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The Great Masterpiece Drama of God

The Eternal Self Existing - The Beginner The Author of The Lambs Book of Life and `The Holy Bible. The Creator of Angels Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Wormwood God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth The Almighty God El, Elah, Elohim Everlasting Father Jehovah-Elohim The Alpha - Son of God in the Pillar of Fire - the Angel of the covenant -then it was the Lord Jesus; God the Holy Spirit King of Kings Lord of Lords Saviour, Director, Producer, Composer, Actor, Counsellor, and Finisher the First and the Last. In the beginning He wasn't even God then. No. God is an "object of worship." He was only the Eternal, whose purpose he found was to be God. In this beginning He was the Father, the Father of an Eternal Plan. He was alone. He dwelt alone, and He gave Himself a name Elohim, which is the Strong One Bound by an Oath! And He swore by Himself that He would become God, and not by power based in His own Omnipotence nor by knowledge according to His Omniscience, but according to the Perfect and True Measure of the fullness of Love. That is the way He was. He was in the beginning by Himself, thoughtful and patient in the architecture of what would become a Masterpiece of Masterpieces. So the Eternal One dwelt alone with His thoughts. Whew. Before He was even God He thought about how He could be God. The Creator plumbed His own depths for billions of years. The very beginning of the nature of creation was in building up the idea of God Itself according to all the varied attributes that would eventually manifest the very nature of His Being as the Person of God. The Eternal Self Alone is Immortal, but now His Attributes have to be displayed. In this great Being of the Eternal One there was an attribute to be God, but there was nothing to worship Him, who was the great source of all intelligence. Now, God's secret mystery starts way back here, when He was still the Eternal One. In the back part of God's mind there was something that He was trying and was going to achieve, and He had a motive for doing it, in order to let Himself be expressed. There wasn't even a moon, a star, an atom, a molecule, or anything, just the Eternal One whose own light remained hidden for there was nothing there to reflect its illuminating brilliance. Yet in His great mind, He wanted these attributes to be expressed. And in Him was love and God is Love! So, my opinion, the first thing that He made was Angels. And I will dare to say that these Angels had to be recipients of a special and enduring type of Love, giving them a reason and a purpose of Being, and placing them in positions of honour that would be attended to be fulfilled in due times and seasons. It must

have been something special God did for them, because they worshiped Him, and that made Him God. And He started from there. As He asked Job, "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the world, see, when the morning stars sang together, and the sons of God shouted for joy? See, now, where were you?" See? That was way back before the earth. They are souls that were once incarnated in the angels; they were once an angel who did not fall. You represent a star in heaven, and every star in heaven represents you! You were just not all always right here. You were once somewhere else. Angelic beings are ordained ministers of God, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work through mortal beings. I believe it with all my heart. God still has Angels, and they visit the people... Not a worship of Angels but Angelic Beings who are attributes of God, sent forth to minister to the Church, through the people. The first Attribute of His Being was Spirit, God, in the supernatural, the great Eternal Self becoming from invisible Soul into the form of Spirit and calling that Spirit God. Two - thirds of the angels of heaven fell; that's these evil spirits working amongst people, very religious. You know the Bible says that. When Light takes its supreme authority, there's no place for darkness. Go find where the darkness went when light come. That's the way it is when all things are turned back to God. Darkness had a beginning; darkness has an end. Light never had a beginning or it never has an end .He is the beginning of creation. God filled all space and all Eternity, so that all was God, without form, forever, for eternities, no beginning, no ending, but notice now, there is nothing; there's just space, and you cant see anything or hear anything. There is light there but the light is hidden; there's no dark; it's just seems like nothing. But in there is a great supernatural Being, Jehovah God, Who covered all space of all places at all times, the Great Spirit of the living God, covering all space and eternity. God filled all space. And in That (Space) was nothing but purity: pure love, pure holiness, pure righteous. It was Spirit. He covered the whole space all from Eternity, where we can't fathom It. It goes beyond anything that we could imagine. There you purposed in your heart to have a creation that would worship Thee, but there was nothing anywhere, just the vastness of space. I can see all that great space begin to move together like this, coming down to a funnel shape like that, and it moved right down, All that great space came down to one four letter word, l-o-v-e. He put the Lamb's Name on the Book. You see the Book, the Bible, was actually planned and written before the foundation of the world was ever laid - God gave you your inheritance. Your inheritance was first. The members of His Bride, their names, were put in the Lamb's Book of Life but the Book was sealed up. And now it's being revealed, whose names were in there. What a great thing. See, we came out of eternity. We were there, chosen before there was a world. Eternity is like a perfect circle; it has no corners or no end. Isa 40:21 Thus ye have known and ye have heard that which was revealed from the beginning, and you have understood His story from the foundations of the earth and have seen a consumption of all things.

