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1. Tell me about your Work Experience. Roles and Responsibilities?

1. Preparation of unit , functional,system test cases based on Technical Specifications

2. Involved in system testing using white box testing techniques (Statement Coverage
,Branch Coverage, Decision Coverage Testing)
3. Participated in Code Review meetings and checking the standards conformity
4. Verifying the correctness of output XML files using XML Spy against schemas
Performed concurrency/stress testing on Web Services
5. Interaction with developers for helping bug fix, Verification of bug fixes.

2. On what Bases you will write the Unit Test Cases?

Technical Specification.

3. Which type of test cases do you cover in Unit Test cases?

Positive and Negative Test Cases.

4. Define –ve Testing (Dictionary Definition)

Negative testing is that testing which attempts to show that the module does not
do anything that it is not supposed to do.

5. Write the Test Cases For int a,b?

Positive Test Cases: Input: integer values for both a and b
Negative Test cases: Input: Alphanumeric char for both a and b
Only Characters for a and b
Special characters for a and b
Boundary value analysis: -32768 to 32767

6. What is Boundary Value Analysis?

Boundary values include maximum, minimum value.

7. How many –ve test cases do you cover for the field, which will not accept not
more than 10 char.?
10+1= inputting the 11 characters for the field.

8. Do you cover the Exceptions in Unit Test Cases?


9. How much will positive Testing cover exception Handling?

Based on the conditions in technical Specifications.

10. How do you rate(%) your self in C#?


11. What is Boxing and Unboxing?

Boxing: Converting Value Type to Reference Type.
Unboxing: Converting Reference Type to Value Type.

12. How do you test the Web Services?

13. What are the elements present in web Services?
Envelope, Header (optional), Body, Fault (optional)

14. What is WSDL?

Web Service Description Language, defines a standard mechanism to describe a
Web Service.

15. What are the contents in WSDL?

Port Type

Onsite Technical Questions

1. What are Webservices and their advantages

2. Implementation of Webservices in NexOS and their advantages in NexOS
3. What is Serialization and How do you do it and what are its advantages
4. What is SOAP
5. SDLC  Its Flow and how are you following it in NexOS
6. nTier Architecture
7. Com & DCom Architecture and how are Com Dlls handled in .Net
8. Multitier Architecture Advantages & Disadvantages? Should each Tier be on a
separate box?
9. SOA
10. What is Tight Coupling & Loose Coupling? When should we go for each
approach and why.

Onsite Personal Questions

1. For how long you have been working in Company and in NexOS (If Applicable)
2. Things they can do to improve our productivity & how to improve interaction
between Onsite & Offshore. Our Suggestions?
3. How is Work Environment
4. How do you communicate internally with the Team Members
5. Team Meetings
6. Seating Arrangements
7. System Configuration
1)using cursors reduce performance ? if so why ?
2)can we insert elements in middle of stack ?(ans:i said no.It is LIFO/FIFO)
3)diff between arrays & Linkedlists,
4)noticeTime(i told 20-30 days,i dont have exact idea)
5)why do u want to switch company,
6)QMWare-Process,my contribution
7)Assembly-LateSigning (Ans: used to provide security, ref:strong names),
8)sorting algorthms(bubble,heap,radix)
9)how to optimise sp's,
10)abstrat&interface diff,

1.What is the difference b/w store procedures and


2.Which dataset object is used for spanning of two

Virtual tables?
3.What are the applicaion and session events?
(onstart(),onend())(is it correct sir)

4. can supports operator overloading,

supports this?
5. what is the purpose of command builder object?

6.which object is used for transfer of data from one

Class to another class in .net remoting?

7.which property is used in oledbcommand for sql

Commands or stored procedures to execute?

8. What is the purpose of reflecion?

The questions, which I got by that wriiten test, are

Which class doesn't contain base class?

What is the namespaces for application and session?

What is the namespace for webpage?

What is the difference b/w server.Transfer and


What is the namespace for oledbconnection?

How can u change private assembly as a shared?

. Net

1. What is an assembly?
2. What is metadata and Manifest? What manifest contains?
3. What is the diff. bw. Private and shared assembly? How shared assembly can be
4. What is an XML web service?

C#. Net

5. What is a static class and how many instances of it can we create?

6. What is private protected class?
7. What is Boxing? And when do we need boxing any example for it?

8. What is View state? And can we modify view state?

9. When do we go for creating user controls?
10.What is the difference between custom user control and user control?


11. What is an XML? And Advantages of using XML?

12. What is an Xpath?
13. What is an XSLT?
14. How do you find a node in an XML file?

SqlServer 2000

15. What is a stored procedure? And advantages of using stored procedure.

16. How do you optimize a stored procedure?
17. What is a trigger?
18. What is a Primary Key?
19. What is an Index and what are the types of Indexes we have? And advantages of
using them?
20. Can we have null values in foreign key?