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Fifteen years ago, one futures trader stunned the entire trading world . . . as he methodically turned $400 into over $200,000,000 I’ll show trading futures. In 1983, he personally taught his trading strategies YOU ca how n lea and systems to 14 people he nicknamed “The Turtles.” and use rn In the next five years, the Turtles earned some $35,000,000 as Turtle M the e Guaran thods – their percent of profits from the $175 million profit they made for teed or the entire c their teacher (who bankrolled their trading)! ourse is Yes, those zeroes are correct. FREE! As a group, the “Turtles” have been trading now for over 14 years and currently manage $2,000,000,000 (2 BILLION dollars) given to them from people and institutions all over the world. Estimated profits for the 16 months ending this past April are over $300,000,000 (that’s 300 million dollars actual, documented profits!) Even now – 14 years later – five of the world’s top 10 futures money managers are Turtle traders!

Other trading methods pile up hypothetical paper profits – the Turtles pile up actual, in-the-market profits! Now You Can Learn The “Turtle” Trading System And Strategy In An Exciting Personal Trading Course – In Your Living Room

Dear Friend, I am about to tell you about a trading revolution that has proven to be the single most important factor in determining whether you’ll become a trading success or failure! You’ve already seen overwhelming, undeniable evidence that the Turtles secrets can make money – and I’ll show you loads more – but you’re biggest question right now has got to be, “Can I do it, too?”

Put $300 Million On Your Side!
During the last 16 months, Turtle Traders have made over $300,000,000 (300 million dollars) actual profits. Those traders without Turtle secrets have Lost Over 300 million dollars! Join the winners today, while you have the chance!

Only One Trading Method In History Has Generated Hundreds Of Millions In Actual, Proven Profits. Now You Can Learn The Most Powerful System Ever . . . Revealed In NEW Trading Course For Just A Tiny, No-Risk Investment! “HOW DO I KNOW IF I CAN DO IT, TOO?”
That’s why, right now, you are in the best place you could be. You see, the “$200 Million Master” taught 14 people exactly how to do it, and they proved it could be learned and used profitably. Then five years ago, the decade-long secrecy embargo expired. One of the Turtles – Russell Sands – conducted high-priced seminars throughout the world and taught the secret to over a hundred more traders just like you. And they’ve proven its success and teachability once more.

“Trading Was Even More Teachable Than I Imagined”
The Turtle's mastermind, as quoted in the 9/5/89 Wall Street Journal. The bottom line purpose of the Turtles was to see if successful trading could be taught to nontraders, or if it was some mystical art. Their success proves it can be taught. The Turtles came from all walks of life (one wrote children's software), most didn't have the foggiest idea of what commodities were. What they did share in common was the desire to learn . . . and to make money. If you possess those two driving forces, this method is for you.

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RUSSELL’S STUDENTS CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE PHENOMENAL SUCCESS A Pennsylvania real-estate appraiser has turned $10,000 into $237,000 and is now a full-time trader. Ian from Ontario is earning around 100% per year simply following the Turtle concepts. An Australian made $48,000 in a few short months and has “turned the corner.” Gary in Tokyo used his Turtle trading knowledge to fulfill his life’s ambition of getting a job on the trading desk of a prominent U.S. Investment bank. Paul from Texas is up 47% in his first five months. A Maryland man is up over 100% in ten months and is “at peace with the markets for the first time in my life!”
Plus, dozens more unsolicited letters are included inside. If you are willing to learn, and can add and subtract, you can learn the Turtle Secrets. If you’re patient, you can make money – good money – using these secrets.

“I was skeptical about the whole thing. Then I started trading and promptly went into a drawdown and lost money. But Russell told me to stick with the program, and yes, it did turn around. My account is now profitable, and I’m beginning to believe that this really works.” Robert, California “I read your interviews and saw your ads. The information you disclosed made perfect sense. I tested it in TradeStation and it worked in almost every market. I’ve made over 300 trades since I started, and so far, the results in every area have been just as advertised.” Don, Miami “The money I’ve spent to learn the Turtle method was money well spent. This is the first ‘system’ I’ve ever come across that is complete, methodical, well documented, completely open and successful!” Wayne, Maryland “The thing that attracted me to the Turtle method was the money management principles. The various trade filters are also very helpful. Keep up the good work.” Stephen, Illinois “Your instruction was excellent and informative. I am currently enjoying some nicely profitable trades, and am grateful to you for revealing your rules. Of the many systems I have programmed, this is one of the most useful.” Rick Saidenberg, Programmer



