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Resources repose times (sec)

Add Resources
Graph (Select & right
click on the graph)
Select and “Open graph”
Observer here
Apply Filters
See “run-time setting” &
“scenario schedule”
Reports —> Can find Throughtput,
Analyze Transaction No. (V)users, Hits/sec

Create “Word Report…”

Select “Graph” (any)
and right click and Performance of
select “Set Filter/Group “Each user”

Select ”VuserID” from “Group By”

Correlate the “Resource”
from the selected
Performance of time range
“Each user”
Select graph and right click
“Set Filter/ Group By”
and “DrillDown..” Select “Page
for “Single User /Transaction” Component
Break Down”
Observer the
“Web Page
Small thing to remember
Identifying Bottlenecks Controller

• Performance Bottlenecks
can be detected by using monitors.

• These monitors might be

application server monitors,
web server monitors, Running virtual users on the same
database server monitors host as the LoadRunner Controller
and network monitors. will skew the results so that they
no longer emulate real life usage.
• Helps in finding out the troubled By having both the Controller and
area in our scenario the Vusers on the same machine,
which causes increased response time. the tester will not be able to determine
the effects of the network traffic
• The measurements made are usually
performance response time,
throughput, hits/sec,
network delay graphs, etc.
Configuration of the systems

• The configuration the systems refers to that of the client machines on which we run
the Vusers.

• The configuration of any client machine includes its hardware settings, memory,
operating system, software applications, development tools, etc.

• This system component configuration should match with the overall system
configuration that would include the network infrastructure, the web server, the
database server, and any other components that go with this larger system so as to
achieve the load testing objectives.
End-to-End Transaction
Response Time

Web Page Database

Breakdown Transaction
A App Server
• DNS lookup Web Server
• Time to Connect
• Time to First
buffer Web Server App Server Database
• Network time Time Time Time
• Download time Client
• SSL handshake
• Client time
• Error time
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