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Where the Frisbee First Flew

The Untold Story of the Flying Disc's Origin 50 Years Ago in SLO BY JEFF McMAHON Two men held a circle of plastic over a heater in a San Luis Obispo garage in 1948, trying to mold a lip onto the disc's down-turned edge. One of those men would be hailed as the inventor of the Frisbee. The other would die unknown, just as he began to fight for a share of the credit and millions in royalties the Frisbee generated. The First to Fly Walter Frederick Morrison came to Warren Franscioni in 1947, looking for work. Both men had been Army Air Corps pilots in World War II. Maj. Franscioni served with the Air Transport Service in India and China; Lt. Morrison flew a fighter in 58 missions over Italy before being shot down and held in Stalag 13, Germany's infamous prison camp. Franscioni's parents lived in Paso Robles, where his father had been mayor, so he settled after the war in San Luis Obispo. He founded a butane company as his father had done in Paso. He built a home on Conejo Avenue, in a neighborhood developing near San Luis High School, and he opened the Franscioni and Davis Butane Co. office at 884 Broad St., across Broad from Mission College Prep. "I first met Fred Morrison in late 1947," Franscioni wrote in a 1973 letter. "He was a struggling World War II veteran trying to build a home for his family at Baywood Park, a developing residential area just outside San Luis Obispo, California. "At that time, I was attempting to establish a bottle gas business with a partner, George Davis, in San Luis Obispo. We needed someone to assist in the installation of home heating appliances, and Fred went to work for us." The bottled gas business moved too slowly in postwar SLO to sustain three men and their families. So Franscioni and Morrison dreamed up an enterprise on the side. For decades kids had played catch with metal pie tins. The sport grew in popularity during the Depression, and soldiers spread it across the country during the war. The game had a few drawbacks. The tins made a shrill noise, and if you didn't catch them just right, they stung. After a few crash landings they could crack or develop sharp edges that cut fingers. Morrison and Franscioni thought of casting them in plastic, a material proliferated by wartime industry. Morrison took credit for the idea in later interviews, but Franscioni said they thought of it together. "I do know that when we compared some of our past experiences at sailing things, it came out plastics," Franscioni wrote.

And after 49 years of improvements. They sold them for $1 through outlets like Woolworth and Disneyland." The Saucer Crash People have purchased more than 200 million Frisbees in the last 50 years. remembers her father and Morrison working in the basement of their Conejo Avenue home. They contracted with Southern California Plastic Co. in Glendale to manufacture Flyin' Saucers for about 25 cents each. people didn't know what to make of the Flyin' Saucer. began with a whimper. a hard cellulose material now used in toothbrush handles and eyeglass frames." Franscioni wrote. a Frisbee historian in Alameda. We soon realized the only place to demonstrate was outdoors. the Frisbee has diverged little from their first plastic interpretation of a pie tin. or Pipco." Morrison and his wife traveled to county fairs to hawk the flying disc. but he usually remained in . since they were invented.It seems like a simple idea today. based in SLO. Woolworth put Fred and me in a cage to protect the customers. It worked. Newspapers had coined the term "flying saucer" less than a year earlier when a pilot reported seeing disc-shaped objects skipping through the air above the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest.M. Franscioni and Morrison named the new toy to capitalize on the publicity. Eneix said. more than baseballs. but Morrison and Franscioni broke new ground. In 1948. Witnesses in Roswell. have invented a new. however. Franscioni sometimes joined them.. "We soon found the item was a dead issue on the counter. "I tackled the job of working up a design that would transform the pie-tin shape into what we believed would be the best configuration of an injectionmolded Flyin' Saucer. "People were throwing paint can lids and paper plates and pie pans throughout history. "I remember one time--I was like 5--I remember standing in the basement downstairs. "Two local men. That disc confirmed the aerodynamics of the toy. Coszette Eneix. "which prompted our offer to demonstrate in the store." the Telegram-Tribune reported in 1948. pooling resources after the words 'flying saucers' shocked the world a year ago. The Roswell incident in June 1947 fueled the flying saucer craze." said Victor Malafronte. and I remember over the water heater they were trying to mold this plastic thing to try to get a lip on it." Morrison and Franscioni used a lathe to carve their first model out of Tenite. Franscioni's daughter. Those booming sales." Franscioni wrote. but it shattered on landing. N. Morrison and Franscioni formed a company called Partners in Plastic. Malafronte estimates. but not for long. and basketballs combined. reported seeing the bodies of aliens at a UFO crash site. "The first plastic disc was that Flyin' Saucer in 1948. footballs. patented plastic toy shaped like the originally reported saucer." Eneix said. "Hundreds of flying saucers are scheduled to invade San Luis Obispo in the near future.

