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Vocabulary Meaning/Collocation Example SCENE 1: ACCOMMODATION Type of Accommodation accommodation accommodation service If you have any complaints

to make concerning your food or accommodation, please direct them to the house manager. apartment compound apartment I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen. apartment hotel studio apartment B&B (bed and breakfast) cabin They rented a cabin for their vacation. cottage The row of buildings you can see on the left are the cottages. They were built for the workers towards the end of the 18th century. flat a furnished flat an unfurnished flat house detached house boarding house family house guest house homestay/familystay host family I understand you help fix up students with host families. hall of residence In the first year, I lived in the hall of residence, which was pretty good. inn The traveler decided to lie at an inn that night. lodge a ski lodge It’s cheaper to lodge in the reception centre than in a hotel. motel There was a vacancy in the motel. ranch house residential college room single room double room

twin room student hostel suite tavern quán trọ Surroundings and views annoying noise blackout city center dangerous downtown insects haunting metropolitan area movie theater real garden rural area outskirts snorer sports center suburb Interior structure and facilities attic gác mái entrance hall balcony bathtub If you’d like to pay me a small deposit, I’ll put the suite aside for you, sir. I would prefer my own facilities – “en suite”, is that right? The tired traveler finally found a tavern. The blackout caused more rioting in Los Angeles. Now I’m living in the city center, but I want to rent a flat in the north-west of the city. It’s dangerous to play on the road. I went downtown to do some shopping today.

I’d also like the house to have a real garden rather than just a yard, somewhere I could sit and be peaceful. Most industry is on the outskirts of cities. I don’t like to stay in a hostel. The person in the bed next to you tends to be a snorer. Many people commute from the suburbs. We use the attic for storage. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the room, but it’s permitted on balconies. The bathtub drain needs repairing.

bedsitter bed linen blanket blender blind/shutter cable TV cabinet carpet coffee maker courtyard ceiling central heating couch cushion dining area dustpan elevator/lift escalator fridge/refrigerator fire/emergency door fire extinguisher garage guest room iron kitchen cabinet linen cabinet bathroom cabinet lay a carpet

In your fees you’ve paid a laundry fee which covers the cleaning of bed linen and towels. The shutter kept banging to and from in the win, so we nailed it back against the wall.

There’s a cream carpet in our living room. This passage leads into the courtyard. The attic has a sloping ceiling.

a couch potato

We’d better pull in at next garage for some petrol. Will you iron out the wrinkles in this skirt?

kettle king-sized bed lawn lobby laundry room lounge mat mattress outlet/power point oven passageway pillow porch queen-sized bed radiator recreation/game room roof sitting/living room shared/separate kitchen shower sink stereo system storehouse electric kettle boil water in a kettle a tennis lawn mow the lawn a cocktail lounge global lounge spread a mat on the floor a bath mat microwave oven pillow case cổng vòm/hành lang The kettle is boiling. . We played badminton on the lawn. There are clocks in all the lift lobbies in the library. The roof of the cathedral is spectacular. shower set shower curtain The position of storehouse is just opposite to that of the main building. Tom was cold so he huddled up against the radiator. The guests are waiting in the porch. Would you like to have a cocktail in our lounge while you’re waiting? The mattress is made of spring wires.

you never know when there’s going to be a break-in. bath towel beach towel cooking utensil kitchen utensil She wrapped her new dress carefully and tucked it away in the wardrobe. vacuum cleaner wardrobe washing machine and dryer Rent. We received ten applications for the job. insurance and repair agency real-estate agency house agency allocation application bill block break-in contract execution of contract renewal of a contract bills exrta bills included apartment block office block It’s the university’s policy to give priority in the allocation of residence places to three categories. .stove switch terrace toaster towel utensil electric stove gas stove turn on/turn off the light switch We’ll have a supper on the terrace. Considering the insurance these days.