Isa 40:12 God hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and measured out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance! He weighed every speck that He would use and calculated the perfect appropriation for the entire similitude, and measured the space that it would fit, and calculated the bit by bit assembling of this creation as measurements of time Psalms 147:4 He tells the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. Isa. 40:26 Lift up your eyes on high and behold who hath created these things that bringeth out their host by number; He calleth them all by names by the greatness of His might. God made man in His own image. "Where were you before I laid the foundation of the world, when the sons of God sang together and the morning stars shouted for joy? The Creation of God The first creation was God Himself; "El, Elah, Elohim," the "all-sufficient, allpowerful, Almighty, self-existent One." There was nothing but God Himself. He was self-existent. Being that He was God there must be something to worship Him, because He loved worship. His Own Being created creatures to worship Him. The first thing that came around was Angels and Angels worshipped Him and then He was God, the attribute. Angels still worship Him. The Angels that stand in the Presence of God have six wings. They carry two over their face, two over their feet, and fly with two in His Presence, crying day and night, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. The 1st Son of Creation was Lucifer, the anointed Cherub that covers! He was the son of the morning and led in worship. Lucifer, or Satan, was the right hand man of God. In the beginning when God spoke, Satan was standing there and he heard it. He was created to worship God and to lead in worship. He was created perfect in every way. There was nothing created but perfection. God created all things good. But Lucifer fell, putting a break in the eternal round and came down here on earth. Satan would've spoiled the whole thing, but God seen that there'd be a space of time outside of Eternity caused by a great disruption in His plans. And being the great infinite One from the beginning to beginning, He looked down and saw what would happen. Now, this great chain of perfection was broken by time into space. See a perfect circle, forever, and forever, and then all at once sin dropped in and put a little breach in the eternal veil so that a little chain dropped down. Eternity continues on, but it's not in its perfect condition. When Satan perverted good to wrong, and took the angels with him, a little block fell out of

this perfect circle of eternity, and dropped down to a place called time. It come in right here, goes around, and goes out right over here. Eternity exists right on down through time. Yet it was by his hand that we have dropped down to a space of time for the trying, and the perfecting, and for the purging of the lost, that God by His sovereign grace might someday lift that little hickey or gap back into the perfect circle. Then she rolls on just the same. You see it? Now, time is this little loop that loops down. God was from eternity to eternity, but He stepped into the time spaces, was made flesh, and came through here in order to sanctify or put a streak of Blood all across this place to redeem it and connect it back with God again for all eternity. That's all time is. God started there in perfection and will end the little kink in the perfect circle. He was perfect. Everything He said was perfect. Everything He does is perfect. So then the Bible said that Christ Jesus was the Lamb slain from the beginning of the little kink, the beginning of the world. Christ was slain at the beginning, for He made creatures, and creatures fell. There fore, in order to catch those who would be saved, He had to make a propitiation for their sins. God, back before the foundations of the world were ever laid, He seen what Lucifer would do in his pride, and He seen when he went over in the north, and set up a kingdom, and fought against Michael and his Angels. The first, God granted him to almost be co-workers with Him; he was a coworker, partly equal with Him; only Lucifer could not create. God is the only Creator. Satan is the arch enemy of God. Michael, the great Angel that stands in the presence of God! Michael has obeyed God since the day God created Him. He is the Great Prince who stands up for Israel. Michael was Christ, of course, who fought the angelic wars in heaven against the devil. Satan. Satan and Michael fought against each other. Christ was one time incarnated in Michael Gabriel, the Angel of God! Gabriel is the messenger of the covenant to the Jewish people, one of the highest orders of Angels in the heaven. Gabriel, when He speaks, oh my, for all of his words will be fulfilled in their season." Hallelujah. Oh, when He speaks it the Word is Gods, for God sends him as an ordained angel out of heaven -it has to come to pass. Amen. Now, there are many minor Angels that come; but when you see or hear of Gabriel coming, you get ready for something major fixing to happen. Gabriel will announce the second coming. He'll sound the trumpet of God, the coming of the Lord, the Angel of God, even Gabriel, Who stands at God's right hand. Another Angel was Wormwood who has control of the waters. Back in the antediluvian destruction, God gave Wormwood the authority to break up all the fountains." There could be a lot of morning stars, and lily of the valleys and Rose of the Sharons. You represent a star in heaven, and every star in heaven represents you! They are souls that were once incarnated in the angels; they were once an angel who did not fall. Two - thirds of the angels of heaven fell; that's these evil

