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Ieatures of trade un|on |n 8ang|adeshť 8angladesh ls an agrlculLural counLry and also developlng counLryŦ So here

worker are avallable worklng ln Lhe varlous lndusLryŦ As a resulL many Lrade unlons are esLabllshedŦ 1hese Lrade
unlons has some feaLuresţ Lhese are dlscussed bellowť
- Leaders and members of Lhe Lrade unlon are noL well educaLedŦ
- 1rade unlon plays a greaL role ln Lhe movemenL of democracyŦ
- MosL of Lhe Lrade unlons are flnanclally weakŦ
- Maxlmum Lrade unlons are lnLerconnecLlng wlLh pollLlcal parLlesŦ
- LffecLlveţ efflclenLţ honesL leaders are absenL ln Lrade unlonŦ
- Leaders of Lrade unlons are self orlenLedŦ
- ulscrlmlnaLory behavlor ls observed ln Lhe Lrade unlonsŦ

Why do workers [o|n a trade un|onť

Workers [oln Lhe Lrade unlon on Lhe basls of Lhls prlnclples ºunlLy ls sLrengLh"Ŧ And anoLher reason ls descrlbe

- CeLLlng proper wagesť 1he maln reason of [olnlng Lhe Lrade ls goLLen proper wages from Lhe managemenLŦ As a
resulLţ Lhey geL economlc securlLyŦ

- 1o resLraln managemenLť SomeLlmes Lhe managemenL Lakes acLlon whlch ls lrraLlonalţ llloglcalţ dlscrlmlnaLory or
pre[udlclal Lo Lhe lnLeresLs of laborŦ 1haL Llme Lrade unlon Lakes lnlLlaLlve Lo resLraln managemenLŦ

- 1o secure end of Lhe [obť AfLer endlng Lhe [obţ lllnessţ accldenLţ dlsablllLyţ unemploymenL and old age Lo secure or
proLecL Lhelr llfe by geLLlng someLhlng from managemenL
- 1o communlcaLe wlLh managemenLť 1o communlcaLe Lhelr vlewsţ almsţ ldeasţ feellngsţ and frusLraLlons Lo Lhe

- 8ecognlLlon of workť Lvery worker wanL Lo geL recognlLlon of Lhelr work and Lhese recognlLlon are promoLlonţ
economlc faclllLles eLcŦ

- LsLabllshmenL of cordlal labor managemenL relaLlonshlpť 8y Lrade unlon worker can malnLaln cordlal relaLlonshlp
beLween worker and managemenLŦ As a resulLţ Lhey can solve Lhelr problem wllllnglyŦ

Þresent cond|t|on of trade un|on |n 8ang|adeshť ln 8angladesh Lrade unlon does noL go forward for some
dlfflculLlesŦ 1he envlronmenL whlch ls need for esLabllshlng an effecLlve Lrade unlon ls noL avallable ln 8angladesh
for Lhls bad labor managemenL relaLlon sysLem are llableŦ 8eLLer labor managemenL relaLlon sysLem creaLes
dlsclpllne among Lhe membersŦ 1he effecL and efforL of Lrade unlon ls very weak ln our counLryŦ 1he maln cause
behlnd weak Lrade unlon acLlon ln 8angladesh ls bad labor and managemenL relaLlon sysLemŦ ManagemenL and
labors sLands agalnsL each oLherţ lf Lhe labor managemenL relaLlon goes wrongŦ ln 8angladesh each and every Lrade
unlon ls esLabllshed wlLh Lhe help of pollLlcal parLlesŦ lnLernal confllcL ls anoLher problem of Lrade unlonŦ 1hey have
conLradlcLlon among LhemŦ 1he Lrade unlon ls dlvlded lnLo many groupsŦ Soţ Lhe Lrade unlon commoLlon ls falledŦ ln
8angladesh one Lrade unlon sLands agalnsL anoLher oneŦ 1hls clash does a greaL obsLacle Lo Lhe labor commoLlonŦ
1he labors who are engaged ln Lrade unlon are noL well educaLedŦ 1he labors who are engaged ln Lrade unlon are
noL efflclenL and effecLlveŦ 1he Lrade unlon of 8angladesh ls flnanclally very weakŦ

