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Ivan Dawkins – 5th ROUGH DRAFT While some people believe that the death penalty is a good law

, many do not share the same opinion. To some, supporters of the death penalty are no different than murderers. It is a pre-meditated, calculated decision to end another human’s life. How is that any different from the horrific crimes committed by a psychopathic serial killer? The death penalty is wrong because it is everyone’s constitutional right to live, some people on death row are innocent, and it increases the destruction and negativity unleashed by the original crime killing people with families. The constitution of the United States declares “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Everyone deserves to live no matter the crimes he or she has committed. – Whether it is robbery, theft, or even murder – no one deserves to die. Christians believe that if God can forgive you for anything and everything, humans should follow Christ’s example and forgive someone for murder. Now death penalty advocates say, “Criminals lost the right to live once they committed the crime.” But in our constitution man has unalienable rights that cannot be taken from him. Life, the very first of those rights, is protected by the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, it is unconstitutional to take a persons life. Next, there are innocent men & women on death row sentenced to die based on circumstantial evidence. In the recent case of Troy Davis, he was convicted of murdering an offduty policeman working security at a restaurant. Seven of the nine witnesses recanted their statements saying, the police officers made them lie at the court hearing. Even after the court heard the witnesses recant their testimony, the refused to change Davis’ sentence or even grant a

some people on death row are innocent. the person is for sure guilty. Finally. This could potential raise a kid just like their parent. The death penalty is wrong. and it increases the destruction and negativity unleashed by the original crime. Remember. March. Instead. Protests. two wrongs don’t make a right. “If the courts even considering the death penalty. The death penalty negatively affects the families of the death row inmates. the death penalty increases the destruction and negativity unleashed by the original crime. Additionally. Do anything you can to eliminate the death penalty. Some might argue. The Constitution grants everyone the right to live. Some kids grow up without their parents because of the death penalty. they killed him while he used his last breathe to utter that he didn’t do it. How many families have been destroyed because of the death penalty? How many dads have been killed? How many moms? Sons? How many daughters? Killing some people you are killing parents and children. Sign petitions. how can one be absolutely guilty unless caught red-handed? The death penalty isn’t the answer. Speak out and speak up.” trial. . Why is the country going law against its own constitution? What if the criminal is innocent? Why increase the wrong by more doing wrong? Stop using the death penalty.