spirits working amongst people, very religious. You know the Bible says that. You were just not all always right here. You were once somewhere else. Angelic beings are ordained ministers of God, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work through mortal beings. I believe it with all my heart. God still has Angels, and they visit the people... Not a worship of Angels but Angelic Beings who are attributes of God, sent forth to minister to the Church, through the people. Angels are sent from His Presence, ministering spirits, sent from the Presence of God, and God never takes His Spirit from the earth? God takes His man, but never His Spirit. If a man has seen an Angel of God, and met one that God has commissioned-that Angel commissioned him from God and It was sent from God, it'll bear record right down to the line, that it's the truth. Now, Seraphim is a mighty word. It's not an Angel. It's a sacrifice Burner. He has something to do with the atonement, because He offers the sacrifice, to make a way for the repented sinner, to the Throne of Mercy. What a position, higher than an Angel, greater than an Angel! Oh, note the Heavenly Seraphim, which means "burners," a special designed Person. Seraphim means, Which it is next to the altar. They're beyond Angels. And God's so holy until they cover their face in the Presence of the holy God. And the only thing they could say was, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty." Whew. A special covering for them to stand in the Presence of God... God lets His Angels have watch over us. "The Angels of God are encamped about." They don't go back and forth; they stay here. I like that. "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him."

God, the Father

I can hear Him say, "Let there be light." And an atom of space burst yonder, split yonder, and in this atom of space was the sun began to whirl it was the face of God, from out of the idea of God, the LOGOS, even the manifestation of that which was already written there within the Thought to accomplish in the house of the atom of space.. And then this Deity became bodilized down to the Logos, the son of God, into a little halo, like a Pillar of Fire, that would come from the eternal, in the beginning, as everlasting, to the Eternal that would follow, even the end of time - everlasting;. So now, the Holy Spirit, the Son of God went out, like a little sacred Light that moved out of that eternity, as a child playing before the father's house, and there He was playing out there in space just like a child before the door, before the Father's door, with all eternity. And now, in His imaginary make-up He begins to think of what things would be, and I can hear Him say, "Let there be light." And when He did, an atom burst and the sun came into existence. She whirled for hundreds of millions of years, forming clinkers, and burning, and forming like it is today: still burning, still

breaking atoms. Millions of years rolled by and after while a piece flew off. And He stood out there and watched it fall. And it went all the way down; He stopped it over here after it fell for a few million years. Off went another one. He let it fall near a certain place, and He stopped it. And when the earth spun out from whatever orbit it came from, when it went from it there, it froze to one big solid thing. Then as He began to move in it in close to the sun, it began to thaw out. I can see Him draw the whole picture in His mind of the Kingdom and what it might be. He's got in His mind now that someday there will be an earth. And in His infinite mind He had the scene of what would be at the end! The Spirit began to brood over the earth. "Brood" means "to make love, to coo like a dove." It began to brood over the earth. We're dealing with something that's infinite. And if this is the Word of God, then it's just as infinite as God is infinite Now, notice. Then after while I begin to see a little sacred Light begin to form, like a little halo or something; you could only see it by spiritual eyes. It is called the "Logos," or "the anointed," or "the anointing," part of God beginning to develop into something so human beings could have some type of an idea what It was:--a little Light was moving. Colossians 1:16 Christ is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature literally the pillar of Fire which is the light that formed out of the darkness, and is the beginnings of the birthing process of the Son of Gods body of God in the form that would be Son, of whom it is said that by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in the earth, visible and invisible, even thrones, dominions, principalities and powers, all things were created by God in Christ, the anointing, by His own power and for his own glory. God is before all things and by God all things exist. Now, God gave Himself birth to this Son which was before there was even an atom in the air to make an atom, rather it was the air that was in the atom of space and you could not see that it was there. Jesus said, "Glorify Me, Father, with the glory that we had before the foundation of the world." See, way back in yonder. Now, He made the sun. Then the first thing you know, a big clinker fell off of it, weighed about, just about like this earth. Then this Logos here now, the Son of God, is watching it. He lets it fall for a hundred million years and He stops it. Then another one flies off, and He let's it fall for millions of years, then He stops it. Now, we're standing, watching it come into existence. Now, He's got something in His mind. And what's He doing? He's writing His first Bible. The first Bible that man ever looked to was the stars, the zodiac. And it's a perfect. It dovetailed with this Bible here. Now, He put that all in the sky and placed it out, all these meteors, pieces of earth, or sun, hanging off here. Now, that was this earth coming into existence, just a big old piece of cinder flew off out yonder. Down beneath it now is nothing but a turning, burning volcano, completely; the eruptions come everywhere, volcanic. Now, watch the little halo yonder. I can see It move out to this earth and get over the top of it and begin to move it over here close to the sun. It's nothing but a big ball of ice. And when it begins to get melting, then great big glaciers

