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Discussion Points- Saturday Meeting 09/10/2010 Two weeks ago we discussed Hebrews 4:12 and 13 - word of God is a discerner of thoughts

and heart (v 12) - All creatures are manifest in His sight (v 13) 2 Corinth 2:11- Lest Satan should get an advantage of us; we are not ignorant of his devices. Eph 6:11- put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil Recognising/ Exposing the wiles/ weapons of the devil helps us to victory because that way we can repent and walk out. Key weapons of the devil are: Bitterness Hebrews 12:15. poisons mind first then body, marked by cynism and animosity toward others. Key factors underlying bitterness: Unforgiveness. Holding onto unforgiveness entertains the following: • Resentment • Retaliation • Anger and wrath • Hatred • Violence Murder Bitternes is a sin because it is rooted in unforgiveness. Romans 12:9- vengeance belongs to the Lord. Matth 6:15, mark 11;26- unless we forgive those who trespass against us, God will not forgive us our sins. Accusing Spirits Accusation is destructive. Can accuse self, others and God. Distinction between conviction and condemnation Conviction- endorses our values in God and brings us closer to Him Condemnation- brings feelings of worthlessness, giving up and drives us away from God. Some fruits of accusation eg- holding record of wrongs, gossip/ slander, mind control, misunderstandings, fear Occultism Real truth obscured, something/ someone set up to be your God “Corinth 11 v 14 -occultism offers different ways of thinking than are revealed in the scriptures. -these may have good outwardly appearance- but beware of enemy’s disguises Try every spirit- 1 John 4 :1 Gal 1 V 7-9 Envy and Jealousy

God will release you to your own devices eg if money is your God.‘ peace I leave with you. This must come from the heart.‘—let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as you have. yourself and others Also blocks one from receiving and giving love Matth 22 v 37-39 Addiction -can be addicted to almost anything. . families. destroy relationships. God is jealous and cannot share you with another.Eph 1. Envy brings discontentment.These take one’e eyes off God and fix their attention upon a person or thing. I will never leave you alone’ Rejection -accepting rejection is disagreeing with who God says we are.See how david does this in Psalm 34 v 18. Prevents you from loving God. marriages. for he saith.places man’s acceptance as more important than God’s Unloving Spirits These reject everything God has said about you.and ‘I will get it myself’ Our comfort must be in God. not in people or things John 14 v 27. Satan’s aim is to cause division in body of Christ. my peace---‘ Fear 2 Tim 1 v 7 -fear is opposite of faith.practices in alternative therapies giving entry to occultic spirits God has set parameters for protecting mankind against the devil but there rare doorpoints in which the devil can get a foothold. both project into the future. Person or object becomes source of supply. animosity between neighbours.children start questioning their wothiness giving entry to unloving spirits Sickness. next step is to repent and break association with these roots of sin. Luke 12 v 22 Traumas + Doorpoints Incidences in one’s life giving entry to bad roots Eg divorce. then money will have to protect you Envy causes strife (no peace).ie accusing God of being a respecter of persons Hebrews 13:5.4:5 . which one will you listen to? Trust God to take control of your life. Having recognized the above weaknesses. In doing so one is telling God that they need a fix that He cannot supply.