call 911.) mortgage move-in notice move-in date privacy receipt refund rent replace rule senior settle down tenant vegetarian to assume responsibility for the debt. housing rules floor senior người thuê nhà I want to find students as tenants.)  leakage lease (v.. mortgage loan to mortgage a house an invasion of privacy intrude on a person’s privacy rent receipt The deposit is not refunded if any damage occurs. I prefer vegetarian food. Please check the conditions before you sign the lease.) house owner insurance landlord/landlady leak (v.default deposit emergency flicker (v. In an emergency. The bathroom light flickers quite badly and it gives me headaches. . or default You have to pay two-month rent as deposit. annual insurance cost The lease of their house will fall next year. n. maximum rent minimum rent We’ll get the torn curtain replaced next week.

the famous cathedral in the city. traffic builds up along the roads to the coast.SCENE 2: TRAVEL Names of Tour aquarium barbeque (BBQ) beach botanical garden bungee jumping bushwalk camping castle cathedral club coast coral creature cruise desert diving excursion expedition exhibition farm gallery They watched the fish swimming in the aquarium. coral reef sea creature crocodile cruise whale cruise Vast areas of land have become desert. go camping On the second day in Paris. A barbeque party on the beach has great attraction for me. He was on an expedition to explore the Antarctic. we’ll visit Notre Dame. walk along the beach If you don’t like whale cruise. There’s going to be a pottery exhibition at the art gallery. night club local walking club In the summer. organic farm an art gallery the National gallery . scuba diving The excursion was the high spot of our holiday. you can have a bushwalk through the national park.

a zoological museum the British museum a science museum an art museum Many kinds of orchid are becoming rare. go on holiday holiday length You can ask the travel agency for the itinerary arrangement. we will have an outing. The place is a splendid historical heritage. The river flows by the foot of the hill. a long train journey a journey on foot/by rail/by plane Daisies are running riot in the meadow.gorge heritage hiking hill historical site holiday horse riding itinerary journey keepsake knick-knack local guide marine life meadow museum The precipitous gorge stunned us. orchid opera house outing painting park . Sydney Opera House have an outing to the seaside amusement park National park reptile park Given good weather.

rock climbing safari scene scenery sculpture sightseeing snow-capped mountain spring Stonehenge souvenir .Royal Park water park wildlife park parachuting ramble rainforest resort go for a country ramble health resort holiday resort summer resort tropical resort tourist resort beach resort countryside resort safari park scenic spot cityscape scenery seascape scenery splendid scenery go sightseeing a sightseeing tour bathe in hot springs a souvenir/gift shop a souvenir of one’s first trip abroad The city is famous for its picturesque scene The region is remarkable for its scenery.

tourism tourist . where the horses were kept for transporting products.surfing stable temple theater tour a movie theater a lecture theater city tour guided tour package tour spotlight tour tourist area/spot automobile tour tour trade show tour operation tour destination budget tourism culture tourism ecotourism integrated tourism tourism development plans tourism facilities tourism region tourism marketing tourism income business tourist tourist center tourist union tourist economy tourist advertising Across them from the yard are the stables. The ancient temple is hidden among trees.

vineyard waterfall waterskiing Forms of Transportation aero plane bile mountain bike coach medium-sized coach courtesy car boat ferry boat pleasure boat flight book a flight charter flight .tower travel trip view tourist preference tourist needs tourist satisfaction tourist flow tourist statistics tourist expenditure Tower of London Eiffel Tower business travel travel agency a boat trip a bus trip a fishing trip see spectacular/splendid views a good view What I really want to do at the Cathedral is to climb the tower.

