medical imaging

2-d and 3-d image registration for medical, remote sensing, and industrial applications

complex wavelet based image analysis and synthesis

computer vision and applications a guide for students and practitioners

computer vision and imaging

diagnostic ultrasound imaging: inside out

diagnostic ultrasound imaging and blood flow measurements

digital image processing second edition

digital image processing

digital image processing

easy image processing: camera interfacing for robotics [biomedical engineering, medical imaging]

fundamentals in nuclear physics from nuclear structure to cosmology

high-frequency harmonic imaging of the eye

image and video encryption from digital rights management to secured personal communication

the image processing handbook fifth edition [biomedical engineering, medical imaging]

image processing in c second edition

image processing toolbox for use with matlab

handbook of image and video processing

integrated image and graphics technologies

mathematics and physics of emerging biomedical imaging

medical electron accelerators

medical imaging physics fourth edition

mri - an introduction

nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technology: a clinical, industrial, and policy analysis

pattern recognition and image preprocessing

principles of computerized tomographic imaging

a short course in quantum information theory an approach from theoretical physics

introduction to quantum mechanics

radiation physics for medical physicists

paul and juhl's essentials of radiologic imaging

digital image processing

understanding fluorescein angiography

anatomy and physiology

saladin: anatomy & physiology: the unity of form and function, third edition

human anatomy and physiology: schaum's easy outlines

anatomy and physiology

clinical physiology an examination primer

textbook of medical physiology

oxford handbook of medical sciences, 1st edition

color atlas of physiology 5th edition

mathematical biology ii: spatial models and biomedical applications third edition

mathematical physiology

artificial intelligence

introductory techniques for 3-d computer vision

the international dictionary of artificial intelligence

the elements of artificial intelligence: an introduction using lisp

artificial intelligence and expert systems for engineers

artificial intelligence: a new synthesis

introduction to artificial intelligence robotics

artificial intelligence and soft computing: behavioral and cognitive modeling of the human brain

artificial intelligence applications and innovations

artificial intelligence and literary creativity: inside the mind of brutus, a storytelling machine

algorithmic learning theory

artificial general intelligence

computational intelligence in fault diagnosis

frontiers of evolutionary computation

handbook of computer vision algorithms in image algebra

hybrid architecture for intelligent systems

applying knowledge management techniques for building corporate memories

learning with kernels: support vector machines, regularization, optimization, and beyond

minds and computers an introduction to the philosophy of artificial intelligence

multiagent systems a modern approach to distributed modern approach to artificial intelligence

multiple view geometry in computer vision second edition

an introduction to language processing with pre and prolog

simulating continuous fuzzy systems

multimedia content

discover the human body multimedia encyclopedia [dvd encyclopedia]

encyclopedia britannica presents nature - discover how nature communicates [dvd encyclopedia]


liquid intedfaces in chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical applications


the biomedical engineering handbook, second edition.

introduction to biomedical engineering second edition

oxford handbook of clinical and laboratory investigations, 2nd edition

introduction to medical electronics applications

control systems nonlinear control systems

adaptive control systems

uncertainty and surprise in complex systems

analysis and control of nonlinear process systems

advances in control and information sciences

observers in control systems a practical guide

modern control technology: components and systems

power electronic control in electrical systems

missile guidance and control systems

process systems analysis and control intelligent control systems using soft computing methodologies process dynamics and control modeling for control and prediction practical data acquisition for instrumentation and control systems

design of distillation column control systems

the electrical engineering handbook: systems, controls,embedded systems,energy, and machines