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STARTUP NAME: TECHBOOK TEAM NAME: E-Spark TEAM SIZE: 1 Participant Name: Varun Kansal Post Graduation: MDI

, Gurgaon (PGHR, First Year) E-mail: Contact Number: 8860599379 Graduation: B-Tech (Electronics and Communication) Work-Experience: Organization: Infosys Technologies Duration: 18 Months Designation: Systems Engineer

I noticed that there is tremendous need of knowledge sharing of technology among the geeks. I want to take this opportunity to leverage this immense potential and create this knowledge sharing industry. TECHBOOK MODEL Social Network platform for exchange of technical knowledge Satisfaction of need of geeks to exchange information regarding IT. share knowledge. there is no dearth of talent in educational institutes where students have the game changing potential. Gaming Leveraging this need to build business and actually a new industry Giving opportunity for developing intellect and knowledge Customer Pain Points: 1) USP of the plan is focusing on need of a techie to strive for more and more knowledge. We need to bank on this need to make our business grow. Engineering colleges and MCA colleges. . they have a great need of sharing gaming knowledge.BUSINESS MODEL (TECHBOOK) The B-Plan is conceived from the two year experience that I have in IT industry. Those nuisances can lead to building of an industry or business. One more aspect is that since most of the geeks are gaming freaks too. 3) One platform for every exchange of knowledge regarding technical. Software . There is a need to build that framework and platform where this extreme knowledge can be shared. I noticed some nuisances during the period. transfer data it has potential to become instant hit. This will further enhance the business prospects of the idea. So if we build a technical social networking website “ TECHBOOK” where geeks get the platform to interact. Lovers of technology are not limited only to the IT Industry. gaming and much more related to IT. 2) There is need of gaming competition on Internet for free and need of exchange of knowledge among gaming freaks. One geek can have all the knowledge in the world but it is entirely different from the knowledge that the other geek has. Distribution Points: Target segment will be the whole IT Industry. S/W.

Most important target areas in the beginning will Bangalore. Marketing management has to perform Market Research of One hub area such as Bangalore to attract maximum crowd to the website (High Investment required here 5000000 approx). . So I expect revenue of 1000000000 (in Rupees) through advertisements if it is a success many transaction collaborations can be done with IT giants to further enhance the revenue. Then we can move on to other cities and towns according to density of technical population in the city based on probability of people getting associated with the techbook. So total fund required in beginning should be: (7500000 Approx) Revenue Expected: I expect at least 5000000 customers in first three years getting connected to the network and I am very sure that this will happen if plan is implemented properly. not much investment required for this)( Approx 1000000 if office is rented) 2) We need all the required software and Operating licences (200000 approx) 3) We need to buy web space and servers (500000 approx) 4) The most important requirement: Experts in Web Social networking design (500000 approx) 5) For 4th requirement we need highly experiences Human Resource Managers (300000 approx) 6) Last and the most important requirement is very aggressive and strong marketing team. Once the germ of techbook spreads in the country distribution will no longer be area dependent. Total Fund: The plan should start from small scale and according to the response should be gradually converted to large scale. Chennai. There is need of very strong management team to attract the expert technical people to access the technical social networking website. I am not considering entrance into global arena in too dominating way in 3 years but definitely the whole of India. NCR region where there is a hub of IT. We will get a lot of IT professionals here so that we get the opportunity to build as substantial customer Base for the Techbook.( USP of the plan. Note: Distribution here has meaning more in terms of promotion directly by creating consumer awareness in IT companies and Engineering colleges in those particular areas. Funds Required: 1) To begin we just need one office having many personal computers and other related accessories as a working capital for development of portal. Each and every relevant target person should be aware of the social networking website.

it is very difficult to predict the revenues in advance but I have tried to give a rough estimate. So Gross Margin=1000000000-300000000=700000000 (in Rs) EBITDA: As Tax Rate is flat 35 percent on Personal Corporate Organizations: EBITDA=0. then the competition becomes a major issue to deal with.65*(700000000)=45500000000 (in Rs) Key difference: There is no such concept existing in the technical world. These figures can actually be achieved and even exceeded. Technical world has much more potential to interact and develop the intellect and business is not the solo motive of this plan.Although there are some scattered forums where specific discussions occur on technical front. But as idea grows there are definitely chances of duplication of idea. But there is no common platform so there are no big worries with respect to competition. If this plan is implemented it will come as a very new concept in world as happened with Facebook. I expect maintenance cost around 300000000 in three years with increase in Customer Base. .GROSS MARGIN Gross Margins will be high. I have used probability mathematics to arrive at the figure. IT or computers to be present on Network ) Indian Market Size: 20 Million Global: 100 Million Note: Revenue and Market size depends on the implementation of the plan. MARKET SIZE: (Expect everybody having interest in gaming. Since the money will be made mainly from the advertisements. COMPETITION: There is not much competition for this product as it is completely a new idea .