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5 microns 17 kW 2 .KONDIC DOO .water content .Belgrade TRANSFORMER OIL FILTERING. 550 kg The Unit is delivered ready for operation.5 kW 45 0C – 100 0C approx.9 mbar 1350 x 700 mm 1500 x 1000 mm approx. after three passes: . weight 1000 l/h 2 x 7. 28 0C 5 0C 25 m3/h 3 . together with: control panel. size Trailer. Transformer oil filtering. wiring and two connecting hoses for oil (each 5 m long). degassing and drying unit page 1 of 15 . size Unit.05 % Vol 2 .5 ppm 0.gas content Operating pressure in degassing tank Unit. DEGASSING AND DRYING UNIT MODEL S1000 SPECIFICATION Maximal oil flow rate Heating capacity Adjustable oil temperature range Differential temperature (inlet/outlet) Minimal oil inlet temperature Vacuum pump capacity Filter fineness Total power Final oil qualities.

electromagnetic valve and floater) are produced by leading German manufacturers. Therefore. Even brand-new oil is rarely clean enough to be used in high-voltage installations. built by leading European manufacturers. The following graph shows insulating oil characteristics in relation to moisture content: Transformer oil filtering. degassing and drying unit page 2 of 15 . gear pump. soot and aging products. temperature control. During its operation. drying and degassing of transformer oil. construction of the heaters. which proved to be most efficient in operation. The model and the example that were kept in mind during development and construction of this Unit were the machines. transformer-insulating oil is absorbing moisture over its free surface in the expansion vessel and it becomes polluted by absorbing dirty particles. gear pump) had to be modified to improve the operation of the Unit and to eliminate shortcomings noticed in the operation of some other machines of this kind.Belgrade BRIEFLY ABOUT THE UNIT The Unit S1000 is designed for filtering. degassing and dehydration of insulating oil to the extent depending on moisture content. BRIEFLY ABOUT THE PROCESS The electrical properties of insulating oil (such as puncture voltage and coefficient of losses) can be considerably improved by its filtering. Some of the components (such as fine and coarse filters. as it is often already polluted in the transporting barrels and it may absorb too much moisture in contact with air. degassing and dehydration. oil conditioning has to eliminate the following: solid particles free and dissolved water dissolved gasses The puncture voltage can be considerably increased and the coefficient of loses tangδ improved by filtering. fibers.KONDIC DOO . All essential parts of the Unit (vacuum pump. Only properly and sufficiently filtered and dried oil is suitable for filling up of the transformer.

Belgrade OIL DIELECTRIC STRENGTH VS.KONDIC DOO . degassing and drying unit page 3 of 15 . Transformer oil filtering. M OISTURE CONTENT 125 10 16 kV/cm om*cm 10 15 500 solution 450 tan delta 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 puncture voltage 160 180 200 ppm emulsion 100 75 10 14 50 10 13 25 10 12 0 10 11 coefficient of losses insulation resistivity Schematic construction of the S1000 Unit is presented in the following drawing: The details on the particular stages of operation are given with each part of the Unit in the following text.

By means of other two thermostats. any damage of oil is excluded. The heating process is thereby gradually accomplished and. e. Control thermostats Transformer oil filtering. Oil is heated indirectly by means of electric heating elements insulated from oil by pipes and air. Together with the thermal control (details of which are given in the following text) this allows heating of oil in individual stages.g. Safety valve 5. In addition. easy to open and clean. for each heating stage there is one 2. both heating stages can be controlled. Coarse filter a spherical valve with special “Teflon” gaskets as oil is often very polluted. This safety thermostat is designed to allow max. Safety thermostat 6. each of 7. thus these control thermostats act as another safety device to prevent oil overheating 3.5 kW. fitted with an external button for the temperature range from 400C up to 1000C. Oil heater 4. coarse filter. the Unit is fitted with a large sized.KONDIC DOO . with the sufficiently large heating surface. degassing and drying unit page 4 of 15 . Oil is conveyed at a reduced flow rate around a strong permanent magnet which retains steel particles and protects the gear pump from damages 15 kW power of the heater is divided into two stages.5 kW heater in each of the six heating pipes. the button maximum position is 1000C. at higher temperatures quite “tenderly” prevents increase of pressure in case oil is overheated the Unit is equipped with a precise thermostat. with a construction that allows it both safety and control role. acting as a safety thermostat.Belgrade THE UNIT CONSISTS OF: 1. Inlet valve 2. temperature of 1000C.

