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Create Student Tech Fee Committee IFAS Domain Controller

The tech fee will generate $6M in annual revenue to be spent on IT on behalf of the students. The students will have an advisory process to recommend how the money should be spent. 50 machines statewide Implement personal fax services through Xmedius fax server for all UF users of UF Exchange and UF Exchange at HSC. Users with fax numbers associated with Xmedius will receive faxes as email attachments. Outbound faxes can be sent be email. Upgrade MOM to Service Center Operations Manager 2007 Snaps and second site for UFAD Core SAN Replacement New enrollment on campus agreement Evaluate Windows 7. Release to Manufacturing is in July. Commerical delivery begins in October. Available to UF around September 1. Upgrade MailMeter to the latest version. Shibbolize access to National Institute of Health web sites for UF research. Click Commerce is an extensible hosted-solution for IRB workflow and approvals. Will also include adverse event reporting and notifcation of events via email. See Implement DreamSpark SP in Shibboleth Provide class and section membership information through Shibboleth Provide academic structure including year and program (4LS) through Shibboleth Provide Shibboleth sign on for Mobile Campus services. End the practice of allowing usernames and passwords to be typed into a vendor's site. Create a method for storing research data indefinitly. Must include technology as well as economic model, hence "endowed". Must survive disasters. Recovery time can be long -- 24 hours from request. Develop an enterprise startegy for developing workflowbased applications across enterprise systems and platforms

Universal Fax Services

Upgrade MOM services to SCOM 2007 Develop DR Plan LUN Migrations to new SAN Campus licensing on MS E-Cal Evaluate Windows 7 Upgrade MailMeter Shibbolize NIH

Implement Click Commerce for IRB DreamSpark Class/section attribute release policy Academic Structure attribute release policy Inside UF on portal Splash Page Shibbolize Mobile Campus

Endowed data

Workflow strategy

ODBC Service Upgrade

M&S/Equipment Use Fees Project

Reconciliation of Erroneous Deposits

Upgrade ODBC service to new version of SQL and improve data connections The M&S/EUF Project will create a new and more streamlined online process for academic departments to request and approve new course fees using PeopleSoft Student Financials. TM Reconciliation Erroneous Deposits - Provide Treasury Management office the page access to delivered PS TM functionality to make corrections to deposits after they have been matched. The University of Florida has entered into a contract effective 12/1/2008 with the TALX Corporation to use their TWN (The Work Number) functionality to verify employment and income for UF employees. Adjustment Ledger for UF - Define an Adjustment Ledger that will allow adjustments to be made for Financial Reporting purposes that will not impact balances in the Actuals Ledger. Modify Sender in Workflow E-mails - Replace as the sender in system-generated workflow e-mails with appropriate core office e-mail list. AR Unposting Payments Issue - A user is unable to unpost a payment group when attempting to unpost payments that spread multiple payment groups. AR_Update Penny/Zero Dollar - Allow processing of partial payments to invoices that have distributions that are less than one percent through the AR module and apply payments based on percentages. PeopleSoft releases tax updates on a regular basis. Depending on the time of the year, different tax updates will have different content. The President has developed and approved a new facutly initiative, Faculty Enhancement Opportunity, which is similar to Sabbaticals but allows more flexibility for the department to allow. Travel & Expense Fax Imaging - Provide a receipt imaging process that allows end users to submit receipts and travel supporting documentation using curren fax imaging processes.

TALX Employment Verification

Adjustment Ledger for UF

Modify Sender in Workflow E-mails

AR Unposting Payments Issue

AR_Update Penny/Zero Dollar Issue

Tax Updates 08F, 09A and HR year end tasks

Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO)

Travel & Expense Fax Imaging

CNS DB2 Ver 8. upgrade

CNS DB2 Ver 8. upgrade: CNS has approached Debbie Sams and I with the need for them to upgrade the DB2 on the mainframe from version to We have many connections in HR, FI, SA, and IAM This project will upgrade the current enterprise portal to the 9.0 Sp1 version of the application The University of Florida is planning to outsource its sexual harassment training to a company called New Media Learning. To reduce Bridges operating costs, PVCS will be replaced by Subversion, an open source version control application. This will provide the same functionality, requiring no annual fees. Automate the setting of the on-cycle run controls and query parameters for the biweekly payroll process. This should reduce errors caused by manual input and reduce staff time needed. Provide functionality to certify online the employee's effort per semester. Streamline the process used to load effort each semester. Bridges needs a defined Problem Management Process that can be communicated and followed throughout the department. C&G - Automate C&G Billing in Appworx. Billing will need to be run in a production mode on a biweekly basis in the new Fiscal year. Reduce Centralized Printing and Decommission INFOPAC Products The PS-SF 2008 1098Ts project will provide 60,000+ students and the IRS with 1098T information, both in an electronic and paper-based format. Conversion of data either to or from PS SF or SF Legacy. Monitoring and Routine Maintenance of Batch Processes SciQuest EPS Interface to PS eProcurment - Configure and implement SciQuest electronic procurement tool. Employees pledges are collected via payroll, which are manually keyed into the general deduction tables from the paper pledge cards. This year, the University has elected to use eWay.

Portal Application Upgrade Sexual Harassment web based training

Subversion Implementation

Automate setting the biweekly payroll

Effort Tracking Online Certification (Phase IV)

Problem Management Process

C&G - Automate C&G Billing in Appworx Reduce Centralized Printing

PS-SF 2008 1098Ts

Monitoring and Maint of Batch Processes SciQuest EPS Interface to PS eProcurment

University Community Campaign/eWay (UFCC)

governance. policy development. constiuent focused satisfaction data process and data. Create an IT architecture "master planning" process to identify opportunities for coordinated activities and recommend policies and standards for improving UF IT.0 Student Financials. Implement Lenel keyless entry system as an enterprise class service fully integrated with UF IAM. etc. Identify and recommend enteprise approach to business intelligence -. systems. suggestion box. and deliver repeatable requirements discovery and specification training sessions.uptime. etc. Surveys.Student Financials Analysis and Reporting The Student Financials Reporting project complements the Student Financials implementation addressing UF analytic and reporting requirements for student financial data from 9. evaluation feedback. training. Develop a directory (probably an indicator in the UF Directory) of people doing IT work. Use for communication. throughpout. Dashboards. wiki. email. Will need definitions. Develop periodic. volume. focus groups. Key Perfromance Indicators and historical data regarding services -. Bridges Data Protection . Develop "cubes" for service analytics used by IT managers and analysts to forecast and understand future service requirements. training. funding Develop processes and software and data systems in support of Responsibility Center Management (RCM) Reqs Discovery and Specification Training Bridges Data Protection Customer Satisfaction Data Operational Service Metrics IT Analytic Metrics Data Inventory IT People Registry Lenel keyless entry system Create IT Architecture process Business Intelligence Strategy Responsibility Centered Management: Phase 2 . interviews. Use the inventory to help protect restricted and sensitive data. Create an inventory of restricted and sensitive data held in systems at UF. content. general feedback from events. Develop. etc.Sensitive and restricted data must be protected from being easily accessed and possible misuse or inadvertant compromise. process and mainteance. document. Used by operators and system administrators on a daily basis. adhoc feedback.

WordPress. Restrict categories as appropriate. Financial Aid Enhancements: Enhancements to FA reports. "aid year" addition. Departments can currently use sys admin tools to create groups and manage group membership in UFAD. hrs for on-demand and other existing portal-like sites. Do not store data or provide any applications -. Develop strategy and resultant policy regarding "Web 2. A review of approaches for group management tools is needed to determine if non sysadmins can be granted rights using existing tools or whether new tools are needed for group management The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has requested the implementation of a Fringe Benefit Pool for all employer paid benefits/taxes. Calculate IDC correctly as determined by the account codes. Conflicting Role warning edit added to ARS: alert the Requestor and Approver users of the ARS tool when a role that conflicts and demonstrates poor separation of duty is requested for a user. This allows budgets developed during pre-award to be used for release of funds during post-award. cred. Provide Treasury Management. This is the #1 item from the Grants work group of the Finance Upgrade. Provide user-customizable news feeds.. Flickr. select and implement a thin "msn.0" aka "cloud" computing technologies such as FaceBook. Groups are then used to secure resources and applications. Create appropriate account codes so that the same set can be used in pre-award and post-award. IPAY Data Provisioning Strategy for UFAD adhoc group management Business Process Re-Engineering: ID Billing Fringe Benefit Pool Align pre and post award account codes Financial Aid Enhancements .these should all be pushed out to other apps.and UFS-authorized departmental users across campus with the ability to report daily IPAY activity for their CASHNet item codes within one business day of that" style portal for UF to front-end my.ufl.Financial Aid System Strategy Next generation portal strategy Cloud computing strategy Conflicting Role Alert for ARS Identify and recommend approach to replacing the current financial aid systems Investigate. changes to award file to verify holds and hr overrides for each term (including Summer).

