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Prologue It was an early Wednesday morning in June 6th 2009.Coretta„s breath was fogging up the passenger side window of the beat up Pontiac. Yet Isabella glanced over at her mother and jumped slightly at the loud gurgle and a roar, coming from the back of her throat. Coretta was 36 yet she looked older because she drank excessively and smoked three to four packs of fags a day. Coretta‟s face looked ravaged with wrinkles yet she had a permanent tanned look, her hair was frazzled and hung awkwardly around her face. Her clothes and breath constantly smelled of smoke and alcohol. Isabella shook her head and chuckled quietly to herself. Her mother snored worse than a bear in hibernation. At least the snoring kept her slightly attentive, and gave her an incentive to stay awake, besides the glare of the other headlights. Seeing the sign for an old cabin, she pulled into the parking lot and parks the car. Isabella sat on an old bed. In this musty old “house”, technically it was more of a shack. She sighed tired and pulled her second all nighter having to drive most of way to the new place because her mom said she had to catch up on her “beauty rest.” This was the 50th place she and her mom had been to since she was a little girl. If she ever could escape, she mentally wished that it were some place far from her mother, a place where she would not have to deal with the trouble that her mother got into because she never could fix her problems. Coretta constantly was blaming Isabella for her every fault. Isabella was at her wits end and didn‟t know what other option she had left. The mental fatigue was so embedded in her she barely responded to her mother‟s tirades. The emotional exhaustion she felt when her mother berated her, in public and in private. Was so deeply felt she sometimes looked like a zombie. Every part of her ached and she was sick of being her mother‟s baby sitter. She curled up on the bed and pulled her nap sack from the floor. She rummaged in it for a few minutes and found what she had been searching for. Her much battered leather bound DayBooke. She had several old bits of newspaper clippings and program leaflets, and odd bits of sayings that she found interesting. She opened it and inhaled the

scent of crushed dried flowers of sweet pea, juniper, lavender, hyacinth, cotton, and cherry blossoms. She turned to a fresh page it was heavy paper and looked like heavy cream. She left it open and lay down, and fell asleep. As she slept, she dreamed of a small cottage that had a stream running through it. As she dreamed she found a young girl, who was petite and elfin, Isabella judged that she was no older than 15, the young girl had thick dark auburn hair which was pixie styled and fell in a flipped soft way, ending at the base of her neck, her eyes were huge and expressive, they changed color depending on her mood. Her eyes were rich topaz, and were regarding Isabella with a cool air. Isabella sensed that this girl was very wise, and had seen much in her life time. Isabella smiled at the young fey girl. The girl arched a delicate brow at her, and the corners of her full lips curved upward slightly. Everything about the fey girl was dainty and delicate. She looked fragile, and her veins and bones were visible through her pale creamy skin. Her skin had a natural tan to it, which Isabella envied. Isabella watched the girl she was leaning against a tree. The girl crooked her index finger beckoning to Isabella. Isabella walked briskly to her and stood unsure of what to do next. The girl gestured for her to sit, so Isabella did. Isabella noticed a thick blanket had been set down, and there was a basket, which presumably had a lot of food in it. It was a large wicker basket. Isabella looked around her and looked back at the young girl. Isabella couldn‟t help but get a better look at the young girl for she noticed her creamy complexion and her petite nose had freckles dusted all across the bridge of her nose. She was startled at the dress that the young girl wore it was black and fit her like a second skin; it flattered her body emphasizing her curves. The young girl held her gaze, and knew she had been staring for quite a while, Isabella blush a deep shade of pink, and blurted, “I‟m ssorry for staring, b-b-but I‟ve never seen someone like you before.” The girl chuckled a rich throaty sound, which made Isabella jumped, she spoke in a strange musical voice, and it was deep and languid. The girl said, “Hello, my name is Lisa, and you are Isabella. Don‟t worry you shall not come to harm, I wish to become friends if you would like it. I love to write, do you?” Isabella nodded. She blushed deeper pink and blurted “you look so young how old are you really?” Lisa answered “I

am 18 I know I don‟t look that old. But perhaps it is a blessing yes?” Isabella grinned and knew that she was going to be friends with Lisa for a very long time. Isabella looked at Lisa‟s poem and asked politely if she could put it in her DayBooke, Lisa smiled and said:”Bella dear you‟ll come up with something similar in a few minuets. Moreover, this is what she penned: Knight of my Heart Your voice is husky rich velvet caressing my ears to listen to your words. Thy lips are full and I long for thy kiss Your hands though chaffed from work, know to be tender and gentle. Master warrior, using the talents, God has bestowed, upon you and putting them to good use. Though the weapons you carry, and use with your hands is a masterpiece in itself, You can mold my body with your tender touch; the spark of heat ignites into a full flame, That is what thy touch has done to me; it drives me to utter madness. Your hair is as Red, as the sun set, yet thick as a foxes coat. Thy eyes as dark as the sapphire, when thy temper is roused. Yet they are as bright as the bluest ocean, and purer than the brightest blue sky. But gloriously deep and wisdom rests there, I am swept away by thy gaze; thy eyes are like the sea. Thy face...So handsome it is how I love to gaze upon it. To be in thy arms…I find comfort in thy understanding and embrace. Thy strength oh, to behold it, Thy love to have it bloom for me... Blessed I‟d be indeed! For my love is a secret and it blooms, As a fragile flow‟r for you and you alone. I pray that God will draw us both, Nearer and nearer to one another. With tender loving kindness. Valiant Knight you have protected me and defended my honour Moreover, you my love hath gained not only my hand, but also my heart. By; Isabella Windsor