“Yes! Absolutely. The Turtle method does work and it makes trading commodity futures a serious strategic investment as part of an overall portfolio.” Eric, Vancouver “Wow! What great results. I’m thrilled. You and your stuff deliver. It turned my trading around. Thanks for a great year.” Pat, Denver “Turtle trading is a time proven method. It has made money for years and should continue to do so in the future. I like being a part of that.” Tim, Alberta “Completely changed my approach to the markets. My returns this year are approaching 100% and I attribute this success to my following the Turtle concepts.” Ian, Ontario “Thanks! I have been trading stocks and options for 15 years and have learned as much over the last three days as in the past 15 years.” Alex, San Francisco “Thank you for introducing me to the Turtle system. Superb. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am.” Rod, London “Prior to your instruction, I was buying when I should have been selling and selling when I should have been buying. I wish I would have taken your course earlier, it would have saved me thousands of dollars!” Alan, Chicago

Stan Angrist wrote a lengthy Wall Street Journal article about the Turtles and their mentor. His observations were staggering: 1. Curtis Faith began as a Turtle at 19 years of age and “made about $31.5 million in profits.” Faith has retired from public trading. 2. It is estimated the Turtles were paid about $35,000,000 as their 20% of the profits they made using this system. 3. Over a five-year period, the Turtles showed an annual gain of 80% vs. 25% as made by the pro's in the Barclay CTA Index. That's 218% better. The “worst” Turtle made 38% . . . 52% better than the industry average!

In a four-city seminar series, Russell spelled out every known detail of the most proven commodity trading system in the history of the markets . . . the one that has amassed mega-fortunes. Attendees of Russell’s seminars have since gone on to achieve trading success beyond their wildest dreams. You missed the seminars . . . but your window of opportunity to know what the Turtles know, to trade like the Turtles trade — has not closed yet.

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About Russell Sands
Russ holds a MBA from NYU and “earned” his way through college on scholarships. But, there's another side to him — he's a 1st Degree Black Belt, has been barred from Caesar's Palace for his Black Jack playing strategy . . . and won the coveted World Championship Backgammon Plimpton Cup. Oh, almost forgot to mention . . . Russ currently makes his living trading his own futures account.

“I have been trading futures for ten years and have been a subscriber to Turtle Talk for two years and have read every issue. I am more than pleased with the information provided. Anyone considering purchasing Russell Sands’ newsletter should do so. What price can you put on knowledge?” Mike, New Zealand “It is my opinion that Mr. Sands provides the best market advisory service currently available. I find his Turtle Talk newsletter to be exceptionally valuable. He teaches (and he practices) highly profitable and proven methods.” Galen, Boston “The biggest reason that I continue to listen to your hotline is I know you aren’t just making recommendations, you are taking these trades yourself. That adds substantial confidence over most of the ‘paper gurus’ out there.” Tim, Alberta “I believe my case is a perfect testimony to the legitimacy of the Turtle trading methods. I began trading in February of this year with a $10,000 account, subscribed to the newsletter and purchased the video tapes in March. As of this writing, I’ve had a net profit of $237,000! I’m now a full time trader instead of a commercial real estate appraiser.” Scott, Pennsylvania “In summary, Mr. Sands has some very good material in his manual, and I’m sure one would gain a lot.” John Hill, Futures Truth

My very first reaction was disbelief. That was when I first got word a former Turtle was thinking of revealing what had become the most famous trading system of all time. A strategy proven to make money hand over fist . . . and proven to be “teachable.” You see, I’d followed the Turtles’ story in the financial press . . . becoming increasingly impressed as the years rolled by and the Turtles kept winning, while seemingly everybody else (fund managers included) kept losing. Yet, I also knew it was all top secret stuff. I knew the original 14 trading Proteges had to sign off on all sorts of restrictions, preventing them from sharing what they had learned.



Turns out, however, by the terms of his contract, one of the original 14 Turtles — Russell Sands — was now free to discuss what he had learned. The embargo against his revealing the system had expired. And the decision was made to share the now legendary Turtle Strategy with any serious traders looking for a legitimate, profitable trading system.