FICALT and SPP allocation modifications Administrative Overhead. Setup a Sitescope Monitoring environment for the Bridges Operations Team and establish documented procedures for deploying/monitoring/responding to alerts. Inc.Administrative Overhead. Bridges migration to a CNS/Bridges merged infrastructure C&G ARRA Federal Reporting . AM UBIT Book Removal .Configure and implement Florida Citrus FI DSO 2010 . Replace deprecated switch. Inc.Florida Citrus Research and Development Foundation. Amazon. FICALT and SPP allocations modifications . GC&G Budget Override FnA .To facilitate the preparation of the reports.. Research and Development Foundation. the Contract and Grant offices need a way to identify the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Campus Community Enhancements . as Business Unit.Updates to Inactive/Active addresses. Deceased. System issues can occur during payroll processing and affect critical processes.Since go-live UBIT depreciation has not calculated correctly in MyUFL.Modify the FnA process so that FnA charges are created with override specified so GC&G Budget Override FnA that they do not create exceptions due to project budgets or end dates. The ability to recover the data to ensure a clean starting point ensures data integrity. AM UBIT Book Removal Bridges Migration to Merged Network Infrastructure C&G ARRA Federal Reporting Campus Community Enhancements Dual Fabric SAN Upgrade Electronic Payroll Register for the College of Medicine (COM) Establish Recovery Points during Payroll Processing Establish Service Monitoring Environment and Procedures for Operations Provide a more seamless entry point and better solution External Application Interface for Setting Up Self Service to providing self service access for the marketing of Users UFID and GLID courses and materials by these divisions. enhance current SAN offering Replace the hard copy printouts of the payroll deduction registers using the standard formatted file for payroll deductions and deliver this to the COM webdav.Review all allocations that may be impacted by the change in business rules.Florida Citrus Research and Development FI DSO 2010 . . The presence of the UBIT book in the system has created data errors in processing asset depreciation. Preferred Names. and modify them as appropriate. Inc.

The 2 question format was installed 10/01.5 ability for UF to keep current regarding application maintenance. OUR will need the Tuition & Fee data. Bridges needs a defined Problem Management Process Operational framework .Treasury Student Financials Bank Reconciliation Management is in need of an effective Student Financials Bank Reconciliation process.ECSI Delinquent Loan Debts: Service SA Enhancement . an employee's earnings are reported on the Report All Earnings as Current on the Division of DOR file for the month(s) in which they were originally Retirement (DOR) file earned.5 to facilitate the ITG Upgrade to PPM 7.ECSI Delinquent Non-Loan Debt: SA Enhancement .Problem Management Process that can be communicated and followed throughout the department.Experimental Site Updates (Enhancement) Reconfigure part of SF/FA Title IV disbursement to only SA Experimental Site Updates pay for restricted UF charges or all charges with student consent. This results in invoices that can contain a large volume of entries. SA Enhancement .For VET SA Enhancement . ECSI/SF debt comparison processing. Upgrade ITG 6. Student Financials Warehouse Tuning Student Financials Warehouse Tuning .VET Deferments T&F to OUR deferments OUR sends Student Financials. Currently the UF Retirement Office spends hours each Redesign of PREBILL file for 457 Enrollments pay period reviewing enrolllments sent in from Sungard due to the enrollment process. The Office of the CFO will be instituting a new financial Responsibility Centered Management management philosophy called Responsibility Centered Management. Currently.Implement a new process for internal (interdepartmental) billing.0 to PPM version 7.complete all tasks Purchasing Fiscal Year-End 2009 related to Purchasing year end to ensure a smooth yearend closing.ECSI Delinquent Non-Loan Debt Collection Agency Reporting/Charging.Internal Procurement and Payment Process Internal Procurement and Payment Process . Processing SF Accounting Entries Processing SF Accounting entries Purchasing Fiscal year-end 2009 . Student Financials Bank Reconciliation .ECSI Delinquent Loan Debt Indicator Logic SA Enhancement . SA Enhancement: VET Deferments to OUR . This project Race/Ethnicity Reporting Changes remains active to address reporting changes required as part of the new format. SA .

0 database and server environments. Enterprise Applications Shibbolization. This field should match UF directory.0.Enhancement: Project Budget Edit for Cash Funds .PS 9. Upgrade the Finance and Sponsored Research modules to PS version 9.Budget Prep must be modified to meet budget office needs. Bridges has a need to do summary / detail analysis and reporting on data that is recorded into its time management / project allocation system. In order to track who is using UF's assets the core office is asking that the UF ID be added to the AM basic add page.x Upgrade Portal re-platform from DB2 to Oracle. ISIS. HR and Student systems.0 Upgrade Fax Imaging .Enhancement: New Appworx chain for FI PRCSYSPURGE FI . HR and SF checks for UFLOR andSWFRI business units.x to 8. Eliminate the use of GLAUTH from enterpise applications and convert to Shibboleth IdP for Authentication. Invoice Changes to GM_GEN and GM_SCHPAY FI .bundle 27 . This requires a resurvey of employees using the new categories. Replace the signature of Ed Poppell on the AP. Storage and Surveying Due to a change in the file format and complexity of gathering this data from the registrars office. AppWorx 8. Provide a deposit imaging process that allows end users to submit deposits and supporting documentation via fax.UF ID added to Basic Add Page AppWorx 8. PS.Enhancement: Invoice Changes to Grant Invoices FI .Student Instruction File (SIF) Build UF Check Signatures Veteran's Status Collection. Migrating Financials warehouse. Replatforming from DB2 to Oracle RAC database.x. COgnos are all involved in this. 2010 Budget Prep Planning and Reporting .0 including: Building parallel 9.Recent changes in the regulations became effective on 09/07/2007. includes conversion of Federated Links to Oracle Dbase links via the Oracle gateway.4 to 9.Treasury Management Deposits Enterprise Applications Shibbolization Bridges Work Portfolio Data Model and Reporting FI .x Upgrade Portal to Oracle FI . This chain will precede the PRCSYSPURGE process. HR . Add new PeopleCode edits to the Project Budget page that will not allow users to add a source of funds for Cash based projects.Enhancement: New Appworx chain for FI PRCSYSPURGE . ERP Infrastructure support of the PeopleSoft Finance Upgrade from 8. 2010 Budget Prep Planning and Reporting AM . upgrading Cognos from 7.

Loan Counseling Part 1: Entrance Interview Removal Part 2: Exit Interview Enhancements SA Enhancement .Accounting Line Indexes SA Enhancement .Enhancement: New Asset Management Mass Change SA CASHNet Upgrade SA Enhancement . Account. Deptid. and optimize joins between the ITEM_SF and other transactional tables. Bud Ref and the Posting Option box is being checked FI Enhancement .SF BI GL Interface Metadata Enhancement . SA .Enhancement: AR Refund to Project Costing Fix Define an Adjustment Ledger for Auxiliaries that will be an official record for adjustments and allow adjustments to be made for Financial Reporting purposes for Quarterly and Annual reports FI Enhancement . Currently running for each business unit independently and this is causing reconciliation problems.Create new mass change template to incoorporate the fund field.Modify the FIPS Nightly batch so Collect Cost jobs run for all business units.Loan Entrance & Exit Counseling Enhancements SA Enhancement . Fund.Enhancement: Core Office Tasks Removed from Bridges FI .SF BI GL Interface Metadata Enhancement FI . Create new Budget Edits to ensure the following fields are not being left blank: Budget Category.CASHNet Upgrade from 2.ISIS Interface Bug Fixes SA Enhancement .FI .Refund Check Address Placement SA Enhancement .4 to 3. Create SF_ACCTG_LN indexes to facilitate ad-hoc queries. FI Enhancement .Refund Check Address Placement SA Enhancement .Enhancement: Batch Change for Collect Cost Jobs FI .ISIS Interface Bug Fixes SA Enhancement . Source. improve recurring processes. FI Enhancement .Move employee reimbursement from Accounts Payable to T&E. Program.Enhancement: Budget Edits FI .ECSI Payment File SA Enhancement .Enhancement: Summary Ledger for Auxiliaries FI .EFT Report & SFA File Enhancement SA Enhancement .Refunds are not flowing from the accounts receivable module to the project costing module. This will be under Enhancements & Fixes in FI Portfolio.0. FI Enhancement .Enhancement: Employee reimbursement to T&E FI .EFT Report & SFA File Enhancement SA Enhancement .Addition of "sections" to the Tuition Statement Page SA Enhancement .Monthly tasks currently being worked by BA's can be moved to Core offices with the addition of new roles. SA Enhancement: Addition of "sections" to the Tuition Statement Page SA Enhancement .ECSI Payment File SA Enhancement .

