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Lrlch WeyanL (LCPuC) | eweyanL[emplreŦsLaLeŦnyŦus | 716Ŧ846Ŧ8238

LCnDC In|t|ates Þ|ans on the Cuter narbor and 8roadens |ts Search for Þub||c Art

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oo ´lcoolc´ wotk fot tbe AoJ 8lock

1he board of dlrecLors of Lhe Lrle Canal Parbor uevelopmenL CorporaLlon (LCPuC) Loday
provlded auLhorlzaLlon Lo enLer lnLo an agreemenL wlLh Ll8o Lnglneers lncŦ Lo deLermlne Lhe
approprlaLe remedlaLlon measures necessary Lo make an area on Lhe CuLer Parbor shovel
ready and accesslble Lo Lhe publlcŦ 1he areaţ whlch lncludes a parcel formerly owned by Carglll
lncŦ and Lhe former sLorage slLe for Lhe new ?ork Þower AuLhorlLy's lce boomţ has
envlronmenLal lssues due Lo Lhe maLerlal LhaL was orlglnally used Lo reclalm Lhe parcelsţ
lncludlng harbor dredglngţ consLrucLlon and demollLlon debrlsŦ lL ls LCPuC's lnLenL Lo ulLlmaLely
comblne Lhe parcels and promoLe Lhelr redevelopmenL for nonŴlndusLrlal usesŦ

ºWe are exclLed Lo be movlng forward on Lhe CuLer Parborţ" sald LCPuC Chalrman !ordan
LevyŦ ºWe hope Lo dupllcaLe Lhe successes LhaL we have already achleved on Lhe lnner Parbor
wlLh Canalsldeţ and Lo open up new waLerfronL access Lo Lhe publlcŦ"

Cn SepLember 19ţ 2011ţ LCPuC lssued a 8equesL for Þroposals (º8lÞ") seeklng Lo reLaln an
archlLecLural englneerlng flrm or Leam wlLh speclflc experlence ln archlLecLure and englneerlngŦ
A LoLal of Lhree blds were recelved by Lhe CcLober 11ţ 2011 submlsslon daLeţ and a selecLlon
commlLLee conslsLlng of LCPuC employees revlewed Lhe proposals based upon Lhe followlng

À uemonsLraLed experlence ln compleLlng pro[ecLs of a slmllar naLure
À AblllLy Lo successfully compleLe pro[ecLs of Lhls Lype on schedule and wlLhln budgeL
À CosL of consulLanL servlces
À 8eferences

Ll8o Lnglneers lncŦ was deLermlned Lo have meL all of Lhe crlLerla and wlll recelve an amounL
noL Lo exceed $272ţ312 plus a 20 percenL conLlngency for deslgn and englneerlng servlces wlLh
respecL Lo Lhe ouLer harbor properLyŦ

LCPuC requlres conLracLors Lo use good falLh efforL Lo achleve a MlnorlLy Cwned 8uslness
LnLerprlse parLlclpaLlon goal of 20 percenL and a Women Cwned 8uslness LnLerprlse
93 Þerry SLreeLţ 3
8uffaloţ n? 14203
Þť (716) 846Ŵ8200
lť (716) 846Ŵ8262

parLlclpaLlon goal of 3 percenLŦ 1hese conLracL goals wlll be a percenLage of LoLal expendlLures
made pursuanL Lo Lhls conLracLţ lncludlng buL noL llmlLed Loţ purchase ordersţ lnvolces and
oLher paymenLs made ln Lhe performance of Lhls conLracLŦ

LSu sLaff has deLermlned LhaL Lhe acLlonţ whlch lnvolves englneerlng deslgn LhaL does noL
commlL Lhe CorporaLlon Lo underLake any pro[ecLţ consLlLuLes a 1ype ll acLlon as deflned by Lhe
new ?ork SLaLe LnvlronmenLal CuallLy 8evlew AcL (ºSLC8A") and Lhe lmplemenLlng regulaLlons
for Lhe new ?ork SLaLe ueparLmenL of LnvlronmenLal ConservaLlon (uLC)Ŧ ConsequenLlyţ no
furLher envlronmenLal revlew ls requlred ln connecLlon wlLh Lhe pro[ecLŦ

ln oLher newsţ Lhe LCPuC Þubllc ArL Advlsory Croup Loday announced LhaL lL wlll reŴopen Lhe
procuremenL process for publlc arLţ ln order Lo generaLe submlsslons for an lconlc arLwork LhaL
wlll grace Lhe new publlc spaces belng developed on Lhe ºAud 8lock" (former locaLlon of Lhe
8uffalo Memorlal AudlLorlum) on 8uffalo's hlsLorlc waLerfronLŦ

ºCreaL publlc arL can be as lmporLanL Lo shaplng Lhe ldenLlLy of a place as Lhe landscape or Lhe
archlLecLureţ" sald Louls Crachosţ chalr of Lhe Þubllc ArL Advlsory CroupŦ ºAnd we felL LhaL by
broadenlng Lhe scopeţ we lncrease Lhe llkellhood LhaL our waLerfronL wlll be ldenLlfled wlLh a
worldŴclass work LhaL vlslLors wlll seek ouL when Lhey vlslL 8uffaloŦ"

8ased on Lhe change of scope of Lhe pro[ecLţ LCPuC wlll reŴopen Lhe procuremenL process Lo
Lhe publlc ln Lhe near fuLureŦ 1he process wlll be slmllar Lo Lhe one LhaL was lnlLlaLed ln
SepLemberť Lhree Lo flve arLlsLs wlll be shorLllsLed based on Lhelr submlLLed quallflcaLlons and
wlll recelve a $10ţ000 sLlpend Lo develop a proposal for Lhe new proposed locaLlonsŦ 1he goal
of Lhe procuremenL ls Lo aLLracL arLlsLs of lnLernaLlonal crlLlcal acclalm who have demonsLraLed
Lhe ablllLy Lo deslgn and lmplemenL large scaleţ complexţ publlc arL commlsslonsŦ 1he offlclal
process wlll be announced ln Lhe upcomlng monLhsŦ ArLlsLs who are lnLeresLed ln submlLLlng
quallflcaLlons for Lhe revlsed pro[ecL wlll be asked Lo submlL Lhelr quallflcaLlonsŦ

1he Canalslde ArL Advlsory CommlLLee members lncludeť Louls Crachosţ dlrecLorţ AlbrlghL knox
ArL Calleryţ 8uffaloŤ Molly uonovanţ curaLorţ naLlonal Callery of ArLţ WashlngLonŤ Sandra CŦ
llrmlnţ curaLorţ unlverslLy of 8uffalo ArL CalleryŤ collecLor Mlchael !osephŤ and !ordan Levyţ
chalrman of LCPuCŦ

Lrle Canal Parbor uevelopmenL CorporaLlon ls a subsldlary agency of Lmplre SLaLe
uevelopmenL CorporaLlon whose vlslon ls Lo revlLallze WesLern new ?ork's waLerfronL and
resLore economlc growLh Lo 8uffalo based on Lhe reglon's legacy of prldeţ urban slgnlflcance
and naLural beauLyŦ


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