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Unleash the power in YOU

All of us are very familiar with the stories of Fairy Land, the Magical Lamp, Fairy Godmother and many more such stories which take us to the world of fantasy of to a world of magical spells. At times we wish to have a magical lamp or a genie or a magical wand as part of our lives, just to make things easy and favorable to us. On the other hand, most of us dismiss these fairy tale adventures as wishful thinking, and leave it. Yet, wishful thinking may not be very far from the truth after all. We are not just speaking about the lottery tickets or lucky draw winners, but those who seem to glide from success to success. They are not just wealthy but the blessed, healthy and happy; they who seem to be happy and content in whatever they do. They are just the minority. But, what is it that makes them successful in every step they put forward, why is it that luck always favor them – these are just the most common questions thought of. The fact is that, each of us have a genie within ourselves. We are gifted with the incredible power of attraction. That power has the ability to make our wishes come true. It is not something that is mysterious or magical; it is a positive energy, which connects to the universe. If we can tap this energy, then we can attract all that we desire towards us. But what is this positive energy? Or how do we increase it? We have some idea that if we believe something to be real or be possible, that knowledge or belief entirely just changes our perception of it. We also know that there is some truth in coincidence. Many a times it happens that we wake up expecting a bad day, and a bad day is just what we get. If we feel happy, optimistic and look forward to an event, it often turns out to be an enjoyable and uplifting experience. It is the mind that is playing. Mind is an incredible complex and powerful resource. Its power is just potentially high and unlimited. It controls our fears, which affect our determination and confidence; it controls all our emotions and shapes our believes and faith. We cannot see it nor touch it. But our power and potential to direct it is limitless. It is an incredible resource and it is all ours. Most of us literally believe that the world deals out bad things to us. It is fairly easy to hear such people, as they are everywhere. They are just filled with blame and negative thoughts and feelings. By just changing the way we think. We can actually change our lives. It just requires us to reach for thoughts that make us feel better at all times. Mind has a special character – whatever we fill our mind with, it has the habit of attracting it towards us. So, focus on the positive and the light. Thereby, we are making our lives happy and making others happy. Marina Mathew II Sem, MCA

still each of us can do many small things thereby contributing a LARGE deal to our nation.INDIA – My Dream All of us want India to become a respectable super power nation. which help the individual in realizing his/her potential and thereby contributing their best in developing our INDIA. The British rule exploited us and the whole of India was in anguish and turmoil. progressive. and help it grow much stronger and stand in par with the developed countries in every fields of technology. I have a dream for India – a peaceful. Honest. developed nation. educating every child or to fix the roads. India has a rich past and hence was invaded innumerable times and its wealth drained to other countries. It is true that one person alone cannot solve all the problems of removing corruption from the society. which is at the YOUTH LEVEL. MCA . That is to say we must work right at the foundation. in par with the other developed nations. At primary schools. Free from the pangs of poverty. But. nurtured and developed. where health is given top priority and where every women of the country is treated with utmost respect and dignity. strong leadership qualities. The foundation of the youth is shaped with the primary education. literate. moral and ethical values are taught. the spirit of patriotism. wipeout the filth from our country. Marina Mathew II Sem. Thereby. “India” starts with ‘I’. I means “me”. principled leaders are required and they can bring a drastic change in our country by bringing down the rate of corruption and other social evils of the society. where every citizen feels free and secure.