The Capp payoff devastated Pipco. worked as a trucker. who agreed to include the Flyin' Saucer in his "Li'l Abner" cartoon strip." Franscioni and Morrison were already struggling to meet the cost of casting the original dies for the Flyin' Saucer. They hadn't seen anything fly like the disc. "I was really hurt. "Korea was happening then. He moved to Greenville. A Disneyland employee demonstrating the Flyin' Saucer accidentally overshot a fence and hit a woman in the head. The demonstrations won people's attention. He offered the disc for free if customers paid $1 for the invisible wire. The Plot Thickens The Franscioni and Davis Butane Co. The inserts infuriated Capp. Eneix and her sister went door to door in SLO selling the discs for 25 cents. and Disney halted its demonstrations. handling national sales and keeping Pipco's books. Eneix said." Franscioni wrote.000 in compensation. Today. and applied for reactivation in the Air Force. Then Morrison and Franscioni struck a deal with Al Capp." Franscioni and Morrison's early marketing efforts occasionally backfired. Franscioni and Morrison printed "Li'l Abner" inserts and packaged them with their Flyin' Saucers to capitalize on the publicity. and to launch them "in exactly the same manner as sailing your hat onto a hook.500 from his mother and $2. Walter Franscioni had to sell the Conejo Avenue home where the Frisbee was born. Flyin' Saucers came with directions urging people not to throw the discs too hard or hold them too tight." Eneix said. who felt they exceeded the terms of their agreement. That strip appeared in national newspapers sometime around 1950. Americans seem born to the art of Frisbee throwing today. "By running through the instructions you will see that we repeatedly point out that an easy smooth snap of the wrist is all that is necessary. crashed at about the same time as Pipco. In 1950. She sued. "That was a hunk of change that put them down. and Morrison capitalized on that notion. but it required a new skill in 1948. Teaching people how to throw the disc became another challenge.SLO. Capp threatened to sue and demanded $5. and my father then applied for being recalled back into . How could Li'l Abner do this to my daddy?" Eneix said. collectors will pay $500 for an original Pipco Flyin' Saucer. "I remember us losing our home and how hard that was. Franscioni borrowed $2. which remained aloft long after gravity would have pulled a ball back to earth. Some observers thought the disc followed an invisible wire. and the demise of the Flyin' Saucer began. That was quite a bit of money back then.500 from his mother-inlaw.

the year Franscioni and Morrison were developing the Flyin' Saucer. the president of Southern California Plastic Co." Southern California Plastic Co. Knerr came up with the new name for the disc. and Knerr and Melin sold the Pluto Platter with a marketing expertise Morrison and Franscioni never showed. Some of those records show that Morrison began manufacturing his own flying disc on the side. At Yale he encountered students tossing metal pie tins and yelling "Frisbie!" the way golfers yell "Fore!" Historians have traced that tradition to a Bridgeport. a wooden slingshot. redesigned the disc to make it look more like a flying saucer. Conn. according to Ed Kennedy. however. where he worked as a building inspector. Eneix keeps folders full of yellowing letters and old business records to document what happened next." Kennedy wrote. he was also accepting sales commissions from the company here. Knerr was visiting East Coast college campuses in the mid-1950s. Knerr and Melin had founded their own toy company back in 1948. Southern California Plastic Co. "During the time that he was having the saucer made. severed its relationship with Morrison and contacted a patent attorney. but he continued trying to get the Flyin' Saucer thing to go. Knerr and Melin had one product." Kennedy wrote in a 1957 letter to Franscioni." Kennedy accused Morrison of trying to steal Flyin' Saucer accounts by offering Pluto Platters at a lower cost.. "In my opinion. He eventually bought the bakery and renamed it Frisbie Pie Co. In 1871 Frisbie moved to Bridgeport to manage the local branch of the Olds Baking Co. continued to produce the discs. Morrison began selling the Pluto Platter while still accepting sales commissions on the Flyin' Saucer. The question of patent violations never went to court. and called it the Pluto Platter. Morrison moved to Los Angeles. "We had just found out that Fred Morrison had another die built on the Flyin' Saucer and was merchandising the product under the name of Pluto's Platter. and has never been resolved. They named their company for the sound the slingshot's pellets made on impact--Wham-O. Morrison set up a new company. and the inventors of the Flyin' Saucer drifted apart. baker named William Russell Frisbie. American Trends. and Morrison continued to sell them.the service. Morrison signed a contract with Wham-O. Frisbee historian Malafronte believes truck drivers for the company were the ." The Air Force moved the Franscionis to South Dakota in 1952. The Wham-O Frisbee Morrison was demonstrating his Pluto Platter in a Los Angeles parking lot in 1955 when Rich Knerr and Spud Melin spotted the unusual flying object. Fred acted completely unfairly on this entire thing. giving away Pluto Platters to seed market demand. "and we certainly will never do business with him again.