Gear pump 12. the resting time of oil is increased to the maximum. is procured from well-known European manufacturer. through oil pressure rise a spherical. as well as with a special lamp for illumination if the tank interior. Electromagnetic valve 9. where oil surface is significantly increased and gas fractions can be efficiently separated. Floater 11. The power supply of the lamp is 24 V for safety reasons this floater. Degassing tank 10. The degassing tank is equipped with a sight-glass for the visual control of the process. with specially shaped separating sheets for equal distribution of oil. prevents the insulating oil to penetrate into the vacuum pump with 1000 l/h capacity. Oil is conveyed over the “RASIG” rings. In addition. protects the Unit from an excessive rise of pressure in case outlet valve is negligently closed or because of some other reason for reading of fine filter dirtiness. degassing and drying unit page 5 of 15 . as essential control equipment.Belgrade 7. together with electromagnetic valve. Overflow valve 13. closing valve for insulating oil sampling 8. It protects the degassing tank from overfilling and. It controls the oil level in degassing tank of a welded construction. Thermometer measures the temperature at the outlet of the oil heater a special magnetic valve capable of operating in vacuum. resistant to transformer oil and high temperatures. Manometer 14.KONDIC DOO . Valve Transformer oil filtering. This pump is specially designed to operate under vacuum conditions.

Vacuum meter 20. Air valve 18. Discharge valve 21. contactors. Framework 25. sectional steel construction. Suitable for three-phase. for an automatic operation of the Unit of 25 m3/h capacity. Electric equipment Transformer oil filtering.Belgrade 15. provides vacuum for operation of the Unit. equipped with a so-called “gas-ballast” valve a welded. internal wiring etc. transformer. Outlet valve 17. Sight-glass for process control 19. main switch. Separator 22. relays. Vacuum pump 24. which represents foundation for all described components of the Unit consisting of driving motors for the gear and vacuum pump and of internal wiring of the Unit. Fine filter container the fine filter container is of a size that allows it to accept a standard filter separating particles of 3-5 microns a spherical valve with special “Teflon” gaskets a spherical valve for aeration of the degassing tank in case of an excessive foaming of oil equipped with search-light fitted on its right side to illuminate the interior of the degassing tank measures vacuum in the degassing tank a spherical valve discharging condensate from the separator of a special construction for separation of liquid fractions from gasses which are extracted out of degassing tank consisting of fuses. 50 Hz power supply 16.KONDIC DOO . Control panel 23.. electric motor electrical protection. degassing and drying unit page 6 of 15 .

suitable for operation in vacuum and oil. both equipped with hose connections for 1’’ tread. Two flexible hoses specially designed. Connecting cables Transformer oil filtering.KONDIC DOO . 6 m long 27. each hose 5 m long four-stranded cable complete with a electrical plug for connection of the Unit to the power supply.Belgrade THE UNIT IS SUPPLIED WITH THE FOLLOWING ACCESSORIES: 26. degassing and drying unit page 7 of 15 . the cable is approx.

Turn-on the vacuum pump and open the “gas ballast” valve. 17. Close the “gas-ballast” valve on the vacuum pump. Close the valve No. 20. 16. UNIT SHUT DOWN 15. The gear pump shall continue operating for at least another 10 minutes. Turn-on the main power switch. When vacuum reaches 95 %. degassing and drying unit page 8 of 15 . 8. Connect oil hoses as short as possible. several times in short intervals.KONDIC DOO . Plug the Unit into the power supply source. Leave the vacuum pump in operation for at least another 30 minutes with the “gas ballast” valve open. 11. 1 and frequency converter. Turn-off the heaters. Turn-on the floater. Open the valve No. 14. Transformer oil filtering. When oil flow becomes constant. 19. 12. which will automatically turn on the oil level control. 3. lower the vacuum by easily opening of the valve No. Adjust the oil flow with valve No. Turn-off the gear pump. 2. 18. 7. 4. TURNING-ON OF THE UNIT (COMMENCEMENT DEGASSING AND DRYING PROCESS) 9. Turn-off the main power switch. 10. OF FILTERING. Check the rotation direction by turning on of the pumps. open the valve No. 13. turn on the heaters.Belgrade INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPERATION PREPARATION OF THE UNIT FOR OPERATION 1. 1. 6. Close all valves. If oil foams too much. 17. 16 and turn-on the gear pump when oil level reaches the sight-glass level. 1. Adjust the thermostats. 5. Disconnect the power supply.

