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Ground Transportation Solutions - Portugal

Rua Eng. Manuel Rocha Edf. Brasil Loja 6 - 1700-154 Lisboa, Portugal - Tlf: (+351) 218459370 - Fax: (+351) 218459378 - - email:

our service is property of our client. and professionalism of our team Our fleet of cars comprises a wide range of top class vehicles chosen to accommodate a variety of travel needs: Mercedes E and S class sedans.Portugal JetLimo takes great pride in providing a first class VIP transportation service tailored to meet the needs of travellers from around the globe.www. Manuel Rocha Edf. Every vehicle meets the highest specifications for maximum discretion and privacy. reliability and attention to detail are more than mere concepts. The client needs to feel that the job he hires has the same quality and standard. for example. has to undergo in-house training and is contractually bound to abide by our strict code of conduct. Jetlimo team will meet and exceed all of your expectations Experience the courtesy. our experience and expertise in logistics ensures smooth efficient handling whatever the situation. we at Jetlimo will give you our undivided attention and come up with listen attentively Rua Eng. but also an uniformity of fleet. despite of starting in Portugal and ending in London. Today business concept is not about offering just a part of client’s needs. Brasil Loja 6 . Our brand philosophy is to incorporate the brand of our client. So whatever your particular requirements are. Our work is based on one concept: is not about the . executive vans. These have brought us a large knowledge of transportation organization and how to respond to stressful situations. was essential. We recognise that our typical client has high standards and expects them to be met. Portugal . Aesthetically. S. Quality. dedication. stretch limos. reliable. Each of our chauffeurs is recruited through a rigorous selection .Tlf: (+351) 218459370 . Developing a selected network of reliable partners with the same business language. whatever is the geographical action of the job. Whether you need a single transfer or a complex service involving multiple destinations and large numbers of people. . they are the principles we live mail@jetlimo.About Jetlimo. safe and comfortable ground transport from the moment of pick up to the final drop off.1700-154 Lisboa.Fax: (+351) 218459378 .A. It was also our ability to deal with large and organized groups that JETLIMO grows stronger. but what we can offer as service to our client. deluxe minibus and a luxury limo bus. our vehicles must assume the maximum discretion and privacy.jetlimo. Jet Limo bespoke transport service ensures. but an offer that can centralizes all his need in one agent. They are what we represent.

Fax: (+351) 218459378 . VIP Meet and Greet services Personalized chauffeur formation to client needs Road Shows ground transportation planning Leisure transportation (tours. shopping.1700-154 Lisboa. We at Jetlimo not only have the know-how and capability to get you to where you want to go. Portugal .Tlf: (+351) 218459370 .www. it’s how you get there. it will also have a highly efficient team working behind the scenes in order to respond promptly to possible last minute adjustments to the itinerary or any additional requests. Among others.It's not about getting mail@jetlimo. A successful chauffeured car and ground transport service will not only have the best drivers and vehicles available. Book and manage chauffeured car service worldwide. Manuel Rocha Edf. our service covers: Handle ground transportation national and .jetlimo. Brasil Loja 6 . Our team of trained professionals is ready to cope with any situation no matter how demanding. we will guarantee to get you there in comfort and . as directed services) 24 hours reservation and support service Events transportation management services Knowledge and well trained chauffeurs 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 Rua Eng.

safety procedures and management process was developed with your comfort and security in mind.The secret is just about a question of attitude Jetlimo’s SA innovation and dynamism that has made the difference in personalised chauffeur service demands even more responsibilities. ports or central stations will be assured by our staff for you. courteous. Their professionalism. suit and tie and polished shoes •Follow strict rules of conduct •Full Jetlimo SA training •All drivers have cell phone communication •All drivers receive schedule with latest changes •Arrive onsite 15 minutes before the actual service required •Drivers will inform staff upon arrival •Drivers do not smoke either in the vehicles or close to clients Jetlimo’s chauffeurs dress code and colors Your Logo Our chauffeurs are professionally attired. Manuel Rocha .email: mail@jetlimo. It is Jetlimo’s SA standards and code of conduct that all drivers must have: •Good conversational . educated. who will courteously transfer passengers to their destination in style and comfort. chauffeur protocol and driving abilities will immediately earn your trust and confidence. always upgrading their driving skills and their knowledge of local culture. In order to accomplish our full service. We assure top quality service in all your movements. Jetlimo also concerns itself with the ongoing training of our drivers.Tlf: (+351) 218459370 . We only work with verifiable chauffeurs with high experience driving and with excellent knowledge of Lisbon. Our chauffeurs are familiar with all the procedures that accompany the handling of VIP persons and they take a great pride in their customer service. our staff is an integral and important part of our image and service. Jetlimo employs very strict eligibility criteria for our drivers and provides rigorous knowledge and etiquette training. Jetlimo is not all about vehicles. Rua Eng. Professional assistance for arrivals and departures at airports. Portugal . ensuring you get the best available attention.www. caring. reliable. employees and partners’. Brasil Loja 6 . Jetlimo SA and its staff will work with you side by side to accomplish a successful transportation service.shaved. Our chauffeur .jetlimo.1700-154 Lisboa. honest. trained in all aspects of road safety. security conscious and knowledgeable.Fax: (+351) 218459378 . your clients.English-speaking drivers •Excellent appearance .

jetlimo. Rua Eng.Our Fleet Our car pool offers a wide range of top quality vehicles. Minibus. attractive. Moreover. Jetlimo’s insurances comply with federal state regulations to make sure all vehicles.www. corresponding to our clients demands. drivers and passangers are insured.Tlf: (+351) 218459370 .jetlimo. For more details.1700-154 .email: mail@jetlimo. SA holds all licenses and requirements for operating in the country or abroad. functional and especially adjustable for all particular or business situations. operating with Sedans. Portugal . Manuel Rocha Edf. Executive Vans. we supplie flexibility in our fleet. Brasil Loja 6 .Fax: (+351) 218459378 . Limo-Bus and Coaches. Our vehicles are among being Insurance and Regulatory Compliance Jetlimo. please visit our website at .

pt DGTT 14/2001 TPPNI 401/2005 LC 366/2005 .pt .Fax: (+351) 218 459 378 www.1700-154 Lisboa -Portugal Tlf: (+351) 218 459 370 .Rua Eng. Brasil Loja 6 .jetlimo. Manuel Rocha mail@jetlimo.