A change is needed in the code one CICS calls for ADDRESS in UF DIR Enhancement . These updates include treaty changes.Barcode and carrier route not updated CI . OS and Websphere versions on the CNS Websphere platform. and changes to the federal tax data page for new IRS Requirements. Post Doc Care. Bridges will need to make the adjustments to our process. Add a new translate value to the table to indicate that the earnings codes are not used in the effort system tol reduce the workload for the core office each semester. different tax updates will have different content. i. GLAM Microsoft and Biztalk application code upgrade. Faculty and will be offered their own benefits package.BEN500 .Primary Benefits Flag HR Enhancement . Use logic from the primary job flag report to create an application to automate the identification and cleanup of jobs with primary flag issues prior to payroll processing. New Post Docs being hired to UF will need to be considered temporary employees vs.Change to new EMERGENCY messaging provider CNS WebSphere Migration to V7 GLAM Microsoft and Biztalk application code upgrade. CIT Enhancement . Currently new employees hired during the middle of the pay period are unable to report time worked for their initial pay cycle.Directory Address data problems with barcode. EHS are planning a change to the Third party provider of the messaging service. HR Enhancement .CIT Enhancement . Until recently UF Directory updates from Portal applications Emergency contact and Update My Directory Profile were not synced to HR by the Person Basic Sync program. Depending on the time of the year. CNS has approached Bridges regarding the need to upgrade Hardware.Change to new EMERGENCY messaging provider.Sync HR/UF Directory demographic information HR Enhancement .e. The primary objectives of the GLAM message upgrade will be: Eliminating MSMQ as a point of failure in the BIZTALK components.New Translate Value to Earnings Code Table HR Enhancement . carrier code and addr certified dates. CNS WebSphere Migration to V7. Core IT must avoid unsupported platforms.Time and Labor new hire time reporting fix Apply Tax Updates 09B/09C Post Doc Care Benefits Package .

Since almost all employees have direct deposit.Fee Deferments Processing Enhancements SA Enhancement .Produce Electronic Direct Deposit Files for Off-Cycles . off-cycles with calendars produce physical checks. Currently.eLearning Solutions HR Training and Organizational Development (T&OD) has an interest in more efficiently offering certain training curricula to the University community online. standards.Enhancement .Fee Deferments Processing Enhancements SA Enhancement . 14 FI .0 has delivered a fix for this issue. FI Enhancement: View access to Journal Lines BA's need the ability to view the entire journal not just the first 10 lines. Develop a strategy for using Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings in UF business practices Develop a strategy for eCommerce applications.Enhancement .SFA Payback Due Date Updates SA Enhancement . SA Enhancement . 12.Hanover/HRH payroll electronic deduction files HR .Short Term Loan Interest Processing Payroll requests that HRH would like to receive the deduction registers electronically instead of paper copies and reduce the amount of paper printed.0 Bundles 11.000 W-2s each year.Short Term Loan Interest Processing HR . 13. architecture. Modifications are required for the Effort online certification system for the current open term. HR . 9.Effort Online Certification modifications HR .SFA Payback Due Date Updates SA Enhancement . This takes approximately 2 days for the printing and additional 2-3 business days to sort and distribute to departments. SA .Enhancement .Enhancement: Student Financial Budget Override FI Enhancement .Campus Solutions 9.Enhancement: Student Financial Budget Override for trans with 'exceeds budget tolerance' only. Also provide query identifying transactions Add additional project related information to the UF Budget Definition page. The UF prints approximately 35. including policy.Modify UF Budget Definitions Page FI Enhancement: View access to Journal Lines SA Enhancement . we would like to produce an electronic direct deposit file for these off-cycles. During the Spring 2009 term several processing issues were discovered.Enhancement .Garnishment Voucher Fix Software as a Service Strategy eCommerce Strategy Online W2's SA Bundles FI . Since go-live. the garnishment vouchers have been incorrect for employees with multiple garnishment vendors.

Developer has researched and indicate Deliver a tri-annual billing statement to non-enrolled myUFL SF customers with AR > $10 and a monthly email notification to enrolled customers with AR > $1.UFIRT security discovered a flaw in GLAM. SA.Enhancement .Enhancement .HR .SA SDCF and LOA Processing HR . Using Microsoft Service Center. Begiinning 9/8/2009 any employees who work on a federal contract requiring EVerify will need to be processed. IPAY and some other small Apps are also affected.Renovate applications on CNS webshpere (directory CI .Veteran's Status Survey Confirmation Message CIT Enhancement . The applications within this Env. Employees hired on an additional job during the middle of the pay cycle are currently unable to report time for that new job record during their initial pay cycle.SA SDCF and LOA Processing SA .Enhancement .Account Balance Monthly Email Notification and Triannual Billing Statement When a Payroll Distribution is modified that contains a project that is inactivated it creates an error even though that part of the distribution is not changed.Renovate applications on CNS WebSphere (directory UI Rewrite). Operational Dashboards from Service Center SA. Modifications to Effort Tracking systems to reflect new Fringe Benefit Pool for Benefits/Taxes calculations for Benefits / Taxes.SDCF and LOA Processing E-Verify is a federal requirement from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). HR .Workforce by salary range report updates Update the workforce by salary range report so that the data can be used for the EEO Affirmative Action Plan." Updates for Telephone Directory to University Relations The password and GLID can be equal.Enhancement . Online certification modifications requested from the core office.Multiple Job Time Reporting Fix HR Enhancements . Provide a message that states "The Save was successful.SDCF and LOA Processing E-Verify Integration CI . will be UI Rewrite) redeployed and reevaluated. reduce incidents and shorten time to response during incidents. develop operational dashboards for 24x7 Bridges staff to improve visibility into operations and services. This should not be allowed. SA . Additional reference for a new fund of 214. SA . This requires the project be opened.Telephone Directory Data Preparation for University CIT Enhancement .Effort for Summer 2009 .GLID and GLID password may be equal.C&G Payroll Distribution modifications HR .

requiring an email sent with a link.SF Direct Deposit Data to SFA When user’s direct deposit information is inactivated. 1) Veterans receiving a VET deferment . Process to “pull” information from ISIS in order to minimize the manual work associated with this reconciliation process and increase the accuracy of the data.000+ students and the IRS with 1098T information. UFS would also like for the UFID of the person who inactivated the Date/UFID Enhancement direct deposit to show on the Direct Deposit Admin screens SA Enhancement .SHCC Payment File SA Enhancement . 2) Select what the term the disbursement is applicable for and process the disbursement for that specific term.Only nontuition charges paid by disbursment and any excess monies should be returned to the (veteran) student.Automate email send for TOD when online evaluation for course participants at the course completed conclusion of a session vs.Enhancement . UFS would like the date to show on the Direct Deposit SA Enhancement . The Student Health Care Center needs Bridges to provide them a payment file on a nightly basis in order to reconcile charges and payments with their subsystem. 1098T Project (CY 2009) CI .Payment Update Page Enhancement Update the Payment Update page (new feature) to allow UFS to correct on-demand directed payments. The PS-SF 2009 1098Ts project will provide 60. They have requested that their employees do not have this time loaded each year.Enhancement . SA Enhancement .ISIS Interface Data Recon/Pull SA Enhancement .HR . both in an electronic and paper-based format.Change text displayed for "ACCEPT" button on GL PWD change.Jacksonville December Personal Leave Jacksonville's patient care responsibilities require them to be open during the standard 4 days off for the holidays. Student Financial Affairs has the necessity to be informed on what students have signed up for direct deposit within PS-SF in order to serve them better when it comes to answer disbursement questions.Enhancement . . a paper form. Small change to text will be made in this request.Direct Deposit Page (Admin/Student) Admin and Student Self Service screens.FA VET & Multi-Term Disbursement Enhancement SA Enhancement . Training and Organizational Development is creating an HR .

Currently the UFID is part of the HRAC. different tax updates will have different content.Fix hole in Credit History process Apply Tax Updates 09D Apply Tax Updates 09E Restricted Data Certifications Interface to ARS Fix ePAF empl rcd and Level 1 Approver Issues Payroll Distribution UFID to GL Project Payroll Audit . HR and UF security team are developing training for campus wide use in the eLearning environment. These updates include treaty changes. Depending on the time of the year.Provide Paylists in Excel AP 1099 Modifications .The incorrect empl rcd is executed. Two issues have been reported in ePAF that need to be corrected. but is not being brought over from HR to FI. providing an electronic version of the paylist. 2 Level 1 approvers can execute unauthorized termination actions.FI Enhancement .General Ledger Journal Splitter Update AP 1099 process to include any mandated changes for year 2009 by modifying the 1099-Misc crystal report. Update AP 1099 process to include any mandated changes for year 2009 by modifying the 1099-Misc crystal report. 1 . Payroll Services will work with Bridges to improve the paylist by including all employees assigned to the department. and changes to the federal tax data page for new IRS Requirements.AP 1099 Modifications FI Enhancement . and changes to the federal tax data page for new IRS Requirements. Those courses will be reflected in HR training data once completion of a course occurs and ARS. Due to changes in state rules. to see whether they are eligible to have Service Indicators removed. different tax updates will have different content.General Ledger Journal Splitter: Correct journal splitter process so that it does not leave orphan rows in journal line tale. These updates include treaty changes. Refund Bright Futures to the State SA Enhancement . FI Enhancement . UF must refund a certain portion of Bright Futures monies received to the state Students who receive a waiver and/or refund during nightly batch processing need to have credit history run. The UFID is a GL chartfield that can be used to track a faculty members budget. Depending on the time of the year.