) Outlet gas content (%vol.05 5 28 2400 1600 2500 4500 Unit can be produced in accordance with specific requests of the Client (additional vacuum pump.05 5 28 2200 1400 2500 3000 S12000 12000 180 (3x60) 300 3–5 50 2–5 10 0. degassing and drying unit page 9 of 15 . Inlet temperature (t 0C) Differential temperature (inlet/outlet) (∆t 0C) Dimensions of the Unit (mm) (L/W/H) Weight of the Unit (kg) S500 500 7 (1x7) 16 3–5 50 2–5 10 0.Belgrade TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE UNITS PRODUCED BY „KONDIC DOO“ Unit type Maximal oil flow (l/h) Heating power (kW) (No. etc. Transformer oil filtering.05 5 28 1500 900 1750 700 S4000 4000 60 (2x30) 100 3–5 50 2–5 10 0.05 5 28 1350 700 1600 550 S2000 2000 30 (2x15) 63 3–5 50 2–5 10 0. additional heater.KONDIC DOO .5) 25 3–5 50 2–5 10 0.05 5 28 2100 1200 2300 2300 S10000 10000 150 (3x50) 250 3–5 50 2–5 10 0.) Temperature load of the heaters is 1 W/cm2.) Min.05 5 28 1900 1100 2000 1300 S6000 6000 75 (3x25) 160 3–5 50 2–5 10 0. of stages) Vacuum pump capacity (m3/h) Fine filter ( µm) Inlet moisture content (ppm) Outlet moisture content (ppm) Inlet gas content (%vol.05 5 28 1200 500 1600 400 S1000 1000 15 (2x7.

3. Oil level in the degassing tank is too high 2. Turn-on the gear pump 2.2.1. Inlet oil contains water and air Increase the pressure by opening valve No. Increase the pressure by adjusting valve in foam No. Outlet valve is closed 1.1. Open the outlet valve 3. or repair other joints the rip in the hose joint c) flow back of oil to the transformer is not good b) Ensure that the hose for oil flow-back is immersed in oil Transformer oil filtering. The transformer is placed too low in 1.3.1.KONDIC DOO . The magnetic valve is closed 2. Pressure is to low and the pump operates 1. Pressure is too low 2.4. the Unit should be checked in accordance with the following Table: Problem Cause of the problem Remedy 1.1. Poor oil throughput (characteristic ringing 1.3. There is constantly too much foam in the 3. degassing and drying unit page 10 of 15 . 7 easily 2. degassing tank b) a rip in the feed hose or on some a) Repair or replace the hose.3.Belgrade TROUBLESHOOTING If malfunction occurs. Dirty coarse filter 1. The gear pump is not turned on 2. Open the magnetic valve 2. 17 1.2. Place the Unit in a better position in relation to Unit relation to the transformer 1.2. Clean the coarse filter sound coming from the gear pump indicating that there is not enough oil in degassing tank) 1.

paying special attention to the arrow indicating direction.2 Empty the condensate separator (open the valve No.Belgrade Problem 4.KONDIC DOO . Evaporation in the degassing tank is too 4. the two phases in the electrical plug should be reversed (no phases reversion is allowed in the motors. as they are adjusted to the Unit). 20 and rise pressure in the degassing tank to reach atmospheric level) SPECIAL NOTE: Whenever the Unit is re-installed and re-energized. Transformer oil filtering.2. Drain the oil from the vacuum pump and high refill the pump with new oil 4.1. If the direction is opposite. The vacuum pump is overfilled with oil Cause of the problem Remedy 4. The condensate separator is over-filled 4. degassing and drying unit page 11 of 15 .1. the rotation direction of the gear and vacuum pump should be necessary checked.

.KONDIC DOO . Eng. (the designer and the manufacturer of the Unit) Vinka Jovanić.Dielectric strength of fresh oil before drying . Model S1000 The tests attended by: Aleksandar Kondić. of RO ŽTO (the Railway Transport Organization of Belgrade) Ljubiša Knežević. Eng. Eng.. degassing and drying unit page 12 of 15 . Made in Belgrade On 15th March 1986 Signed by: Aleksandar Kondić. Eng.Oil amount taken before drying . Eng.Capacity of the Unit 50 kV/cm 190 l 1000 l/h The drying process completed in four (4) passes of oil through the Unit and the following results obtained: Dielectric strength (KV/cm) Initial condition First pass Second pass Third pass Fourth pass 50 132 224 232 240 Oil amount (l) 190 190 190 190 190 The transformer oil tested in the RO “MINEL” and the chemical laboratory of RO ŽTO of Belgrade (Makiš). degassing and drying Unit. Ljubiša Knežević. Eng. of RO ŽTO of Belgrade The Unit tested at RO “MINEL” OOUR “DINAMO” in Belgrade The transformer oil characteristics before drying: . Transformer oil filtering. Vinka Jovanić.Belgrade PROTOCOL Made on 15th March 1986 on testing of the Transformer oil filtering.