but Coszette Eneix's home is not among them. may have been the first to mention Warren Franscioni in a footnote in his 1975 book. Inventor of the Frisbee. Nearly all written histories of the Frisbee attribute its invention to Morrison. He was the first person to envision the creation of a plastic disc to be used as a substitute for a ball in a game of catch. it generated up to 50 percent of the company's annual sales. not Fred Morrison alone. I think they should have equal billing. continued to make Flyin' Saucers for Disneyland and a few other outlets. "When you read about the history of the Frisbee. (Fred) Morrison has provided pleasure to millions of people throughout the world. Mich. Johnson contacted Franscioni. but Frisbee remained its most profitable product. In 1958.. It's Flyin' Saucer." Eneix hasn't decided whether to use her files of yellowing papers in a lawsuit or in a book.D. "I get angry inside. Fred Morrison did that. that hummed when the tin flew. In 1977. a Pacific Grove psychiatrist. reserves its primary listing for Morrison." it says. the Water Wiggle. but she wants justice for her father. where students shouted "Frisbie!" to warn people of incoming pie tins. the Super Ball. in a star pattern. A sport developed and took on the name "Frisbie-ing. The sport moved to Eastern colleges. Wham-O estimated it had sold 100 million flying discs. Johnson. "Every time I see a Frisbee I just want to cringe. It shouldn't be called Frisbee." Knerr took the word home to Wham-O." she said. Morrison's Pluto Platter became the Wham-O Frisbee. In 1973. "Frisbee. Excuse my language. "Walter F. At the time. How come they're calling it Frisbee? That's not right. Morrison told the Los Angeles Times in 1977 he had made about $1 million in royalties. as it comes down. the president of the Southern California Plastic Co. when he headed to Vietnam. you always hear Fred Morrison." Johnson heard about Franscioni from Ed Kennedy. misspelled it "Frisbee. 20 years after Wham-O began selling Frisbees.first to toss Frisbie Pie tins on the loading docks during idle times. that my father was there. who . The Bitter Toy Many American homes have housed a Frisbee." she said. It was Warren Franscioni and Fred Morrison. Southern California Plastic Co. Stancil E. It isn't Frisbee. Fred Morrison did this. "Fred Morrison. It was a partnership. The tins bore the words "Frisbie's Pies" and had six small holes in the center. It handled sales and mailed royalty checks to Franscioni until the mid-1960s. Bullshit. Bullshit. and other toys." and registered it as a trademark." The International Frisbee Hall of Fame in Lake Linden." Wham-O went on to market the Hula-Hoop. "I want it in the history books.

"Other people were asking my father to do something--stop him. not Morrison. stop him. . so I can't tell you much more than that about him. if based upon the facts. Then we didn't fly the Flyin' Saucer much anymore on picnics. "Fred Morrison never wanted to admit this. "I have had time to evaluate my initial concern about whether your book might interfere in any future legal proceedings about the subject." Johnson said. Morrison has an old pickup truck. the Frisbee had not yet made its millions. He died of a heart attack at age 57. "Franscioni died and never was able to come back and get his share of the profits. and that was taking a lot of his time. but he never completed it. And I think my mom was leery of putting more money into this thing. but he rarely drives it into town." Eneix said. sue him. Franscioni began a second letter to Johnson in 1974." Morrison declined to be interviewed for this story. and they were hurt. Norway. He asked Franscioni to write down his memories of the flying disc's origin. "He lives in a house in the country and seems to enjoy life." Franscioni argues that he designed the first Flyin' Saucer. "There was a lot of disappointment in the '50s. really hurt.was then an Air Force colonel stationed in Oslo. Franscioni sent Johnson one letter in August 1973. 77. Ed Kennedy urged him to take legal action against Morrison as early as 1957. now calls himself "Walt" and lives near Monroe." The Silent Inventor Morrison. The rights to the toy hardly seemed worth the cost of a lawsuit." Morrison said. You don't see him out much. He owned a motel there and operated it with his third wife until he retired three years ago. I'd like to be a nice guy and say yes. and that the two men jointly developed the idea of casting it in plastic. My father was getting his career going again as an officer in the Air Force. a town of 1." Franscioni wrote. "I have come to the conclusion that your book." In 1957." Franscioni might have acted earlier. but I'm so tired of this shit. "Well.700 people in the Sevier River valley. would not. "but we were in South Dakota. That's what we do in my family. It was too painful to keep remembering it because we were losing it. "So we all started quieting down and not talking about it. "I haven't seen him in person in about six months." Eneix said. Utah. that he paid for the initial mold with his own money. publisher of the Richfield Reaper. We don't talk about it." said Mark Fullenbaugh.