Enhancement . Enhancement project to deal with two potential sources of duplicate postings to the G/L from CASHNet Reports required by the fed govt as part of our "experimental site" designation for financial aid disbursements.C&G Nightly Imaging Update SR Enhancement: Billing Specialist & Department Contact Update SR Enhancement .Effort Reported by Project ID FI Enhancement .Public Voucher Invoice Format Update . Modify GM_103X SQR to use tables currently being used for GM_GEN and GM_SCHDPAY CASHNet GL Extract process SA Enhancement . Modify GM_103X SQR to use tables currently being used for GM_GEN and GM_SCHDPAY Create tool/process to reconcile Liability accounts The General Accounting office and campus customers would like the ability to electronically associate supporting documentation to General Ledger journals via fax.Enhance process used to deliver SA accounting data to FI SR Enhancement . SR Enhancement .Update existing UF Billing Specialist Mod to allow additional options and include the ability to update the department contact as well.FI cannot create SA journals at beginning of term due to large volume of data.Fix problems with UF Directory/CC feed HR-Benefits Enrollment HR .Report of all Effort paid from or loaned to a project by department id. FI Enhancement . We have found some problems with the feed from the UF Directory to Campus Community that result in bad data (out-of-date and missing) info in Campus Community.Experimental site reports for 2008 2009 SA Enhancement . A UF Benefits audit was performed and the exception error reports created after the benefit enrollment (UFBBI004) process runs need to be evaluated and refined.Enhancement .Update the nightly Contract and Grant imaging process. HR .General Ledger Journal Splitter Public Voucher Invoice Format General Accounting Liability Reconciliation General Ledger Journal Fax Imaging Update FBP Load Process Modify FBP Nightly Processing Correct journal splitter process so that it does not leave orphan rows in journal line tale. Update FBP Load process to exclude all ledgers except for actuals Modify the nightly FBP processing chain C_FIGL_FRINGE_BENEFITS_POOL so FBP expenses can be processed in two nights versus the four days it is currently taking. SR Enhancement . Currently processes abends due to db transaction log running out of space.

When the UF_ARSSYC_AE program CIT . SA Enhancement 52452 .GLAM Duplicate User Account Fix to be fixed.SAKAI the new E-Learning software system requires certain IdM data to operate.Create Fit Cube builds for all DSO's in production 51642 . HR .DCP "Fab Lab" Charge/Payment Processing SA Enhancement .COM Proposal vs Actual Effort & Salary Reporting HR .The 40 hour exception was changed from a low level exception to a high level exception due to a Payroll audit. HR Enhancement .Fall Semester 2009 (OIPR) require enhancements to the Effort Reporting system each semester. This update includes modifications to the withholding HR . The CIT Enhancement . Issue has been replicated and reviewed by production support. CIT Enhancement .CIT Enhancement . Cost Analysis and Institutional Planning and Research HR .Athlete Financial Report FI Enhancement 52471 . Provide a daily report to OUR and UAA showing the financial situation of any athlete with outstanding UF debt.Enhancement .Sakai Idm Data Access application would like to receive this data as it is needed just in time (JIT).Apply Tax Update 09F This update includes tax rate changes for 2010 and also includes modifications to correct issues with the Direct Deposit process for International ACH Transaction. CIT .The registrar's office found on the SIF GA file for fall that a few employees had earnings with pay end dates prior to the beginning of fall term.Enhancement .Enhancement .Apply Tax Update 10A for Non Resident Aliens. This needs CIT Enhancement . HR Enhancement .Allow DCP to submit charges for (Enhancement) posting to PS SF SA Enhancement .Remove exclusion of UF_ER_USER runs in the daily batch the UF_ER_USER role is added to from ARS batch program ARS current roles but is not added to the users portal profile. Create Fit Cube builds for all DSO's in production College of Medicine report to allow their departments to compare proposed effort and salary versus the actual numbers.UF Schedule Load Corrections HR .Enhancement .Users have ben able to create duplicate user acounts in the GLAM interface.SIF File updates . creating non-pay issues for some employees. SA .We have found some problems with the feed from the UF Directory to Campus Community Fix problems with UF Directory/CC feed that result in bad data (out-of-date and missing) info in Campus Community.Effort Reporting Modifications .

They are missing one key table that would allow them to provide this information to campus.UF Employees with outstanding UF debts email SA Enhancement 53483.The printing of $0 net pay checks has been suppressed for off-cycles with calendars. The University of Florida has outsourced its sexual harassment refresher training to a company called New Media Learning.Annual Budget Prep modifcations SA Enhancement 53037.Add Human Pathogens Research to the Health Assessment job duties list HR Enhancement .Process needed to apply/remove special Summer B fee waivers 52377 . Summer A/C financial aid must not be applied to Summer B tuition & fee charges.Clean Up Process Scheduler Infrastructure has requested that *.Suppress Printing On-Cycle $0 Net Checks FI Enhancement . HR Enhancement .Load Vet codes into reason code field of Veteran Service Indicators SA Enhancement 53462 . so we need to apply (and later remove) Summer B fee waivers to prevent this.Health Assessment Page Modification HR Enhancement . Annual maintainence related to preparing budgets Load Vet codes into reason code field of Veteran Service Indicators Send UF Employees with outstanding UF debts email notification 3 relatively small enhancements to the on-demand financial aid disbursements system requested by UFS DSR currently has a business process for subcontract funding.FI Enhancement: Add DSO(FCRDF) to Monthend Recon Chain Provide a process to enter and report projected payroll distributions. Enable C&G control for SR retro payroll distributions. and we would like to do the same for the on-cycle.Add DSR tables to ODBC .Sexual harassment Web Based Training Refresher Course SR Retro Distribution Control HR Enhancement . 52284 .Enhancement . HR Enhancement .HR .Enhancement .UF would like to provide self-service functionality to allow employees to update their direct deposit information. SR Enhancement . HR .csv files be removed from the process schedulers in order to free up space.SR Enhancement .Self Service Direct Deposit SA Enhancement .FI Enhancement: Add DSO(FCRDF) to Monthend Recon Chain Projected Payroll Distribution HR .Streamline myUFL proposal process allowing data entry for the same proposal information currently on UF's DSR-1 form without the need to enter budgetary details.myUFL Rapid SR Proposal 52284 .On-demand Financial Aid disbursement enhancements BI Enhancement.

Student Information File (SIF) waiver data process rewrite 54252 .Non-Payroll Cost Transfer Journals 54286 .Online Tenure and Promotion POC SR Enhancement: PI Summaryand Grant Summary Layout modifications SA Enhancement 53868 . Enable journals to process all non-payroll cost transfers and provide C&G Accounting with a method to review all non-payroll cost transfers to funds 201 and 209. see Project Name Update the PI Summary and Grant Summary reports so they are more consistent with each other and present key information with a clear emphasis. CI Project.Automate PO Rollover Year End process CI Enhancement: Create IdM Coordinator Listservs . SA 53499 . The level of compliance must be at an acceptable level.Cost Sharing Accounting BPR Rewrite the SIF waiver data process to produce a daily waiver file that meets BOG requirements for content and format. Enhance current Vet tuition & fee file to provide a breakdown of the tuition & fee charges by section and term Treasury Management is requesting some enhancements to the bank reconciliation process to help streamline the work. UF must regain compliance with GatorLink Account policy with multiple failed logon attempt handling. Create IdM Coordinator Listservs for ease of communication to Idm workers.Provide read-only access to unmasked SSNs for authorized users SA Enhancement 53869: Provide breakdown of Vet tuition & fees by section SA Enhancement .Enhance the bank reconciliation process SA Enhancement 54164: ECSI Commission file process Add a new link in My Campus Finances in the myUFL SA Enhancement 54164: Self-Service link Direct Loan Exit portal that directs students to the external website at Interview the Department of Education (Direct Loan Servicer).BI Enhancement. Provide view-only access to an unmasked SSN for core users who are granted security to view SSNs. Develop an automated process using APPMAN that can be scheduled and will run all the necessary processes and SQL PO Roll.GLAM login compliance failed login attempts HR Project. Create a process to read in the weekly ECSI commission file and update the corresponding PS SF accounts accordingly. Enable a companion account process to record and track cost sharing activity.KK to GL for 4H The 4H DSO has a need to use KK / GL and variance measures in their FIT cube to monitor KK to GL variances in their business unit. 54253 .