{About her sunset haired, sapphire eyed enchanter} {Who haunts her every waking moment, as well as night.} Isabella looked at Lisa questioningly, and Lisa grinned impishly and said” well you see yours is very similar to mine, but yours has more a noble touch. I do like the defending my honour bit and all, it truly adds a lot to it, very nicely done.” Isabella blushed she wasn‟t used to such praise. Lisa walked awkwardly, with a slight limp, she hobbled over to the tree and she grabbed the large wicker basket. And dragged it over to where Isabella was sitting and set it down with a loud thud, and landed with a huff. She got out to plates, two cups, and containers of food. Lisa opened them briskly and set them before Isabella. Isabella surveyed and smelled some very tasty food. Cold corn beef, wild rice soup, home made bread with cinnamon butter, and a bottle of sparkling white grape juice. Isabella ate everything rather hurriedly, she was famished. Lisa ate and viewed her with a clam stare, filled her plate again, and suddenly, her fey pixie face went blank, her topaz eyes dilated till all that was visible was the black of her pupil, Isabella stared at Lisa with concern she called Lisa‟s name and Lisa‟s blank stare slowly came back to focus. She sighed, wrinkled her nose, and nibbled the inside of her lower lip, in grim concentration. Isabella waited for Lisa to tell her what was wrong. Lisa sighed wearily, her voice was still its beautiful tone yet sounded wistful and sad at the same time. (Isabella couldn‟t help but feel like something bad was going to happen.) She spoke slowly” Your life shall for the worst it will seem. But really, it is for the best, you will meet a long forgotten relative and reconcile with her, you shall go through struggles and triumph. But your triumph shall come at a great cost. You shall make sacrifices, and will have to choose between the one you want to be with, and the one you need to be with.” Isabella sat confused but finished her second plate. And contemplated everything Lisa had said. Isabella helped Lisa get all the dishes put away in the basket. They sat in silence for a while. Isabella wanted to ask Lisa what it all meant but just as she was about to speak aloud she looked up and saw that Lisa was gone. In her place, was a white lily and a thick piece of paper in an elegant scrawl “We shall meet again, for now you must think upon the things of which I spoke to you? For now rest well, my whole name is

Lisa Isabella Asmus. I‟ll be watching out for you. So don‟t worry. Love, Lisa Isabella took the note, tucked it in her pocket of her jeans, and headed back to where she started in her dream. Isabella awoke with a sense of restfulness and sat up wide-awake. She noticed her lamp light was off so she turned it on and found her Daybooke, shut, so she opened it and found Lisa‟s poem, and her poem that she had written. Also, Lisa‟s lily and the little card tucked in the next few pages. She was startled she looked out the window to find out it was early morning. Her mother glared spitefully at her and yelled at her for 2 hours. And then threw her out of the shack. Coretta screamed that she was sending her to her Grandmother in England so that perhaps she could be a better kid and not such whiny smart mouthed snot. So Isabella scrounged up her measly savings and bought a ticket to England and with in 18 hours she was landing in London‟s airport

Chapter One At nineteen Isabella had a lot on her mind. Though she was on holiday in England she couldn‟t help but remember the reason she was there in the first place. Her mother Coretta suggested she go and visit her grandmother, but to her she didn‟t see why that could help her. She was angry a lot of the time, though she lived with a nice family, she still had wounds to lick. Wounds that still festered under the surface; they had been there ever since she could remember. Isabella could remember when she was little, the smell of cherry pie and sound of laughter, her laughter, at something so childish then. Maybe it was a cartoon, her mind began to forget some memories, but some memories she wanted to keep. Coming out of her mental stupor, she blinked and stared at a small blue jay, perched on the rail of her Grandmother‟s old Victorian porch. The swing/bench she sat on was just as old and it creaked and smelled musty. The blue jay moved from his perch and flitted away in the early morning sun shine. Isabella sighed and got up from her porch spot, or so she called it, and walked into her grandmother‟s small estate. The foyer was anything but grand: beautiful mirrors and lush carpets, she walked up the grand staircase. Gabriella swore the Queen herself graced that very staircase. Isabella shook her head and rolled her eyes, and made her way to the second floor: turned to her left and found and large oak door. She opened it cautiously, peered inside and found two large sofas and a glass coffee table set for tea. She quickly closed the door, went back down to the main second floor, where a rich mahogany desk with a swivel chair stood. She turned to her right not noticing the oil paintings that were mounted all down the hall. Isabella took another right and opened another oak door to find a beautiful suite. The best part of it was, it belonged to her. Smiling slightly she wandered to the terrace and sat on a stone bench, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She then got up and rested her arms on the terrace balcony rail. She then opened her eyes to a breath taking view of white statues, but mostly a castle that dauntingly rose up out of the misty sunshine fog, it was Windsor Castle, where the Queen, herself resided from time to time. Isabella‟s Gran was a lady in waiting to her majesty and is still, she is held in high favour by

her majesty and the family too. The Queens grandsons William and Harry found Lady Gabriella rather funny and were close family friends. They also didn‟t know that Lady Ella had a granddaughter, but her majesty knew since late afternoon yesterday. Poor Isabella didn‟t know that her old Gran was a lady in waiting, and was expecting Royalty for tea and dinner that night. Needless to say both parties were in for quite a surprise. Ella herself was happy as could be making sure that the tea was hot and the food was prepared. Gabriella (is called Ella by the Queen and her family.) thought her granddaughter ought to know her secret soon before the Grandsons of her Majesty both princes of Wales arrived for dinner at 7:00. Ella went briskly from her own suite to her granddaughters which, mind you was just down the hall. She found Isabella sitting in a chair with an easel and paints. Isabella being so focused on her painting didn‟t hear her grandmother‟s footsteps (or so it seemed.) “”Hello Grandmother” Isabella said softly. “Hello Isa How‟s the painting coming?” asking out of sheer interest. “Oh fine, I guess, but that‟s not why you‟ve come is it? You wanted to talk to me about something earlier right?”‟Ah yes Isa but, before I do, could you manage to part with your painting for a while because, the matter I wish to discuss with you is rather grave.” Setting down the paint brush and paint tray, she turned to face this estranged woman who called herself her grandmother and replied rather meekly Ok grandmother. I want you to know that my living here in England was not out of hatred or spite for your mother, I loved her very much, and still do, and if only she knew that (she sighed wearily). I guess out of her being angry she left you here so that I could take care of you. what I do in England is I‟m in a high position , I‟m asking you please not, to be angry with me, when I tell you this, you see you were born here in England, but your mother stole you away from me. Your mother knew and hated me for it and I don‟t want you to hate me too. Isabella‟s face grew pale with fear and shame because she was blaming all the problems that she was having, on the fight a long time ago that ensued between her mother and grandmother. She took a shuddering breath and said in a voice choked with sadness, Grandmother please Im sorry for being angry with you and blaming you... I ... I (she began to Sob) I‟m horrible please forgive me!!! She

