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The immediate goal of sociology is to acquire knowledge about society like all the sciences....., as Samuel Koenig has pointed out the ultimate aim of sociology is " to improve man's adjustment to life by developing objective knowledge concerning social phenomena which can be used to deal effectively with social problems". Home Posts RSS Comments RSS Edit Introduction of Industrial Sociology

Thursday, July 2, 2009 | Posted by Nimesh Suranga (නිේමේෂේ සුරංග) | The Industrial Revolution that took place in England in the 18th century changed the course of human society. The revolution, through essentially took place in economic field, its effects were never confined to the economic field alone. It brought down the cost of production, improved quality and maximised output. More than that, it changed the pattern of human relations. It eased human life, and proved more comforts and luxuries to man. At the same time, it altered human outlook and attitudes. It brought about radical changes in the very structure of the society. Industrial revolution, in course of time resulted in the continuous process of industrialisation. Industrialisation is a phenomenon of world significance today. Development in the field of science and technology further added to the volume and speed of the process. Agricultural economy turned into industrial economy. Industrial area developed into towns and cities. The process of urbanisation began. People from rural areas started to flocking towards cities. Capitalist economy was born. Social classes with class-hatreds emerged. Social institutions and values underwent changes. New problems and new fears and new anxieties were invariably the result of it. The very face of the society changed. These developmentsnecessitated the birth of a new branch of sociology called "Industrial Sociology" which essentially deals with the industrial society with all its complexities.

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all-in-car said...

your point of view is so useful.. Marotta said. with rules for problems that are with us now.... nice introduction to the industrial sociology. engineering and development firms expanded into "industrial parks" the suburban factories of our age... such as the pollution of common waters. The discovery of The Code of Hamurabi in the 1890s brought the pre-history of the city into the record. Obviously. 2010 4:13 AM Michael E. much under the rubric "industrial sociology" can be parsed into narrower or broader considerations. for example. 2011 2:41 AM cheap viagra said. do you have the update of this article ? May 3. Some of these have deep roots as "industry" and "urban" life were long intertwined. 2011 9:51 AM Post a Comment . Athens and Rome both experienced changes that we should easily recognize such as the rise of "new men" via new wealth. very different from the scenes above. As technology evolved.its really good information i like this blog thanks December 15. February 21. and yet echoing the same themes for sociology: regulation of time and place: work life institutions such as office parties. But industry is not always synonymous with the city.