June 2010 54505 HR Enhancement .Modify program extracting Earnings for Student Financial Affairs 54399 EP Tools 8. that will impact the action and action reasons data reported on the BNI_001 demographic file.Enhancement Code-1 Address Software update CI .Automate the FDLE File Processing 54145 HR . CI .50 Upgrade 54318 HR Enhancement .322 named users. SFA has requested the addition of earnings codes for graduate assistants to this report to help in student advising. The HR and FI production environments are currently being upgraded to Tools release 8. 2010.Deduction Subset for Emergency (EMR) Checks 54134 HR .Enhancement .Enhancement .CI . Update must occur by July 1st.Increase Application Capacity for Enterprise Reporting .Elapsed Time File load interface 54147 HR .Training Enrollment Department Id . CI Enhancement: Emergency File institution field BI Enhancement . CNS must update the software for it to continue to function.Enhancement Code-1 Address Software update. Keeping EP at the same tools release as other applications will give us a consistent tools baseline.Enhancement Emergency File institution field.Graduate Letters of Appointment modifications 54146 HR .Enhancement . My Self Service > Training and Development application is updating with an inactive department id. Automate the manual updates required for the Eligibility Flag. The Emergency Notification committee and Campus Housing need to be able to secure only portions of the DB at Black board connect to the UF housing. Provide additional ReportNet online / interactive and batch report processes to meet peak period usage expectations for a user community consisting of 7. Provide a file interface to reduce PPD's dual time entry process. Add Federal Work Study (FWSP) and Student Biweekly (STBW) salary plans to the selection criteria.Enhancement .50.Student Jobs Appointment Review 54500 HR .Enhancement . PeopleFirst/Convergys is implementing system changes effective July 24.PeopleFirst/Convergys upgrade 54238 HR . Graduate Letters of Appointment modifications Automate the FDLE File Processing The Benefits office and Payroll office are requesting that an EMR deduction subset be created and added to a specified list of deduction codes to exclude DSGI type deductions.

apart from of the department id.10C The Student FICA program needs a fix to sum an employee's reported hours by UFID vs. Correct fiscal year end issues identified in the Post Doc demographic file Adjust reports and Cash Cube to reflect KK Change labels and descriptive text for the two Loan Exit Interview links in PS SF. Alter ISIS Exit Interview link to redirect students to My Campus Finances in myUFL.Create Payroll Distribution listserv 53636 HR . SA .HR .Enhancement . Create a dynamic listserv for communications to the Payroll Distribution community. UFID and employee record. Fix HAMS Dept Next Exam Report to display the appropriate data. Update our FL Prepaid process to read in the new FL Prepaid input file layout (that will now provide us with a contract date) and to populate equation variable fields with the contract dates.UF Raise Process 53777 HR .Post Doc File Updates 52905.eVerify Password update 53773 HR . HR is reporting rounding issues on the hourly wage calculations. Create a Self Service Health Assessment Status screen HR . Core office personnel need to be able to change the password to eVerify to ensure the secure connection of the webservice. We need to research and implement some archiving and/or partitioning schemes.Database strategies for high volume tables SA Enhancement . Cost Analysis and Institutional Planning and Research (OIPR) require enhancements to the Effort Reporting system each semester.HR . instead of ECSI.Enhancement . Volume of SA data is growing so rapidly that it is threatening to bring our SA/BI processes to their knees.FI Cash Based KK Ledgers SA Enhancement .BI.Enhancement .Enhancement . Allow additional state vendors to accept garnishment payments via Expert Pay.5 Tools Upgrade 54024 HR .Enhancement .HRMS Conversion to Oracle/8.Update FL Prepaid process to use contract dates .Update Loan Exit Interview links The decision to upgrade all instances to the 8.10C 54599 .Self Service Health Assessment Status screen 54636 .HAMS Dept Next Exam Report 53643 HR .5 Toolset for the Financials upgrade requires the HRMS database to be upgraded by Spring of 2011.Enhancement .Add States for Expert Pay 54637 .Enhancement .Student FICA Tax Payroll 54597 .DOCE Department / Fund Security Change 53637 HR .HR . DOCE users will need access to all account codes that have a fund 143 on them.HR .Apply HR Tax Update 10B & 10C / SA Tax Updates 10A .Effort Reporting Modifications .Apply HR Tax Update 10B & 10C / SA Tax Updates 10A .HR .Spring Semester 2010 53922 HR .

Update the custom PS code that posts payments from SA Enhancement . and Details hyperlink on error display page BI.Fix handling of Tuition Deposit CASHNet to PS SF accounts.Productionize delivery of new course Need an AppMan chain to run daily to generate a course files to OUR fee file and FTP it to the mainframe. as students sign up for these services. inform.SA Enhancement . Prepare. Beginning this Fall term. Provide a "to-do list" of electronic service sign up tasks SA Enhancement .UF IB Trans Maint Utility and Cancel buttons. to verify that requests are from an authorized user Apply Jul 2010 PS CS Maint Pack to all PS SA instances Generate a file of sections assessed a distance learning fee and deliver it to the mainframe for consumption by the OUR¿s SIF processes. so that tuition deposit payments payments are treated like other payments and are no longer "restricted to account".PI / Grant Summary report Budget Category tree changes will make the sort on the modifications report consistent CI . the Federal govt has decreed that parents must be given the option of deciding whether any excess Parent PLUS Loan funds are refunded to them.Enhancement Identity Access Management Website CI Enhancement . There will be a reporting component as well SR Enhancement. SA . Enhance UF IB Trans Maint Utility by adding Resubmit SA Enhancement . and train Team Bridges and all departments comprising University Systems to use UF SharePoint 2010 Connect. or to their student.Cognos Upgrade / Finance 9. UFID.Maintenance to apply Jul 2010 PS CS Maint Pack SA Enhancement .Enhancement to Parent PLUS Loan processing SA Enhancement .Self Service Health Assessment Status screen Create a Self Service Health Assessment Status screen . GLAM and Security Website Content Content review and revisions are required HR .Identity Access Management Website Content -Directory. rather than checking the entire IP address.Enable delivered Student "To Do" list in PS SF Student Center Mark the to-do tasks completed processing and remove them from the to-do lists. instead.0 Warehouse Upgrade of Reporting tools and Warehouse Decomissioning of Websphere services means all of the affiliated functionality must be converted to PS or some CI Project.Deliver distance learning fee data to OUR for SIF Change our CICS Web apps (award sync and flag update) to check IP addresses only to the subnet level.CICS Web Services check to subnet level only SA .Goodbye Websphere other service. the enterprise-wide SharePoint 2010 service offered through MAG.

Benefits Open Enrollment 2010 Allow additional state vendors to accept garnishment payments via Expert Pay.Self Service GLID Renewal expire process to be notified and then indicate that the affiliations should be extended. Enable C&G control for SR retro payroll distributions. Create WebDAV folders to exchange student account Create WebDAV folders for Shands information with Shands Billing Email Schedule Change Billing Email Schedule Change SA . Upgrade of QC to a supported version and replatform from SQL Server to Oracle RDBMS.CASHNet 3.Prevent Department SSN/Business Name Changes name.50 Upgrade SA . CIT .50 Upgrade SR: Effort Reporting Implementation Implement an effort reporting system to report % effort for research grants to the federal government and instructional contact hours to the state.Effort Reporting Modifications .Quality Center / Load Runner / Quick Test Upgrade SA .Add States for Expert Pay SR Retro Distribution Control Projected Payroll Distribution CI Enhancement . that should only be modified by a core office with supporting documentation.CASHNet 3.Tools 8.Self Service GLID Renewal is a project to notify LOA1 and LOA2 users who are in jeoperday accounts CIT . Departmental users have been accessing and modifying employee personal data.Electronic Folder Storage for Employee Records .Summer Semester (OIPR) require enhancements to the Effort Reporting 2010 system each semester.Shands Directory Interface SA . Upgrade to Version 21 of the Federal Government's EVerify software Provide support for upload of PDF's and word docs inside grad application Convergys open enrollment benefit changes for 2010 Cost Analysis and Institutional Planning and Research HR . SA .Student Information File (SIF) waiver data process rewrite HR . such as SSN and business HR .1 Upgrade HR .PDF Upload for Gradapp HR .HR . Rewrite the SIF waiver data process to produce a daily waiver file that meets BOG requirements for content and format.E-Verify Version 21 Upgrade SI . Shands has been working to improve the interface between their applications and LDAP technologies and the UF Directory database.1 Upgrade Provide a link in PeopleSoft to access HR data in content manager ES .Tools 8. Provide a process to enter and report projected payroll distributions.

