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Example of productfor electroslag welding is a buil large shipping.

Manufacturing of large ship details and units as integral toilful and complex process. Complexity of ship designs, such as anchors, arms and rudders obviously causes reception of the certain quantity of defective cast preparations. To avoid occurrence of spoilage at molding, dismember on some fineer parts. However, in this case, there is a necessity of the further connection separately parts in a single whole a product. Prior to the beginning of 50th years to connection of separate parts were applied very expensive and toilful connections. Manual multipass welding of parts appeared even less effective. Despite of simplification of the form of products, expenses for manufacturing of designs have not decreased. And if it was possible to reduce metalwork works the volume of welding works immeasurably grew. Output from this impasse was creation in the USSR of a way of electroslag welding (ESW) . This way of connection has opened ample opportunities for the decision of many problems connected to improvement of quality of welded designs, decrease of their labour input, reduction of a cycle of manufacturing. On Nikolaev the Black Sea ship-building factory, with assistance of Institute of electric welding by E.O.Patona, electroslag welding is introduced in 1956. For example, for electroslag welding an external covering of a board of a vessel on a building berth, at thickness of sheets 14 - 30 mm., the device such as З-433 or the walking automatic device such as З-505, and further and device A-835 was used. This way had been welded coverings of the case of tankers, dry-cargo ships, whaling base “Soviet Ukraine” and other courts. Anathor product from electroslags welding is : a) Tagangrog factory b) Barnaul boliler c) Kramatorsk machine-bulding d) Many enterprises of heavy mechanical engineering e) Shafs of water-wheels f) Beds powerful mechanical engineering

t 20 CNMV 1430x2930 145 Bottom cross-piece for press with capacity of 90 MN GS-20Mn5(20 ГЛ) 2490x3860 150 GS-20Mn5 DIN 17182 740x900 50 . The mechanical properties of the welds are as good as the same of the base metal. If requ Press spacer SRP-R 5000 Material Section to be welded Weight.Large shipping buil Novo-Kramatorskj machine building plant (Kramatorsk. t Material Section to be welded Weight. Ukraine) ELECTROSLAG WELDING NKMZ remains the leader in mastering and application of electroslag welding (ESW) practice that allows a fabrication of parts weighing up to 300t of forged blanks and cast sections as well as of plates and composite blanks. t Cylinder body Material Section to be welded Weight.


nd equipment for electroslag welding make it possible to weld the parts with the section of 4500x5500 mm (thickness of elements being welded x weld vertical length). .

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