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1Ŧ 1he v|ews of MrŦ NŦ kŦ Narayanmurthy on the ro|e of Ind|a |n g|oba||z|ng wor|dŦ n|s v|ews are found |n h|s book 'A 8etter Ind|aţ A 8etter
Wor|d' (2010)Ŧ
2Ŧ In |ess than S yrs from now ţ S emerg|ng econom|es (8kICS) w||| contr|bute as much to the g|oba| economy as the S deve|oped countr|es
(Iranceţ Germanyţ Iapanţ Ukţ US)Ŧ
Emerging is on the Verge of Converging
In less than Iive years Irom now, Iive emerging economies will contribute as much to the global economy as the Iive developed
countries. These Iive emerging economies now account Ior over 16° oI global exports an almost three-Iold rise in 15 years. Other
indicators also point to the emerging world`s contribution converging with that oI the developed world. This assumes great
signiIicance at a time when the world is reeling under a second economic crisis in three years both created in the developed world.
Will the emerging markets lead the global economy to recovery and a new Iuture?

3. $ingle Brand retail trade 100º FDI in India
Covt bas mandated tbat foreign cos must own brands to prevent misuse by francbisees
1he governmenL ls conslderlng allowlng forelgn companles Lo compleLely own slngleŴbrand reLall sLores ln Lhe counLryţ afLer lL was
forced Lo puL lLs plans of leLLlng forelgn reLallers lnvesL ln mulLlbrand ouLleLs on Lhe backburner due Lo lack of pollLlcal consensusŦ
AL presenLţ only 31Ʒ forelgn dlrecL lnvesLmenL ls allowed ln slngleŴbrand reLall and Lhe lndusLry mlnlsLry ls now looklng aL a proposal
Lo ralse Lhls llmlL Lo 100Ʒ as lL seeks Lo send a poslLlve slgnal Lo forelgn lnvesLorsŦ ºWe have dlscussed Lhe proposal lnLernally and lL
was even puL up before a [olnL governmenLŴlndusLry Lask forceţ" a governmenL offlclal Lold L1Ŧ
1he move Lo ralse Lhe forelgn dlrecL lnvesLmenL llmlL ln slngleŴbrand reLall ls belng accompanled by a LlghLenlng of norms for Lhe
ln lLs updaLe of Lhe lul pollcy lssued on SepLember 30ţ Lhe governmenL has mandaLed LhaL Lhe forelgn lnvesLor musL own Lhe brand
LhaL lL lnLends Lo reLall ln lndlaŦ 1hls ls Lo ensure LhaL franchlsees of brands do noL Lake advanLage of a more llberal lnvesLmenL
lronlcallyţ whlle Lhe governmenL now seeks Lo appease global lnvesLors by posslbly hlklng Lhe lul celllngţ Lhe declslon Lo allow
forelgn lnvesLmenL ln slngleŴbrand reLall a few years ago was meanL Lo be Lhe flrsL sLep Lowards Lhe evenLual openlng of Lhe enLlre
reLall secLor Lo forelgn compeLlLlonŦ
Clobal reLall chalns such as WalŴMarLţ 1esco and Carrefour have been lmpaLlenLly walLlng for several years Lo open sLores ln lndla
and earller Lhls yearţ a commlLLee of secreLarles had endorsed a proposal Lo allow 31Ʒ lul ln mulLlŴbrand reLallŦ 8uL Lhe proposal has
noL gone Lo Lhe unlon CablneL because of dlfferences wlLhln and posslblllLy of pollLlcal opposlLlonŦ LasL weekţ on hls way back from
Lhe unlLed SLaLesţ Þrlme MlnlsLer Manmohan Slngh sald lul ln mulLlŴbrand reLall would be allowed only afLer a consensus ls
reachedŦ Whlle blg forelgn reLallers wlll have Lo walL for some more Llmeţ slngle brand owners are exclLed aL Lhe posslblllLy of hlgher
forelgn lnvesLmenL llmlLţ as lL would allow Lhem Lo brlng more funds lnLo lndla Lo expand Lhelr buslnessŦ
ºWe are looklng aL openlng aL leasL 20 new bouLlques across lndla ln Lhe nexL Lhree years and such a pollcy wlll make lL posslbleţ"
says Manlshl Sanwalţ general managerţ LvMP WaLch and !ewelleryŦ
ºuesplLe havlng resourcesţ we were unable Lo expand as much as we would have llkedţ" he addedŦ ºWe wlll deflnlLely lnvesL more
aggresslvely and push up our expanslon planţ" says ueepak Aggarwalţ managlng dlrecLorţ kazo lashlonsţ one of Lhe leadlng women's
fashlon brandŦ
lull ownershlp of Lhelr venLures may also encourage some of Lhe brands Lo go on Lhelr own lnsLead of enLerlng lnLo [olnL venLures or
llcenslng agreemenLs wlLh lndlan reLallersŦ
pen|ng the Doors