Now, for the first time ever, these same secrets can be yours in a very reasonably priced and easy-to-follow trading course. You don’t need to sit through two days of drawn-out questions, interruptions and sidetracked discussions. And you don’t need to travel hundreds of miles to attend. This all-new course is a streamlined, straight-to-thepoint presentation. It covers all the important concepts and rules as well as new developments. And elaborates with many real-time examples from years of trading. He’s had five years working with the seminar attendees, and he’s perfected and refined this course. • Explains all the rules in the clearest, simplest language possible. • Includes step-by-step lessons to grasp all the real-world nuances. • Shows how small traders can apply the techniques at least as well as the big money managers – and often more profitably.
PLEASE READ. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. There is a substantial risk of loss trading commodities with or without this or any other advertised product, service or system.

Crude Oil

Pork Bellies
A Great Ride!



• Reveals new developments, ideas and discoveries, including a powerful new stock index technique that makes stock index trading the new, strongest part of Turtle trading.

In addition to all the longer term position trading that the Turtles were originally taught, Russell will also show you some astounding new shorter term techniques for pulling profits out of the markets, including that most challenging of all markets, the treacherous S&P 500.

“Learning the system as described by Russell Sands was my first ever exposure to a professional trading methodology. Up until then, I had only theoretical knowledge. Now, I have my first four digit trading wins. Thanks.” Terry, England “As a result of taking your course, I have been able to fulfill my ambition of getting a job on the trading desk of a prominent local U.S. Investment Bank.” Gary, Tokyo “After studying and paper trading for a long time, your material finally gave me the confidence to open an account and start trading for real.” Jack, Florida “Your trading course is excellent and is well worth the investment. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is getting started or anyone who is already in the futures market.” Alan, Chicago “You have taught me the structural foundations of the Turtle system, and armed me with the knowledge to enter the markets with a solid trading plan.” Mike, Chicago “Learning proper money management and trading size was the key that unlocked the markets for me.” Nick, Wyoming “Russell is not only a very good trader, but also a very good and enthusiastic teacher.” Kevin, Virginia

Remember, 5 of the 10 top futures money managers in the world are Turtles . . . managing nearly 2 Billion Dollars. But this breakthrough is why, so far this year, Russell is showing 40% Better Returns than all but one other Turtle trader! (And is even ahead of him by nearly 20%!) You’ll learn the secret even the other Turtles don’t know.
In fact, the Master taught the Turtles that the S&P’s were the one market that did not respond very well to his original methods, and he encouraged everyone to do extra research and try to come up with new ways to attack this market. Russell Sands has been working on this problem for almost ten years and has found the solution, which he will share with each and every one of his new group of students on this videotape. But there’s even more. Not only has Russell figured out the secret to short-term trading the S&P’s, he has also found the key to longer term trading in this market. In fact, of the over forty commodity markets that Russell Sands (and the other Turtles) follow and trade regularly, Russell has made many of his largest most profitable trades the last two years in the Stock Indexes. (By the way, for those of you with smaller size accounts, these new techniques work just as well on the NYFE.) It is this very secret that currently places Russell as the top-performing Turtles money manager for this year . . . far ahead of every other Turtle at this writing (even though they are making nice profits also).

Interestingly, before Russell Sands opened my eyes, I thought I 7

“The Turtle approach gave me the tools and the knowledge that are necessary to trade futures profitably.” Tim, Alberta “I really enjoy reading your newsletter and benefit in some way from each edition.” Ian, Ontario “At our last conference, out of 15 ratings evaluations, Russell received 1 ‘good’ and 14 ‘excellents.’ We will most definitely invite him back.” Wendy Speckerman Futures Magazine “I’m thinking of hiring a bunch of people to trade my money for me just like Richard Dennis did with the Turtles, and if I do, I’ll send them all to your next seminar.” David, Australia “This stuff really works. I’m ahead about $48,000 in the last few months despite several mistakes, and I think my trading has finally turned the corner thanks to you.” Rick, Australia “I am writing to thank you for your services. I started trading on August 1st. On December 31st, five months later, my account was up 47% and the worst drawdown has been less than 5%.” Paul, Texas “Many thanks for being a great teacher of the Turtle methods. Definitely worth it.” Eric, Vancouver