State Railway Company . 2.Kragujevac Kluz .Zagreb (Croatia) Šinvoz – Zrenjanin (Serbia and Montenegro) Electrodistribution – Slovengradec (Slovenia) Electrodistribution – Vranje (Serbia and Montenegro) Electrodistribution – Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Electrodistribution – Užice (Serbia and Montenegro) Electrodistribution – Požarevac (Serbia and Montenegro) Electrodistribution – Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) SANU . degassing and drying unit page 13 of 15 . 2.specific Unit Skopski leguri – Skopje (Macedonia) Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy – Unit for transformer oil regeneration PROVIDED SERVICES . 9.Beograd Electrodistribution . 10.4 Stadium "FC Red Star" – Beograd TRAYAL – Kruševac JAT – Beograd TIGAR . 8. 19. 7. “Vlasinske” hydropower plants: VRLA 1. 14. 17. 11. 11.Pirot Elektrovod .2. 4. 5. 4. 18. 5. 8. 10. 6. 21. 13.Kruševac Prva Iskra – Barič Transformer oil filtering. 7.Beograd (Serbia and Montenegro) Electrodistribution – Subotica (Serbia and Montenegro) Thessalonica (Greece) Baghdad (Iraq) Electrodistribution – Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Electrodistribution – Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Mašinoinženjering – Beograd (Serbia and Montenegro) Electrodistribution – Knin (Croatia) Petar Drapšin-Mladenovac (specific impregnation Unit) Electrodistribution –Knin (Croatia) – Unit for drying of transformer coils Yugoslav crude oil pipeline .FILTERING. 16.Beograd FAM -Kruševac Electrodistribution .KONDIC DOO . 12.Pančevo ŽUPA . 6. 15. 3. DRYING AND DEGASSING OF TRANSFORMER OIL: 1. 9.3. 3. 12. 20.Belgrade LIST OF REFERENCES SOLD UNITS: 1.

Septembar.Beograd Sartid 1913 (beli limovi) – Šabac "POLITIKA" AD . 20. 15.pogon Krnjača Šećerana – Crvenka Rafinerija – Beograd Transformer oil filtering. 27. 40.Sladara – Čačak Elektromontaža – Beograd Pekara "KLAS" .Banja Luka BIP . 26. 42. 51. 43.KONDIC DOO . degassing and drying unit page 14 of 15 . 21.Milanovac Elektrodistribucija .Beograd GP " Ratko Mitrović " – Beograd Institut "VINČA" – Beograd Stari arhiv Jugoslavije – Beograd "KNJAZ MILOŠ" – Aranđelovac Napredak – Ratkovo "JUGOPETROL" – Smederevo Beogradski sajam – Beograd Stadion "JNA" – Beograd PC Ušće .CK Beograd "Politika" . 28. 25. 49.G. 41. 22. 36. 46.Makiš Coca . 29. 31. 33. 30. 44. 38. 39.Odžaci (hidraulično ulje) National security – Bgd GSP – Beograd Minel ELIP Elektroprivreda – Beograd Vrenje – Beograd Minel Dinamo – Beograd DUGA – Beograd IMT . 17.Belgrade 13. 35. 19. 32. 52. 37. 50. 48. 14.Cola – Beograd ZMAJ – Zemun State Government Mostogradnja – Beograd State parliament Hipol . 45. 53.Beograd Zavod za mere i dragocenosti Galenika – Beograd Tipoplastika . Rekord – Beograd 14. 18. 24. 23. 34. 16.Elektremont – Užice American embassy – Beograd TEP – Zagreb Zorka-zaštita bilja – Šabac ŽTP . 47.

56.Paraćin BIP – Beograd Elind Teur – Valjevo "JUGOPETROL" – Smederevo Stadion "JNA" – Beograd "Politika" . 71.KONDIC DOO . degassing and drying unit page 15 of 15 . 57. 60. 76.Beograd CER – Čačak Filip Kljajić – Kragujevac Naftna polja – Tenje MKS – Smederevo SFS . 75.Zrenjanin „ANODA“ . 67. 69. 64. 58. 70. 63.Krnjača Rafinerija – Beograd Hotel " SLAVIJA" "IPOK" – Zrenjanin “SUNOKO” . 68. 72. 55. 66. 61.N.Valjevo „TIZ“ – Zemun „NAPREDAK“ – Stara Pazova “INSTITUT ZA KUKURUZ” – Zemun Polje Transformer oil filtering. 65. Vazduhoplovni zavod " Moma Stanojlovic" – Batajnica Tehnoauto – Požarevac Minel ELVO . 59.Fabrika šećera Pećinci (turbinsko ulje) “SUNOKO” . 73. 62.Belgrade 54. 74.Fabrika šećera Bač (trubinsko ulje) Vojvodinaput .