Mattel has no knowledge of plastic flying discs that may have existed before 1957. the world's largest toy company. an airfoil in cross-section. I'm an old man now and I just haven't got time for this. Mattel. Jeff McMahon hurls amazing whirling adjectives for New Times. I think Fred has a lot of stuff he can lose and nothing to gain by talking. even though the plastic flying disc turns 50 next year. I want to just sit back in my chair and sleep. The shape of the disc. nor of their inventors. It dates the Frisbee's official birth as 1957. bought Wham-O in 1994. . allows it to fly by generating lift as it moves through the air while rotating. "The problem is. said Mattel spokeswoman Sara Rosales. is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Frisbee this year. and he owns up to it. that I just don't do it anymore. see Flying saucer. so many ways." Meanwhile. when Wham-O first marketed Morrison's Pluto Platter." Morrison has always been "cagey" about the facts of the Frisbee's birth. sometimes called Ultimate Frisbee. with a lip. A Frisbee made by Wham-O Flying discs[1] are disc-shaped gliders which are generally plastic and roughly 20 to 25 centimeters (8–10 inches) in diameter. Mattel Corp. who met Morrison at Frisbee tournaments. Flying disc From Wikipedia. For the sport. "I had asked Fred about his partner." Malafronte said. see Frisbee (ride)."It's been done so many times. see Ultimate (sport). according to Malafronte. For the amusement ride. For the type of UFO. the free encyclopedia "Frisbee" redirects here.

there was a business".Mackinaw City. Morrison told the Virginian-Pilot in 2007. almost identical to a flying disc in shape. Contents [hide]      1 History 2 Flying disc games 3 Physics 4 See also 5 References o  5. whose concern is that the use of the name in generic fashion may put the trademark in jeopardy. often used uncapitalized generically to describe all flying discs (as Kleenex may be used to describe all types of tissues) is a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company. Morrison sketched a design for anaerodynamically-improved flying disc he dubbed the Whirlo-Way. because you could buy a cake pan for 5 cents. well.The term Frisbee. Such use is not encouraged by the company. or battery powered light emitting diodes. Michigan The clay target used in trapshooting. A wide range of flying disc variants are available commercially. By 1948 after design . was designed in the 19th century. and if people on the beach were willing to pay a quarter for it.[citation needed] Flying discs are thrown and caught for free-form recreation and as part of many different flying disc games. There are also discs that whistle when they reach a certain velocity in flight. "That got the wheels turning. Flying rings are also available which typically fly significantly farther than any traditional flying disc.1 Further reading 6 External links [edit]History A person throwing a flying disc.[cite this quote] They continued their business until World War II when he served in the army Air Forces flying P-47s and spent time as a prisoner of war. There are illuminated discs meant for night time play that use phosphorescent plastic. California. Walter Frederick Morrison discovered a market for the modern day flying disc [2] in 1938 when he and his future wife Lucile were offered 25¢ for a cake pan that they were tossing back and forth to each other on the beach in Santa Monica. Disc dog sports use relatively slow flying discs made of more pliable material to better resist a dog's bite and prevent injury to the dog. Disc golf discs are usually smaller but denser and are tailored for particular flight profiles to increase/decrease stability and distance. Upon his return from the war.