Further. as it would go straight and immediately to the ownership of her husband. This is one main reason why India’s maternal and infant mortality rates are so high. they were forced to burn themselves alive by jumping onto the funeral pyre of their husband – practice of “satti”. women are made powerless and ill treated inside and outside the home. Our constitution further guarantees free primary schooling to everyone up to the age of 14 years. she was forced to neglect all that she likes in terms of food. a married woman is under the command and choice of her husband. Women are responsible for baring children. freedom and dignity is still a question mark. Women had no ownership to anything they acquired or gained. A young girl is under the command and choice of her father. a widow is under the command and choice of her sons. especially the young girls. We are still living in a society where the male is greatly revered and hence. equality before law and equal protection of laws for all. The practice of “satti” existed to some extent till the end of 19th century.Women – For a Better Indian Society In the past. though strictly banned by law. it was celebrated with lot of pomp and joy but for a female child it is just sorrow and curse. Very few women seek medical care while pregnant because it is thought of as a temporary condition. Only about 39% of all women in India actually attend primary schools. Although our constitution says women have equal status with men. clothes and cosmetics until her death. To the women sect. when a male child was born into a family. Starting from birth. They were made as payments for loss in gambling. the Indian society treated women as maids or slaves as if they had no desire of their own. Some regions even offer women to be exploited. Most Indian women are uneducated. it was forced that the women may live without a choice regardless of whether she is a little girl. a widow may never re-marry. People are still of the notion that – . Female feticide prevailed to a great extent in the society. Even today. very few girls attend. even today raising the status of women to the one of equality. They had to follow their husbands in all matters. get very little respect and standing in this country. social and political”. but rather. Though our constitution assures and promises to secure all its citizens “Justice – economic. the practice continues in some remote villages in India. women. yet they are mal nourished and in poor health. Over all this. girls do not receive as much care and commitment from their parents and society as a boy would. and she may never become independent. a young lady or a matured woman. Women are made to over work in the fields and take up all domestic work.

humility and helplessness that always keep the women mum. We need to encourage the women of our country to come out of their hindrances and thereby build our economy. MCA . We must support and encourage women for a better India. And not just respecting women. Chanda Kotchar. A number of laws have been brought forth to protect and fight for the rights of women. Today. stay at home or work and be free from violence. By encouraging women we are giving them the opportunity to do what they want to do. for a developed India and must be done from villages to cities. the time she spends in school could be used in doing the chores. non – discrimination against women and a civil justice system that guarantees women’s rights. they feel that females in household have the responsibility of the household work and that. there is no hope for a good job and most jobs women perform are agricultural or domestic which do not require any formal education. Indra Nooyi. And this is what makes gender equality complete. half the total population is women. Marina Mathew II Sem. especially in the poorer regions. but it earns only 1/10 th of the world income. Barka Dhutt. Sunita Williams.  Even if educated. Nothing is got in return for educating their daughters  Though they are financially able. may it be studying. We never know India may have many more Prathiba Patel. but still there exist a sense of insecurity. Cultural believes and traditions that discriminate against women may be officially discredited but they continue to flourish at the grass root level.

I wonder if he can lisplessly say The Sixth Sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick. A successful singer told me that twisters are a part of her daily practice. The seething sea ceaseth and thus sufficeth us. However. Here is a difficult old English tongue muddler . One man credits “She sells sea shells” with having cured him of lisping.Repeat thrice rapidly I used to regard tongue twisters merely as a childish pastime. since I started collecting them I have found that they perform many more function. A young woman writes that her dentist father makes patients with new plates practice on Amidst the mists and coldest frosts. he thrusts his fist against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. a woman was told to purse her lips and say Fancy Finch fried five floundering fish for Francis’ father. are often required to recite difficult twisters as tests. To make her mouth small. I am told. which our elders permitted because these oral tricks were supposed to teach us to speak carefully. with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts. Radio announcers. for instance.

my man? No’m. Tie twine to three twigs. Six slim slick slender saplings. if your tang is so tangled that you cannot stalk trait. you have mastered none until you can repeat it thrice rapidly and correctly Truly rural. New twisters are constantly appearing. mum. Here are some of the older tongue twisters. Pre – shrunk shirts. For example. Double bubble gum dubbles double. Strange strategic statistics. Remember. either accidently or by deliberate creation. A bloke’s black brake block broke. I’m aluminiuming ‘em. Try this delightful dialogue between the Dutchess and the Tinker Are you copper bottoming ‘em. And now.She stood at the door of Burgess’ fish sauce shop welcoming him. try three doses of old fashioned Lemon liniment Marina Mathew II Sem. MCA .