Paid Parental Leave HR .Enhancement . Depending on the time of the year.Self-Service Payroll Deduction The RCM budgeting process has substantially increased the administrative demands on both the CFO's office and campus administrative offices. different tax updates will have different content. 1098T Processing for CY2010 OUR Interface class/section data modifications to send an alpha-numeric value SA/HR . The program is to be called the Paid Parental Leave Program. UF is doing a trial with Gartner for the next six months by providing access to their core research to all central IT staff and key campus IT staff (IT directors).1098T Processing for CY2010 SA Interface class/section data modifications SA/HR .Self-Service Payroll Deduction BI . InCommon and INternets two particpants to better document and understand the process.Tax Update 10F SR/BI: SR Warehouse Initiative UF SharePoint 2010 Gartner Access for Central IT Staff . HR\PA .HR . the transaction is not getting put into the the retro distribution trigger tables to process.Hyperion Pilot HR . TEAMS. InCommon Silver Deployment project and certification HR .File (to Mainframe) of Data on GAs & Fellows for whom Waivers Processed HR\PA . A new program for USPS. and Faculty is expected to be approved 12/10/2010 by the Board of Trustees. HR Tax Update 10F SR/BI: SR Warehouse Initiative UF Registrar wants to move the current HTML implementation of the Undergraduate Catalog to a SharePoint 2010 implmenation. Apply HR Tax Updates 10D and 10E.Trigger Retro Distributions HR .Security Role Changes Sakai Integration UPK Upgrade Correct Effort Reporting report InCommon Silver Deployment project and certification will seek the certification from InCommon and work with SURA. An effective planning and reporting tool is required. When retro distributions are entered in a particular way on the UF Payroll Distributions screen.Main Campus office has requested a nightly mainframe file with data from PeopleSoft regarding GA and Fellow employees for whom waivers were processed. PeopleSoft releases tax updates on a regular basis.Security Role Changes (PS projects) Sakai Integration UPK Upgrade Correct Effort Reporting report The Enterprise Systems .Apply HR Tax Update 10D & 10E SA .

Prevent Department SSN/Business Name Changes name. that should only be modified by a core office with supporting documentation. .Apply 2011 PeopleSoft Bundles and Updates Apply 2011 PeopleSoft Bundles and Updates Replace the current Student Resources vendor with the HR . FI .Apply 2011 PeopleSoft Bundles and Updates HR .Health Insurance .Move monitoring of ES main campus batch to ES OPS/Production Services BI .Tax Update 11A Move monitoring of ES main campus batch to ES OPS/Production Services Warehouse Student Data Re-platform / Admissions Data Mart Due to changes with UFF collective bargaining agreements and by Provost initiative.Warehouse Student Data Re-platform / Admissions Data Mart HR . different tax updates will have different content.Process to Replace FBP Earnings Codes on Department Budget Table Distribution process that does not add the rows to the department budget table for each earnings code. Budget Prep for 2011 Prep Cycle Budget Prep for 2011 Prep Cycle TM is proposing to shift depts.GatorGradCare and PostDocCare BCBS of Florida vendor for GatorGradCare and Vendor Change PostDocCare plans. HR . HR .Apply HR Tax Update 11B & 11C Apply 2011 PeopleSoft Bundles and Updates PeopleSoft releases tax updates on a regular basis. such as SSN and business HR .Tax Update 11A ES .CASHNet Departmental Deposits receivable billing over to CASHNet¿s departmental deposits interface. Iworking with the third party vendor TALX to automate 9 and E-Verify the payroll sign-up process including the I-9 and E-Verify SA . Develop automated APPMAN process that can run necessary processed and sql. po roll. who do not require SA .Summer Jobs Salary Edit file must accommodate set salary caps now in place for summer appointments. Automate required Submit Proposal page data entry SR: Submit Proposal Automation once proposal is institutionally approved to enable award generation. Improve the employee hire or "onboarding" process by HR .Search and Replace of SharePoint (2010) Site Collection Administrator to Undergraduate Catalog perform a search and replace for text in all wiki pages in all libraries in a site collection. Depending on the time of the year.Implement TALX electronic onboarding including.Automate PO Rollover Year End Process Th purchasing ye process. Departmental users have been accessing and modifying employee personal data. is a manually intensive process that takes many hours of Ba's and dba's time during ye. the Summer Jobs HR . A simple user interface and functionality for a UF SharePoint 2010 .

This project will replace the current manual method of data collection and presentation used during University of Florida graduation ceremonies with a more automated process. UPgrade of the Portal application to 9.HAMS Record Delete Functionality . ePAF is restricted for use with FELLOWS to only hires and terminations. The existing admissions application needs to be updated to support and utilize new SUDS methodologies for reporting admissions data to BOG.Automate/expand Distance Learning Fees ES-E SharePoint 2010 Implementaiton O'Connell Center Graduation Project HR Enhancement . To assess the current SP 2003 site and migrate to SP 2010 with an eye towards integrating with the rest of UFIT. Enable 9 mo DSR Worklists.1 Application Upgrade Due to new legislation that is expected to be approved by Governor Scott. Currently there is no functionality to SA . SA . and Oracle database version to 11G The Windstar/PeopleSoft HRMS Interface is being requested to more accurately coordinate and record the tax and immigration information shared between the Windstar and PeopleSoft HRMS databases.Update existing systems to handle requesting and approving Distance Learning fees. employees will be required to contribute 3% to retirement. SA . The need exists to have Addl Pay actions also available through ePAF for The Workforce Monitoring > Record Medical Exam Results > Physical Exam screen is used to house HAMS exam results.The current return of Title IV process needs to be updated to comply with the new rule changes (so that it correctly handles students who have received Title IV aid and who drop modular courses).1 Application Upgrade HR . SUDS Conversion for Admissions Data Enterprise Portal 9.1 Upgrade HR . and accurate display of fee charges on the Sched of Courses. assessment of approved distance learning fees. and DSR roles from Professionals and Budget Details.51.Windstar/PeopleSoft Interface SR: Extend Proposal functionality to add critical fieds to SR: Proposal Enhancements (DSR Worklist.Return of Title IV Aid and Modular Courses SA . and exclude Dean.2011 Retirement Legislation HR 9. Currently. Chair. tools set to 8. and Professionals Optimization) summer.FELLOWS Addl Pay via ePAF HR Enhancement .1. enable use of 9 month faculty during the Faculty.HR 9.

implement the tuning recommendations of three separate consultants (Job Miller.HR . This is a campus-wide effort will pull data from multiple sources and is required to meet UF's goal of become carbon neutral. Create a semantic web database of faculty activites. This project is based in the Office of Sustainability.51. Upgrade HP Quality Center from Version 10 to Version 11 To build out RPT.xx Upgrade SIS . publications and interests supporting search and production of faculty web sites Develop system for gathering logs from enterprise authentication systems to streamline data aggregation and incident response Develop approaches to improve compliance with FISMA standards for information security BI Tuning Project. and Jim Patriquin) PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.Phase 2 Upgrade Quality Center to QC 11 The goals are to integrate additional data from the GIMS and Course Evaluation systems for automatic inclusion into the packet and provide Self Service/Upload applications for Publications.Fall 2011 PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8. SFA. Jeff Reiter. with PPD and the Office of Sustainability.Online Promotion and Tenure . is working on developing energy dashboards to be deployed in all new facilities.xx Upgrade: Campus Solutions Enterprise Performance Management Financials HRMS Portal SIS . The dashboards are intended to give occupants feedback on facilities energy usage and help occupants change behavior to save energy and related costs FPC will be assuming the responsibility to track UF's carbon inventory for reporting and analysis.Update Admissions. GRE Test Score Changes UF IT Project Portfolio Initiative On-line interface that will assist end users with completing common transactions related to Asset management FPC. Student Records. and Student Financials systems to manage and track students in the Innovation Academy program.51.Innovation Academy GRE Test Score Changes UF IT Project Portfolio Initiative My Assets Energy Dashboards Carbon Database VIVO (Gator Scholar) Centralized logging FISMA strategy . record the BI test set.