Morrison was awarded US Design Patent 183. Morrison began producing a new disc. Terrible".626 for his flying disc. [6] Sales soared for the toy. Freestyle and Guts. Morrison and his business partner Warren Franscioni began producing the first plastic discs. Headrick soon redesigned the Pluto Platter by reworking the rim thickness. because people ate them up. he told the Press-Enterprise of Riverside[cite this quote] in 2007. The man who was behind the Frisbee's phenomenal success however was "Steady" Ed Headrick. They re-named their invention Flyin-Saucer in the wake of reported UFO sightings.359. (US Patent 3.678). disc cricket. cups.a. in accordance with his final requests. "We worked fairs.modifications and experimentation with several prototypes. which was marketed as a new sport. After further design refinements in 1955. the company named the disc the Frisbee and the following year. creating a more controllable disc that could be thrown accurately. Upon his death Headrick was crematedand.[3] In 1957. commonly known as the "Father of Disc Sports". hired in 1964 as Wham-O's new General Manager and Vice President in charge of marketing.[8] later founded "The International Frisbee Association (IFA)" and began establishing standards for various sports using the Frisbee such as Distance." Morrison and Franscioni ended their partnership in 1950.[4] Wham-O co-founder Richard Knerr decided to stimulate sales by giving the discs the additional brand name "Frisbee" (pronounced "FRIZ'-bee") after hearing that East Coast college students were calling the Pluto Platter by that name. "That's where we learned we could sell these things. and top design.[9] [edit]Flying disc games Main article: Flying disc games       Crosbee Disc dog Disc golf Dodge disc Durango boot Double disc court      Flutterguts Freestyle Fricket (a.[7] Headrick. He sold the rights to Wham-O in 1957. In 1982 Morrison told Forbesmagazine[cite this quote] he had received about $2 million in royalty payments and said "I wouldn't change the name of it for the world". crispy wickets) Friskee Goaltimate       Guts Hot box Kan-jam Polish horseshoes Schtick Ultimate [edit]Physics Main article: Physics of flying discs . demonstrating it". In 1964. which he called the Pluto Platter. "I thought the name was a horror. Morrison told the Virginian-Pilot. the first "professional" model went on sale.k. Suzy sticks. his ashes were molded into memorial Frisbees and given to family and close friends. highlighting the “Rings of Headrick” and marketed and pushed the professional model Frisbee and "Frisbee" as a sport. Headrick patented the new design as the Frisbee patent. the term "Frisbee" coming from the name of the New England pie manufacturer Frisbie Pie Company[5].

and for a given rate of spin. Depending on the crosssectional shape of the airfoil. Ultimate Frisbee Tournament by John Baird Tech News Staff Two groups faced each other from across the football field.A person catching a flying disc Lift is generated in primarily the same way as a traditional asymmetric airfoil. Even a slight deformation in a disc (called a "Taco. such a torque would cause it toprecess about the roll axis. that is. stabilizing its attitudegyroscopically. The two teams in question were the Apathetics. If the disc were not spinning. this would tend to make it pitch. The rotating flying disc has a vertical angular momentum vector. however. many disc golf discs are intentionally designed to be unstable." as extreme cases look like a taco shell) can cause adverse affects when throwing long range. causing its trajectory to curve to the left or the right. and the APO . Small ridges near the leading edge act as turbulators. Higher rates of spin lead to better stability. there is generally a range of velocities that are stable. One would win. with Captain Nicholas Paquette. When the disc is spinning. Both were determined not to let the chance at glory escape them. the other would lose. It can be observed by holding the disc horizontally at eye level and looking at the rim while slowly rotating the disc. They knew what was at stake. However. Most discs are designed to be aerodynamically stable. With the flash of a disc flying across the field. the amount of lift generated by the front and back parts of the disc may be unequal. reducing flow separation by forcing the airflow to becometurbulent after it passes over the ridges. by accelerating upper airflow such that a pressure difference gives rise to a lifting force. so that this roll is self-correcting for a fairly broad range of velocities and rates of spin. the game began.

