Grade 3 and 4 Topics: 1. Introductions/greetings/family (in depth) 2. Verbs/what are you doing? 3.

Adjectives (simple to assist physical descriptions) 4. weather (in depth) 5. Body (with adjectives) 6. Activities (sports/outdoor/other) 7. Daily Schedules (routines/activities) 8.Numbers 1-60, telling time. Day 1 Objectives: Ss will be able to introduce themselves and a classmate. Ss will be able to identify and introduce an extensive number of family members. Ss will be able to briefly talk about their own and family members interests. Language functions: “What’s your name?” “My name is ___” “Who is that?” “That is my uncle...etc” “I like to __” “My father likes to___” Materials: Period 1: Introduction: -Musical chair game odd S out introduces themselves to class subsequent Ss must attempt to introduce previous Ss- winner gets prize Development: -Greetings-T greets class standard fashion asks for the Day date and how are you? review these topics as needed (short time) -Ss complete self introduction sheet and write sentence about themselves if they are able. -T introduces various family members to the class who repeat after teacher when prompted by flashcard -Game ladders race to your place game (Listening and understanding) Ss ask “who is that?” T responds “That’s my uncle...etc” Period 2

-Ss write family members name in Korean next to the English family members names (Ss help each other) check answers on board - Matching family member games on the board 2 teams Q and A format speaking. - family worksheet/quiz at end of class or take home if needed Day 2 Objectives: Ss will be able to inquire about actions Ss will be able to express actions using a variety of verbs Ss will be able to inquire and respond about abilities with respect to actions. Language functions: “What are you doing?” “I’m running, jumping, singing, dancing...etc” “Can you run?” “Yes, I can run, jump, sing, dance...etc” “No, I can’t run...etc” Materials: Period 1: Introduction: -Standard greeting -Jumping Youngu puppet play skit (short) Development: -Introduce vocabulary of various verbs to Ss as T prompts them with flashcards. -Monkey in the middle Q and A T is Monkey. Ss ask Q and T A. -Play variant of the game with S in the middle (brief) -Guess mime game in 2 teams. T prompts team a to mime action and team b must guess Q and A format. Period 2: Yongu’s jungle adventure puppet play with animals Ss ask and A Q when prompted by T and puppet play. Game guessing the card. Ss ask T “can you __? T responds “ Yes I can” or “No I can’t” S who guesses correctly gets next turn with card. Game “Harry Potter” outside. When Harry freezes someone the S asks “What are you doing?” Harry responds “I’m jumping...etc” S must perform action for 30 S to gain

freedom. alternatively S can ask Harry “Can you run...etc” Harry has choice to respond “Yes I can run” or “No I can’t run” and proceed to give a command “I can jump...etc” S must obey command. Day 3 Objectives: Ss will familiarize themselves with different body parts Ss will label a diagram and perform word searches with human body parts Ss will give commands using different body parts. Ss will sing 2 songs to enhance their knowledge of human body parts. Language functions: “head, shoulders, arms, ankles...etc” “Touch your arm, foot,...etc” Materials: Period 1: Introduction: standard greeting Day date how are you? Ss repeat body parts after T prompted by flashcards Development: -body parts twister activity T gives commands to Ss individually (listening and understanding) -lable human body diagram Ss listen and repeat after T Ss produce answers to T -Body bingo game Ss fill bingo board with body parts T selects random body parts and calls them out Ss repeat 5 in a row wins -Simon says game T says “touch your ankle...etc” must be accompanied by “please” or S is out- last student standing is winner Period 2 -Hokie poky song with all body parts Ss will sing along after listening and practicing. -Body crossword puzzle T writes A on board as needed -Head shoulders song to finish class. Day 4 Objectives: Ss will be able to ask about someone’s physical appearance Ss will be able to give a brief physical description using simple adjectives Ss will be able to describe human body parts using simple adjectives.

