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Advertizing Plan:

Situation Analysis:
Background Research:
The concept behind promoting an advertisement is the consumer preIerence in perIorming
Pilgrims like Hajj, Umrah, & visit Roza-e-Rasool during the Ramadan month as it is the
religious month oI prayers to target the consumer inside the answerer to their problems is the
Direct Ilight availability Irom the Karachi region even Irom Multan region.
The Strength oI PIA is it`s the reliable airline that has biggest aircraIts Iacilitated with highly
qualiIied and trained and experienced workIorce, with the privilege oI being the government
company has the highest share to Iacilitate the masses oI passengers Ior perIorming the hajj and
umrah Ilights.
As a matter oI Iact a huge portion oI the consumers are unhappy with the services oI PIA, and
thus has a negative image but since it`s the major service provider and at least reliable airline in
terms oI accidents people still travel through it.
The opportunities oI getting the early booking is bright since the incentive Ior early booking will
be oIIered to attract the max bookings beIore the month oI Ramadan Starts.
The threats can be due to the uncertain condition oI Karachi city, nobody knows when the city
will show the picture oI carIue, plus the presence oI other competitive airlines will also be the
existing threats.
Key Advertizing Problem To be Solved:
The question mark how to display the ad with what sort oI images that will attract the consumer,
how the customers will get attracted in the airline services. & how to bring and create the value
and trust and respect in the airline.
KEY Strategic Decisions:
Customer centric with Iocuses on the customer, Data driven method oI communicating with the
customer, the customer will be communicated through their emotional attachment to the
religious month and the Umrah PerIormance in this month.
Target Audience:
The target audience will be the age group Irom 30 60 years mainly who aIter crossing the early
youth age entered into early maturity age or complete mature who started considering their
attachment towards the religion and who are also capable oI paying Ior the airIare since they are
selI dependent usually.
Brand Position:
The brand PIA has a position oI the largest Hajj and Umrah Specialist airline who carry millions
oI passengers every year. Thus the association oI PIA is also very close towards the Regiligious
Obligations IulIilling medium as well.
Brand Image & Personality:
The PIA image is mixed sort, since a huge portion oI the customers are unhappy or unsatisIied
with the perIect services oI the airline , along with that their services Ior the Religious Ilights are
having a image oI being the Pakistani International Airline who serves the Muslims to perIorm
the Religious Obligations that is serving Muslims and serving Pakistani`s. The largest Airline in
The pricing is a bit high when you talk about travelling through PIA, The Size oI air bus is the
reason oI this and the load it will carry in each airline, The Early bird discount will be good way
Ior the customers who wish to travel at economical pricing. Instead oI delay booking decision.

Media Strategy:
Media Objective:
To reach to the target audience through the better selection oI the medium and the eIIective ad

'ehicle Selection and Budget Allocation:
The budgeting will be on the basis oI early bird discount and group discount packages to attract
the early bookings and group bookings. The medium will be the sign boards (billboards) , TV
Ads in the prime time oI the news channels and oII course at the airport the billboards and
banners inside and near the airport .
The practically implementation will be done Iirst through the TV commercials once the
consumer will be aware about the ad at the same time the billboards will be set up with the same
campaign to give the customers a recall oI the oIIer, Also later the advertisement will be don`t
through the social Media Marketing Channels
Message Strategy:
Key Consumer Inside:
Muslims having opportunity oI Ziyarah oI Medina this Ramadan to perIorm Umrah Saadat.
Selling Premise:
The campaign is integrated to all the booking medias oI PIA includes PIA Passenger Sales Agent
& all IATA aIIiliated Travel agents who does the booking oI PIA, Also the PIA Booking OIIices
will be integrated about this special package. Along with the all staII members who directly
interacts with the customer beIore or during or aIter the Ilight.
BIG Idea:
(This will not be prominent in any communication message, but reIlects as this is in the mind oI
brand manager) Catering the Pakistani Nation.
ComIortable journey, you select your time Ior Umrah here, come Ily with us.

ther 1oo|s |n IMC p|an
Sa|es romot|on
AL all lA booklng offlces and agencles who are deallng wlLh lA adverLlsemenL Lhere Agencles
whlch are deallng Pa[[ umrah conLacL Lhem and provldlng opporLunlLy Lo sLarL ln new
ub||c ke|at|on
Agencles whlch are deallng Pa[[ umrah
D|rect Market|ng
1hrough webslLe adverLlsemenL ln newspapers/ magazlnes/ 1elevlslon
ersona| Se|||ng
Sponsorsh|p Merchand|z|ng ackag|ng o|nt of urchase
karachl booklng offlce Servlce cenLre and oLher handllng agencles
Integrat|on Strategy
8ackward lnLegraLlon lorward lnLegraLlon sLraLegy ls uslng by lA
Lva|uat|on of Lffect|veness
As we sLarL Lhls fllghL very flrsL of !uly and lL's a new rouLe whlch ls offerlng cusLomers dlrecLly
Madlna SeaL facLor ls Lhe process Lhrough whlch we may measure Lhe efflclency of fllghL
operaLlng LhaL rouLe CurrenLly seaL facLor of fllghLs ls 60 70 percenL whlch ls economlcal
Secondly cusLomer's calls we recelved ls one of Lhe Loll Lo measure Lhe efflclency of our
adverLlsemenL Lhrough blllboard ln newspapers leafleLs and varlous oLher adverLlslng Lerms
1hls fllghL was sLarLed on very much demand of Lhe cusLomers and as our !eddah secLor ls
already glvlng 90 93 percenL seaL facLor whlch ls a greaL achlevemenL so managemenL ln
hope LhaL Lhey wlll soon be able Lo lncrease Lhls secLor's seaL facLor ln a very fewer weeks
8y word of mouLh many cusLomers are comlng lA ls adverLlslng and uslng Lhls Lerm
effecLlvely Lo geL cusLomers lA adverLlslng ln every place mosLly aL cusLomer servlce cenLre
booklng offlces and oLher agencles who are worklng wlLh lA
Commun|cat|on 8r|ef
8efore Lo sLarL a add or glvlng lL Lo any agency Lhe followlng sLeps are

new fllghL desLlnaLlon knIMAD MUkknIMAD vlce versa

1arget aud|ence
Pa[[ umrah assengers

8rand pos|t|on
LxcellenL ln such a way LhaL lA ls domesLlcally only Lhe slngle alrllne who ls operaLlng ln
lnLernaLlonal Pa[[ umrah secLors oLher alrllnes llke Saudl alrllne or new nas alrllne are also
operaLlng buL Lhey are' nL able Lo defeaL lA as lL ls naLlonal alrllne

8rand |mperat|ve
Cnly Lwo alrllne are operaLlng Lo Madlna lA Saudl Alrllnes

Commun|cat|on ob[ect|ves
Awareness abouL secLor/ new desLlnaLlon emoLlonal Louch

Consumer |ns|ght
ClosesL desLlnaLlon or dlrecL approach Lo Madlna Less Lravel afLer reachlng Madlna

1he propos|t|on or se|||ng |dea
lrecL fllghL approach as per cusLomer demand/ u aLLlLude
Pa[[ umrah ls expendlng and each person requlred dlrecL fllghLs ln cheap fares whlch lA ls
offerlng and belleves Lo geL reasonable response from Lhe markeL