each time with a steadily growing number of participants." said Redden. All that was left were a few footprints on the muddy ground. "A lot of people say it's one of the most organized events on campus." Some teams have participated since the beginning. even though they are not directly affiliated with the event. the field groundskeeper who lets students in to use the field at night. leaving Emery and Kapadia to run it in his place. "The first year. "the second it was 12 teams and 120 people. who began the competition in his freshman year with the help of Zaheer Kapadia and David Emery." Even though the games are held after 10 p. Everyone who participates receives a Frisbee. Each team referees themselves and can play in any kind of weather." The tournament is also very popular with students. the Ultimate Frisbee Team with Matt Stanley as captain is expected to win this year. including snow. The one thing that is unique is that the rules [for the tournament] don't follow exactly the rules for Ultimate Frisbee. Student Life. Games are held every weeknight after 10 p. The conflict was over." However. Who does Redden expect to win the tournament this year? "Team 5.m. and SAO with the remaining money in the SOAP fund. He will be going to Tufts next year through the pre-veterinary program. this year boasts 17 teams and over 160 people. Peace had settled on the field. such as Jeff Tanona. There's also been a lot of help from the staff. Robert Redden.m.Squad. The latter consisted entirely of Alpha Phi Omega brothers and pledges and represented the community service fraternity in the Third Annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. I adapted them for the competition. The tournament is supported by many of the campus departments. "Ultimate Frisbee has always been huge oncampus. with Captain Max Pistilli.7 with the APO Squad emerging victorious. A regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards. The score was 10 . I want it to be fun for everyone. Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Rules Field A rectangular shape with endzones at each end. and the winner had been decided. it was 8 teams and 82 people. The two sides had left. "The older teams have their own cheering sections. The Ultimate Frisbee Club has sent teams to two of the three tournaments. on the football field." The last game is scheduled for April 25.. . with endzones 25 yards deep. "I don't want it to be a hard competition. including Residential Services. runs the tournament." said Redden." according to Redden. this year will mark Redden's final year as head of the tournament. According to Redden: "He's fought a lot of battles within the Athletics Department for us. with two games Friday and make-up games on Sunday nights. The event has been held in D Term for three years. One reason Redden cites as a source of popularity for the tournament is that none of the players takes the competition too seriously.

Self-Refereeing Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense. Fouls When a player initiates contact on another player a foul occurs. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call. Players may not run with the disc. Team Seven players per team. block. Male must sub for males. Scoring Each time the offense completes a pass in the defenseâs endzone. The defender guarding the disc (marker) counts out the stall count aloud. Movement of the Disc The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate (a female player should be involved in every other try for a point). the play resumes as if the possession was retained. each team must have at least two females. Non-contact NO PHYSICAL CONTACT MAY BE MADE BETWEEN PLAYERS! PICKS AND SCREENS ARE ALSO PROHIBBITED! THESE ACTIVITIES CONSTITUTE A FOUL. drop. When a foul disrupts possession. the offense scores a point. Spirit of the Game . Substitutions Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score and during an injury timeout. and females for females. interception). even when an official is present. The defense throws ("pulls") the disc to the offense. the play is redone.Play Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective endzone line. Players should resolve their own disputes. Change of Possession When a pass is not completed (ie out-of-bounds. The person with the disc (thrower) has 10 seconds to release the disc. Play is initiated after each score.

