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Q: WHAT ARE THE MADATES THAT SUPPORT SPED? A: In the international context The World Declaration on Education for All (EFA) held in Jomtien, Thailand in 1990 has given priority for an extended vision and renewed commitment by providing basic education to all children, youth and adults. The World Conference on Special Needs Education held in Salamanca, Spain on June 1994 has recognized the necessity and urgency of providing education for children, youth and adults with special educational needs within the regular educational system. The Agenda for Action of Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled persons (1993-2002) declares that all children and young people have the right to education, equality of opportunities and participation in society. Republic Act 7277, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons approved in 1995 affirms the full participation and total integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream of our society. As citizens, they must be given equal opportunities to develop their skills and potentials. They must be afforded equal access to the basic services extended by the government. RA 9442 An Act amending RA 7277. Batas Pambansa bilang 344 Department of Education (DepED) orders on SPED: 1. Order No. 26, 1997, Institutionalization of SPED in all schools 2. Order No. 14, 1993, Regional SPED Council 3. Order No. 63, 2008, Where TAGUM CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL was identified as 1 Pilot Secondary SPED School. Q: What is Inclusion of special learners? I - integration N - networking C - collaboration L - living, learning, loving U - utilizing all available resources S - support and social services I - implementation of appropriate programs O - organization of appropriate services N - non stop services to all special learners