wailed. Nodding Ella opened her arms to her weeping granddaughter who had been taken away from her when she was born, but was now back in her life, Isabella‟s mothers way of saying “visit” meant (Stay there, out of her way and out of her life.) Darling Isa please don‟t cry, that is the past now, let us work together now to make things better for us both hmm? I must tell you that I am, well a... a Lady in Waiting. As if she had been given a jolt of electricity she jumped and exclaimed WHAT!!! Grandma you‟re kidding right? Sighing and chuckling a little she said, no dearest I‟m not. Isabella whose mouth stood agape and looked rather cute, finally closed her mouth and said, Oh wait a minuet what do you do exactly?? Ella replied that sweetling, is for another time. I must tell you we are expecting some very important guest over for dinner tonight. I love you Isabella very much. I love you too gran. With that being said Lady Ella left her granddaughter to change into a gown for the evening. Isabella turned to her closet and opened it, her gaze drank in several beautiful dresses, but one in particular caught her eye, a pink silk diamond brocaded confection. The bodice of the dress was a rich pink and had actual diamonds embedded in it. It emphasized her curves well. The skirt was a silken ruffled masterpiece it flowed nicely. It was an ankle length dress. She put on her pink jeweled slippers and sighed in pleasure, they were so soft. The accessories she donned were simple yet beautiful. A 20 carat gold diamond cross necklace, a set of diamond earrings. Her makeup was simple, a hint of eye liner and mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. Her hair which was the color of burnished auburn a dark rich red, it how ever was an intricate set of braids, held back with two jeweled pink diamond clips that matched her dress. She took a deep breath and began to put her room back together and took one last look at herself in the mirror her eyes were a queer color a rich gold, like panther eyes her facial features were elfin like and her skin was pale and translucent, her slender body was frail looking but possessed and inner strength and her small frame was wiry and tough. She opened her door and headed down the hall way. As She walked toward the main hall, she went into the casual dinning room, opened the door to find no one there. Her brow furrowed in confusion, she walked with haste to the Red Hall, which was two lefts and three rights. Isabella

sighed with relief, she found Richard the new door man, standing at the entrance to the formal dinning room. (This mind you was only used when persons of importance came to visit, and for special occasions.) This night was of both reasons. He asked” would you care to join your Grandmother in the foyer for tea and biscuits before dinner?” Isabella grinned and said “yes, thank you Richard.” He opened the door for her and she walked in to the foyer and faced her grandmother, waiting for a response from her. Lady Ella looked over her granddaughter with a well seasoned eye. She nodded her approval, and walked from her spot by the window and walked to the couch and stood by it tapping her foot impatiently. Isabella took her grandmother‟s spot by the window and gazed thoughtfully out the window and stared balefully at the sky. Emilie the new maid came in carrying a tray of biscotti and assiago cheese and crackers, as well as peach mango salsa and chips, and tiny finger sandwiches, filled with corn beef and butter. Isabella smelled the food and her mouth began to water. Finally Richard came in and whispered in Lady Ella‟s ear and said “His Royal Highness William of Wales is here ma‟am, and His Royal Highness Harry of Wales is also here ma‟am. She immediately ceased tapping her foot and smiled. Richard left and greeted both princes and opened the door for them. William and Harry entered the room with a quiet air of dignity and gracefulness. Lady Ella greeted them with all of the graciousness that a host should give. “William such a pleasure to see you again, it‟s been a long time hasn‟t it?” William nodded and said “Yes, Ella indeed it has.” “Oh, and Harry, dear how have you been? I‟ve missed your cheeky remarks. Harry chuckled well naturedly and said “Well Ella, I‟ve been detained in Iraq, and it was hard work, but I learned a lot from it.” Lady Ella smiled and said “Gentlemen allow me to introduce you to my granddaughter Isabella Anastasia Diana Rose Windsor. She was born here and has now come to live with me; her mother just didn‟t have time to take care of her anymore with her busy schedule.” Isabella Curtsied deeply to both of them. Then they all sat down for tea. After enjoying the tea and food, Richard announced “Ladies and Gentlemen Dinner is served.” Dinner was a grand affair. The food consisted of: Caesar salad with anchovy sauce, corn beef and vegetable stew, roasted duck with a

honey glazed sauce, potatoes, and for desert ice cream of your choice. William and Lady Ella chose vanilla while Isabella and Harry chose Almond cherry ice cream. Isabella kept sneaking glances at Harry all evening, she couldn‟t help it! She found him fascinating. He noticed how she blushed when he met her gaze, he guessed her to be no older than 16 or 17 years old, but found her very beautiful. He looked at her again, and caught her gaze again; she blushed prettily, a nice shade of pink that was a similar to the shade of pink in her dress. Lady Ella stood and so did William and Harry, all three took their leave to discuss grown up matters. Isabella fled to her room and continued to painting. Harry grew rather bored and went in search of Isabella. He wandered aimlessly down one corridor after another, until he felt a cool breeze blowing, he stopped at a large oaken door, it was open a crack and he peered inside, and found Isabella‟s room. He found her sitting in the same gown she had worn at dinner but with a light cream coloured shawl around her shoulders. She sat on a bench in front of an easel painting. He moved to stand behind her; out of sheer habit he reached down and readjusted the shawl on her shoulders. She shivered at his touch, his hands were warm and her pale skin was cool to his touch. He cleared his throat and asked”what is it you are painting?” Without looking at him she answered “It‟s a sunset and a lake, see how the reflection of the sun makes it seem so peaceful? Also I plan to add some birds or some sorts of water fowl to make it seem more in tune with nature sands its wild life.” Harry smiled and asked “may I paint with you?” Flustered Isabella blushed and replied “Oh, of course you‟re Highness! How could I refuse?” Harry gently put a finger to her lips to silence her torrent of word, and said softly “I‟m just, Harry alright?” Blushing a deeper shade of pink Isabella stammered “as you wish Harry.” Harry sat down next to Isabella watching her paint. Again he spoke “Your grandmother called you Isabella, but I „m wondering if I might call you Bella? Of course only in private if you prefer.” Isabella thought this over rather carefully and nodded her approval; she set her paints and other supplies away, and spoke “Yes Harry, I would like that very much.” He grinned and gently moved to adjust her shawl around her shoulders again; she smiled tentatively and blushed again. Harry stood and held out his hand, and