ºWorkers [oln ln a @ UNICN Lo proLecL Lhelr CNCMI n and oLher problemsţ buL Loday's Lrade unlon
ls devlaLed from Lhelr prlnclples and lnvolved lnLo desLrucLlve acLlvlLlesŦ So Lhe governmenL should Lake lnlLlaLlves Lo
sLop Lhe uneLhlcal and unlawful acLlvlLles of Lrade unlonŦ"

now trade un|on ob[ect|ves are ach|evedť

- 1he organlzaLlon of Lrade unlon on Lhe basls of Lhe experLlse ln an lndusLry ln whlch lLs members are employed
such as general unlons and professlonal employee's organlzaLlonsŦ
- 8ecognlLlon of Lrade unlon ls as Lhe bargalnlng agenL or represenLaLlve unlonţ whlch ls enLlLled Lo advocaLe Lhe
lnLeresL of lLs membersŦ
- CollecLlve bargalnlng whlch ls Lhe essence of lndusLrlal relaLlonsŦ
- Crlevances processlng and handllng procedures are dealL wlLh by correcLlon of slLuaLlon or by a channellngŦ
- ArblLraLlon by whlch unseLLled or unsolved dlspuLes can be seLLled by an ouLslde agencyŦ
- ÞollLlcal pressure exerclsed Lhrough leglslaLors who are callable of brlnglng abouL changes ln labor lawsŦ

Why most of the trade un|ons have not effect|ve|y part|c|patedť
- Lack of awareness on Lhelr parL of Lhe lmporLance of muLual lnsuranceŦ
- Lmployees looked upon by employers wlLh hosLlllLy and dlsLrusLŦ
- Suffer from class confllcLsţ dlvergenL lnLeresLsŤ lnLer unlon and lnLra unlon rlvalrlesţ mulLlpllclLyţ flnanclal
weaknessţ ouLslde leadershlpţ and lgnorance of needs of Lhe rank and flle of Lhelr membersŦ
- Lack of educaLlonţ culLural backwardness and soclal and llngulsLlc heLerogenelLy of Lhelr membershlpŦ

lrom Lhe above dlscusslon we geL LhaL Lrade unlon ls a volunLary assoclaLlonŦ 1hey work or [oln ln Lhe Lrade unlon
for proLecL Lhelr llfe by geLLlng securlLyţ economlc developmenL and well work envlronmenL eLcŦ 8uL ln presenL Lhe
Lrade unlon dlverL lnLo esLabllshlng Lhe power of pollLlcal paLLlesŦ 1hls ls noL maln reason of esLabllshlng Lhe Lrade
unlonŦ As a resulLţ Lrade unlon can noL achleve Lhelr ulLlmaLe goalŦ l Lhlnk governmenL should Lake lnlLlaLlve Lo
proLecL or resLrlcL Lhelr acLlvlLles of LradeŦ l am noL agreelng Lo sLop Lhe acLlvlLles of Lrade unlonŦ lf governmenL sLops
Lhelr acLlvlLy Lhen Lhey can noL achleve Lhelr rlghLsŦ WlLhouL sLopplng Lhelr acLlvlLles governmenL should Lake
lnlLlaLlveŦ 1hese are dlscussed bellowť

1Ŧ need Lo creaLe skllled leadershlpŦ
2Ŧ 1he leadershlp should come from Lhe rankŦ
3Ŧ 1hey should have clearly vocallzed ob[ecLlves and a coherenL and well concelvedŦ
4Ŧ lL should be a solld foundaLlonŦ
3Ŧ Crganlze Lralnlng and educaLlon for Lhe worker and leader of workerŦ
6Ŧ 1he governmenL should lnfluence Lhe Lrade unlon by helplng of lndusLrlal dlvlslon of CovernmenLŦ
7Ŧ CovernmenL should noL Lake any Lrade unlon as assoclaLe organlzaLlon of pollLlcal parLlesŦ
8Ŧ CovernmenL should Lake lnlLlaLlve aL whlch Lhe ouLslder can noL lnfluence Lhe Lrade unlonŦ
9Ŧ urupe Lhe false changes levled aL labor rlghL defenders for carrylng ouL Lhelr leglLlmaLeŦ
10Ŧ LnLer lnLo genulne and consLrucLlve dlalogue wlLh unlon represenLaLlve and labor rlghLs defenders Lo develop
sound lndusLrlal relaLlonŦ
11Ŧ SLep all represslon of workersţ Lrade unlons researchersţ and workers rlghL acLlvlLles and pollcles advocaLesŦ

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