A second critical supporting element was the development of website. limit team sizes. again with support from DIGI. Following the Selangor schools initiative. Still. but did not realize the sport was taking off here in Malaysia. In November of 2008. The first tournament was held in July of 2004. but began to encourage and support efforts to continue to grow the ULTIMATE IN MALAYSIA Ultimate has been played in Malaysia for a number of years. As those students moved on to different universities they brought their love and passion for the game with them. Teachers from more than 100 schools enjoyed learning to play and returned to their schools with discs. In those early days they would have 20 or 30 players on a team. a triangular tournament organized by GSP and hosted by UiTM Shah Alam with UKM and UM also participating. GSP decided to manufacture discs here in Malaysia in late 2003. This proved to be the breakthrough for Ultimate in Malaysia as for the first time. While more organized . NS budget cuts prevented the sport from becoming a permanent fixture. head of the UiTM sport unit recognized the potential of the sport and so introduced it to each of UiTM branch sports heads in every state. to find some more discs in KL so that they could introduce the sport during a special camp for orphans that they were planning. “Flying Naan” and “Satu Lagi” are two of the more established teams whose players are a mixture of locals and foreigners and primarily working age adults. the sport really began to grow in colleges and universities. In each college or university. They had so much fun playing “Ultimate” that they asked the programme organizers. The Star newspaper played a pivotal role in this growth. the corporates have recognized the potential of Ultimate. In May of 2004. a decent. This began to change in 2003 when a number of students at UiTM Dungun (Terengganu) were introduced to the sport while participating in a cultural exchange programme with visiting American students. These teams along with others (including student teams from UiTM) have represented Malaysia in international competitions held within the region. The first MyDiscTM was produced in 2004. The Star continued to provide coverage with a series of articles. and the basic joy of play. DIGI sponsored Ultimate in a National Service Programme (PLKN) pilot project. While wildly that became a place not only for news to be reported but players to plan ongoing events and discuss aspects of the game. Competitive play is encouraged. League play in Malaysia was kicked off in 2007 with four teams taking part in a round robin event held over three months. A second tournament was held in September at UiTM. a series of workshops for teachers was organized by GSP under the Selangor Department of Education. In 2006. Global Sports Partners (GSP). As it turns out. especially in the colleges and universities. History UltimateMalaysia. A few months later. Ultimate has grown in Malaysia primarily by word of mouth and the efforts of those who catch the “Ultimate bug” to share the sport with their friends wherever they go. the sports officers were looking for new ideas but faced budget limitations. As the sport was growing in the colleges and universities. and set rules for defensive plays. New Jersey USA started the game as a gag looking for something to do to occupy their free evenings. MyDisc and Ultimate Frisbee always received a warm response. En Mustaza Ahmad. they loved the game so much that they referred to it as “the ultimate game.ultimatemalaysia. affordable disc was available to help fuel the development of the sport. Over time they developed the rules to eliminate running with the disc. a tournament at UM saw 28 teams and more than 300 players taking part. with Hitz. ULTIMATE HISTORY In 1968 the student staff of the school paper at Columbia High School in Maplewood. A number of students who have graduated have joined their ranks. Some of the locals who joined in had learned the sport while studying overseas. For more information check out this site: www.” The game of Ultimate was born. but mostly among some of the foreigners living in Kuala Lumpur who had learned the sport in their home countries.Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. While a few schools in Selangor began to sponsoring the event. After discovering that discs were hard to find locally. the Malaysia Ultimate League (MUL) kicked off with six teams with matches scheduled to run into 2009.whatisultimate. Several of these local players not only began to play. adherence to the rules. a growing number of teams were being formed in the community as well. a demo video and instruction materials. fanning the flame of the sport in a widening circle of colleges and universities. Unlike many sports that depend on pricey sponsorships or advertising. a front page article with plenty of pictures got the attention of many local players who had enjoyed the sport while studying abroad. In July of that year. but never at the expense of respect between players.

International tournaments are held almost on a monthly basis. An online search will quickly reveal the reach of the sport into every corner of the globe. Penang. including Melaka. The growth in Malaysia has parallel the growth of the sport in the region. A full slate of teams from throughout Asia Pacific – including Australia – are expected to participate.Ampang campus. Singapore has long been a leader in the region. 5.00pm Thurs @ Inti College .30-7. The Spirit of the Game reminds all that the most important thing are the relationships we develop whether on or off the pitch and in the end. it is not the excitement of a fast-paced match.sabahultimate. it is not the love of throwing or catching a disc. If you would like to play and there is not a club listed nearby try the message boards.000 active players worldwide as the growth of the sport continues to evolved in the Klang Valley. our world will be a better place because of it. It is expected that 2010 will witness even greater attention to the sport with growing support from educational leadership for developing a greater sports culture in the nation with every student taking part. but in the region and around the world.Nilai campus. If you have a club (a group who regularly meets to play Ultimate) please register so others can join in. WHO PLAYS/WHERE TO PLAY Sat @ Varsity Green @ University of Malaya (UM) 9am-12. 5. In 2009 and upcoming in May of 2010.00 noon Sun @ UiTM. At the end of a session they will inevitably ask “when are we going to play again?” Malaysia is beginning to see Ultimate take root.30pm Wed @ KBU . hosting several events and making plans for a national initiative. Sarawak.Melaka. 9.00pm Thurs @ KUTKM .00pm Tues @ Inti College . These Ultimate enthusiasts have taken the sports to new states. SA . hubs for Ultimate began to grow in a number of other locations as well. The sport is sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and now features regularly in the World Games. As clubs form they will be able to post when and where they play so that others can join in the fun. Sabah. “the sky is the limit!” At the end of the day.Melaka. Japan. taking initiative in 2009 to invite school representatives from every state for a an Ultimate Clinic which was held in Melaka. in 2008 Soidawgz of Thailand defeated Freakshow of Singapore in the finals held at Padang Merbok in KL. 6.00 noon Mon @ ISKL . 5. 5. I have trained large groups of people many of whom have never touched a disc before. The Ministry of Education also began to take initiative in is the umbrella body for clubs and associations around the world. 6.30-7.30pm The best way to learn Ultimate is to play will let you see Ultimate played by men and women of various racial.Bandar Utama College. Two new and www. The best is certainly yet to come as the sport continues to grow not only in Malaysia. held every four years.00pm Tues @ KUTKM .www. always hosting a tournament in late August or early September.wfdf. Perhaps it can be best said that for Ultimate Frisbee in Malaysia and around the world that. Vietnam. We do not know where all the games in Malaysia so we have set up this space so everyone can find out. Negeri Sembilan and most the Malaysian Ultimate Open will once again be held at Alice Smith International School in Serdang. Thailand. Hong Kong. Korea. schools and colleges and communities. Indonesia and the Philippines all host tournaments throughout the year. The Worldwide Flying Disc Federation (www. While the Ministry of Youth and Sports had dabbled with Ultimate on several different occasions.00am-12.Shah Alam campus. cultural and religious backgrounds.Nilai campus. it is not the thrill of victory or other intricacies of the sport but rather the “Spirit of the Game” that wins hearts and bodies to Ultimate and keeps them captive. A few minutes on www. . It is estimated that there are more than 200. it was the Department of National Unity and Integration (JPNIN) which began to take greater initiative in 2007. The first Malaysian Open was held in have helped fuel some of this growth. The growth of Ultimate also began to catch the eye of a number of government ministries. Perhaps most significant has been a generation of university Ultimate players who have wrapped up their studies but not their love for Ultimate.

