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FIRST NAME: _____________ SURNAME: ____________ NUMBER: ___________
DATE: ______________________________________________________________
What’s the weather like? _______________________________________________
What time is it? _______________________________________________________
TEACHER: _________________ CLASSIFICATION: _________________________
ENCARREGADO DE EDUCAÇÃO: _______________________________________

1- Listen to the boys’ and girls’ names.

Boys’ names: Mike, Phil, Elvis, Andrew, Bob, Charles, Ian.
Girls’ names: Linda, Sally, Sarah, Gladys, Patricia, Betty, Meg.

2- Listen to the tape and write each person’s name under the correct picture.

and Mrs. Smith is a teacher. Robert – Joseph. Robert and Joseph. 1.3. ___________________________________________________________________. Mrs Smith is a teacher. What are you doing so early? Joseph – I’m watching. Joseph – It’s Mrs. and Mrs. Robert – Someone’s ringing the bell.Read the following text: Mr. Green. She’s talking with Mum now. . You always get up late on Sundays. 4 – Mark these sentences True or False. Robert and Joseph are in their bedroom. Smith are Australian but they live in England because Mr. Smith is a doctor and now he is working in a hospital in London. It’s Sunday.Mr. ___________________________________________________________________. the birds are singing and… the Greens are leaving for their weekend out… Robert – What?! The Greens are leaving?! Is Rita going too? Joseph – I’m afraid so. Correct the false ones. Robert – Watching what? Joseph – Nature! It’s a glorious day! The sun is shining. Smith are Australian. 2. it’s only nine o’clock. Robert – But she usually goes jogging with me on Sundays mornings… Joseph – Well. They have got two children. not this Sunday.Mr.

7. ___________________________________________________________________.Does he usually get up early on Sundays? ___________________________________________________________________. 5. 6.How many children have Mr. 8. Smith got? ___________________________________________________________________. ___________________________________________________________________. ___________________________________________________________________.Why do they live in England? ___________________________________________________________________. What’s the weather like? ___________________________________________________________________. 5.Joseph always gets up early on Sundays. and Mrs. 1.3. Smith from? ___________________________________________________________________.Where are Mr. 3. 4.It’s Sunday. 5 – Answer the following questions. .They are in the sitting-room. and Mrs.Who is watching the nature? ___________________________________________________________________. 4. Smith’s job? ___________________________________________________________________.What’s Mrs. 2.Robert and Joseph are cousins.Is Joseph sleeping? ___________________________________________________________________.

________________________________________________________________? She usually goes jogging with Robert. Everybody _____________ (have) a lot of run.6. Sandra. Sandra ________________ (open) them. are having a birthday party. Smith and Mrs. Mrs.________________________________________________________________? Mrs. 3. 1. Green are talking. Grandparents _________________ (sit) at the table. Sandra’s friends __________________ (come) and they _________________ (offer) her some presents. ask questions. Their daughter.Now. Now Sandra _______________ (blow) out the candles and everybody __________________ (sing) “Happy Birthday”. 7. Smith and Mrs.________________________________________________________________? Rita is Joseph and Robert’s next door neighbour. is twelve today.While Mrs. Wilson _____________________ (eat) a delicious cake. Vocabulary Offer – Oferecer Tell – Contar Blow – Soprar Bring – Trazer . Fill in the blanks with the right form of the verb in brackets. Wilson _________________ (come) and she ___________________ (bring) the birthday cake. 2. They are lovely! Mike ________________________ (tell) some jokes and the girls ________________ (laugh) a lot. their neighbours. the Wilsons. Green are talking. Some boys and girls _______________________ (listen) to music. They _____________________ (talk). Mr.

Smith _______________ to Brighton every year. (be) 4.The sun __________________ (shine) and the birds _________________ (sing). (get up) 8. (play) 3. Help them. Write c) _______________ spaghetti. Green _________________ (talk).Mrs. Cook e) _______________ an apple. Match the verbs with the nouns. Eat l) _______________ in the sea.Joseph ________________ football every weekend.They never __________________ TV after dinner. (go) 2. Have g) _______________ a magazine. Study d) _______________ Maths. Robert and Joseph are doing their English homework.At the moment. Smith and Mrs.At the moment. Listen i) _______________ to music. now. (watch) 9.8. never. Play b) _______________ the guitar. always. Use the verbs in brackets. etc). 1. Run . Mrs. usually. Read f) _______________ a shower.Mr. Smith ________________ in the garden. Smith always ________________ at seven o’clock. 5.Fill in the blanks using the Present Continuous (to talk about things that are happening now) or the Simple Present Tense (to talk about things that happen often.The weather _______________ fine. Swim j) _______________ a letter. and Mrs. a) _______________ a film. (be) 6. 7. Watch k) _______________ a cake. Bake h) _______________in the park.Mr.

INFINITIVE . help Robert and Joseph again. . Use capital letter when necessary.Please.Look at the pictures and write the names of the sports Robert and Joseph like. / his / are / brother / not / music ___________________________________________________________________ c) Tom / going / where / Peter / are / and / ? ___________________________________________________________________ 12. Put the words in the correct order to build sentences. a) doing / my / I / .10.Now. / Portuguese / am / homework ___________________________________________________________________ b) Charles / listening / and / to / .ING FORM Play Write Study Cook Read Have Bake Listen Swim Watch Eat Run 11. write the – ing forms of the verbs below.

_________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________.Look at the picture and write what Sandra and her friends are doing. 5. 12. 4. 1. 3.Robert and Joseph’s friends are the sports club. Look at the pictures and write what they are doing._________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________. 2. ._______________ _________________ _____________________ ____________________ ____________________ 13.

3. 8._________________________________________________________________. 5._________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________. 4.1._________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________. 2. 7. 6._________________________________________________________________. 9._________________________________________________________________._________________________________________________________________. .