knew what the Turtle method was. At least I had some suspicions of what it might be. After all, I’ve been involved in the trading business since 1977 and have seen a system or two in my day. But, even I was not prepared for what I was to learn. First, you see, there are really two systems the Turtles use, one they call short term (I think you and I would call it intermediate term), the other a long-term approach that is ideal for producers of commodities as well as traders. May Not Be For You — If you want in and out day trading, you might as well stop reading. The System averages about five to six trades per commodity per year. Granted, if you follow 10-15 commodities, you will have plenty of trades, but you will not have to ever call your broker for intra-day data to put on a trade. You'll spend about 15 minutes a day — after the close — and then have your orders ready for the next session. You see, the method was deliberately designed to capture major trends, trends that professional money managers as well as farmers and ranchers and individual traders can capitalize on without a quote machine, computer or constant calls to a broker. Jesse Livermore said it, “The big money is made on big moves.” Unlike Any Other System you have ever heard about or bought, this one has been proven for years — and has actually made mega-fortunes for its followers. There's no pie in the sky, no exaggerated claims saying you can do the impossible.

In Real Time, this method made several hundred million dollars. There is no other system that has such an awesome and proven track record. Not a one.
What You Will Learn in “The Notebook” — As publicly stated, the Turtle's mentor lectured for two solid weeks to the Turtles. For almost eight hours a day, the Turtles sat at the foot of the master. These lecture notes were transcribed into a manuscript the Turtles simply called “The Notebook.” You will learn everything you need from this notebook. Over the last five years, Russell has worked diligently to make everything clear and easy to understand.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Commodity Trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to buy/sell commodity interests.


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Works In Any Markets!

Revolutionary, new exit technique taught in Bonus Report gives perfect exit!




15 STRAIGHT YEARS OF PROFITABLE TRADING! Computerized “SystemWriter” Check-Out Test Proves And Verifies What The Turtles Already Knew
To quantitatively double-check all the accolades heaped on the Turtle Method over the years, one of its core strategies - a mechanical short-term approach - was programmed and tested with SystemWriter. Similar to real life - in which the Turtles mentor funded many original students’ trading with a $1,000,000 bankroll - this computerized test was run assuming a $1,000,000 portfolio. (Obviously, this can - and should - be downscaled and tailored to your capitalization situation.) With no compounding, no pyramiding and no optimizing of any kind, that $1,000,000 initial stake in 1980 methodically climbed up to the lofty perch of $23,613,371! With zero losing years (out of 15)! — And an advance of 23 times starting capital!
"Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown."

When To Really “Load Up” — You will learn the key secret to the method — a devastating technique that tells you how large a commitment to have in the market, how many contracts to take on each and every trade — based on the market itself. Frankly, when I first saw this part of the system, I kicked myself. Why hadn't I seen it? A Revolutionary Secret — I was amazed when I saw it . . . a simple measure of MARKET ACTIVITY that has told the Turtles when to be aggressively long or short. It is this one secret that has allowed them to really “load up” the number of contracts they have on and capture major moves.

NO OPTIMIZED PARAMETERS “Every market is treated the same way.”
But There's Much More — Russell Sands took copious notes during his training as a Turtle. And he’s spent the last five years preparing lessons . . . simplifying . . . and clarifying all the best material taught to the Turtles. Plus, he’s found some major breakthroughs that make Turtle trading even better. This includes charts and graphs. This is divided into separate sections for instant learning. As I Said Though . . . There's more. In addition to the above, the Turtles met once a month to review, with the master, actual trading problems, real-time questions. Again, Sands took copious notes. These will also be presented in this exciting power packed course. Even most of the Turtles don't have this material! And, of course, Russell shares his personal experiences from real-time trading since becoming a Turtle. 10

Japanese Yen

Yes, it’s true that larger traders have many advantages over the “little guy” when it comes to the markets. More diversification, lower commission rates, block orders, etcetera. But to think that the Turtle methods will only work for these large traders is far from the truth. The “little guy” (guys like you and me) also have some pretty hefty advantages, which Russell will teach you. For example, there is the very important advantage of getting more diversification by being able to trade small in the thinner markets – like Lumber, which had the biggest move of the year about three or four years ago, and which no large trader or money manager was able to capture because the market was too small and thin to accommodate their hundred lot orders. But the little guys made a lot of money on that trade. And while the volatility may be increased for a smaller size capitalized account, it works both ways. If you traded Coffee in 1994 (the Turtle method catches every one of these mega-moves), you would have made about $46,000 per contract on that move. For a little guy with a $10,000 account, that represents a profit of 460% – ever see any large money manager or institutional trader report that kind of percentage gain? Leverage is a double edged sword, and Russell will show you how to wield that sword and put it to work in your favor. If you’re still not convinced that these methods are for anybody, not just the “big boys,” look at the graph on the following page. This is Russell’s “small one lot account,” designed for people with $30,000 or less in their trading account. Starting in 1994, this account has tripled in equity in less than three years – and this is not some hypothetical record, but a real account with real trades made every day according to Russell Sands Turtle Talk Hotline recommendations. And after studying this 11

course material, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve the same results.

