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Vadodara is a great city, which has preserved its heritage and at the same time adopted the most

modern and sophisticated lifestyle, hence it is also considered the most glamorous city in Gujarat. Vadodara is also known as ‘Sanskari Nagari’, i.e. Cultured City. Vadodara is one of India’s most cosmopolitan cities. Thanks to the vision and broadmindedness of the Gaekwads, the subsequent industrialisation, the proliferation of academic activities and a strategically important geographical location, Baroda has welcomed a wide variety of people from all over India and also from all over the world. In all of this, the sprawling and cosmopolitan MS University campus and the large number of local, national and foreign industries act as a catalysing and unifying force. The great museums on the palace grounds such as the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and art gallery are unique and carry artifacts from around the nation and the world. There are Gujarati film studios in the city as well as a large number of large old-style movie theatres in addition to the newer multiplexes that have sprung up in the past few years. Diwali, Uttarayan, Holi, and Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated with great fervour. Classical music and dance have their patrons, and so does the modern stage and pop culture. The culture and the traditions are both alive and being forever experimented with.

Vadodara is the cultural capitol of the state of Gujarat, and got its name from the abundance of Baniyan trees called 'Vad' in Gujarati. It is an old royal city, where there was monarchy before independence, but the then king of Vadodara (Maharaja Sayajirao Gayakwad) was the most progressive one and he contributted greatly to the richness of Vadodara. It is best to visit Vadodara during October, during which the festival of 'Navratri' is being celebrated. Vadodara is famous for the circle-dance, called 'Garba', which is performed for nine nights during this festival. Nowhere else in the world would you see such numbers of people, wearing the most colorful Gujarati traditional clothes, dance in circles, in an open dance-floor, without any chaos, on traditional Gujarati live music beat! And there are more than ten dance-floors like that in the entire city. Garba is the city's largest festival. Many of the residents spend their evenings at their local Garba grounds where local musicians play traditional music while people dance the Raas and Garba dances which often goes on past midnight. This is also a time when the youth are more visible outdoors and until later than other times of the year. The people of Vadodara have preserved the original and the traditional part of the Navarātrī. Garba in Vadodara attracts a fairly large number of international tourists. Being there is an experience, undescribable in words Attractions: M.S. University of Vadodara - With its beautiful architecture, this university is a central attraction right by the railway station, and can be easily recognised by its three doms. Also the Performing Arts and Fine Arts faculties of the university, which have produced some world known artists, are also worth visiting. Lakshmivilas palace and museum - The royal family (Gayakwads) still live in their palace, and it is of a beautiful architecture as well. Sayajirao was a great collector of paintings and there is a rich collection of paintings from all over the world in palace museum. Sayajibaug (Kamatibaug) - A garden, also developed by Sayajirao is a huge garden with a museum and a planetarioum. Main attraction in the museum is a rarely found whaleskeleton.

Baroda is also known as Garden City. another are badamdi baug. Ajwa Nimeta . This place was under Sayaji Gayakwad.A temple and a cremation place for the royal family.Ajwa is a water reservoir build by Sayajirao to prevent water shortage in the city. this has become a favorite tourist place with numerous fountains and beautiful garden. and VMC also start creating new garden at each area of baroda . which has preserved its heritage and at the same time adopted the most modern and sophisticated lifestyle. Sayaji Garden is very popular in baroda.Kirti Mandir . That said. it is worth visiting if you are in India/Gujarat. juibeli bug. hence it is also considered the most glamorous city in Gujarat. Nyay Mandir is the court building with state-of-the-art architecture. and has a tall idol of Lord Shiva in the middle. on the banks of river Vishwamitri. Sardar baug ( it is famous for lover). Vadodara is considered to be the educational base in gujrat. Vadodara is a great city. in baroda there are more then 15 garden available. Sur Sagar . It also know as (kamati bag). including musical fountains. so this place is also known as SAYAJINAGRI .This is a lake in the middle of the city. Now. has amazing wall-paintings by Raja Ravi Verma. with garden in Nimeta.