
Pensiveness Cold Trauma
Joy Heat Pestilence
Sadness Wind Too much (sex…)
Grief Fire Phlegm
Fear Dryness Blood Stagnation
Tied it to Homeopathy:
Mentals Generals Physicals
1M-10M 30-200C <12C
Animals Plants Minerals
- important to have space in your days for acute vs. chronic appointments

Kingdoms: You can group patients into one of 3 types

Animals remedies are really exaggerated human emotions

Minerals people of routine; laborers; they’re going to be the ones saying I need
something to help me get through this so I can continue working
Plants general; Why are plants so strong? Because they can’t move people
who are plants have a sense of injustice; I’m stuck, It’s not fair!

Motto: Everything in moderation If you eat a little bit of everything, you will be
- Being too pure is not good because you can’t adapt to ‘junk food’
- I.e. little girl that was perfect came to see him. She didn’t like to eat
ANY junk food, always went to bed on time, very well-behaved. Moved
and talked very slowly. Every time she ate junk food, she would get
sick TOO PURE! Remedy= Sodium sulphate

- 5 element theory- study of motions, 1 system overwhelming

- When you see a positive change in person let pt take over the case, get out of
the way of their healing; know when to back off

Diet He tried the elimination diet during CCNM; ate all boiled/moist foods
had an incredible URGE for Popeye’s Chicken
o Tried to deny it because it was bad to go off diet
o Ate it anyhow and felt strong for 2 weeks afterwards
o Analyzed reasons shy: he was feeling sluggish, fatigue from diet
because he was eating too much damp food (Dampness)
o What did his body crave? Heat! Popeye’s chicken is fried will
provide his body with heat
o Listen to urges sometimes
o Learn to ddx cravings from urges
- Beans and grains should be eaten together everyday
- If not, your body will go looking for protein
- Most common beans are coffee (beans) and chocolate (cocoa beans)
- It’s no wonder people crave those 2 items so much!

- Difficult to treat people in the ‘general’ category

- their complaints are always in the middle, not too bad, not too good
- sometimes you can ‘see’ the organ where the person is ill
Picture a human stick figure:
Mentals Head region
Generals Internal organs
Emotions urges centred around the genitalia
Constitutional Hydrotherapy (where naturopathy started) will actually
treat all 3 regions
o Sitz bath (treats lower burner)
o Const. hydro (middle burner)
o Steam inhalation (upper burner)
- Derek also uses tissue salts; Schussler; 12 of them also 12 chinese meridians
- Recommends that we read about ‘Modular Systems’ from the book Between
Heaven and Earth

Case: Angry Guy

- low platelet count tried Imuran, prednisone
- bruises, petechia, spasms, abd pain, < bending over
- had a verbally abusive dad
- worked as a referee interesting because his job is to break up fights
but he sometimes will be quick to cause a fight
- involved with woman (neighbour) who’s married to a drunk feels he
can save her
- Tongue: purple, thick yellow heat, damp all 3 burners
- Pulse: thin, hint of hardnessBlood deficiency

Remedy: Ferrum phosphate tissue salt 10M weekly

- Felt he had to dose high because of emotional level
- He does not need to get involved in scenarios but choses to
- “Sense of hope”, “If I could just get this” or “If I could just do this”
- Treatment plan: you have to clear excesses to get to the deficiency
o Dose given once weekly; not daily because he wants to allow pt
time to adjust to it
o Decreased dose to 200C, then 12C pt felt much calmer, not as
much bruising pt did not pick fight with woman’s husband
even though the husband went to visit him
o Changed remedy to Magnesium phosphate to tonify lower
- For pt’s with burning sensation in Stomach phosphorus
- For pt’s with endometriosis Sodium sulfate

Case: 4 y.o. girl with ADHD symptoms

- opinionated, tells people what to do, candida infections
- liked to refer to herself in 3rd person, very bold
- needed to keep food separate from each other on plate
Remedy: silica 10M good for dry skin, opens pores to release things
o Also good for obsessive personality (she only wanted to talk
about cars, aerospace)
o Good remedy for the precocious child
o Used Nat-mur to tonify fatigue
o Spicy foods need energy from spicy food, likes things intense,
hard, fast
o Opposite if pt had only liked bland food, picky eater,
histamine reaction to food and had yeast infections Kali-mur
(Potassium chloride)