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Sludge Treatment System MSPX 303

Cleaning system for oily waste from oil treatment systems

The Alfa Laval MSPX 303 system offers a fully integrated and modularized system for the de-oiling and de-sludging of oily waste. The reduction of oil content with this system secures the efficient operation of your bilgewater system. Application The MSPX 303 Sludge Treatment System is designed to handle sludge from oil treatment systems in diesel engine installations. The sludge consists of a mixture of water, oil and solids. In the MSPX 303 separator this mixture is separated into its main constituents. System concept The key components of the MSPX 303 Sludge Treatment System are: • • • • • • • MSPX 303 separator. HEATPAC EHMS electric heater or S/T heater. EPC 41 control unit. Feed pump. Starters for separator and feed pump. Double strainer. Conditioning module MP 205 (optional).

Features MSPX 303 separator • Separation of oil, water and solids simultaneously from oil sludges of varying composition and density without adjustment. • Integral paring disc pumps for continuous discharge of separated oil and water. • Unique separator bowl design. • Separate outlets for oil, water and solids. • Automatic start and stop sequence. Benefits • Substantial savings in total sludge handling cost. • Maximum separation of water prior to discharge to the collecting tank. • Maximum recovery of oil for direct use in boiler or for incinerator disposal. • Minimum sludge accumulation in bowl ensures long intervals between service. Throughput capacity The throughput capacity of the system is from 200 l/h to 500 l/h dependent on the use of separation conditioner MP 205.

alfalaval. MSPX 303 separator with electric motor. Valve block for water 5.System working principle Sludge is pumped from the sludge tanks and fed via the heater to the MSPX 303 separator. Valve block for air 11. – Major service kit – once a year. We recommend dosing MP 205 at a rate of 250–500 ppm of the feed flow when dosing directly into the feed. EPC 41 control unit 3. . The MSPX 303 separator and the MP 205 dosing unit are connected to an EPC 41 control unit for fully automatic operation and designed for intermittent discharge of separated solids during operation. Combined starter for separator and pump 4. A constant temperature of 95°C is maintained by the HEATPAC heater with an accuracy of ±1°C. – Service & spare parts. • System manual includes detailed information in electronic format or paper copy: – Installation instructions. Dosing unit MP 205 (optional) 7 EMD00018EN 0307 Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. Starter for dosing unit (optional) 12. How to contact Alfa Laval Contact details for all countries are continually updated on our web site. • Commissioning & technical service is available from all Alfa Laval offices to start-up the system and to advise about operations & maintenance. Schematic installation of a sludge treatment plant 11 10 2 3 4 9 12 1 8 5 6 System equipment 1. – Alarm & fault finding. Duplex strainer 7. • Training in all aspects of oil treatment. hoses and tools 2. details are available from local Alfa Laval offices. Operations • A preventive maintenance program is available with three versions of spare parts kits corresponding to three levels of service: – Intermediate service kit – every third to fourth month. An eccentric screw pump is used to ensure the optimal feed rate to the separator. By doing this. The MP 205 is fed directly before the feed pump in the MSPX System. As an option to enhance the performance of the system a dosing unit for injection of separation conditioner MP 205 is used. Please visit www. Constant pressure valve 9. HEATPAC EHMS 15 kW or S/T preheater 8. the MP 205 will be thoroughly mixed into the feed as it passes through the feed pump and the heater. fresh water generation and cooling is available. – Operating instructions. • All services are incorporated in specially tailored Nonstop Performance packages. Water and oil are removed continuously. ALFA LAVAL and HEATPAC are trademarks registered and owned by Alfa Laval Corporate AB. solid impurities intermittently. – Three year service kit – every third to access the information direct. Since the MSPX 303 system is supplied as three complete modules with a total footprint of approximately 2 m3 it can easily be installed onboard any vessel or in any power plant. Three-way-valve 10. Feed pump with electric motor 6.