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Foundrie / Metalcast es ting


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QuikSteel red duces costly re ejects in found production. dry Fill aluminium casting poros spots with QuikSteel. m sity h Repair gouge or worn core boxes with Q ed e QuikSteel. Patch dents a rough spots on metal ca and astings (aluminium & iron) with QuikSteell. w Fill blow holes sand holes and metal sur s, rface defects with QuikSteel. w Repair or alte wood and metal patterns w QuikStee er m with el. QuikSteel and QuikSteel are used to fill seams or den prior to pow d a nts wder coating. QuikSteel is u used to coat wood patterns for 300% high abrasion re w her esistance. QuikSteel is p paintable, rustproof, and wa ater-resistant.

Welding g:

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QuikSteel cos smetically repa damaged metal where welding is imp airs practical or infe feasible. QuikSteel sea porosity in welds als Fill metal doors, windows, frames and ot her metal surf f face defects with QuikSteel.. w Finish weepin welds and fill tack-welded seams with QuikSteel. ng f d Repair metal roofs and all kinds of piping with QuikSte k g eel. Fill cavitation pits in fin asse emblies, Fran cis runners an other prope nd ellers with QuiikSteel. Repair motor and engine blocks, as well as leaking oil pans with QuikSteel. Repair manifo olds and exhaust systems w QuikSteel, originally formulated for fo with oundries but us for sed numerous high-temperature repairs in in ndustry. Patch fuel tan (unable to withstand the heat of weldi nks e ing) with QuikS Steel, which is impervious to s t gasoline.

Bearings / motion con s ntrol industry:

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Repair gouge or damaged shafts with Q ed d QuikSteel prior to replacing new races and bearings. r d Repair strippe threads with QuikSteel. ed Build up worn shafts with QuikSteel. n Q Fill over-bored holes with QuikSteel and re-drill and tap. d Q


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QuikSteel is a proven filler used in metalworking plants since 1950. QuikSteel fills metal doors, windows, frames and other metal surface defects. Repair metal roofs and all kinds of piping with QuikSteel. Repair worn or damaged equipment and machinery with QuikSteel. Repair metal furniture with QuikSteel. Build up worn tracks on industrial equipment with QuikSteel. Patch industrial ovens with QuikSteel. Patch ducts and vents with QuikSteel. Build up worn shafts with QuikSteel. Fill over-bored holes with QuikSteel and re-drill and tap. Fill holes in metal fabrications, including doorways and metal door seams, with QuikSteel.

Construction & Transportation:

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Repair mufflers with QuikSteel. Patch automotive, heavy equipment and machinery fuel tanks with QuikSteel. Repair cracked auto/truck/contractor machinery engine blocks with QuikSteel. Coat and finish damaged metal roofs on train gondola cars, trucks and trailers with QuikSteel. Fill damaged and pitted turbines in power generation plants with QuikSteel. Fill handrail seams and metal banisters with QuikSteel.

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Fill holes in metal masts with QuikSteel when relocating attachments. Patch and finish gouged metal surfaces with QuikSteel. Fill cavitation pits on fin assemblies, Francis runners and other propellers with QuikSteel. Seal leaking seams in aluminium boats with QuikSteel. Repair boat engine blocks with QuikSteel. Repair leaking oil pans with QuikSteel. Repair cracked inboard engine blocks with QuikSteel. Repair manifolds and exhaust systems with QuikSteel, originally formulated for foundries but used for numerous high-temperature repairs in industry.

Plumbing & Heating (HVACR):

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Fill pump housings and metal surface defects with QuikSteel. Patch holes in all kinds of piping (even PVC) with QuikSteel. Patch low-pressure steam lines with QuikSteel. Patch ductwork and vents with QuikSteel. Seal leaking radiators and heaters with QuikSteel. Repair cracked boilers with QuikSteel. Repair leaking pipes, water and fuel tanks with QuikSteel. Repair damaged flanges with QuikSteel prior to installation of new gasketing.


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Patch farm tractor fuel tanks and worn plow blades with QuikSteel. Repair stripped threads with QuikSteel. Repair water tanks and watering troughs with QuikSteel. Repair cracked tractor engine blocks and oil pans with QuikSteel. Fill seams or dents with QuikSteel. Coat or patch leaks in metal troughs, roofs, gutters and downspouts with QuikSteel. Build up worn shafts with QuikSteel. Fill over-bored holes with QuikSteel and re-drill and tap. Repair holes in irrigation pipes with QuikSteel.


 Repair wooden patterns with QuikSteel.  Repair wooden boat screw-holes and other stripped threads with QuikSteel.
Paint & Powder Coating:

 Repair damaged parts or build up worn parts with QuikSteel before painting or powder coating.
Do-It-Yourself ~ Hardware & Home Center:

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Repair holes in lawn mower housings with QuikSteel. Repair leaking gutters with QuikSteel. Repair metal roofs with QuikSteel. Repair wood stoves with QuikSteel. Repair PVC irrigation piping, PVC pool water lines and pool pumps with QuikSteel Repair aluminium boats with QuikSteel. Repair rusted tree stands, bird feeders / baths with QuikSteel. Repair incorrectly drilled holes in metal pipes and tubes with QuikSteel. Repair leaking gasoline tanks with QuikSteel.

Unique Features of QuikSteel Part # 6004 from CarGo Blue Magic USA: No special tools or training required, just knead and apply Temperature Resistance 260 deg C Shear Strength 740 psi Tensile Strength 6200 psi Shore Hardness D-87 Works Underwater and seals leaks online NSF Certified Works on all metals including cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and on plastics, glass, ceramic, concrete and fiberglass too  Shelf life 3 years from opening  Sets in 15 minutes, full cure in one hour  Resistant to all fluids including coolants, oils, petrol, diesel, solvents, alkalis and most chemicals including battery acids  4 oz (113.6 grams) I Rs.400 Ea I Taxes Extra I Box of 12 I Immediate Deliveries I Call Project Sales Corp on +91-891-2564393 mail: QuikSteel is imported and marketed by Project Sales Corp, Visakhapatnam under an arrangement with CarGo Chemical Company. For product MSDS please visit Data given are correct to the best of our knowledge. For tips and use instructions and get updates see us at        