The Turtle's mastermind, as quoted in the 9/5/89 Wall Street Journal. The bottom line purpose of the Turtles was to see if successful trading could be taught to non-traders, or if it was some mystical art. Their success proves it can be taught. The Turtles came from all walks of life (one wrote children's software), most didn't have the foggiest idea of what commodities were. What they did share in common was the desire to learn . . . and to make money. If you possess those two driving forces, this method is for you.

Feeder Cattle


Let's see . . . traders have used this method to actually make several hundred million dollars trading, half the Turtles don't even trade for the public anymore and those that do, manage close to TWO BILLION DOLLARS, and have recently generated over $300 million in profits. Would you like to share in some of this . . . imagine for just a minute what this could mean. Would your life be enhanced if you had even a fraction of the success of the Turtles? And, wouldn't you agree, given the performance of this group, the potential is really and truly unlimited?

“You have also been especially helpful in answering my questions over the phone when I have not understood something, or don’t know what to do in a particular situation.” Paul, Texas “Thisisthebestinstructionon commodity trading that I have ever attended. I like your style.” Peter, Vancouver “After following your Turtle methodology and recommendations, I have not only been very successful financially, but feel more comfortable with my trading process for the first time in over twenty years.” Joseph, New York “I have been trading commodities since 1974, and consistently lost money. I was interested to learn the rules and techniques of the Turtles. Your training was so complete and effective, I’m only sorry that I wasn’t the only one learning it.” Dan, Miami “As far as I’m concerned, a managed account with the Turtle program is the way to go. My clients are finally making money in commodities, and of course, this is helping build up my brokerage business as well.” Damien, Chicago Broker “I am up over 100% since initiation ten months ago, and best of all, I am at peace with the markets, at ease with myself, and in control of my emotions for the first time in my life. You have given me hope for my trading future.” Wayne, Maryland

That’s why I paid top dollar and hired the most professional production studio I could find, to bring you an easy-to-understand, personalized course. This personal teaching seminar is 11⁄2 hours long. This is accompanied by a comprehensive 384-page workbook to teach you everything. The workbook is divided into easyto-follow lessons. You can study the material as slow or as fast as you wish. You can review the material periodically for a refresher course. And you can consult personally with Russell if you have any questions (a direct line phone number to Russell will be included with your Golden Turtle purchase). Frankly, I think learning the Turtle methods on video (with the SysExtra B tem Manual at hand) is the best onus Worth way to absorb it. Better than an Ove $26,000 r in-person one-shot live presenTo tation. No scrambling to take First 50 0 notes. No missing anything that Respon ders! was said. And bottom line on the whole thing is . . . it’s less expensive this way, too. No travel expenses to boost the real cost of learning how the Turtles did it.

The video training and course manual are complete and fully reveal the Turtle Secrets. But we want to make doubly sure you can follow and profit from the Turtle Methods. So we’ve secured 500 sets of Russell’s latest Cutting Edge Lessons. The four extra bonus lessons will be sent to the first 500 purchasers of the course absolutely FREE! 13

These four Cutting Edge Lessons include rules and explanations so new they weren’t part of the Turtle Secrets Course. And show trades that have already this year racked up over $26,000 in actual profits! These new rules could be the best ever . . . and they’re yours absolutely FREE if you order now!

My Ironclad Guarantee: System sellers are in a bind, we can't guarantee profits, yet once you learn the Turtle method, you have the secret. That's why I guarantee the following: • Russell Sands will teach you both short and long term systems — just as they were taught to him. • You'll learn the money management formula the Turtles learned — as well as all of Sand's new breakthrough discoveries. Nothing will be left out, nothing else needed. • You’ll receive 4 additional up-to-the-minute lessons from Russell. • You get all this, or your money back.

