TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Title page A. Mission /Vision B. General objectives B1. Specific objectives II. Acknowledgement III.

Introduction 1

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IV. Anatomy and Physiology


V. Disease Description A. Etiology B. Statistics C. Pathophysiology


VI. Laboratory and Diagnostic Findings



Physical assessment


VIII. Gordon’s Functional Health Pattern IX. Medical Order X. Drug study XI. Nursing Care Plana XII. Nursing theory XII.Reference

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MISSION Provide environment that promotes ethical. GENERAL OBJECTIVES • After case study presentation. the students will be able to gain knowledge about the disease process of patient with elbow fracture. INTRODUCTION . high quality and cost-effective services to residents o cebu city through competent. dosage. • State the management goals for a patient with forearm fracture. III. • State the criteria for diagnosis of fracture. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE Upon completion of this case study. realistic and time bounded nursing care plans the cater to the patient’s needs based on the health assessment done. indications. • Construct systemic. compassionate medical care. route and nursing responsibilities. • Interpret and analyze different laboratory results and their significant to the disease • Understand the prescribed medications necessary for the treatment of the disease including their mechanism of action. the students will be able to: • Understand the disease process • Gain knowledge about the pathophysiology of the disease in relation to the normal anatomy of the affected parts. measurable.VISION An integrated and holistic healthcare services for all patients. attainable.

E Age: 14 y. 2011 Time of admission: 11:25 am Admitting impression Introduction of disease IV. Anatomy and Physiology . 1997 Address: Lupa.o Sex: Male Birthdate: September 17.CLIENT’S PROFILE Name: R. Tisa Labangon Cebu City Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Chief Complaint: Left elbow Deformity Date of admission: September 20.


Etiology Statistics PATHOPHYSIOLOGY .

exceeds the bone ability to absorb it Injury in the bone Disruption in the continuity of bone Disruption of muscle and blood vessels attached to the ends of the bone Soft tissue damage Bleeding Hematoma forms in medullary canal Bone tissue surround the fractured site dies Inflammatory response IV.Stress placed on a bone. LABORATORY AND DIAGNOSTIC FINDINGS .


Nail He has a normal pink nailbed color with consistent shape. it is mobility and elastic whenever I pinched on a certain area like in the face. No presence of lesions noted in the area D. normal posture and has the ability in SYSTEM coordination. No presence of parasites in the area. the color return in instant and takes longer 1-2 seconds. Scalp Scalp on his head is fine. In capillary refill test. fine hair coats the body and there are coarse terminal hair grow at eyebrows. He has symmetrical body. with firm and smooth texture. GORDON’S FUNCTIONAL HEALTH PATTERN\ . Hair The patient has a total black hair due to melanin production. Based on her skin turgor. C. eyelashes and scalp. and legs. The nail surface is slightly curved on flat. regular angle 160 degrees or less in the angle between nail base and nail that is normal. normal perspiration and can respond to moist sensitivity. Skin The patients skin has a fair complexion. MASCULOSKELETAL The patient has a good. edges are smooth suggesting adequate care. B. This exercise is mediated by the Cranial nerve XI (Spinal Accessory Nerve) VIII. arms. It is symmetrical and with smooth or firm texture. His muscles and bones functions normally because he was able to move different actions and exercise except his Left arm due to operation done.Initial Assessment INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM A.

1997 Address: Lupa. MEDICAL ORDER X. 2011 Time of admission: 11:25 am FAMILY GENOGRAM IX.CLIENT’S PROFILE Name: R. DRUG STUDY XI.E Age: 14 y. Tisa Labangon Cebu City Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Chief Complaint: Left elbow Deformity Date of admission: September 20. NURSING CARE PLAN XIII.o Sex: Male Birthdate: September 17. REFERENCE . NURSING THEORY XIII.

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