- lul ln mulLlŴbrand reLall unllkely Lo be allowed anyLlme soon
- As a compromlse soluLlonţ lndusLry mlnlsLry mulllng hlklng lul ln slnglebrand reLall Lo 100Ʒ from 31Ʒ
- 8lg brands
sLuck wlLh 49Ʒ lndlan parLners keen Lo Lake over enLlre ownershlp
- lL could allow blg reLallers Lo begln operaLlons wlLh lnŴhouse labels
Ŧ Is |t adv|sab|e to a||ow IDI |n Ind|a?
SŦ NoŦ 1 bus|ness paper |n Ind|a
o. 1 Business Paper is $treets Ahead of Rivals
be Economic imes dominates witb a źŵ3 sbare in a cluttered business newspaper market in India
1he resulLs on lrlday of Lhe laLesL survey on lndlan readershlp conflrm yeL agaln LhaL 1he Lconomlc 1lmes ls by far and away Lhe
counLry's largesL buslness dallyŦ WlLh Average lssue 8eadershlp (Al8) Ÿ a sLandard yardsLlck for adverLlsers and medla planners Ÿ
of Sţ000ţ lL ls 286ţ000 readers ahead of all oLher buslness dallles puL LogeLherŦ 1he comblned readershlp of MlnLţ 8uslness
SLandard and 8uslness Llne ls 499ţ000Ŧ L1 ls Lhe sevenLhŴlargesL Lngllsh dally ln lndlaţ rubblng shoulders wlLh Lhe blggesL general
newspapers ln Lhe counLryţ Lhe survey by markeL research agency Pansa and Lhe Medla 8esearch users Councll showsŦ 1he councll ls
a noLŴforŴproflL grouplng of adverLlsersţ adverLlslng agencles and medla housesŦ 1he benchmark of 1oLal 8eadershlpţ whlch
measures weekly recall of masLheadsţ shows L1's domlnance ls even greaLerŦ AL 18Ŧ1 lakhţ lLs LoLal readershlp ls 64Ʒ more Lhan Lhe
comblned readershlp of all oLher buslness dalllesŦ 1he l8S surveyţ whlch covered Lhe perlod from Aprll Lo !une 2011ţ also shows LhaL
L1 ls Lhe cholce of Lhe new generaLlonŦ L1 has added 36ţ000 new readers ln Lhe 20Ŵ39Ŵyear age bandţ whlle growlng lLs affluenL
readershlp base (SLC A) Lo 3Ŧ6 lakhŦ 1he quallLy of your newspaper's readershlp ls a reflecLlon of our commlLmenL Lo Lhe hlghesL
sLandards of [ournallsmţ Lo consLanL lmprovemenL and emphasls on quallLyŦ Cur coverage of news comblnes lnformaLlon wlLh
explanaLlonŦ leaLure arLlclesţ whlch are analyLlcal and lnslghLfulţ have added a new dlmenslon Lo our coverage of evenLs and LrendsŦ