We went to the airport to see him off.) brochure airways airlines class check-in currency exchange destination discount khu vực cách ly airport terminal airport tax airport lounge boarding card British Airways economy class business class first class The airplane’s destination is flight flight attendant four-wheel drive greyhound minibus ship train xe buýt chạy đường dài express train double-deck passenger train The yacht is lying up in the dock. When can I board the plane? He gave me a brochure about that scenic spot. The ticket is available for three days.) board (v. An airhostess would take charge of me and I never had an unpleasant experience. Is there a discount for company booking? . yacht Airport and ticket booking air host/hostess apron area airport available (adj.

declare (v. . We’ve got a stopover in Atlanta on the way to New York.) duty-free shop embarkation card ETA ETD fare hard sleeper intermediate stop land (v.) delay (n. luggage barrow luggage compartment luggage claim area lost luggage claim form special offer platform ticket a passenger cabin competitive price price list make a reservation confirm a reservation cancel a reservation quá cảnh The plane’s taxiing on the runway.) luggage You can get a discount of 5% with the international student card. The pilot made an emergency landing. Do you have anything to declare? What delayed you so long yesterday? thẻ lên tàu estimated time of arrival estimated time of departure a taxi/bus fare a single fare How much is the air fare to London? The plane landed an hour late. offer platform passenger pilot price refuel (v./v.) reservation runway stopover At which platform is our train? Each passenger is allowed two carry-on pieces of luggage.

Why don’t you hire a caravan for couple of weeks each year instead of going to the expense of buying one? .schedule souvenir shop time difference/conversion ticket scheduled time of departure scheduled time of arrival term schedule air ticket budget ticket berth ticket half-price ticket open ticket return/round-trip ticket single/one-way ticket saver ticket stand-by ticket ticket office ticket machine vacant seat Accommodation and Facilities accommodation capacity atmosphere warm/friendly atmosphere B&B bed and breakfast cabin caravan nh{ lưu động cloakroom club phòng để mũ |o a garden club a club for teenagers a swimming club I like the woodsy atmosphere of this restaurant.

first served The operator finally got me through to Mr. . Black’s extension number.a walking club a book club a tennis club a soccer club club members cottage facility conference facilities coffee-and-tea-making facilities basic facilities sports facilities a well-equipped gym student hostel youth hostel five-star hotel gym holiday house hostel inn lodge motel operator registration card room service người trực tổng đ{i double room single room business room high-quality service friendly service service charge first come.

We have no vacancy for tonight. His backpack is broken. The compass was first used in sailing. repellent vải không thấm nước route book I gave the doorman a tip. I’ve got no film in my service swimming pool tennis court tip vacancy Items that should be taken backpack beach towel binoculars camera casual clothes compass credit card driving license guidebook hat put on/take off your hat helmet hiking boots identification long trousers map a road map a map of the bus system mosquito net outing shirt passport passport-sized photo pannier thúng. We need two forms of identification for registering the library. I’ve got to buy beach towels and sun block. He took out the binoculars and adjusted the focus. He backpacked around Europe. .

It’s too dark to see. entry/exit visa transit visa multiple entry-exit visa tourist/visitor visa The bakery serves us with fresh bread daily. sunscreen sunglasses swimming suit sweater tent torch swimming trunks water container visa It’s a good idea to bring your hiking boots and thick socks when hiking. Waiter! The bill.sleeping bag sneakers socks sun block. . please. The sweater is woven with pure wool. Turn a torch on. trainers Dining places and ware bakery banquet banquet hall new year’s banquet bill book a table breakfast buffet buffet party chef common room canteen café The chef’s specialty is shrimps with crispy fried rice crust.

The Queen invited them to a feast. They ordered a meal.cafeteria confectionery dining hall drive-in feast fork grocery hamburger joint knife lunch luncheon luncheonette menu napkin order outlet plate pizzeria ready-to-eat section reception refectory saucer set course snack bar spoon All students have to eat in the cafeteria. a wedding reception phòng ăn dĩa tablespoon teaspoon . bánh kẹo give/hold a feast eat steak with a knife and fork grocery store: cửa hàng tạp hoá three-course lunch luncheon party: tiệc trưa cửa h{ng ăn trưa Is there a set menu for lunch? I put a napkin by my plate.

The combination of flour and water makes paste. and the like are cereals. .takeout take-away restaurant tea party tray vending machine Foods appetizer afternoon tea bread đồ ăn mang theo ash tray Select a nonalcoholic appetizer. This machine crushes wheat grain to make flour. wholemeal bread sliced bread crust of bread bread and butter bread crumb Wheat. such as tomato juice. sweet potato congee Chinese food cereals cold meats congee cookie crisps croissant dessert fish and chips flour grain hotdog Indian food kimchi Fish and chips are the national snack of Britain. oats. if you do not care for an aperitif.