begin to cut through up in the northlands and come down. And when it did, it cut out Kansas and Texas and all those places there, and went on into the Gulf of Mexico. And the first thing you know, the whole thing was covered with water. And out of our picture at the Bible: Genesis 1, "The world was without form, and void; and water was upon the face of the deep." Is that right? "And the Spirit of God moved upon the water." Now, He separated the water, brought up the hills and the lands and so forth and dried it off. Vegetation and everything, He made it. And He made the moon and set its boundaries of the sea, so it could not pass. Now, God made the world out of nothing. It's just His Word. He just created. His Word is creation, so He just spoke it, and the world was created because it was the object in God's mind in His heart. He just spoke it, and it come into existence. He was a Creator." Everything came up out of the earth, starting off with the polliwog or the jellyfish, which was just a form of flesh floating on the water, and from that to a frog. From the frog it went to the lizard, and on and on, and every time the Holy Ghost began to breathe, life came again; and greater life came with every breath. And then something came up in the image of God; that was a man. Nothing has ever been, never was, and never will be created any more that is higher than a man, because a man is in the image of God. When God made man, He said, "I am Y-a-h-u, J-u-v-u-h, Yahua, Jehovah. What did it mean? "I am the all-existent one who has created something from off of My-self to be a son of mine, an amateur little one of mine." God has come through different stages as the becoming God from El, Elah, Elohim, the self-existent One, to Jehovah, One who exists with a family. He was just like one great big Diamond, and He could not be anything else but what He already was in the potential. Inside of this diamond of His attributes were the attributes of Saviour and Healer, among many others. Well, there was nothing there to save and nothing there to heal, but His attributes produced it. God being a Saviour it was necessary He predestinate a sinner to have a reason for being a Saviour. So then, it was before the foundation of the world that He knew He would be a Saviour, and that there would be a great display of Him here upon the earth, that that He would come and be made flesh as a Son of God, the Father in the Son, and dwell among us. Jehovah" means that He gave man to be an amateur god. Because He is Father God, and He made a man an amateur god, so He isn't self-existence any more; He exists with His family. Amen. Elah, Elah, Elohim... Now He is Jehovah, "Jehovah" meaning the "One who exists with His family." Now, God made man to be predominant over all the earth; he had dominion. And the earth was man's dominion. Then if that's his domain, he was god over the earth. He could speak, and it would be so. He could speak this, and it would be so. Oh. There He is, God, Jehovah, the One Who once existed in selfexistence, but now exists with His family, and His little ones with Him... There you are. Do you know the body that you're living in this morning, was here ten thousand

years before one speck of life was ever placed on the earth! When God had this old missile hanging out yonder, turning it around the sun and revolving it around this way, He was creating in there calcium, potash, and petroleum, and so forth, He had in His great mind then that you'd set where you are now. Oh, hallelujah, He's the infinite God. God had, before the world was ever had a speck of life on it, He had your body laying right there. If it didn't, where did it come from? That's the reason He was twisting it, and rolling it, and turning it. He made man a god, a god in his domain. And His domain goes from sea to sea, from shore to shore. He has the control of it. "Verily, I say unto you, you, that's little gods, if you'll say to this mountain, 'be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you've said will come to pass, you can have what you've said." Go right back to Genesis, to the original; what is it? The world and nature is groaning, crying; everything's a moving for the manifestation of the sons of God, when true sons, born sons, filled sons speak and their word is backed. I believe we're on the border of it right now. Yes, sir. Say to this mountain, let it be so. God ordained it at the beginning. He gave man the domain. Oh, waiting, groaning, all nature, waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. Sons of God have got a soul that's worth ten thousand worlds God seen by His foreknowledge who would be saved and who would not - so He sent Jesus to save those that He had already chosen. That's our inheritance. God chose us, and let Jesus come and pay the price - the shedding of His Blood, that no sin would be accounted to us. Nothing you do. There were only a small number whose names were put on the Lamb's Book of Life. When that last soul comes in, then the time of redemption is finished. When the true vindication of the revealed Truth of God's Word strikes that heart of the last one, he will strike the water, and out yonder with the Holy Ghost, running just as hard as he can, and you can't stop him from doing it, because the new Life has worked it-self forth. Then the Lamb comes forth to claim His rights to what He has redeemed, and that's all creation. The earth and everything belongs to Him. "When that last member of the Body comes in, in this last age, the secret mystery under the opened 7th seal will be revealed at that time; and here it is, just exactly right. See? We're in the day. Them names that were put on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world will come forth just as certain as anything. That's why Jesus sets right there and waits with His mediatorial work until that last seed is in and completely child-trained as a student of the Word. He will know exactly when to strike.