Ŧ Wor|d nab|tat Day
Future of the Urban Habitat
1he un deslgnaLes Lhe flrsL Monday of CcLober every yearţ Lhls year belng CcLober 3ţ as World PablLaL uayŦ lL ls lnLended Lo
remlnd Lhe world of lLs collecLlve responslblllLy for Lhe fuLure of Lhe human hablLaLŦ 1he un has chosen Lhe Lheme ClLles and CllmaLe
Change Lhls yearŦ Clven LhaL half of Lhe world's populaLlon sLarLed Lo llve ln clLles by 2007ţ Lhe baLLle agalnsL cllmaLe change wlll be
won or losL ln our clLlesŦ
Slnce clLles have a hlgh concenLraLlon of populaLlon denslLy and economlc acLlvlLyţ Lhey are vulnerable Lo cllmaLe changeŦ Alsoţ as
Lhe mosL valued lnfrasLrucLure ls usually locaLed ln clLlesţ Lhe economlc and soclal cosLs of cllmaLe change wlll be much hlgher LhereŦ
lndla's clLles are also characLerlsed by hlgh denslLy of populaLlonţ houslng sLock and poor lnfrasLrucLure LhaL makes Lhem all Lhe
more vulnerable Lo cllmaLe changeŦ lor lnsLanceţ sLudles have esLlmaLed LhaL Lhe economlc damage Ÿ Lhls lncludes only bulldlng
foundaLlon damages Llll 2030 due Lo seaŴlevel rlse Ÿ Lo Mumbalţ as a resulL of cllmaLe changeţ could amounL Lo Ŧ 13ţ01ţ723 croreŦ
And much of Lhe rlsk assoclaLed wlLh cllmaLe change ln clLles ls concenLraLed among lowŴlncome householdsţ as descrlbed by
Aromar 8evl for lndlaŦ 1he clLles mosL aL rlsk are Lhose LhaL are llkely Lo be mosL affecLed by Lhe lmpacLs because of Lhelr physlcal
formť poorŴquallLy bulldlngs and lack of waLer supply and sLorm dralnage lnfrasLrucLureŦ
Accordlng Lo Lhe CllnLon loundaLlonţ large clLles are responslble for abouL 73Ʒ of Lhe greenhouse gases (CPC) released ln our
aLmosphereŦ Lvldence also shows LhaL Lhe lmpacL of carbon emlsslons on clLles ls Lhrough energy consumpLlon and LransporLŦ
Lnergy consumed ln heaLlng and llghLlng of resldenLlal and commerclal bulldlngs generaLes a quarLer of CPCs globallyŦ 1ransporL
conLrlbuLes 13Ŧ3Ʒţ of whlchţ 10Ʒ ls aLLrlbuLed Lo road LransporLŦ ln Lhls conLexLţ lL ls useful Lo sLudy how lndlan clLles have
conLrlbuLed Lo cllmaLe change Lhrough carbon emlsslonsŦ 1he lnLernaLlonal Councll of Local LnvlronmenLal lnlLlaLlves (lCLLl)ţ SouLh
Aslaţ assoclaLed lLself wlLh 34 local governmenLs ln Lhe SouLh Aslan reglonţ lncludlng 41 clLles ln lndlaţ Lo collecL clLy energy
consumpLlon and relaLed carbon emlsslons lnvenLory daLa of Lhe parLlclpaLlng clLlesŦ
8ased on a cursory examlnaLlon of Lhe perŴcaplLa carbon emlsslons across meLropollLan and nonŴmeLropollLan clLlesţ lL was found
LhaL Lhe average perŴcaplLa carbon emlsslons are hlgher ln Lhe meLropollLan clLles of lndla Ÿ belng 1Ŧ19 Lonnes per caplLa as
compared Lo only 0Ŧ90 Lonnes per caplLa ln Lhe nonŴmeLropollLan clLles Ÿ as we would expecLţ and Lhe naLlonal average ls 0Ŧ93
Lonnes per caplLaŦ 1hls ls because larger clLles have more lndusLrles and oLher polluLlng acLlvlLles such as emlsslons from publlc and
prlvaLe LransporLŦ
lnLernaLlonallyţ Þalo AlLoţ Callfornlaţ uSţ leads Lhe pack wlLh emlsslons amounLlng Lo nearly 12 Lonnes per caplLaţ followed by
1oronLoţ Canada (aL 9Ŧ6 Lonnes per caplLa)Ŧ Cnly seven of Lhe 41 lndlan clLles sLudled by lCLLl have perŴcaplLa emlsslons greaLer Lhan
Sao Þaulo's 1Ŧ3 Lonnes per caplLaŦ Poweverţ some caveaLs should be noLedŦ 1he daLa does noL lnclude ma[or clLles such as uelhl and
Mumbalţ whlch mlghL be conLrlbuLlng slgnlflcanLly Lo carbon emlsslonsŦ
ln lndlaţ aL Lhe subŴnaLlonal levelţ varlous polluLlon conLrol boards and several clLy corporaLlons have Laken Lhe lead ln reduclng
carbon emlsslonsŦ Some clLles such as Corakhpurţ SuraL and lndore have Laken up plloL pro[ecLs for adapLaLlon and mlLlgaLlon of Lhe
lmpacL of cllmaLe change ln Lhelr clLlesŦ
lndore Ÿ whlch has been affecLed by cllmaLe change ln Lhe form of rlslng LemperaLures and lncreaslng lncldence of nonŴmonsoon
droughL Ÿ has ldenLlfled poLenLlal plloL acLlvlLles such as underground waLer sLorage and a volunLeerŴbased waLer supplyŴ
avallablllLy Lracklng sysLemŦ
varlous carbon emlsslonreduclng processes are galnlng carbon credlLs ln Lhe Ahmedabad Munlclpal CorporaLlon (AMC)Ŧ
1echnologles lnvolved ln cuLLlng elecLrlclLy consumpLlon ln sLreeL llghLsţ use of LLu llghLlng sourceţ Lhe 881S mass LranslL sysLemţ
green Lechnologles and eŴgovernance are parL of Lhls processŦ AMC has agreemenLs wlLh several companles wlLh a proflLsharlng
arrangemenL for carbon credlL LradeŦ
Soţ lL appears LhaL whlle urbanlsaLlon and cllmaLe change are lnexLrlcably relaLedţ some aLLempLs are belng made by lndlan clLles Lo
cope wlLh carbon emlsslonsŦ 1he World PablLaL uay ls an approprlaLe occaslon Lo look aL Lhe efforLs belng made ln lndla wlLh regard
Lo Lhls and lmprove awareness of Lhe effecLs of cllmaLe changes on Lhe urban populaceŦ
(1he author |s w|th the
Þub||c Affa|rs CentreŦ
V|ews are persona|)
1he art|c|e |s an extract from chapter 21 of the Ind|a Infrastructure keportţ 2010ţ 3|Network
- uenselyŴpopulaLed clLles wlLh huge economlc acLlvlLy are vulnerable Lo cllmaLe change
- Average perŴcaplLa carbon emlsslons are hlgher ln Lhe meLropollLan clLles of lndla
- Many clLy corporaLlons are reduclng carbon emlsslonsţ uslng green Lechnologles

7Ŧ Accord|ng to NSS about S0Ʒ of a|| poor fam|||es |n Ind|a do not have 8ÞL card

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