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Line interactive 450 W UPS reference design - 120 V / 60 Hz model
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Output rating power: 700 VA / 450 W Input voltage: 83 Vac ± 3% - 153 Vac ± 3% Input frequency: 60 Hz Output voltage: 96 - 138 Vac ± 3 Vac Output frequency: 60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz On battery output waveform: quasi-sine (square wave) Transfer time: Class 3 [EN62040-3] Typical recharge time: 8h Backup time (full load): 2.5 - 3 min. Battery quantity: 2 pieces Battery nominal voltage: 12 V Battery capacity: 7.2 Ah Battery recharge: two steps Operating temperature: 0 °C to + 40 °C Storage temperature: - 20 °C to + 60 °C Size (H x W x D): 175 mm x 120 mm x 430 mm Weight: 11 kg Shipping weight: 11.5 kg EMI classification: EN 62040-2 The UPS was designed with RS-232 joint signal and USB interfaces (USB for RS-232 converter). It is possible to connect the UPS to a PC using an RS-232 or USB cable and control the UPS status through the "UPS Monitor 3.0x" software that must be installed on the same PC. STEVAL-ISS001V1

This UPS reference design was built employing off-line topology with AVR boost and buck regulation of the mains. The inverter module contains the push-pull DC-DC converter and the DC-AC output full bridge generating a quasi-sine waveform. A microcontroller controls all UPS functions. It monitors the mains parameters (input/output mains voltage and phase, output inverter voltage, battery voltage, output current and output power) in order to ensure the proper level of the output voltage.

April 2008

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sch ACI! ACF ACL! ACI! ACF ACL! ACH! OUT_REL! GND InverterVoltage12st05v031.sch GND GND 8 OUTPUT B C D 2/4 .sch INV_A INV_B VDD VDCDC VDCDC VDCDC INV_OUT2 INV_OUT1 INV_OUT2 INV_OUT1 DC/AC Invverter SHD SHD SHD VAKK HVDC HVDC HVDC VDD GND GND GND VDD VDD VDD VAKK VDD GND CHOFF CHOFF ACDC12st05v031.sch GND GND Battery Overcurrent AC/DC Charger GND VDD CHOFF VAKK GND BATTERY GND VBAT VBAT +VOUT VDD AC_1 AC_2 AC_1 AC_2 AC_1 Protection VBAT Battery Voltage Power Supply AC_2 BatOver12st05v031.sch GND Output Voltage Inverter ACI! ACF ACL! Microcontroller12st05v031.sch Power Relays AC_IN1 AC_IN2 GND USB_IN! USB_IN! TXD RXD USB_IN! TXD TXD AC_IN2 AC_IN1 AC_IN2 Input Voltage & Phase Measurement AC_IN1 GND RXD RXD AC_IN1 AC_IN2 INP_LEV INP_LEV INP_LEV VCC VCC VCC VDD VDD PHASE PHASE PHASE InputVoltage12st05v031.sch Inerface unit INPUT VCC VCC GND GND VCC AC_IN2 GND BAT_LOW GND BAT_LOW BAT_LOW ACF! FUSE ACF! ACF! AC_IN2 AC_IN1 LED INDICATIONS BUTTON ACF1! UPS_OFF! ACF1! UPS_OFF! ACF1! UPS_OFF! Relays12st05v031.sch 1 EMI/RFI FILTER FUSE AC_IN1 Microcontroller unit Interface12st05v031.sch DCAC12st05v031.sch VBAT GND VCC VCC AKK_LEV VCC VDD VBAT +VOUT AKK_LEV AKK_LEV AC_IN1 AC_IN2 AC_IN1 AC_IN2 GND AC_IN1 AC_IN2 VCCPU VCC VCCPU VCC ON/OFF SW_ONP VCCPU VCC ON/OFF GND ON/OFF VPP SW_ONP VPP SW_ONP PowerSupply12st05v031.Board schematic STEVAL-ISS001V1 1 Board schematic Figure 1.sch ACH! ACH! OUT_REL! OUT_REL! AVR TRAFO OUT_LEV OUT_LEV OUT_LEV AC_1 AC_2 AC_1 AC_2 INV_A INV_A INV_B AC_1 AC_2 INV_B DC/DC converter DCDC12st05v031.sch +VOUT VDD BatteryVoltage12st05v031.sch VCC IOUT_1 PWR_LEV IOUT_1 IOUT_1 PWR_LEV PWR_LEV IOUT_2 IOUT_2 IOUT_2 GND GND Output Current Measurement OutputCurrent12st05v031. Schematic D B C RFIEMI12st05v031.

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