ufl Photographic class roles On-line election systems to be a general purpose voting or survey system Review evaluations. with patients. Effects all student systems.senate. within research teams. Implement the ITAP recommendation to create a single IT Security and Compliance group at the University of Florida (UF). improving the university’s efforts to assess risk and protect its information and computing assets Improve online training modules for CyberSafeguards of UF Restricted Data Improve posture assessment prior to connection of WiPA hosts Find Restricted Data before it's exposed. Identify and recommend a second authentication factor to protect UF's most critical assets Comply with federal requirements for coding race as multi-valued. Improve records of hosts authorized to store Restricted Data. Phase II Data Discovery Registration of Hosts that Store Restricted Data Risk Management Pilot FireEye Intrusion Detection Appliance Encryption Key Management Two-Factor Authentication Pilot Federal Ethnicity Changes Build out reporting features for evaluations.Secure file transfer capability Mgt of security policies and standards Secure Communication Strategy Identify and recommend a scalable secure file transfer methodology for research and clinical use. Assist Shands with utilizing API's and Directory data.Shands Directory Interface . funding and use. Demonstrate value of risk management by conducting a few engagements Add FireEye to intrusion detection tools to catch threats missed by Snort Central management of encryption keys to ensure availability of data assets.ufl. Create Information Security and Compliance Online Data Security Training Modules Network Access Control. reporting to the CIO.Enhancement strategic review CI. Needed for communication with students. Improve evaluation application for departmental use Provide student photos with student names for class rolls Expand application at for future owner.ufl. Minimize locations where Restricted Data is stored. Improve the management of security policies and standards Identify and recommend an approach to secure communication.

will require the student to repay scholarships when they drop a class even if they are fee liable for the course.Secure electronic forms for SFA Florida Opportunity Scholars change in hours enrolled requirement Automate calculating Fla Bright Futures for students with transient hours Include Overseas hours in the renewal process for scholarships Year Round Pell Replace on-line PDFs with on-line live forms which students can digitally sign and securely transmit for processing by SFA. Current legistation requires UF to remove the experimental site code and implement the other processes we were not doing. Federal regulations allows UF to not do some processes because we are an experimental site. Waiver and Prepaid Student budgets for Summer PELL eligible from 09-10 application Electronic Output Track Advisors Student/Parent Contact Experimental site is going away Fla Bright Futures receipents will be required to refund scholarship when they drop a course Module Courses . All our processes for each academic year hinge on the federal application. and return the money to Tallahassee. Reduce the volume of reports we print every night Create a tracking system so advisors will know if student is seeing several advisors the same day hoping for different results. In order to disburse Fla Opp Scholarship student must be enrolled for 15 hours. This will greatly impact the way we calculate Stafford Loans Current legistation changes. Bridges will send SFA summer term information. SFA will need to design a way to inculde module course into all of our processes Third Party Donor. SFA will create a system to monitor enrollment. People Soft does not maintain session data. if passed. set up the paybacks. In legacy SFA received a session identifier as well as a term. SFA needs to brake this data down for each session New federal regulations allow UF to disburse summer 0809 PELL to students from their 09-10 application. Also data will be used to send a survey to each student each week. notify the students. They can get all other aid while taking only 12 hours Currently this is a manual process Currently this is a manual process Change in Federal regulations allow for full time PELL disbursement for every term student is enrolled. Since all of our files are year dependent we must read data from different sources in order to create the budgets.

are transients. SFA will use a summer aid application to reduce the number of problems we have during summer disbursements Sore data from ISIS on SFA Tracking file Calculate loans to match students summer enrollment Calculate loans to match students summer enrollment Notify Students of new summer application and process.Special Programs SFA maintains a file that tracks students who study abroad. or are in consortium programs. Students can use this site to get a rough estimate of the financail aid they would receive. Data that we got from the legacy system that we have not been receiving from the People Soft UF is chaning the way they identify graduate students who are getting the out of station portion of their fees waived. Create n EAGLe page so SFA staff can see all the transactions a student has made towards paying back financial aid SFA needs to have the first layer of files in production by Jan 1st to accept the new academic year applications SFA needs to have the first layer of files in production by Jan 1st to accept the new academic year applications SFA puts up a WEB page that the Admissions office uses while on the road recruiting. Mini session will be over before Sum-A starts. Need to figure out how to pay these students. SFA will have to change many processes to accommodate the new flag Classes will be between Spring and Summer-A term Studtents will be eligible for Financial aid. Students can use this site to get a rough estimate of the financail aid they would receive. Can't pay Summer-A monies until Summer-A starts. FTIC students paid from 09/10 applications for summer term. Hours will count towards the summer-A load. Direct Deposit flag form UFS/Bridges Out of State residency for some graduate students May Intersession Tracking System for payback transactions Create 10-11 Financial Aid files for new academic year Create 10-11 batch jobs for new academic year Earlier Estimator Net price estimator Summer Financial Aid application (ISIS page) Summer Financial Aid application (Track file) Summer Financial Aid application (Loan calculations) Summer Financial Aid application (PELL calculations) Summer Financial Aid application (Emails) Student budgets for Summer 09/10 PELL and AIM Students from 09-10 Federal application . We need to add Trip costs to this process.

If not student must petition Add new status flag to SFA ISIS page so students will know they need to petition their scholarship. state and UF policies to students who will be attend the university in 10/11 Using the data on the 09/10 award file we can forcast some of the aid from outsides sources that the students will be receiving Creating a budget component table using EAGLE screen for users to enter/update values. Federal Regulations require UF to run a Quality Assurance process against the financial records ever other year. Add new status element to notify the student that an academic progress petition needs to be completed and show the date we process it. Immigration. 10/11 is a required year Monitor process for students that are studing abroad.Student budgets for Summer 09/10 PELL and AIM Students from 10-11 Federal application FTIC students are not required to apply for both 09/10 and 10/11 federal aid. UF interacts with Tallahassee for students eligible to receive Florida Bright Futurescholarship Using the 10/11 student application system to process stafford loans. Process for outside donor checks to be deposited and disbursed to the student Process for monitoring for donor based SFA scholarships. 10-11 Automated Package 10-11 Automated Packaging Predicts On-Line Budget Table 10/11 Verification Process Quality Assurance 10/11 Special Program 10/11 Checks Processing 10/11 Scholarship Processing 10/11 Bright Futures 10/11 Loan Processing COD Plus Process State Programs Grade & Hour Admissions Scholarship Processing ISIS Scholarship Petitions ISIS Academic Progress Petitions . Data will be updated as petition is processed. Data is exchanged with Federal servicers The old Federal Plus loan data exchange process is now being automated Reporting grades and hours to Tallahassee for renewal eligibliity for all state programs Once grades are posted at the end of spring term. Make aid offers according to federal. predited awards will become real awards if student meets all renewal criteria. Federal regulations request Uf to verify data on studetns applications w/IRS. We can pay 09/10 aid from the 10/11 application using summer term as the header. etc.

End of Year data reporting: FISAP. BOG and FACTBOOK ABA End of Year reporting for the college of LAW Summer Aid Processing Summer Law Spring Cancellations Redesign/simplify summer processing Redesign/Automate Private Loans Legislative changes for Bright Futures On-line Chat Student with advisor Implement changes to ISIS Automate compliance Modify Academic Progress Automate document imaging system 11/12 Tracking Process 11/12 EDE process 11/12 SNA process 11/12 Award process EOY reports Law EOY reports . using the 3 terms processing. Due to a Late start date for the Law school accommodations need to be made to hold aid until law school classes begin Remove awards for students that did not attened Spring term. All refunded monies will go into the new Dept Flex to pay back Tallahassee. Modify current Bright Futures programs to reflect changes from the resent legislative changes. due to the new ruling for the dropped hour payback in the state program reconciliation process. This affected several processings: Loans. Rolling Revisions…. Summer Aid for C-term is now all being paid during the A term. Paybacks.State Program Reconciliation IRA (Institution Reimbursement Account) A complete re-write is required. Budgets. if disbursed within the same day Update current Academic Progress process using the new mandated Federal guidelines. Allow images to be sent to domument imaging system via electronic process Create the 11/12 Application Tracking process Create the 11/12 EDE process for federal application information Create the 11/12 Student Needs Analysis process for the federal applications Create the 11/12 students financial aid award files. New process to allow studetns to Chat with Advisors about financial aid issues Modify current process as a result of survey findings Currently online updates are not audited before disbursement. Required a re-write to now use 2 different Dept Flex accounts for State Program processing. Redesign current Private loan process to use excel/data base files from vendors. Simplify. across the multi systems the current processing for Summer.