Running and scoring drives like soccer. diving like volleyball…. 3. non-contact sports played by both women and men of all ages.rochester. The Field -.A rectangular shape with endzones at each end. the game is extremely flexible and can be played with fewer or greater numbers. ULES 2 VERSIONS 10 Simple Rules (from http://www. The playing area is like a football pitch except the scoring is done in endzones (like American football) instead of goals. Movement of the Disc -. 4.cs.Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective endzone line. and defense like basketball. Scoring -. That is the essence of the Spirit of the or is intercepted a change of possession takes place (called a “turnover”). whether it goes out of bounds. The object is to score points by throwing the disc to your teammates until one of them catches it in the opponent’s endzone. I have known some very good players over that age however so don’t let this article dissuade you if you are interested in joining in the fun. Play is initiated after each score. Players are expected to play fairly and respect their opponents. The person with the disc ("thrower") has ten seconds to throw the disc. The key is to get some friends together. 2. pivoting.” For more information about how to play check out the 10 simple rules. The defense throws ("pulls") the disc to the offense. One important element that is unique to Ultimate is the Spirit of the Game. Initiate Play -. Players may not run with the disc.html) Originally written by Steve Courlang and Neal Dambra Copyright (c) Ultimate Players Association. passing like netball (in that you cannot run after the catch). turnovers. As strange as it may sound this camaraderie helps move the sport from “good” to “Ultimate.Each time the offense completes a pass in the defense's endzone. with endzones 25 yards deep. While a tournament format will spot teams of seven against each other on a large field of grass. on the beach or a small field (I have played indoors as well as on basketball courts). The sport combines great features from many traditional sports.The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. . The Defense is doing all it can to keep the Offense from catching the disc. the offense scores a point. A regulation game has seven players per team. a player cannot run with the disc. Beware it is not that easy. 1993 1. All progress must be made in the air. Any time a throw is not caught inbounds. The defender guarding the thrower ("marker") counts out the stall count. ate is a fast-paced. hits the ground. is knocked down. A regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards. Ultimate is born out of friends playing a great game together. though you find that due to the high level exertion it is mostly played by those under 50.If you know where a game is being played but it is not posted yet here please send that information to us. get a disc and some goal markers (an extra shirt will do) and get out and play. Even at the World Championships there are no referees.

When a foul disrupts possession. Change of possession -.g. Picks and screens are also prohibited. Self-Refereeing -. Fouls -. but never at the expense of respect between players. drop.Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call. 9. out of bounds.No physical contact is allowed between players. Substitutions -. and the basic joy of play. the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score and during an injury timeout. Players resolve their own disputes. block. interception). the play resumes as if the possession was retained. .Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Non-contact -. A foul occurs when contact is made.5.When a pass in not completed (e. 7. 8.When a player initiates contact on another player a foul occurs. Competitive play is encouraged. the play is redone. 6. 10. Spirit of the Game -. adherence to the rules.