Rice is our staple food. apple pie strawperry pie salad oil garden salad green salad tomato soup seaweed soup cabbage soup fish ball soup beef soup onion soup lương thực chủ yếu a sushi bar What’s the specialty of the house? People served a spaghetti supper in the parish house.main course macaroni Mexican food pie pizza potato mash pudding refreshment beverage drinks sandwich salad soup Macaroni tastes different from spaghetti. specialty spaghetti staple sushi starter taco toast .

western food Names of Meat bacon brisket carp chicken clam crab duck fish ham meat oyster poultry pork seafood salmon sausage shrimp steak turkey veal Vegetables asparagus bean sprouts roast duck fatty meat lean meat meat juice pork chops pork roast .

broccoli cabbage carrot cauliflower celery chili corn cucumber eggplant garlic ginger leek lettuce mushroom onion pea pickled vegetable pumpkin radish spinach tomato turnip Fruits almond apple apricot banana blueberry .

cantaloupe cherry chestnut coconut date fig kiwi fruit grape grapefruit mango olive peach pear pineapple plum papaya peanut pistachio raisin strawberry watermelon walnut Names of Beverage beer brandy champagne cocktail coffee milky coffee .

drink juice lemonade martini milk coffee regular coffee boiler coffee pot freeze-dried coffee black coffee instant coffee cappuccino alcoholic drink cold drink hot drink soft drink lemon juice orange juice tomato juice low-fat milk full-fat milk skimmed milk milk shake milk tea green tea black tea strong tea weak tea ice tea mineral water rum syrup tea water .

soda water chilled water ice water sparkling water purified water whiskey wine yogurt Cuisines. the fragrant smell of the tea I fry two eggs on the frying pan every morning. . curry beef curry chicken and rice Their taste runs to exotic food. seasonings and tastes bitter braise chip chop coat cook cuisine culinary curry dust exotic flavored fragrant fresh fry grate claret hock sugar coat The French cuisine is ancestral.

First slice all the fruit up. medium insipid jam jelly loaf mince paste pepper preserve rare raw roast salt salty sauce savory seasoning serve simmer slice steam stir spread a loaf of bread sesame paste preservation a rare steak soy sauce bean sauce tomato sauce sandwich spread For breakfast. stir the beaten eggs in the milk. Why don’t you steam those lobsters with ginger and scallion now? Now. He has spread a slice of bread with Jam.grill grind half-done. then add the ice cream. she had only a slice of bread and butter. .

The tender young shoots of bamboo are crisp and tasty. I prefer hot and spicy foods.spicy sterile sweet tasty tasteless thick tidbit tough vinegar Health and Diet amino acid appetite blood pressure calorie calcium carbohydrate cause cholesterol diet Personally. have a good appetite have a poor appetite appetitive You should eat food with low calories. Smoking is likely to cause heart attack. change the diet dietitian go/be on a diet healthy diet pyramid balanced diet rich diet vegetarian diet digestion of food digest The food digests well. .

The sea bed is rich in minerals. It’s absolutely vital that food supplies should be maintained. the exercise must be more vigorous to influence resting metabolism. The heart performs a vital bodily function.fat fiber health healthy intake life metabolism mineral moderate nourishing nutrition obesity protein quantity tissue vital vitamin a weak/good digestion indigestion digestible low-fat milk full-fat cream high-fiber food fiber-rich food Smoking is not good for your health. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy. regular daily intake life expectancy life span maintain life Because the conditioned body is adapted to exercise. nutritious nutrient malnutrition protein deficiency Tree nuts are packed with proteins. a moderate drinker Nourishing diet and exercise keep doctors away. vitamin-rich .