asked quietly would you care to take walk with me? She took it and stood next to him. He held out his arm and wove her in his. They left her room, and they walked down the hall and out into the night into the gardens. The gardens were an expanse of 185,000 acres of woodland and lawns. The stars were dusted across the sky and shone like millions of tiny minuscule diamonds against a black velvet night. The air was crisp and caressed her hair and bathed her skin in scent of the garden. The flowers all were a bloom and potent and wild this night, filling the air with a symphony of scents: honeysuckle, lilacs, roses, daisies, daffodils, lilies, tulips, cherry trees, maple trees, oak trees, cedar trees, apple trees, peach and pear trees. Fire flies darted and flitted across the paths and danced merrily making Isabella smile. Harry kept glancing at her again and again, trying to guess what she was thinking. His thoughts were swiftly taking him to future events that involved the Young Isabella Windsor. He couldn‟t help it, he found himself very intrigued by the young woman. She looked so frail and soft, her voice had a strange lilt when she spoke her voice was husky rich like crème, it made her seem more Fey and wild, yet she was as graceful and dignified as her grandmother. Isabella began to hum a soft melody from long ago, her voice was high and pure, and her vocal range was superb. Her Voice was the sound of wild gypsy music, and her huskiness of her lower range was just as beautiful, Harry was just beginning to relise that this young woman-child was very gifted, and that there was more to her than that appearances allowed. It was the sound of her humming that startled Harry from his reverie.

Chapter Two Harry and Isabella found themselves lost in each others companionship, and the night was something made of fairy tales. Harry wistfully hoped that the night would continue to last, yet he knew twilight had come and the early morning was dawning, with the brightness of the sun. They returned to her room and walked to her balcony, he stood behind her with his arm about her waist. A few tendrils of hair had escaped her braids, and were fluttering around her face. Harry gently took the strands and put them behind her ears. She shivered again at the warmth of his hands, and leaned into his firm strength and his solid embrace. Harry held her and squeezed her tightly, and whispered “Isabella, look, the sun rise, it‟s the dawn of a new day.” She smiled and nodded and breathed “Oh, Harry its beautiful!” Harry chuckled and replied “It‟s not as beautiful as you.” She blushed a deeper pink and leaned closer to him, and inhaled his scent, “Harry I‟m sorry but, I need rest and so do you. If you want you can sleep in my art studio, it‟s in my room.” He grinned and walked with Isabella to her room. She showed him to her studio, and began to undress. Harry watched her undress, he didn‟t mean to, but the way the room cast light across her bare shoulders and bare back. He turned away blushing like a school girl, trying to give her privacy, in hopes that she didn‟t catch him staring. She knew that he had been staring, she could feel the heat of his gaze, and it was just as powerful as his touch. She didn‟t know why, him staring at her half nude, didn‟t bother her, though it should. She felt vey safe and protected somehow. She finished and changed into a night gown. Crème silk and pearl embroidery, it fit her like a second skin. She put on her bath robe over her night gown, and went to see if Harry needed anything. He pivoted around in surprise he didn‟t hear her enter, but sensed her gaze, and was startled to see her long hair flowing down her waist, it was a thick curtain of mahogany, and he reached to catch a small tress of her hair in his fingers, it felt like silk. She asked “do you need anything else, before I head off to bed?” he replied huskily “no” while mentally he was shouting let me hold you once more, don‟t disappear, not after I‟ve just found you. She sensed he was torn inside,

but didn‟t want to press him any farther, after all this was just a new friendship beginning. She turned and left to her room and whispered “goodnight Harry dearest, sleep well.” She lay herself down on her bed and was fast asleep with in minuets. As she slept she dreamt of a place unlike that of which was here on this earth. She stood in a grassy meadow, covered in the first snow, it was cold and she could see her breath pluming out in little puffs. She inhaled, and could smell how clean and earthy the meadow smelled even though it was covered in snow, she mused thoughtfully, how is this possible? That I can smell the earthiness of my surroundings so well? She blinked and found that her eyesight had heightened it self, to see even the most miniscule details. The leaves fluttering away yards and yards into the distance, but it was like she was right next to it. She knew that she was odd for even amongst peoples of her own age, because her ancestors knew old fashioned medicines and had the gift of foresight. Her great grandmother whose name was Anastasia, suddenly appeared, glowing slightly, she calmly surveyed the child she had never met. Her voice was like nothing she had ever heard before. It rang like the sound of bells. Yet she knew that her she had come to warn her of things to come. Isabella arched one of her slender brows questioningly at her. Anastasia began to speak with un hurried grace, “you my dear must make a choice, to choose in the end, These words she didn‟t speak out loud but came from her mind, The colours and blurry shapes showed her in love, but having love from a man who is immortal whom is not worthy of your love, and from a man who is a mortal worthy of your love. With this choice comes great sacrifice. You know the one already; keep him safe, I will try to guide you as best I can.” With that all said she turned and gave her a long look over and smiled. Slowly she retreated and glowed brighter, turned into a young white doe wearing a jeweled collar and sprang away into the forest. Isabella sighed she felt more at peace, yet was still troubled by her great grandmother‟s warning. She wasn‟t quite sure she believed in those that could live forever. But that is what her great grandmother had said and she knew she must heed the warning. She closed her eyes again, and when she awoke, she could sense the light of the sun against her lids and its warmth. She welcomed it. She stretched and opened her eyes, she

saw that she had tangled herself in her blankets and sheets and turned her head and noticed harry staring at her, trying very hard not to laugh. He walked toward her and asked, do you need help getting untangled? She frowned and bit her lip, and tried to struggle out of the tangled mess and ended up in a heap on the floor. He couldn‟t help it he began to laugh a rich deep laugh, Isabella‟s frown deepened and she looked balefully up at him pleading. He came to her aid, he took one end of the sheet and pulled and she twirled so fast she flew across the room and landed with a dull muffled thud on her head upside down. Harry laughed even harder; Isabella managed with some degree of difficulty to right herself. She was mortified. Harry held out his hand to her and helped her to her feet, and kissed her gently once on each cheek. She blushed and she pulled the sheets up off the floor. Waded them up into a large ball, and threw them on the bed. She moved around the bed and didn‟t see the pillow she tripped and fell flat on her back, hitting her head on the wooden floor. Harry laughed even harder and scooped her up in his arms. He didn‟t want her hurting herself any more than she had already. He noted although she was graceful, she was slightly accident prone, and could cause herself harm easily. She already looked frail enough; he would hate to see any real harm come to her. He enjoyed the feel of her in his arms, to him she weighed no more than a small bird, but in reality she weighed 104 lbs. She felt awkward in his arms; she wasn‟t used to this sensation, such a courtesy, being carried. She protested feebly to him saying that she could walk. He snickered and said “a sixteen year old little girl walk in your condition, No I don‟t think so” She spluttered furiously “I, How Dare You!! For your information I am nineteen. And I can walk just fine thank you.” her eyes glittered blackly and her face was pinched. He Snickered again, and gently set her to her feet, in the bathroom, sat her down on the toilet seat and began to gently probe and skim his fingers lightly over her head, and running his fingers through her silky thick mane of curls. She winced at first, and he found a few spots on her head that were quite odd so he took a cool rag and pressed it to the certain spots that worried him. She frowned and he grinned, thinking that even when she frowned she was pretty. He gently brushed her bangs away from her face and kissed her forehead. She blinked in

