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NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) VIII

Frequently asked Question and Answers For NTSE Interview questions: Click here Q 1: I am in class 10th. Can I give NTSE Exam? A 1: Now only 8th class students can appear in NTSE.

Q 2: From where I can get the NTSE first round (state level) forms? A 2: NTSE first round is managed by the state level authorities. In case of ferw states you can download the form from the website and in rest of the cases you have to collect the forms from the designated centers.Useful Information - Click here.

Q 3: I am in class VII. (Today date is 15 sept 2008). I will appear in NTSE 2008 (i.e. 2007-2008 session)or NTSE 2009 (i.e. NTSE 2008-2009 session)? A 3: NTSE 2009 ie 2009-2010 session Actually the name of "NTSE year" confuses students a lot. If a student is in class VIII for academic session 2009-2010, then the NTSE would be known as NTSE 2010 (first round in Nov 2009 and second round in May 2010). The other big problem is that all states follows their own nomenclature!

Q 4: What is the syllabus for NTSE Exam? A 3: Briefly speaking the NCERT based books of 6th, 7th and 8th class , Mental Ability and little bit GK will cover the course. They do not release any official syllabus as such. To know more click here

Q 4: How many exams are there in the NTSE? A 4: First round(STSE - State Talent Search Examination) is the state round. Student selected appears in the second round. After that selected students appears for interview.

Q 5: How many scholarship are given in NTSE? A 5: 1000

a selected number of candidates from the state will qualify the first round (STSE).If form have been collected personally. then call the concerned authority. Q 8: What is my district / center code? A 8: If details are not mentioned on the form. NTS exam would be conducted in singapore? A 12: You can appear in NTSE but the examination center would be in India only. Q 11: I am studying in Gulf country. which is conducting state level NTSE. Q 9: Where my interview would be held? A 9: It is conducted at the selected places only. contact school authorities or the concerned state office. To see the list of the places where interviews for NTSE 2009 were conducted. For more information click here. reservation for SC. Only Indian citizens are allowed to apepar in exam. Can I appear in NTSE? I am the citizen of India. Q 7: Where are the examination centers for the first round? A 7: In almost all districts center of the state. However there is no state quota for the interview or the final result.Q 6: Is there any reservation in NTSE scholarship? A 6: . For more updates visit the website of NCERT www. then contact the concerned person and if downloaded from the website. ST and Physically handicapped students. I am a citizen of India and presently in VIII standard.ncert. Can I apepar in NTSE? A 11: Yes. Few states do have clear information on their website/form. Q 10: Is there any state quota in NTSE? A 10: Yes there is state quota in NTSE first round. Click here. i.nic.e. Q 12: I am studying in Singapore.

You can start preparing right from class 7th or 6th. Then how I can also get the scholarship. In Second round i. Only one option correct in the First round i. click here. For more information. you will directly get admit card from NCERT for the second stage . 10 objective/MCQ/ Fill up the blanks type question are also there.e. Q 14: Do you provide NTSE correspondence course to overseas students only? For example in Gulf country? I am studying in Abu Dhabi. Example: Goa has 25 reserved seats for the first round. Q 19: I dont know whom to send my NTSE form? A 19: First Stage: It has to be attested by your school.e.Q 13: I am in class VII.e. no need to apply.Multiple Choice Questions. Students of Tamil Nadu seems to be more intelligent then the students of Chhattisgarh. I am just an average student. Q 18: I am from Chhattisgarh. Q 16: Is there any negative marking in NTSE? A 16: No Q 17: What type of questions are there in NTSE exam? A 17: Objective . A 14: Yes. And normally it is routed through your school only. fix number of the students will qualify from the state to appear in NTSE second round. The state quota can vary from year to year but there is not much chnage in the quota on an average. You can enroll for our correspondence course in class 7th/6th also. Most of the students start preparing for NTSE from class VII. After that there is no quota. Q 15: When the result of NTSE 2009 held in november will be declared? A 15: Normally it takes 2-4 months depending upon the state. For Second level. STSE. Can I appear in NTSE? Can i enroll for your correspondence course? A 13: Only 8th class studying students can appear in NTSE. National Round of NTSE. click here. For more information. A 18: There is a state quota to appear in the second round i.

Just prepare for the national round i. Unified council is not related to NCERT or Govt of India as per our information. How I can apply for National Level Round? A: 21: No need to fill any form for national round. Bio and Mathematics. NSTSE. You will receive admit card for the national round from NCERT by April 3rd week or so. Chem. Phy.Q 20: I have not received my admit card for the state level NTSE. second stage. Newtonica Talent Search Examination: Organised by Lucknow based organisation and is not related to National Talent Search Examination conducted by NCERT. MTSE? A 22: NTSE is the well kown and respectable National Talent Search Examination. JSTSE: Junior Science Talent Search Examination is conducted by various state governments. JSTSE and STSE. hyderabad and is not related to NCERT. Q 22: What is the difference between NTSE. For example Directorate of Education. also known as the first stage level NTSE or first round NTSE. STSE: It is STATE TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION. Paper consist of GK. conducted by the NCERT under the HRD Ministry of the Government of India. Student only for the 9th class. NSTSE: Is the exam conducted by the unfied council. Not allowed . Delhi.e. Most of the student get confused between NTSE and NSTSE. Would be conducted on 31st Jan 2010. MTSE is another exam conducted in Maharashtra and again it is not related to the Ncert. What should I do? A 20: NTSE 1st round admit card is either dispatched or have to be collected personally as per the instruction in your state. It is conducted at the state level and the successful candidates appear in NTSE exam at national level. This exam is organised by Indian Institute for Studies in Mathematics Q 23: Can i request for-evaluation / rechecking of my marksheet? Ans: No. Q 21: I have cleared 1st Level State Talent Search Examination. N(Newtonica)TSE.

CLAT etc.Q 24: What is the advantage of clearing NTSE? Ans 24: Beside getting monthly scholarship. And when you clear NTSE it gives you a lot of confidence and when you seriously prepare for the exam. IIT. SCRA. applying for jobs. For more detail: click here Q 25: Is there any district quots in NTSE? Ans: No. Q 26: Questions are different in different states in NTSE first stage? Ans: Yes. jobs interview. your lot of concepts gets cleared which certainly help you in other exams like Medical. . The first stage level is handled independently by the state authorities. many colleges considers direction admission for students who have qualified NTSE and other Olympiads. various benefits includes favour/extra marks if you are applying for scholarship to US. The second level questions are same for all.