consult a doctor consulting hours consultant I feel dizzy and feverish. It’s killing me. Are you allergic to any medication/antibiotics? . He fell from his bike and got bruise in his knee. allergy appointment arthritis asthma break bruise campus clinic chicken pox chronic community hospital cough consult cowpox diarrhea dizzy doze drowsy He is allergic to pollen. There’s nothing like a little doze after lunch.vitamin escape vitamin pill Symptom ache headache grinding toothache backache stomachache allergic make an appointment cancel an appointment I think I might have broken my elbows. The side effect of cough cure is that it may cause drowsiness. It’s an ideal remedy for a cough. She’s developed a chronic cough.

disinfection lung infection superficial infection slight/little infection He is suffering from an itch on the back. She is feeble from sickness. Flu is an infectious disease characterized by fever. hay fever yellow fever The fracture caused him intense pain. mental health mental stress Most passengers of the ship were seized with nausea during the storm at sea. aches and pains and exhaustion.epidemic exhaustion faint fatigue feeble flu/influenza fever food poison fracture fragment gloomy hack health center hiccup infection An epidemic of influenza is spreading quickly in this area. He hated to go back to the gloomy room of the hotel. He felt faint for lack of food. His health is deteriorating from fatigue. inflame insomnia itch leprosy malaria mental nausea .

vision defect severe wound burn wound . My leg is pretty sore. Fever is a symptom of many illnesses. Will the cut leave a scar? The cut on his finder will eventually scar over.pain pneumonia receptionist restless runny nose scar shock small pox sneeze sore sprain stabbing stuffed nose suffocate sunstroke. The dust and cats make ma sneeze a lot. but I think we ought to have it X-rayed. It could be a simple sprain. The woman was in such a state of shock after the accident that she couldn’t get a word out. twist one’s ankle twist one’s wrist stomach ulcer mouth ulcer He was upset by his failure in the exam. heatstroke symptom swell twist ulcer upset vision wound Treatment get an electric shock die of shock a sore throat a stabbing pain The restless students are on the boil again.

acupuncture antibiotic aspirin blood pressure bandage capsule The patient responded well to acupuncture treatment. Some people are allergic to antibiotics like penicillin. take one’s blood pressure a first-aid bandage bandage up the wound Take one capsule every four hours. The aspirin eased his headache. .

XS` XTW^ WS` WS`  Z`SW XW W`ST[_ ZW^S [VW^S`W Z[a^_ZY Za`^`[Z ScWSÈY[[VVYW_`[Z ZVYW_`[Z VYW_`TW [cXS` XaXS`U^WS YXTW^X[[V XTW^^UX[[V   ^WYaS^VS Z`SW XWW \WU`SZU  XW_\SZ SZ`SZXW   S[VW^S`WV^ZW^  Za`^`[a_ Za`^WZ` SZa`^`[Z  \^[`WZVWXUWZU     b`SZ^U   [ZY_Z[`Y[[VX[^ [a^WS` S^ `[TWVSZVWS^ `[^_WSW_SSZWS`    WUSa_W`WU[ZV`[ZWVT[V _SVS\`WV`[W W^U_W`WW W^U_Wa_`TW[^W bY[^[a_`[ZXaWZUW^W_`ZYW`ST[_ W_WSTWV_^UZZW^S_  [a^_ZYVW`SZVW W^U_WWW\V[U`[^_ScS   [TW_`  \^[`WZ ]aSZ``  `__aW b`S b`SZ  ^WWZa`_S^W\SUWVc`\^[`WZ_   WWS^`\W^X[^_Sb`ST[V XaZU`[Z `_ST_[a`W b`S`S`X[[V_a\\W__[aVTWSZ`SZWV  .