surprise, and stammered, “Why did you do that for?” “Because Bella dear you are so funny, you amuse me. Do you hurt anywhere else?” She scowled darkly at him “I‟m glad I can be a source of entertainment for you” she replied dryly. “And no I don‟t hurt anywhere else, except perhaps my pride.” She added icily. “Oh quite sensitive aren‟t you? I‟m trying help you Bella. Please, try to be cooperative”. He also relised she was also stubborn child, he relished the idea of seeing how determined she would be about things. She was surprising him at every turn; no thing about her was predictable, he wasn‟t sure if he could handle anymore surprises from her today. She smiled and shook her head, knowing that she had made an utter fool of herself in front of him. She was excited for a new day, though she had slept fitfully; she knew that things were going to be quite interesting; she knew that she must prepare herself for the tasks ahead. She held Harry‟s hand and they continued to get ready for the day. He knew he had better go home and join his brother, and talk once more with Lady Ella. He walked briskly out of her room, and out to the main hall to the foyer. Lady Ella came to stand in front of Harry. She knew a lot had transpired between her granddaughter and Harry the spies had informed her well. She knew the attraction and interest between them both was extremely strong. She had never heard of such a thing before yet then again she had an odd inkling, a nagging sense that she may have heard way back, an old story or two from her grandmother, About such love happening, or connections between two people. It is rumored that when two people , of rare heart and mind set, meet they have something strange and unusual happen. A connection like two magnets of a voltage of electricity attracts them and binds them. She shook her head, she knew that the journey between the two of them was going to be a long one. She could see that the path that which they both were going to trod was a tangled web. She hoped that together they could straighten it out. But all Ella could do is pray. Pray for their friendship, their hearts, and most importantly their safety. Harry looked at her, his brow furrowed in concern for her. Lady Ella shook her head and placed a hand on his arm. She sensed he was troubled. She didn‟t want to press him, so she let him go. He smiled at her grateful that she chose to not pry, because he had a lot to think about. Her bowed to her

and left the estate, and headed home. As he drove he replayed the day and all the things that had occurred between Young Isabella and himself. He knew that she was young and fragile, and that she needed someone to help her. He sighed he knew it may as well be him but he knew he better not be as involved with her as he had been. Yet he couldn‟t help it. There was something about her that kept drawing him to her. He knew that she needed to grow up more, and had a long way to go. And besides their lifestyles we so different, he just knew his influence on her life would definitely not be good. So with his heart heavy and his mouth set in a grim line, he pulled in the drive way and when into the kitchen to get a snack, he was famished. He asked the chef for a corn beef sandwich and crisps and that it be brought to his apartments. He strolled through the familiar hallways to his luxuries apartments. He took off his shoes and stretched his legs and sat down on the edge of his bed. In record time the lunch he requested was set down on his table on a silver platter. He thanked the butler with a nod of his head and sighed wearily. He heaved himself off of the bed and walked into his closet and slowly took off his clothes, walked into his bathroom and stepped into the shower. He took his time scrubbing and lathering himself. He enjoyed the heat of the water, and the steam soothed him. The heat eased the soreness of his stiff muscles. He finished his shower, and dried himself. He put on his knickers and a shirt he sat down again on the edge of his bed. He laid his head down on the pillow and rolled on his side and fell asleep. As he slept he began to dream. His state of dreaming was a warm fog, enveloping him in a heady comfortable cocoon. His senses were relaxed. He dreamed of a wood that was a grove surrounded by trees and a grassy meadow, (unbeknownst to him that Isabella had dreamed of the same place, only a different season). He was shocked at the beauty of this place, he could see the vivid contrast of the light and dark, the rich, and pastel. The scents of the forest, and the wonder of the serenity and the peace he felt while standing in such a hallowed place. The animals that were resting in their home were a lovely variety: butterflies dancing from flower to flower, deer nibbling on clovers, and wolves resting in the shade of the trees. They all viewed him in nonchalant silence. He knew he had better be careful in case anyone of them felt threatened. He

walked to the edge of the meadow, and found a stone path. He followed it, he was startled when the deer bounded ahead and the pack of wolves flanked the deer. But the alpha male and female sauntered to him. They flanked him one on each side, they seemed quiet gentle.They looked at him, and the look they gave him seemed to say: “come on hurry up!” He arched an eyebrow at them questioningly, and the male butted his head against Harry‟s side. He stumbled forward, and the female rolled her eyes and opened her mouth showing her milky white teeth in what seemed to be a grin. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she pranced toward him, and took his sleeve in her teeth and tugged him forward. Harry could feel the pricks of her teeth as they tugged his sleeve, but he knew the wolf was trying to be gentle. He continued onward through the wood jumping from stone to stone. He skidded to a halt and was abruptly head butted and he found himself being launched into the air, and landing noisily in a rather deep pool of water. He began to panic, spluttering and inhaling a fair amount of water. He began to thrash violently, his lungs were screaming at him for air. His muscles were straining to try and keep his head above the water. He heard a yelp and a large splash, the female wolf jumped into the cold water to try and save him. The expression on her face seemed to say” you pitiful human! I‟m getting my beautiful coat all gross and soggy because you‟re a bone head and decided you had to go swimming.” She clamped her teeth down on his wrist like a vice and didn‟t let go till he was safely on shore. She looked to be quite a miserable sight, Harry looked just as bad, and she circled him sniffing him to make sure he was alive. She trotted over by a pine and in two mighty shakes from the tip of her nose to the tip of her fluffy curved tail, became dry. She sneezed and shook her head again to make sure all the water was gone from her pointed ears. Harry was sopping wet and was aching, in need of a hot meal and a good hot bath. He lay there sodden on the shore coughing violently, his whole body shook. He mustered enough energy to crawl to the she-wolf and she lay next to him and kept a sharp eye on the forest to see if there was any danger. Her mate had gone off into the forest, she gave a low whine, and she was longing for his safe return. Her mate ran through the under brush and thick trees trying to find the maiden of the forest. She was