Genesis is the seed chapter to every question in the Bible. And you always have to go back to the seed to see what kind of a seed is in the field, to find out what your crops will be. Jesus said, "Go back to the beginning," there was

only one pair of anything on earth. There was one Adam and one Eve and they were joined by God alone. Then, we find now that everything "in the beginning" was running in perfect order and harmony with God, nothing was out of cater. Everything in heaven is still in order; all the stars, the galaxies, the solar system, everything is perfectly in order. If one of them moved it would interrupt the whole program. Now listen. One interruption stalls the whole program! Now, when human beings were running in continuity with God, with one man and one woman, this woman sinned and it threw the whole earthly program out of continuity with God. Therefore, one word added to this Book, or one Word taken from it throws a Christian out of continuity with God, throws a church out of continuity with God, it throws a family out of continuity with God. Every believer can be thrown out by not accepting every Word of God. All over the earth since the day in the Garden of Eden that sin was committed, all heavens was shut off from mankind. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. That's right. "Why art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer?" No man could see into glory. No man could understand because the power is just above us. Heaven means "atmosphere above" and then all these powers were shut off from mankind because of sin. Eve broke her covenant with the Word. Notice, why did she do such a thing, being in that high order? She was right with man, co-equal with him. But we all know now that she lost her co-equality with man, when she sinned, and God said, "Man will be your ruler from here out." Notice the reason she did that. How did Satan ever get to her? Did you know Satan was co-equal with God one day? Sure was, all but a creator; he was everything, stood at the right hand of God, in the Heavens, the great leading Cherubim. Notice the reason that she did this, she was not in the original creation. She is not in God's original creation; she is a by-product. Therefore, "at the beginning" she was not an original creative being of God. She is a by-product of a man. Remember, Adam was both masculine and feminine in the original creation, one, but then he was separated by a rib. Notice, but a by-product, and, notice, the only one of all God's creation, of every animal and anything else, she was the only one designed this way. Every other female was in the original creation. Every other female was in the original creation, but Eve was not in the original creation. See, that had to be made that way. We'll get to it after a while. Notice, this creation that she was in was in the original, but a by-product. There is nothing designed to be so deceitful as a woman that's deceitful. There cannot be anything else; there is nothing made to be that way. Also, there is nothing that can be so easily deceived as a woman. Now, the fall proves this statement to be true, the fall in the beginning. She was not in the original beginning creation. She was in Adam, but not in a female sex, herself, at the beginning. She was the by-product made. There is nothing designed or can stoop as low as a woman can. Think now. There is nothing designed, in all creation, that can stoop as low as a woman can. She can tear a man's heart to pieces easier than anything else there is in the world, is his wife.

Now you see where Satan went? See? But still she is the one that's got the power to say "yes" or "no." See, depends on where she wants to hold herself. See? Now here we can see plainly the serpent's seed, where it came in. There is only one place he could go to. If that wouldn't nail it down, somebody is blind. See? See, it had to go to that. She is the only specie of female that is made prettier than the male. There is not another species like this. All other creatures of God are beautiful males, such as in animals, birds, and so forth, always the male is pretty. But in the human race, it's the woman that's pretty, not the man; if he is, there is something wrong, there is crossed-up seed somewhere. Originally it was that way. Why, why was it done? To deceive by! Her designer, Satan, is still working on her, too, in these last days. Now, there is nothing can stoop like her, and she is designed so that she can be deceiving. And Satan is really working on her today, in these last days, because he is her designer. A pretty woman can sway a man any way she wants to. That's the deceiver right there. And she is deadly with it, absolutely deadly. You may question me about Satan being her designer, but that's the Truth. Satan designed her. He still does it. Satan is the one who features that kind of beauty. Also, to show that Cain was his son, he offered a more beautiful worship, decorated his altars with fruits and flowers, and so forth. Is that right? Beautiful! Sin is beautiful, what we call beauty today. And sin is deceiving, by beauty. So now, to show what God had in His great mind, what He had in picture of the Christ and the church, He took not a different piece of clay and made a woman, but He took from the side of Adam, a rib; and took from the spirit of Adam, the feminine, and put it in this rib. A man and a woman are two different spirits. But, together they make one unit: "These two are one." After He made his Angelic beings He made man, "Created He them male and female," all in the same unit. He was both man and woman, feminine and masculine. God is a Spirit, and He took the spirit man and put him in flesh. See! He made the first man, "male and female created He them." Word had just reached heaven that God's child had fallen from grace. He had sinned. And there was a state of emergency called. God had to bring the Angels and come from heaven, because His own child had fallen and disobeyed His laws. And it was death's penalty for disobeying these laws. God had to come in a state of emergency, like any conference is held. Then I can see all that space, which was God. God had no beginning of days, ending of years. He's forever and forever. I can see all that great space begin to move together like this, coming down to a funnel shape like that, and it moved right down, as He began to eye that little couple down in the Garden of Eden, bloody skins flopping against their leg. He couldn't stand it. And it moved down, oh, it moved it down to the very heart of God, spelled l-o-v-e. Something must be done or all is gone to chaos--His own creation. And God selected a certain tree, and he called Adam and Eve together, and brought them up, and held a conference with them. And when He had come to a decision, He made a way of escape for His mortals. And He said, "Thy Seed shall bruise the serpent's head. And his head shall bruise thy heel."

