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Safety Services and HAZOP Studies for Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals Tractebel Gas Engineering
Improving safety and operability efficiently and effectively

to assess the design of the facility effectively and efficiently, a task further complicated by the team comprising six nationalities. The study was completed within the required time scale and to the satisfaction of the separate parties involved. The other study, chaired concurrently by another Entec representative was held so that a fixed price sum for the terminal could be quoted to one of the operating partners. It was recognised that the study was performed somewhat earlier than would be usual for a review of a detailed design. The primary objective was to identify issues with the design that could have a major impact on the scope, and hence cost, of the installation, as well as to resolve any potential safety matters. Rather than being a critical, adversarial audit of the design, effective HAZOP studies take a collaborative approach to enhancing safety and resolving potential operability issues. In this way, designers have the opportunity to critically review and improve their own design with the help of other experienced engineers and safety practitioners. Effective resolution of issues at this stage results in more efficient construction and commissioning and ultimately a reduction in costs. It was considered that this HAZOP approach successfully met these objectives due to the knowledge and commitment of the team.

Entec has an international reputation in the field of process safety and risk management, which is particularly associated with high hazard industries where highly flammable materials may be stored and transported under pressure or as liquefied gases. Entec’s knowledge in this field stems from a long history of advising clients on the risks and safety matters related to such activities. It also comes from the experience gained as a result of involvement in high profile accident investigations such as the Piper Alpha Disaster Inquiry and subsequent litigation. One of the many clients to recognise this expertise is Tractebel Gas Engineering (TGE), which Entec has advised in matters associated with process safety and risk management for the design and construction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. For one such storage and loading export facility currently under construction in northern Europe, Entec has provided design and process safety advice in a range of different areas throughout the detailed

design phase. The facility is designed to handle and export LNG, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and condensate. Entec’s services included quantified risk assessment (QRA) of the storage and loading facility, design accident load (DAL) assessment and design criteria for the facility, escalation analysis, fire safety engineering, hazardous area classification, and general process safety advice. Entec engineers have also facilitated HAZOP (hazard and operability) studies of storage and loading facilities for two other LNG terminals, one to be located in Southern Europe and the other in the Bahamas. The first HAZOP study was for an LNG storage and loading facility where the detailed design had already been conducted and frozen for analysis. The study involved representatives of the final user, the design team, and several independent experts in safety, process design and operational fields. It was the chairman’s responsibility to ensure that all representatives worked as a team in an unbiased and objective manner

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