hidden amongst the hallowed trees of the grove. He saw, the majestic white cedar tree with golden leaves. It was over a thousand years old. The male wolf caught her scent and found her sitting beneath the tree her home was hidden, within the mountain. The tree was at the base of the mountain. The maiden smiled her topaz eyes gleamed with wisdom and joy. The male wolf bowed to her, she laughed and he trotted to her side she lovingly scratched behind one of his ears. He barked sharply, and gave her a distressed look. She said calmly “show me where.” He took off back the way he came, at a wilder pace. She walked through the forest with dignified grace. She knew the wolf‟s need was dire. So she ran, her hair streaming out behind her, her dainty feet barely touching the ground. She reached the edge of the shore; she was where the wolves were standing waiting. She looked like a young wood nymph with her hair all tousled about her head. Harry had become unconscious. She knelt by his side, she laid her hands on him, checking his vital signs. She found that he wasn‟t breathing her fingers fluttered like humming birds. She whistled sharply, for her horse, he came and stood before her, tall and proud. He knelt his on fore legs, and she carried harry over to him. And lay harry in the saddle, and she mounted up behind him. And her stallion, took of as fast as the fates would allow. They were going at top speed; she spurned him onward through the arched hall, up the grand stairs. The stallion halted, and knelt again she quickly dismounted and took Harry from the stallions back. She laid him down and stripped him. She began to get supplies of hot and cold cloths, and strips of cloth soaked in special medicines, eucalypts oil, and other oils meant to sooth him. She stirred them and soaked them in the rags and put them on his hot skin. She knew she had to bring his fever down. It was dangerously high. She kept applying cool cloths and used warm ones to clean the lacerated areas. She got him breathing and it was fast and shallow. Sweat beaded his body. She applied more cold cloths. After a few hours she finished with the healing process. His fever broke and was on the mend. He awoke with a start. She pivoted sharply, and spoke in an ethereal tone. “Be still my Lord, you have gone through much. You need rest, do not struggle.” Harry looked at her as though she were a ghost. She smiled and said” I am a friend of Isabella‟s I hope I can befriend

you as well. “Harry nodded and spoke hoarsely “who are you? What‟s your name?” She stroked his brow and said “Easy my Lord, easy. Are you hungry let me get you some broth to sip?” She brought a clay bowl over to him he could smell the scent of enticing herbs and spices. His mouth began to water. She cupped the back of his head, and tilted the bowl to his mouth. He took a shaky sip of broth from the bowl. She knew he was going to need his strength. She looked him over and asked “Do you think you could drink more?” Harry nodded. He had never felt so strange, he wished for some explanation. He mustered enough energy to glare at her. She chuckled, and shook her head which made her tousled hair cover one side of her face. She looked glared at him back, only she looked more convincing. He just looked like a sickly badger that had swallowed too much lemon juice. My name is Lisa, and I‟ve come to help you. Harry gave her a watery smile in thanks. Harry closed his eyes and slept, Lisa roused him from his slumber. She gave him more broth to drink, and bathed his body again. He spoke hoarsely again “thank you Lisa, how can I repay you?” Lisa grinned and said „just try not to go for a swim in a rough current, that‟d be just fine with me.” Harry sighed, “I‟m so sorry about that really I am.” She laughed and said; well you looked like you needed a good ducking milord. Though I‟ll admit you looked like a poorly drowned pussy, and was trying his luck at fishing and failed.” Harry just looked like a gaping fish at her last statement, he didn‟t expect such sass to come from her mouth, but he found it oddly refreshing. He laughed weakly and it ended in a spasm of coughing. She smiled and patted his back and put more medicine cloths on his chest and on his neck. He lay back slightly winded from his coughing fit. Lisa calmly forced him to lie still. She spoke softly, in an oddly soothing tone. “Milord, you have found me so that I may heal you and prepare you for the road ahead. I shall be with you, do not fear, I will do all that I can to make sure you come to no harm. However, I must warn you, I am no ordinary woman. I know I look no older than twelve but I am eighteen, and have certain abilities& skills that can help you on your way. May I see your dog tags please? “She took the dog tags and held them in her hands and they began to glow, they began to spin and shimmer in a multicolored blur. Harry winced at the spinning

brightness, he was afraid that he‟d get nauseous. After the dog tags were finished spinning Lisa put them around Harry‟s neck. She had him sit up and she sat down on the edge of the bed next to him. He looked at her and noticed her expression, her face went blank, her topaz eyes dilated till all that was visible was the black of her pupil, and Harry stared at Lisa with concern. He just watched her, something instinctively was telling him not to touch her or speak. Because she would tell him what it was she was going through. After a few minuets her stare slowly came back to focus. She sighed and wrinkled her nose and nibbled the inside of her lower lip, in grim concentration. Lisa sighed wearily, her voice was still its beautiful tone yet sounded wistful and sad at the same time. (“Prince Harry of Wales, your life shall be conflicted. You shall have to make a choice between, what is your duty for your country and what your heart desires. You must make a choice between what is right and what is easy. You shall have to make many sacrifices. But you shall not lose courage. Know this my Prince, when all hope seems lost call for me and I shall come to your aid.”) Harry and closed his eyes and was drifting off to sleep. He slept for the rest of the night in a dreamless sleep. He would be well rested and ready to face the dawning of a new day. He had many things to sort out tomorrow but he was willing to take it slowly, and make sure he got it right. He had the strangest feeling that he didn‟t want to do anything hastily.