In the Garden of Eden sin was so beautiful until it attracted Eve from righteousness to sin. And in the same garden where there was a Tree of Life, there was also a tree of death. We would know it today as the law of contrast that where there is good, there is evil; where there is right, there is wrong. And we will never, no matter what our environment might be, ever be able to shake ourselves from the presence of either. Like Paul said, "When I would do good, then evil is present." The sinner will never be able to shake away from the Christian, the Christian from the sinner. There'll be a witness there of right, and a testimony of wrong always. And you make your choice. You have to take one side or the other. When Eden was created there were two trees for a man to choose from. If he chooses one tree he became full of wisdom; if he chooses the other he came into Eternal Life. There were two boys, Cain and Abel, both of them religious. Abel desired Life Eternal, and he offered to God by faith a more excellent sacrifice than Cain: a perfect type of the churches today: the church natural, church spiritual. But the church spiritual today is like Abel - by revelation. By grace he seen beyond that, and by faith he offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain. And it testified of his righteousness. His promise was to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. In Abraham we found election; and in Isaac, justification; and in Jacob, grace-You'd have to believe in grace if you read Jacob's life. You'd have to see it was election and calling, 'cause, oh, the things that fellow did. But yet, God had blessed him. God had told him what was going to happen, so He called him. But you notice after he wrestled with this Angel things began to look different. In Joseph was found perfection. This world is now standing in the grip of two great spiritual forces and they are both religious forces. I believe that these great forces are soon coming to a head. Now, both of these great forces were represented in these two sons of Isaac. It is amazing how God in His infinite wisdom has foreshadowed all things to us; that we might by these things know for certain what lay before us. God and His Word have made it so plain, and nature and His universe are so perfectly arranged together that even the sinner can see something's fixing to take place. God has so arranged it, no one is without excuse. Now, we can see in these two sons that before they were ever born they were at war with one another even though the beautiful virgin mother, Rebekah, and the righteous seed of God's promise, Isaac; were two consecrated, Spirit-filled believers in God, foreordained to the very marriage that they united together by. God foreknew this would happen. Now, how could such a thing come to pass even though they both came by the same mother and father? One was a very evil person and another was a very good person; and the good person looked like they were the evil one and the evil person looked like they were the good one. Now, that has always been and it always will be God's program. God cannot change His program. He makes His program perfect, because it's part of Him. In these two sons it is strange to know that before they were born that God

loved one and hated the other one, yet they were both of the same seed, from Isaac, who was the promised son of Abraham. We find out that not only were they fussing and fighting in the womb of their mother, but they came out from her fighting, Esau came forth first and Jacob came forth 2nd, holding onto his heel. And they are still fighting today. So we can see that God calls by election - even though both children came from that perfect, pure, elected, holy, consecrated father and mother. It must be. No matter how good your father and mother were it still falls upon you as an individual to find your standing before God. Imagine, Isaac was a holy man and Rebekah a righteous, holy, God-sent and God-called mother, and from that holy seed came forth a renegade and a believer. See, so it lies within God's callings, God's election. Before either one was born, God said, "I love Jacob and hate Esau," before either one was born. So how ought we to feel, someone who has God speak to you and invite you to come to His table and to His home, and be His son or daughter. There's nothing as great as that. Notice the nature of these 2 boys - one of them was a spiritual man; that was Jacob - and the carnal man was Esau. Yet they were both religious. And that same thing has taken place all down through the ages, the carnal and the spiritual - twins. Esau represented the man of the earth, natural, religiously inclined, but never able to come to the truth, it wasn't in him to do it; he couldn't do it. He never was able to climb past the things of the world, the carnal things. Yet for Jacob it was just so easy for him to do it. Jacob had an overwhelming purpose, he longed for the birthright, no matter how he got it, just as long as he got it. The spirit of that one birth is still represented in the world today and it's coming to a head now: the spiritual believer; and the carnal man, the carnal believer. No one can say they werent both religious. They were. It doesnt say that one served an idol and the other one God. They were both servants of God. Now, pay close attention to the Scriptures on this subject, because I'm sure it'll help you. "Not everyone that saith, 'Lord, Lord' will enter in, but the one that doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven." Now, if you notice, Jacob had one thing that he wanted, because according to the Word, the blessings and the good things laid in the birthright. And Jacobs only objective, the only thing he had in mind was to get that birthright. And Esau despised it. The one that actually had it, despised it, he was ashamed of it. But Jacob wanted it regardless of how he got it, he wanted it. That's the way with the spiritual believer today. He doesn't care how much you laugh at him, how much fun you make of him, how ridiculous he has to act to the carnal mind, his only objective is the birthright. He wants to get to God because it's born in him. He can't help it.