an extra term of aid. Applications SFA maintains a file that tracks students who study abroad. or are in consortium programs. that qualify. Process for outside donor checks to be deposited and disbursed to the student Process for monitoring for donor based SFA scholarships. starting Spring term. are transients. SFA is required by Federal Regulations to implement a new Net-Price Calculator for parents of potential students to calculate their cost of attendace and financial aid eligibility. SFA to award graduation students. Maintain a FOS History Exc file for Student Affairs VP office Maintain a NON-FOS History Exc file for Student Affairs VP office Spring Florida Bright Futures Net Pric Calculator College Awarded Scholarships Spring Loans 11/12 Special Programs 11/12 Checks Processing 11/12 Scholarship Processing 11/12 Bright Futures 11/12 Loan Processing 11/12 COD Plus Process 11/12 State Programs Grade & Hour 11/12 Work Permits Student Info Release Data Entry Inovation Academy Early Disb for Financial Aid FOS History Exc NON-FOS History Exc . UF interacts with Tallahassee for students eligible to receive Florida Bright Future scholarship Using the 11/12 student application system to process stafford loans.Pell Spring Calculations Modify Spring PELL calculation process to implement new federal regulations for accelerated progression. Design a system that will allow colleges to use aWEB based application to submit scholarships to the financial aid office. Calculate Spring only Stafford loans from the Federa. Data is exchanged with Federal servicers Maintain Federal Plus and Gplus loan data exchange process. Reporting grades and hours to Tallahassee for renewal eligibliity for all state programs Maintain a Work Permit Process and and Printing system Create a new data entry process for Student Info Release forms Design new systems to calculate awards based on the new Spring/Summer Cohort Update current Fall payment process to allow payments prior to term begin date. Current legistation changes require.

tables and batch jobs to build and edit the termly and annual reporting to Board of Governors BOE SUDS tables prior to submission New batch job scheduling system Refine JAMS for BOE Minus Grades Gordon Rule evaluation Grades anytime Create a more flexible system to schedule/release batch jobs Adapt JAMS to produce termly and annual BOE submission reports Implement the function to allow graders to assign minus grades in all UF course work Implement the capability to grade Gordon Rule separately from the grade given to the class work Allow sections in a term to be graded as they finish instead of at the end of the regular term The next set of enhancements to departmental registration system to continue to make it more user friendly for colleges and departments. Deliver high touch personalized communication to reach our target population. Course schedulinjg and exam system upgrades . Access analytics and real time tracking to view current results mapped to predetermined goals and enact changes in strategy as needed. Evaluate the effectiveness of campaign strategies to determine the return on investment and future planning.On-line Course Catalog New Grad student admission application Board of Education (BOE) data warehouse interface Provide a work-flow controlled process to provide updates to the official annually published UF Course Catalog Replace VSAM based application with a data base driven application with enhanced capabilities Add State University Data System (SUDS) data to the current data warehouse Build and sustain effective relationships. Target and campaign select market segments to yield the best possible freshman cohort. The specific enhancements to be addressed for this release will be determined when work starts Enhancements to student and department registration systems and student registration system. Update the application to conform to the new requirements of the Admission Office Admissions Recruitment Mgt Phase 2 Admissions Recruitment Mgt Phase 3 Undergrad 2010 application enhancements Interface to Board of Education (BOE) /SUDS system for Create pages. The specific enhancements to be addressed for this release will be determined when work starts The next set of enhancements to the course scheduling and exam scheduling systems to continue to make it more user friendly for colleges and departments.

more timely updates and better information for the admissions officers Athlete certification system Diploma reorders and charging Instructor workload on web Eliminate UUID from Student Data Warehouse Fellowship Tracking System Grad School Job Placement Creation of Self Service Event scheduling system for campus Integrated Admissions Processing for Transfers New Test Scores Import . Study abroad not charged correctly. display name on 3rd party billing. Track job placement for program graduates. add disclaimer. RA63EXPR not working.Transcript charging enhancements Edits for offline conversion. Develop a new application to track awards under the Alumni Fellowship program. fed-x interface. eligibility and enrollments tracking as well as more automated reporting to external agencies Provide a student self service interface to allow the student to order additional copies of their diploma and pay online through epay Migrate from the current text based user interface to a web based entry system with other identified enhancements to increase functionality and granularity of security UUID is provided in the student data warehouse. This will enable colleges to maintain the data. email and address required. SSN should not be stored in the Student Data Warehouse. replace magnifying glass with click here. Need to add infrastructure to enable seamless integration to the course scheduling system Automate many of the processes used for transfer admissions. Provides automated matching. Significant coordination with data consumers will be required. batch internal screen process. special handling codes. Track financial information as well as academic productivity of the recipients for cohort analysis. 2/3 of the UUID values are SSN values. adjust signature flash. like making the process web based instead of using paper applications Add more electronic test score imports to the ARMS system. edits for split payment for overpay and under pay . both in data and key values. Streamline workflow. search by check number. 1000 graduate students have these awards. UUID will be replaced with UFID. electronic upload of forms. check correction. refund report. allowing the consolidation of information for reporting purposes.

Continue to reduce the costs and impact of printing on paper. drops and withdrawals on the web.Improve customer service level due to high demand for a short duration. This also facilitates the archival in a convenient manner and provides data in secure format that allows users to slice and dice the data to get the answers needed for management decisions. management system provide access when appropriate. drops and withdrawals on the Student self service adds. Resurvey all students and adding new granularity collection and reporting functionality Provide self service enrollment certification to students through the National Student Clearing House A work flow engine that can meet the needs of at least 5 levels of approval required in many student records' processes to automate them. Student self service adds. for internal and Convert all generated reporting be viewed/downloaded external campus clients to this environment for from ISISAdmin enhanced security and convenience . Create undergraduate catalog on web. Develop new system including workflow for course creation and approval development process to flow all the way up to SCNS and then back to curriculum inventory. electronic and printed. Self Service Non Degree application interactive to Student Records system Development of interactive non degree application form on web and creation of workflow to make it useful for on campus students as well as those in special/off campus programs. Re-envision an enhanced Grad e-referral process with colleges and departments. Admissions Decision Notification New Alcohol Education interface Updating the Cancel/Withdrawal processing to correspond to the new rules 2009-2010 Course Catalog New ethnicities requirement Interface to Student Loan Clearinghouse self service product Developing robust workflow engine Replace existing vendor with new vendor interface Revenue generation removing the old cancel non pay/not fee liable and replacing with withdrawn non pay but still fee liable. including workflow for approvals. Undergraduate and graduate course creation and approval system Convert all internally printed output to be viewed on line in a secure environment Move all reports. and integrate with Admissions Office processing. simplifying workflow where Graduate Admissions Electronic Referral possible. including workflow for approvals and calendar web. Update the VA processing to comply with the new GI Bill Incorporate chapter 33 van benefits and new regulations requirements into all processes.

email notification to students registration holds. Self Service late degree application and minor application including work flow. replace screens 365. become effective on June 1. Repeat Course letters. Code students as to their dependency status. enrollment changes. dcb and paper output.Implementation of ALEKS for math prerequisite checking. and record changes. colleges and departments a historical dashboard for reviewing transfer admissions Dependency Status for FERPA Compliance Degree Certification Enhancements Enhance communication opportunities using Secure Internet Messaging (SIM) Add new screens to ISIS Admin for campus users Grades anytime enhancements Transfer Admissions Applicant Dashboard UF FACTS Apps Admissions BoG/SUDS system for termly and annual reporting to Board of Governors Transfer Admissions Managment Dashboard GRE electronic record layout change effective on June 1. Update the application to conform to the new Undergrad 2011 application enhancements requirements of the Admission Office Update the application to conform to the new Grad 2011 application enhancements requirements of the Admission Office and BoG . Add multiple majors to degree certification process.move to SIM. DB2 Degree file . all UF folks could look in one place and not have to put everyone through so many hoops because the campus is so decentralized. CLAST Upgrades Online change of grade process S/U option self service Create a "Build Offline Record" screen Interface to outside vendor to implement Math competency exam for students. Streamline and automate processing -repeal of CLAST will have new system requirements Online Change of Grade system for faculty to submit grade changes in a secure environment including workflow Automate S/U option self service for student Combine data required to be completed using multiple screens down to one view for updating and checking. Changes to the GRE electronic record layout that will 2010. grade changes. Add screens INU and 741 to ISIS Admin Change batch support for the collection and posting of grades for non-traditional terms Provide colleges and departments daily dashboard for processing transfer admissions Update FACTS app interface to allow UF applications through FACTS Build new BOG Submission Process & tables for Admissions including batch jobs to build and web pages to edit the BOE SUDS tables prior to submission Provide admissions.

Coordinate with Information Security to identify potential risk of could include a UF enterprise wide calendar application. privacy and IT Security .ufl.UF Phonebook improvements High Availability ufl.ufl VirtualTour Rebuild Improve UF Google Search UF Calendar improvement Build out initial features for approval. Survey existing social media accounts across UF and related domains for use in improving overal Web presence of UF. Coorindate where possible in conjuncitiion with University Relations to make branding and message consistent and Refresh UFL.ufl.EDU refresh Improve UF Phonebook application. Create a simple one page introduction to different issues that are high risk areas for UF UF Specific Web Crawler UF Social Media Review and Coordination Risk reduction effort. Next phase of development for the approval. Application Improve virtualtour. Propogate best practice information.EDU Create web crawler to collect information on pages under ufl. especially search Review expectations with system and personnel availability to meet requirements for emergency communication channel and home page Improve UF Google Search including advanced features A future project to update calendar.ufl.