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as from your studentnotebook a reference The on completethe graphico-rganizer the back by usingthe example neatly' finaldraftof yourcut*"ty essayneedsto be eithertypedor handwritten Typed and Date at the top righthand . Name,Period, cornerof the Page . Titleat the toP of the Page . 12 pointfont . Times New Roman FontstYle: r Blackink onlY o DoubleSPaced allaround . One inchmargins . white PaPer on Printed Handwritten . Name,Period,and Dateat the top righthand cornerof the Page . Title at the toP of the Page . Blueor blackink ONLY . Linedwhite PaPer . Cleanedges (No frayededgesfrom a spiral notebook) (no . NeatPRINTING cursive) . SPACED DOUBLE


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Rubric EssaY Summary

belowto make sure Essaysare gradedon a 20 pointscale' Look at the expectations

you are writinga qualityessay

20 points- An essaythat scores20 pointswill: task of all . Clearly address parts thewriting and of . Demonstrate a clearunderstandingpurpose audience and structure, useof transitions organizational point . Maintain consistent of view, a idea central presented . Include clearly a types of . Include variety sentence a errors . Contain if any, few, details . Paraphrase mainideaandsignificant the 15 points- An essaythat scores15 pointswill: task . Address somepartsof thewriting and of understandingthepurpose audience . Demonstrate a general and structure, useof transitions point organizational . Maintain moslyconsistent of view, a events relative ideawithmainly r lnclude central a types of r Include variety sentence a . Contain someerrors details . Paraphrase mainideaandsignificant the

Book ReportScoringGuide

and their in included your book reportassignment Belowyou willfind a listof all the assignments


The book reportmust be stapledin the followingorder:

10 Poster) Page(Wanted 1.Cover 10 Outline 2. Summary zv EssaY 3. Summary ' 10 WordHunt 4. Transition 10 Search Clauses & Dependent 5. Independent (not + Effort a paper assiqnment) 10 Neatness 6. Oveiall Totalamountof Points

Drawandcolora picture the mainctrariiter. of

Writethe nameof the main character anOtt,"







Nancy Fetzer @ZOOO

Transition Word Hunt

you Directions: While readyourbook, lookfor 10transition phrasesat the beginning wordsor transitional of sentences. youfound sentence. downthepagenumber where 1. Write the 2. Writedowntheentiresentence. phrase eachsentence. the wordor transitional 3. Underline transition in Page Number
p. 17

$entence Thenthings wentsmoothly, DonPedro for of without a the defied worldin a speech twopages single break.

Independent Dependent and Clause Search

Whileyou readyour book,lookfor sentences contain independentand the dependent Directions: that the clause. 1. Writedownthe pagenumber whereyou foundthe sentence. 2. Wrltedown the entiresentence 3. Underline dependent the clausein eachsentence

+ Clauses Dependent Independent Clause

Directions: sentences Find wherethe independent and the dependent clauseis at the beginning the sentence of clauseis at the end. Page Sentence Number p. 16'1 Theyjoinedhandsand listened whilethe fifth-place teamwas called.

D ependent l a u s e s+ l n d e p e nd e n Gla u se C t
Directions: sentences Find wherethe dependent clauseis at the beginning the sentence of and the independent clauseis at the end. . Reminder. Thereis alwavsa commaafterthe deoendent clause t Clause COMMA ndentClause
Page N um ber S en te n c e

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