"Jacob" means "supplanter" or "deceiver." Yet, after finding and coming into possession of the birthright, he was changed from the carnal to a more spiritual man. He was then called, Israel, "a prince with the Lord," who's wrestled with Him But the church spiritual today is like Abel - by revelation. By grace he seen beyond that, and by faith he offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain. And it testified of his righteousness. The same thing took place in Ishmael and Isaac. One was of the flesh, and the other one was of the Spirit: one of the bondswoman; one of the freewoman. The same thing happened with Israel and Moab, two great churches coming together. And when Jacob's people, the spiritual church, Israel, on the road, wanted to go to their promised place, Esau's people met them, the Moabites, a powerful church. And the great leader of the church, Balaam came down to curse Esaus brothers people, but he found that he could not curse Israel. He failed with the blindness of his eyes to see the predestinated plan, and to see the Word of God. Now, here came Israel, going up with God's promise and they were headed to the promised land and another group, the Moabites of Lots line, not infidels, but believers in the same God that Israel had, came out to try to curse Israel. They said they surely were unrighteous because they had done lots of things that were bad. You see, they failed to see the election. Moab was a good and great nation, like a brother to the nation of Israel. (Now, see where these two nations came from. Moab was the seed of Lot a type of the remnant foolish virgin that came through the fornication of Lot and his daughter and Israel came forth from Abraham, through Isaac, and then Jacob. So essentially the Moabites were the Church of Lot and the Israelites were the Church of Abraham.) The 12 Tribes of Israel There were four corners how Israel camped themselves. They put the ark in the center, and on the four sides of the tent were three tribes of Israel, and four threes is twelve. And each three had a head. One of them was Reuben; he always camped to the south. He was the head of man. And Ephraim was to the west, with three tribes, he was the ox. Then on the east was Judah, which is the lion. And on the north was Dan, which was the eagle. Notice, when Joseph was rejected by his brethren, he was given a Gentile wife. Or Pharaoh give him a Gentile wife, and he bore Gentile children: half Gentile and Jew. They give a great symbol that when Jacob was blessing them, Ephraim on one side, Manasseh on the other, he crossed his hands and give the younger child the blessing; and the two kids were added unto the twelve tribes, which was only ten at that time, and he blessed them in Jacob himself; and Joseph, his prophet son, standing there said, "Father, you've done wrong." Said, "You put your right hand blessing on the young child, where it ought to have

gone upon the old one." He said, "I know my hands were crossed, but God has crossed them." Why? Israel, having the rights to be a Bride, rejected and sold their birthrights, and they went from the old son, Israel, to the new, Gentile, and the blessings went from there through The-cross to the Bride Ahab and Jezebel One time two kings came together. One of them was Ahab, a bad one church carnal; and the other one was Jehoshaphat - church spiritual, church. Ahab was a borderline believer. He had prophets. They werent infidels. They werent idolaters. They were Israelite prophets, but they were all taught and fed and clothed by Ahab the king. It became like a place where they all had political backing. Jehoshaphat came in and made an alliance, which is wrong. You should never hook up with unbelievers. We should never, by no means, ever put our names on books in churches that do not believe the full Gospel. Never! You'll get in trouble. And they got in trouble. And this righteous man said, "Should we not consult the Lord first and find out whether we should go to Ramoth-Gilead?" Now, see how perfect the setup looked. "We own Ramoth-Gilead. It's our property, and the Syrians have taken it from the living God. Shall we not go up and possess this land?" And he made the speech so pretty, and so legal, and so righteous, until Jehoshaphat fell for it. And today a man can stand in the pulpit with an intellectual sermon and his excellent speech-making, and be very highly educated, and he can speak in such a way until he can explain the power of the Holy Spirit away from the Bible; he can explain Divine healing away; he can explain speaking in tongues and interpretations; he can explain the baptism of the Holy Ghost to another day, but to a man that's elected of God, who has the election of God upon them, theyll never stumble because of some man in the pulpit because they have the Word. Jehoshaphat, the righteous king said, "Isn't there a prophet, that we could consult the Lord?" Ahab was going on without it. That's what the church carnal is doing today. Oh, they have seminaries full of preachers, great men, great professors, intellectual, smart, witty, oh, my, far beyond the wits of the church spiritual. Oh of course the carnal has them. "Certainly, we have. I've got a seminary down here, full of them." I brought four hundred. Now, these were not infidels. These were Jehovah-God worshippers and they came up and said, "Let us take a little while and we'll prophesy." And so they all got together. And they come back with the Word of the Lord, and they said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD (Israelite prophets)--THUS SAITH THE LORD. Go on up, the Lord is with you. And you'll take Ramoth-Gilead, because it really belongs to Israel." And one of the head men made him two great big horns out of iron, as representatives, and he went to pushing. He said, "With this you'll push the