Language functions: “What does it/she/he look like?” “It’s/he’s/she’s big, small...etc” “She has big feet...etc” “He has long legs...etc” “It has big ears...etc” Materials: Period 1: Introduction: -Standard greeting-day/date/how are you? -Introduce simple adjectives flashcards Ss repeat “It’s/She’s/He’s small...etc” T asks “What does it/she/he look like?” before each card Development: -Swamp monster crossing game T is monster and Ss must cross Ss ask “what does he/she/it look like?” T answers “It’s big” those students must cross -Draw on the board game Ss must guess adjective of what T draws then S who guesses correctly gets the next turn to draw. -TPR drawing activity Ss must draw what T describes. Ss ask Q and T A then Ss draw ie Ss “What does it look like?” T “It has a big nose...etc” can you guess what it is? Period 2: -Craft Ss draw their own monster using adjectives on their sheet as a guide. -Game: whisper race to the board game 2 teams T whispers sentence in last S ear they must whisper next S. Last S draws it on the board to make a monster. -Swamp monster crossing game S is monster. Day 5 Objectives: Ss will be able to ask about the weather Ss will be able to describe the weather using an extensive number of weather conditions Ss will be able to describe multiple weather conditions simultaneously Ss will complete word search activities and sing a song about the weather Language functions: “How’s the weather?” “It’s sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, cloudy...etc” “It’s snowy and windy...etc” Materials:

Period 1: Introduction: -Standard greeting day/date/how are you? -T will introduce weather terms to Ss who repeat when prompted by flashcards. T asks Q Ss repeat A. Development: -Ladders race to your place game (listening and understanding) Ss ask Q T A. -word unscramble activity Ss work together when necessary and T writes A on board - Draw weather on board game. Ss will ask about the weather then guess what it is and first S to say it correctly gets to draw the next weather condition. Period 2: -Introduce the word “precipitation” and Ss write correct word under the matching picture. T writes A on board. -The weather song for kids ype=search&plindex=0 -Introduce 2 weather conditions simultaneously - practice with ladders race to the board variant game. - Throw the ball at weather card (2 weather conditions) in 2 team Q and A format. Day 6 Objectives: Ss will be exposed a vocabulary of various activities Ss will be able to express which activities they would like to participate in Ss will be able to express the day they wish to participate in the activity. Language functions: “baseball, soccer, basketball, shopping, camping...etc” “I want to play” “I want to go camping...etc” “I want to go shopping on Monday...etc” (this last language structure may be omitted because of difficulty) Materials: Period 1: Introduction: -Standard greeting day/date/weather/how are you? -Introduce activities vocabulary Ss repeat after T when prompted by flashcards.

Development: -Musical vocabulary game (Listening and understanding) brief -Monkey in the middle game T is monkey (listening and understanding) -differentiate between “play” and “go” in vocabulary ie “I want to play basketball” “I want to go to a movie” -word search activity Ss work together T writes answers on board as needed. Period 2: -Play baseball game Ss divide 2 teams T is pitcher Ss take turns catching/batting. -Today is Monday song (activity variant version). -Q and A bingo game Ss divide 2 teams play on the board. -Q and A bingo game with Ss in pairs. Day 7 Objectives: Ss will be able to count from 1-20 and 5-60 by 5’s Ss will be able to ask about the time Ss will be able to express the time in 5min intervals Language functions: “1, 2, 3, 4...20” “5, 10, 15...60” “What time is it?” “It’s 6:00, 605, 6:10...etc” Materials: Period 1: Introduction: -standard day/date/weather/how are you? - count 1-20 - 1-2-bang game -count 5-60 by 5’s 5-10-bang game Development: -T will introduce Q “What time is it?” Ss respond appropriately when prompted by flashcard -Game What time is it, Mr. wolf? T is wolf and T asks Q Ss respond. -Activity Circle the correct time Ss ask T “What time is it?” T responds and Ss circle correct time on sheet

Period 2: -Game What time is it, Mr. wolf? S is wolf and Ss ask question “What time is it?” S responds appropriately -Goodbye pizza party for students farewells etc!!!

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