A few years ago, the Delta Phenomena was sold to many people who gladly paid $35,000 each. Most trading systems offered sell for $3,000 . . . so many there's even a club named after this price. I know this course can be sold for $10,000 easily — especially after hearing and seeing the appreciative reactions Russell has received and continues to receive from his earlier students. The general consensus among the “New Turtles” was that in terms of “Value Received,” the money spent on learning these secrets was the hands-down best bargain of their lives. Though obviously I can’t speak for every attendee, from where I sat that opinion seemed virtually unanimous. But I’m not going to price it in five figures or even four figures. Every person who attended a seminar paid $2,500 to do so, and that’s exactly where Russell has held the price – until now! Now, for just $195, you can possess a system that made winners out of neophyte non-traders . . . and proved once and for all that making money in the futures markets is a discipline that can be taught.

We’ve also just persuaded Russell to provide personal, one-on-one trading consultations to a limited number of course members. Anyone purchasing the Turtle Secrets course can include an extra $100 payment and receive one full hour of personal trading consultation with Russell Sands himself. This is a huge bargain but is limited to the first 50 traders to sign up at this time. So if you want to become a “Golden Turtle” and receive personal training, you must notify us immediately. 14

Listen, there are a lot of people very upset that Russell is sharing these secrets, especially at such a low price. The other original Turtles and their phenomenally successful mentor do not want these priceless secrets revealed. At any price! They are trying everything to stop Russell from going public. This opportunity to learn the Turtle System may evaporate at any moment. Unless you act quickly, you may never again be able to learn these secrets — period! If you truly want the world's most proven profitable system — if you want to finally succeed in the markets — please send your order now. Sincerely,

Terry Walker P.S. I've seen thousands of systems . . . but these secrets were different from anything I've ever seen. P.P.S. Russell is primarily a trader and fund manager and follows the markets all day. He has no intention of ever doing seminars again or ever doing personal training after this. This may be your one final opportunity to learn the Turtle Method.

Turtle Trading Strategy Order Form
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Dear Sirs, t Yes, I want to learn the awesome Turtle Trading Strategy and System taught by Russell Sands, just as he learned it. I agree not to divulge any of the system to anyone else without your written permission. I understand your money back guarantee assures I will learn the complete and total system. Enclosed is my check for $195. I will receive the full Turtle Secrets Course, including the DVD or video, the manual, and the four Cutting Edge Lessons worth over $26,000! t I’m enclosing an extra $100 ($295 total) to become a Golden Turtle and have a one hour personal consultation with Russell Sands. Please Check One: t MC t VISA t AMEX t CHECK Online Order Here now>>

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During The Last 16 Months, Turtle Traders Have Made Over 300 Million Dollars Actual Profits. Those Traders Without Turtle Secrets Have Lost Over 300 Million Dollars! Which Side Are You On? Now You Can Join The Winners . . . Even Starting Small And Trading Just Minutes Per Day!
If you’re considering trading as a lucrative business – not a get-rich-quick-scheme – then this is the trading method for you. D Its originator methodically turned $400 into over $200 million D He taught it to 14 people (the Turtles), who’ve generated hundreds of millions in actual profits D Even 14 years later, 5 of the world’s top 10 futures money managers are Turtles D Many small-account traders are also earning 100% and more annually (the “new Turtles”) D The techniques and strategies are methodical, scientific, logical, and teachable Once you’ve learned the material in the “Turtle Secrets” course, you’ll need to work only 15 minutes or less each day to follow the markets. A few simple calculations is all it takes to implement the powerful Turtles Methodology. Now you can finally learn the Turtles Methods at a very affordable, low price! Details Inside . . .

Turtle Futures Inc - 17927 Foxborough Lane Boca Raton FL 33496 Tel: 1-561-477-6259

Fax: 1-561-477-6260

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. CFTC RULE 4.41 - HYPOTHETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE RESULTS HAVE CERTAIN LIMITATIONS. UNLIKE AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE RECORD, SIMULATED RESULTS DO NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING. ALSO, SINCE THE TRADES HAVE NOT BEEN EXECUTED, THE RESULTS MAY HAVE UNDER-OR-OVER COMPENSATED FOR THE IMPACT, IF ANY, OF CERTAIN MARKET FACTORS, SUCH AS LACK OF LIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFIT OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN. All trades, patterns, charts, systems, etc., discussed in this advertisement and the product materials are for illustrative purposes only and not to be construed as specific advisory recommendations. All ideas and material presented are entirely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher..

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