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foursquare for ski resorts

2011-2012 season

for ski resorts // intro

Foursquare is partnering with the world’s leading ski resorts to target and engage the millions of users who check in every day to keep up with friends, discover what’s nearby save money and unlock deals.

These partnerships have 3 major components: 1. Claim your venues on foursquare and run Specials to drive sales. 2. Create a foursquare Page of insider Tips and curated Lists. 3. Reward foursquare users who visit your mountains with a custom Badge.

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for ski resorts // growth at a glance

10,000,000+ 1,000,000,000+ 500,000+
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businesses, restaurants, bars, brands…and ski

Foursquare Merchant Platform


Merchant Platform // table of contents foursquare Merchant Platform!
Verification Benefits
•  •  • 

Access foursquare venue stats Update your venue info and categories Offer Specials

Best Practices
•  •  • 

foursquare Specials at ski resorts Redemption American Express Specials

Claiming your Ski Resort

Easy steps to take control of your foursquare venues

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Merchant Platform // venue stats Verification benefits!

Managers of verified businesses get access to our free venue stats dashboard!

Sort by any Time Period

Downloadable CSV files

Total Check-ins And Avg. Check-ins per Day

Check-ins by Day

Social Reach

Time Breakdown

Gender Breakdown

Age Breakdown

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Merchant Platform // maintain your page Verification benefits!
Once you verify, you can update the information associated with your venues and apply ski resort-specific categories.

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Merchant Platform // specials Verification benefits!

Boost foot traffic by offering Specials to nearby foursquare users.!

foursquare Specials are any type of discount, reward, coupon or unique experience offered to your customers for checking in. We call them Specials for a reason: making people feel special is our only criteria.
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Merchant Platform // specials 7 types of foursquare Specials!
Use Specials to reward your most loyal customers and to attract new business.

•  Specials are free and work in real-time. •  You decide who you’d like to incentivize (first-time customers! groups of friends! loyal customers!) and we take care of the rest. •  Easily track your Campaigns through our stats dashboard.

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Merchant Platform // specials Ski Resort Specials!

Actual Specials that encourage exploration, discovery, sharing, and repeat visits

Welcome to Spruce Peak Triple
It’s cold today and there went the sun! Show your phone to a Liftie for a free set of hand warmers on us.

Welcome to Whistler Mtn
The Mayor as of March 11, 2011 will win a 2 day Extremely Canadian Ski Clinic this season.

Welcome to Sun Valley Outdoor Skating Rink
Newbie? One FREE skate rental on your first check-in.

Welcome to Mount Snow!
You get Reserved Mayoral Parking! Your spot is right in front of the base lodge.

Use a Flash Special to focus on a specific daypart and limit redemptions.
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Deliver a truly unique experience to your most loyal customer: the Mayor!

Drive new customers to offmountain properties with a Newbie Special.

Give out a primo parking spot for the Mayor; low cost, high impact.

Merchant Platform // specials Specials Management and Stats!

Monitor and optimize your campaigns using real-time stats and easy-to-use venue management tools.

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Merchant Platform // specials Best practices for Specials redemption!
Locked Special Unlocked Special

Employee training is vital to a good customer experience and accurate redemption!
Tracking Redemption

Locked Specials are in black and white and with a message prompting them to action.
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Unlocked Specials are in full color and are date and time-stamped.

Include a POS code (only viewable on unlock) that an employee can enter at the register.

Merchant Platform // specials American Express Specials!

Amex Specials create a seamless Specials experience for users—just “Load to Card” and then pay with your Amex—streamlining checkout and eliminating the need for employee training. foursquare and Amex take care of the rest and provide you with detailed transactional reporting at the end of a campaign.
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Merchant Platform // finding your venues How To Verify
Search the database to find your ski resorts at

Make sure you are conducting your search in the proper city.!

Most our your larger locations will already be listed in foursquare. If you are certain a venue is not listed in our database, you can add it from this page:
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Merchant Platform // claiming your venues How To Verify
Include all your venue URLs on our bulk claim form and email it back to us. We will have it processed in 1-2 business days.

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Foursquare Pages

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Pages // about Why create a Page?!
Creating a free Page on foursquare is a great way to create a branded foursquare experience and engage users through location-tagged "Tips" & thematic "Lists"

By following your foursquare Page, users can receive your branded Tips when they check into a venue.
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Tips and To-Dos are suggestions or actions that users can accomplish now or save for later.

Pages // Tips Tips!
Brands are experts and curators of really interesting things for their followers to do in their cities. Deliver this content through Tips: nuggets of insider information geo-tagged to specific locations.

@ Ward III: Get a bespoke cocktail tailored to your ill-to-well-informed desires. And make it good, then they’ll keep that recipe on file for your return visit.

@ Aspen Highlands: Follow the sun! Ski or ride Goldenhorn, Thunderbowl, or Steeplechase in the morning when the morning sun is hitting, then head to the Olympic Bowl side of the mountain when the afternoon sun hits.

@ Purbird: As someone who prides himself on being a rotisserie chicken connoisseur, the birds here are top notch..

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Pages // Lists Lists!
Lists are a way to thematically organize the Tips on your Page.

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Pages // create your Page Create your Page!
As long as you have a Twitter handle, you can create a Page on your own in a couple minutes, for free!

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Pages // adding Tips Adding Tips:!
Visit and search for your venues

Then add your tips to each venue.

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Pages // making Lists Making Lists:!
Create a new List by clicking on “GET STARTED” from your brand Page. Then name your List and click “CREATE.”

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Pages // followers Get followers and promote your foursquare presence!
Foursquare Window Clings (free!) Put them on your gondolas, ticket windows, lodges, and anywhere else you want people to check in. Encourage Participation Integrate your foursquare presence wherever you’re reaching your audience: your website, trail maps, digital screens, etc. Aspen included logos all over their trail maps for each venue they have Specials running. Get Creative! There’s countless ways to involved your audience. Mount Snow reserved a prime parking spot for the Mayor.
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Foursquare Partner Badges


Badges // about What is a foursquare badge?!
Foursquare badges reward users for checking in and trying new experiences. We use badges as a way to promote interesting and fun user-behavior.

Users unlock badges when they complete a set of undisclosed tasks by checking in.

The possibility of earning a badge encourages users to go out and try new things and experience new places.
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Badges // partners Ski Resorts on foursquare!
2010 – 2011 Pilot Partners Working with for 2011 – 2012

Whistler Blackcomb Sun Valley

Mount Snow

Sunday River

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Badges // how to get How do you get your own badge?!
Foursquare badges are extremely coveted by our users and are an important part of the foursquare experience. There is a cost associated with Partner Badges but foursquare is willing to waive the fees for select ski resorts willing to offer the following:

1.  Create a Page with sweet Tips and Lists. Add at least 10 tips for your
mountain (and surrounding village/resort/areas) and 2-3 Lists to your Page.

2.  Claim your venues and run Specials. Get all your venues under management
and run Specials at a minimum of 5-10 venues throughout the ski season.

3.  Promote foursquare on-site. Utilize our free foursquare window clings, create
your own promotional materials and/or integrate foursquare into your trail maps, digital screens and marketing communications.

4.  Enjoy your free foursquare Partner Badge!

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