By A. J. Weberman

Honesty is like pregnancy you can’t just be a little honest. When it was revealed that Penn State Coach Joe Paterno covered up for a serial homosexual rapist named assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky it was time to take another look at Paterno. (Paterno was definitely part of a cover up because he transferred his house to his wife after he heard a Grand Jury was hearing evidence against Sandusky). I wouldn’t be surprised if Paterno was into other shady pursuits. Joseph Vincent Paterno, AKA “Joe” Paterno, sold peanuts at Ebbitt’s Field. The lights from Ebbitt’s Field kept me awake during Dodger night games. He went to school on Carol Street I went to Public School 241 a block from Carol Street. Paterno, a few years older, came out of the same world I did --- a time when the Mafia genius Frank Costello controlled not only Brooklyn and Italian Harlem but all five boroughs of New York City. Coach Paterno was the grandson of Mafia associate Vincente Paterno: Vicente Paterno (son of Francisco Paterno and Nucenza Lauritto) was born 1869 in Macchia, Albanese, Cosenza, Italy. The Calabrian mafia, known as 'Ndrangheta, is one of Italy's major criminal organizations and is located in Cosenza. Frank Costello was born there. Vicente Paterno married Rose Mascaro in 1893 in Italy. Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro came to America on their honeymoon (that is a nice way of saying they became illegal immigrants by overstaying their tourist visas). They then moved to an English speaking neighborhood allegedly so their children would not be brought up in the Italian ghetto. In other words they lived in Italian Harlem then got some money to move out. Vincente had become a barber allegedly “to meet people” (to take bets for the mob). When the New York

Times interviewed him, Paterno told the reporter, “I look like a Mafia thug.” He was pointing to a photograph of himself from the 1950's in which he was wearing a double-breasted topcoat that could conceal a Thompson submachine gun. He was a beefy, thick-necked, sullen-looking youth with narrow eyes and pouty lips. The kind of guy I would have avoided in the old neighborhood. Vicente died February 10, 1930 in Brooklyn, NY. Children of Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro are: i. ii. iii. Victor Emmanuel Paterno, b. February 02, 1903, Brooklyn, NY, d. February 01, 1988, Deer Park, NY. Frances Paterno, b. May 31, 1895, Brooklyn, NY, d. October 28, 1978, Floral Park, NY. Angelo Lafayette Paterno, b. September 01, 1897, Brooklyn, NY, d. September 1955, Brooklyn, NY. This was Coach Joe Paterno’s father. He worked as Clerk of the Supreme Court of the First Judicial District. At this time the New Court City Courts were controlled by Frank Costello. iv. Francis Paterno, b. 1898, Brooklyn, NY, d. 1951, Brooklyn, NY. Francis Paterno was called before a grand jury to testify about the City Trust Company, whose Chairman of the Board was Judge Francis X. Mancuso. Francis was on the bank’s board of directors. (NYT 8.20.1929). Before he became a judge Francis X. Mancuso left a letter of resignation with Frank Costello who could use it to fire the Judge if the Judge stepped out of line. Mancuso was also a leader of Tammany Hall, a Democratic Club dominated by Mafia interests. (New York Magazine May 13, 1974) Salvatrice Lupo retained attorney Francis X. Mancuso to represent her husband Ignacio Lupo. Lupo AKA Lupo the Wolf was one the first members of La Cosa Nostra or the Mafia. He was credited with carrying out more than 60 murders and was the leader of the Black Hand.

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Joseph Paterno, b. February 12, 1901, Brooklyn, NY, d. June 22, 1918. Rose Paterno, b. 1905, Brooklyn, NY, d. date unknown. Rose M. Paterno , widow of Vincent E. Paterno and mother of Francis V. Paterno, staff writer of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle died in February 1952. She had two sons: Angelo Lafayette Paterno, Clerk of the Supreme Court and Victor Emmanuel Paterno of the State Labor Relations Board. (NYT 2/25/1952) Marie Antoinette Paterno, b. June 21, 1916, Brooklyn, NY, d. January 16, 1954, Floral Park, NY.i


“Joe” Paterno’s mother, Florence Cafiero was born August 21, 1896 in Brooklyn, NY, and died June 02, 1989 in State College, PA. She married Angelo Lafayette Paterno on 1922 in Brooklyn, NY, as stated the son of Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro. Children of Florence Cafiero and Angelo Lafayette Paterno are: i. ii. iii. iv. Joseph Vincent Paterno. (this is Joe Paterno, from Penn State) George Paterno. Franklin Paterno. Florence Paterno.

A Paterno family is big in New Jersey OC although I have not been able to link them to Coach Joe Paterno’s family: Frank Boni was presented as a government witness to establish Appellant Iacovetti's connection with the Gambino family. Boni testified that he knew Joe Paterno, who was a captain in the Gambino family. Boni stated that he worked for Joe Covello, and that Paterno was Covello's boss. Covello took Boni to be "produced" to Paterno and Boni went "on record" with both Paterno and Covello. Boni explained that this meant he was protected by Paterno and Covello and could go to them for help. Boni also stated that he knew and worked for Iacovetti’s and that Iacovetti was a member of the Gambino

family. On cross-examination, Boni maintained that his knowledge of Iacovetti's affiliation with the Gambino family was based upon Iacovetti's reputation in the community. Claiming that Iacovetti's connection with the Gambinos was something that was well known, Boni stated that he had heard of the connection from hundreds of people, none of whom he could name.