Syrians plumb out of Ramoth-Gilead." Yet Jehoshaphat had something in him. I hope that God gets this to your hearts. It's nothing you can educate yourself to; it's nothing you can read yourself into. It's what God, by election, does for you. "Not him that runneth or him that wills but it is God that shows mercy." Jehoshaphat said, "They are fine-dressed men." No doubt he said something like this, "They're intelligent, and the smartest men I've ever heard. They're educated to the moment. Their stand is one accord. They have a great unity among them. And they are smart, and they have a lot of truth to them." "Oh, there is a lot of truth in what they're saying, "But isn't there one more?" What do you mean Is there one more? Weve got four hundred of them here and they are the smartest, the best that there is? They're not out here in the wilderness running around half naked with sheepskin wrapped around them. They are men that I have fed; I've educated. They're scholars, and they know many things. They stay day and night, reading the scrolls and prophecies. They know what's right. I have them ready, and they're standing here with one accord, four hundred of them, saying, 'Go on up, the Lord's with you.'" But if I could read Jehoshaphat's mind a few minutes, "There's just something that doesn't register," he'd say. "There's just something that doesn't seem right. Isn't there just one more somewhere?" "Oh," he said, "yes, there is one more, but he doesn't belong to the organization. He's a different sort of a fellow. He's just a renegade." He's like Jacob. "But we might ask him. They say he's a prophet. But I doubt it, because he's always cursing me, saying that this, that, or the other, he never prophesies good about me." How could he? So they said, "Let's go get him. He's the son of Imlah." So they went and got him. And somebody met him on the road and said, "Now, you say the same thing they say. You must agree with the association and if you do not then woe unto you." He said, "I'll say just what God puts in my mouth to say and nothing else." Then after he got up there, and they gave him a night, he said, "Go on up, but I seen Israel scattered like sheep having no shepherd." And Ahab said, "Didn't I tell you?" Now, there's four hundred against one. Four hundred trained, smart, educated, intellectual men against one little ignoramus, as we'd call him, Micaiah, one man, but yet that one man had the Word of the Lord that made the difference. Every one of them was false; it proved out false. What made Micaiah different was that he stayed with the Word. The Word of God's what he stayed with Meshach, Shadrach and Abendego

Let's turn our camera now to Meshach, Shadrach and Abendego. All the time there's something going on down here, there's something going on up there at the same time. Amen. We only look to the earthly side. But let's look up there. My, I can see Him setting there in His majesty, His kingly, priestly garments hanging around Him, setting there. I can see a great Angel coming up. You believe God's got angels in heaven? They're at His command. I can see one of them came up; he's called Wormwood. He's the angel over all the waters. I can see him rustle up, quick up beside of the throne and say, "Master, have you looked down there? Why, they're fixing to burn up three faithful believers." I can hear the Master say, "Yes, Wormwood, I've watched them all night long." He said, "I've washed the whole thing off. Let me go down this morning and I'll wash Babylon off the face of the earth." I believe he could've done it. Here comes another angel, Michael, the great Angel that stands in the Presence of God. I can see him draw His sword and say, "Master, look down there. One more step and death's right before them! Have you considered them?" "Yes." "Let me go down there; we'll see who is boss." I believe He could've done it, don't you? I can hear Him say, "Michael, you have obeyed me since the day that I created you, but I can't let you go because I'm going Myself. This is a Man-sized job." My, my! I can see Him rise up from His seat; His robes drop 'round Him; walk out there and say... Way back over there in the north, I can see a great big white thunderhead; I can hear Him say, "Come here." Amen. Everything in the heaven obeys Him, but man thinks he knows more than He does so he can't obey Him. I can see Him say, "Come here, East wind, North, South, and West. Get under this thunderhead; I'm going to drive you like horses this morning." He'd takes that big thunderhead, steps out on it like a chariot, reaches up and gets a-hold of a zigzag lightning out of the skies and cracks it across the sky. King Nebuchadnezzar could hear it down on the earth down there. And about that time He passed by the sea of life and picked off a palm. When they made their last step into the fiery furnace there was one like the Son of God, standing there fanning away all the breezes like that; talking over the future with them. I tell you; He's God today. He knows all things.