Chapter Three Harry‟s body was warmed with the sunlight streaming through his window. The warmth of the rays roused him to wakefulness. He stretched and groaned, and was startled to find he was sore and his throat felt oddly numb. He sat up and he inhaled deeply. He was slightly disoriented. He expected to feel Lisa‟s cool touch and the scent of her medicines. But she was no where to be found. He was feeling a bit put out, he knew he was better but he wished he could‟ve talked with her more. He went to his closet and walked to his mirror and took off his night clothes. He was shocked to find his dog tags had been changed, he knew now that the dream he had had was no ordinary dream. Harry looked around ruefully for another subtle sign of the young sprite. But all he found was a small book that was leather bound. He presumed it to be a journal. He opened it and found a small pocket in it and in the pocket was a creamy white envelope. The envelope was crème and heavy. The handwritten scrawl looked like old fashioned calligraphy. He saw his name on the envelope and read the following words with a mixture of joy and caution. The letter began something like this. Dear Harry, I must tell you I am most sorry that I could not see you awaken and greet you with the rising of the sun. I am most busy at the moment and I knew that you were mending quite well and that you were in safe hands at your grandmother‟s house. Please don‟t be angry with me! I‟m sure we‟ll be seeing each other soon. Be well, and try not getting yourself in a state like that again. Take it easy for the next few days, maybe your brother could help you with getting some things done. Drink a lot of fluids and please rest as well. Other than the medicines I‟ve administered to you, you should almost be ready at top notch, to be back to normal. I must also remind you to think over everything that had happened to you and all the things that I spoke to you. Though I highly doubt you remember all of it, feel free to ask me about it again the next time we meet. Until then, may you be at peace, and may it always find you well. With Love & Peace,

Lisa Harry was astonished to find the note, but what really stunned him was the white lily, a top the book. He brought the wild flower to his nose and inhaled its scent. It brought back so many memories for him. But he knew that he would cherish the book card and flower. They were eccentric gestures, but he knew she probably didn‟t do things like that very often. He felt honoured that she had shown a different side of herself to him and wished to be friends. He felt he could use a fresh new face to give him a new perspective on things, and give advice to him about things, instead of the usually tosh and dribble. After stowing away the card into the book, and putting the lily in the special pocket next to the card. He put it in a wooden box and put the box on a shelf in his closet. His mind churned over everything. He knew Lisa was very serious about everything that had happened. Something was happening, something big. But he wasn‟t sure if he was ready for it. His mind turned to Isabella wondering how she was doing and if she thought he was snobbish and crazy. He knew he could be a little stand offish but he hope that they could be friends. So He w wandered through the door to find his brother William. Mean while up over across the way. Isabella awoke to the sound of yowling, she mumbled grumpily. “Dumb stupid; don‟t want to have yucky fur. Damn insistent grubby mud slimy goo catcher.” As she was muttering the yowling was more persistent and just as she was about to roll over she felt a large mass of weight land directly on her head. She screamed in fury, “Stupid freaking flea balled, moron get off me or I‟ll throw you out the damn widow.” With a huff the yowling mass got off her head, and she sat up and saw a very large ginger cat. She glowered at it and it glared back with large unblinking amber eyes. The cat reminder her, vaguely of Crookshanks from the Harry Potter series she shook her head asked it “well are you happy I‟m up now!! What do you want you over sized flea bagged scruffy yay-hoo? The cat jumped from the floor to her bed and walked up to her and settled in her lap. She squirmed, in frustration, she hated cats. She couldn‟t stand them they clawed yowled smelled and were constantly bring “presents” and expecting you to be happy about it. She repressed a shudder of disgust. She awkwardly patted the cat on the head. The cat blinked and started to

sniff her fingers He nipped them gently he was a huge tom cat. “What should I call you? You look awfully like Crookshanks, but I think I should call you something different you don‟t look a lot like a crook, and you don‟t look to shanky. But I suppose you‟ll do. Well I suppose I‟ll think of something. I‟d hate to stop scratching you and all but I have to get dressed.” She picked him up and set him farther down the bed jumped up and walked to her closet and began rummaging through it for a set of clothes that didn‟t look to worn. She rummaged from top to bottom and came up with a pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt. She swept her hair up into a messy bun and walked stocking footed to her hallway. As she walked down the hall the name hit her like a ton of bricks. She calmly surveyed the titianious ball of fluff and said I think I‟ll just call you Mr.Schumeezmoe. I‟ll just call you Schmoe for short. She checked her reflection in the mirror. Isabella called her cat and said” hey Schmoe what d‟you think?” He slunk in and mowed and entwined himself in between her ankles he looked at her reflection and batted the image in the mirror. He sniffed and kneaded the top of her left foot, and looked at her and yowled. Isabella looked at him with strained patient look on her face and asked “well is that a yes?” In response to her question he arched his back and purred loudly. Then he stopped kneading her foot and sauntered away his large tail twitching back and forth as he walked. She chuckled and muttered to herself “I swear he looks like a mini tiger with a huge fur problem”. She walked silently in her stocking feet and found a closet and opened it and took out her pair of blue-black pumps. She slipped her feet into them and proceeded down the hall to the drawing room. (It was also called a sun room because the sun cast a lovely glow about the room.) She opened the door and found her grandmother Lady Ella, sipping a cup of tea and reading the newspaper. She looked up from reading her paper and squinted. She had on a pair of odd looking jewel encrusted spectacles. The spectacles magnified her eyes and made them look overly large. They made her grandmother look like a batty over dressed owl. She blinked looking up at her granddaughter and smiled widely, making her look very creepy, the look reminded Isabella of an owl who had just spotted a tasty midnight snack. But she knew that wasn‟t the case with her grandmother. She had to look

away from her and press her hands to her mouth to stifle her silent fit of giggles. After a few minutes of regaining her composure, Isabella spoke in a voice she hoped that sounded reasonably controlled. “Hullo Grand mum, how are you? How was Breakfast?” Lady Ella removed her horrid spectacles from the bridge of her nose and spoke briskly” Oh I had eggs Benedict and halibut with hollandaise sauce. It was simply scrumptious! You must try it I insist!! Please don‟t argue, I‟ve ask Richard to have a plate ready for you in your rooms.” Isabella sighed and smiled and said “thanks gran I‟ll keep that in mind.” She turned and curtsied to her and her grandmother inclined her head in acknowledgement. Isabella did a quick about face and seemed to float across the room. As she closed the door she thought she heard her grandmother chuckling faintly. As she walked the mused thoughtfully about her grandmother‟s insistence on her eating so much food. She supposed it was because she was a growing girl and needed the “extra meat” on her thin frame. She was so lost in thought she didn‟t see Schmoe tailing her, she tripped and toppled over him. Schmoe yowled in protest but walked lithely over to her sniffing her over trying to see if she was hurt. She groaned and rubbed her head and looked at her knees, they were bloodied and her stockings were soiled and torn. One of the new maids Elsa looked no older than twelve came hurriedly and in her thick cockney accent she spoke up and said “ah no miss Cana help yer miss? I don‟ reckon yer gran was gunna tell yer bout tha‟ cat an‟ alls but I reckon she wer so busy she fergot ter tell yer miss.” Elsa held out both her little hands and tugged Isabella to her feet and whipped out her little feather duster and began to briskly brush off the dust and bits of fur off of her. After she was finished she stowed away her duster and scooped up Schmoe and bustled merrily in silence beside Isabella. Isabella was walking slowly for she had to still mend her stockings and see about her knees. The maid somehow sensed it was best not to prattle about something unimportant she glanced fretfully at her to make sure she didn‟t fall over again. Isabella managed to get safely to her room and Elsa put the cat down. Elsa prepared her breakfast and helped her sit down; she got some medical supplies from the first aid kit and began to clean her knees. She took Isabella‟s stockings and chucked them in the bin. She wiped the wounds clean and