 \`[ SUW SW^Y  S\\[Z`WZ` S^`^`_ S_`S T^WS T^a_W US\a_UZU UUWZ\[  U^[ZU U[aZ` [_\`S U[aY U[Z_a` b`SZW_US\W b`SZ\  WSVSUW Y^ZVZY`[[`SUW TSUSUW _`[SUSUW SW^YU SWSZS\\[Z`WZ` USZUWSZS\\[Z`WZ`          U[Z_a`SV[U`[^ U[Z_a`ZY[a^_ U[Z_a`SZ`        W_SW^YU`[\[WZ ^W [aSW^YU`[SZ WVUS`[ZÈSZ`T[`U_    `Z Y`SbWT^[WZ WT[c_ `_ZYW WXWX^[_TWSZVY[`T^a_WZ_ZWW   W_VWbW[\WVSU^[ZUU[aY  `_SZVWS^WWV X[^SU[aY  U[c\[  VS^^WS V  V[ W V^[c_    XWWV SZVXWbW^_ W^W_Z[`ZYWS``WV[ WSX`W^aZU W_VWWXXWU`[XU[aYUa^W_`S``S USa_WV^[c_ZW__ .

W\VWU W Sa_`[Z XSZ` XS`YaW XWWTW XaÈZXaWZ S XWbW^ X[[V\[_[Z X^SU`a^W X^SYWZ` Y[[  SU WS`UWZ`W^ UUa\ ZXWU`[Z       S XWbW^ W[cXWbW^        V_ZXWU`[Z aZYZXWU`[Z _a\W^XUSZXWU`[Z _Y`È``WZXWU`[Z      WZ`SWS` WZ`S_`^W__  ZW\VWU[XZXaWZ S__\^WSVZY]aU Z`_S^WS a _ SZ ZXWU`[a_ V_WS_W US^SU`W^ WV T  XWbW^ SUW_ SZV \SZ_ SZV W Sa_`[Z WXW`XSZ`X[^SU[XX[[V _WS`_VW`W^[^S`ZYX^[XS`YaW W_XWWTWX^[_UZW__    WX^SU`a^WUSa_WVZ`WZ_W\SZ  WS`WV`[Y[TSU`[`WY[[ ^[[[X`W[`W     ZXSW Z_[ZS `U W\^[_  SS^S WZ`S ZSa_WS   W__aXXW^ZYX^[SZ`U[Z`WTSU    [_`\S__WZYW^_[X`W_\cW^W_W WVc`ZSa_WSVa^ZY`W_`[^S`_WS .

\SZ \ZWa[ZS ^WUW\`[Z_` ^W_`W__ ^aZZ Z[_W _US^ _[U _S\[  _ZWW W _[^W _\^SZ _`STTZY _`aXXWVZ[_W _aXX[US`W _aZ_`^[WWS`_`^[W _ \`[ _cW `c_` aUW^ a\_W` b_[Z c[aZV ^WS`WZ`       YW`SZWWU`^U_[U VW[X_[U   S_[^W`^[S`  S_`STTZY\SZ      `c_`[ZW_SZW `c_`[ZW_c^_` _`[SUaUW^ [a`aUW^  b_[ZVWXWU` _WbW^Wc[aZV Ta^Zc[aZV     W^W_`W___`aVWZ`_S^W[Z`WT[SYSZ  `WUa`WSbWS_US^ WUa`[Z_XZVW^cWbWZ`aS _US^[bW^ Wc[SZcS_Z_aUS_`S`W[X_[USX`W^`WSUUVWZ``S`_WU[aVZ`YW` Sc[^V[a`  WVa_`SZVUS`_SWS_ZWW WS[` WY_\^W`` _[^W `U[aVTWS_\W_\^SZTa` `ZcW[aY``[SbW`^S WV     WbW^_S_ \`[[XSZ ZW__W_    WcS_a\_W`T _XSa^WZ`WW S    .

SUa\aZU`a^W SZ`T[`U S_\^Z T[[V\^W__a^W TSZVSYW US\_aW     `SW[ZW_T[[V\^W__a^W SX^_`SVTSZVSYW TSZVSYWa\`Wc[aZV  W\S`WZ`^W_\[ZVWVcW`[SUa\aZU`a^W`^WS`WZ` [W\W[\WS^WSW^YU`[SZ`T[`U_W\WZUZ WS_\^ZWS_WV_WSVSUW   SW[ZWUS\_aWWbW^ X[a^[a^_ .