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Tapescripts UNIT1 T 1.1 A Hello. My name’s Pola. What’s your name? B Rosa. A Where are you from, Pola?

B I’m from Cicago. T 1.2 A Hello. My name’s Richard. What’s your name? B Kud. A Where are you from, Kud? B I’m from Humburg. Where are you from? A I’m from London. T 1.3 The USA Spain France Egypt Russia England Brazil Japan Mexico Germany Italy Hungary T 1.4 1 2 He’s from Spain. What’s her name?

I’m 30. T 1. I want to learn English for my job. I live in a flat in Cairo.6 My name’s Jesmina Kamal and I’m a abag . I live in a house/flat in Toluca.7 The alphabet song ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ That is the English alphabet! T 1. T 1. I’m married and I have two children.8 3 Match he words and pictures.3 4 5 T 1. Egypt. I have one sister and two brothers. I’m not married. an apple an orange a Camera a ticket a postcard a mobile a . in Mexico.5 They’re from Brazil.8 1. My name’s Rafel Ramos and I’m a doctor. I’m 19. Where’s she from? He’s a teacher in Italy. I want to learn English because it’s an international language.

This is Edward. A B A B A B Hello. extension 3442? Hellow Marry. Marcos! Good bye. Pryonka! Have a nice day! T 1. How are you? I am fine. 01913786 499? My brother has four children. Hello. See you at five.10 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Hello. Good bye. I have 10 stamps in my bag. Goodbye. thank you. Thanks. and you? I’am Ok.9 682 947 8944 5033 020 7399 7050 T 1.a key a watch a dictionary a newspaper a magazine 1.11 2 . I live at number 19. extension 4177.

3 A B A B A B A Thanks Marcos. Hello. How are the children? They’re fine. thanks. See you this evening! Yes. And you? Very well. 270899. Leo.00 at the cinema.13 see p11 UNl I A What’ihersurisainel B Jefferson. Hi. T 1.. . 4 A What’r her job! B . She’s a jourual 5 A What’s her address? B 9.A Where’s she from? B The USA. at 7.and you. Frgnklin StE Boston 6 A What’s herphone B (6i6)326I 7 A Howoldisibe? B1. . thanks. How are you? Not bad.3 . . Flora! It’s me. 2 A What’s her first name! BLiss.

-. S How are you all? • C Pine. I you? Where are you from? I) I’m from Poland. • K I’m from Germany. And you? S Very well. . B Haveagooddayatth V Ah.yes. Now listen everybody B D=Danka. K Hello.C 2 S Good moi’ningeverybody C Good morning. from Hamburg. yes. D Pardon?. My name’s Danka. K From Warsaw? D Yes. I’m Klaus. Goo&OK.sheisn’t I “U D I V Hello. Danka. B Bye. S=Siinon.. that’s right. Have a nice day.8 A lsshemathc B No. Thank you B What’s your teacher called?. name’s Simon. Simon. D My teacher cafled? • V What’s his name? V Oh.V 3. Klaus?. banks. V Where are you from. S How are you Danka • P Em fln4 you.

. That’s R.ook.U-D-L •. $imost. • 2 A What’s his first name? . teachet. 3 I you as Twenty p chaii .3 A Where’s he from! ‘ B TheUSA. is hea ••t-Db . -‘ . sée$8 Itu 1 Th* five posands fift please.4 Pizza is three popnds seventy-tl. 2 it’s ónlytwetve pounds.• B • Rudi.6 Nine poun not nine pounds 6 6 7 8 A. S One inUKired pounds fur that is very exp ..4 A What’s his job? ‘ B He’s an actoL 5 A What’shis B 82.B Andishegood? D MyteachCrgood? V b.What’shis aur B Jefferaon . .

please.Canlhelp? B Yes. Can I have a coffee. t A B No.thanks. 2 A tli. . B ‘That ‘A Thank you. ‘Good mor6ing.. seepll . A mineral water. A OK. please.Can Ihaveatunaande please’ A Anythingtodrink’ B Yeah. Here you are.seep19 . Anything else? B $Jo. . A ‘One pound My. B Thanks. B How much is that? A Six pounds thirty-five.A Ishe . please. h ‘ “ • -.. pIque A Here you are.