put salve on them, and then she wrapped them in cotton bandages to protect her skin. Isabella did not complain not once, she just winced a few times. Elsa was quite surprised she thought all proper young ladies complained and were whinny. She mused thoughtfully and thought “perhaps I were wrong bout tha young miss.” She quickly put all of her supplies away and made sure Isabella was eating her breakfast. She quickly poked her head back in and said “ Well Miss Iffen you in need o‟ somm‟un ter take care o‟ ye, I‟d reckon I Cana be o‟ elp ter yeh. An iffen tha‟s all yeh needed I‟ll jus‟ be on me way.” Isabella smiled thought it over quickly and pick up her cell phone and rang her gran, and asked “Gran? Hello? Um Elsa the new maid who was just started, I was wondering could she be my personal attendant. Ok, oh really? Thank you so much!!” she then went over to the side of her room by where her bed was and pulled back a curtain. Behind the curtain were a series of bells: one for the kitchen, one for her butler, footman, page, maids, and of course personal attendant, and last but not least security guard. She rang the bell for her personal attendant, and Elsa flew in like a tiny whirlwind. She piped up and said “Oh miss I is most grateful ter yeh fer this I is. An I do „ope I cana serve yeh well. Anything ye is n need o‟ jus‟ let me know.” Isabella chuckled and said well yeah definitely, Um by the way where do you sleep?” “Oh miss my room is behind yer closet „tis. There‟s an old fashioned wardrobe and in Th‟ back o‟ it is a secret passage way leadin‟ to me quarters miss. And in me quarters is the answer bell so I Cana hear it when yer rings fer me, so‟s I can come ter „elp yeh wif what‟er yer need. If yer needs me ter run errands fer yeh I can do „em or yeh cana asks lil „Noah. „Es me brother „e is. „Es a good „un an‟ „e listens well. „E is fast an‟ good natured couldna asked fer a better sib. „E also is very small and most people they don‟ even notice „e is there cause „es jus‟ a boy. But „e has good ears and „e knows lots. I „ope „e serves yeh well, by th‟ way don‟ ferget bout the other bells an‟ pulleys an‟ such. Them's I reckon is dead useful, „ope you have fun! Bye now.” Isabella mulled over everything that Elsa had said and strode over to where the bells were and pulled on the page bell. Before she could turn around a small whoosh of air announced Elsa‟s little brother Noah. He was in such a hurry to get there he didn‟t see the large mass of ginger

fur curled in to a ball right in the middle of her Shang rug. He tripped over the large mass, and fairly flew across the room and landed in a heap at Isabella‟s feet. She gasped in shock and knelt awkwardly and held out her hands to assist him to his feet. Noah took her hands and righted himself. He spoke with a high soprano voice which shook with nervousness, and he said “hullo ma‟am tis nice to finally meet you. Me sister Elsa‟s told me all about you. I hope she doesn‟t talk your ear off too much, mummy says she has a tendency to do so. But I‟m supposed to tell you something important!” he straightened himself to his full 4 ½ feet and pronounced with great difficulty, and a great deal of dignity. “I am to be your page; I am to serve you all the days of my life, till I die, If you have need of me to run errands fer you I‟ll be as fast as I can. If you need messages delivered I‟ll deliver them safe an‟ soundly to the person you are cor- cor- correy- corresponding with.” After his long speech was over he sighed, and stood looking breathless and proud of himself for having remembered all the words of the pages‟ creed and rules of honour. She tried her hardest to keep a straight face during the whole process but the more serious Noah was the harder it was for Isabella not to giggle. She sat there on her bed and clapped her hands abruptly over her mouth as a resound smatter of giggles erupted from her mouth. His face was growing a bright shade of pink in embarrassment. he looked slightly crestfallen and his huge eyes filled with tears and in a trembling voice he spoke" well ma'am, I dunno if you like me much but I aim ter try an' like yer. But I reckon its gunna be awful hard fer me ter like yer iffen yeh end up makin a fun o' Me." he then lowered his little head as the tears fell gently from his eyes. Isabella in a flurry of damask and silk knelt again and gently took her cool hand and cupped his face and spoke with such tenderness and slipping into the old brogue. “Noah sweetling, I'd ne'er make fun o' you. In fact I‟d rather chew glass splinters and gnaw 12 days old bread than be harsh mistress to ye." Noah's plump little mouth feel open in shock at his mistress a proper lady, speaking in the common peasant tongue." oh miss! Truly yea mean it?" he looked up hopefully. She answered “aye sweeting, aye". I know enough now that the harshness in this world is abundant and abounding every which way it can and loves to prey on the young'uns and you, dear don't need any

more harshness added to yer life than already had alright? he nodded his head his big eyes solemn and still tearful ,aye miss I reckon I‟d best be getting on wif me chores‟ things, that 'es iffen you‟ve got chores fer me ter do at all? Isabella nodded thoughtfully, turning to her desk drawer and pulling out a thick envelope with her elegant hand writing on it, she handed Noah the letter and gave him strict instructions as to whom it should be delivered to and then come straight back to her when finished. Noah walked briskly from the room and wandered from one end of the castle to the other, he stumbled upon the Library and wander into it. He found it to be dimly lit, and dusty. But it was cozy in its own unique way. He sighed wearily, and mulled on how exactly he was supposed to find the man the letter was addressed to. He walked over to a desk and sat in the velvet chair. Noah stretched out laid the letter on the right side of the desk in the top corner and fell asleep. Harry walked along the hall and enterend the library.

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