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TIME: 45-60 minutes LEVEL: Intermediate

After this lesson students will be able to use language for giving advice. What should you do? worksheet, Match the sentences worksheet, the Advice game, A new puppy worksheet (These are all available to download from the site.) Learn and use You should and Youd better.


On the board write: If a. b. c. it rains, you should: wear a t-shirt eat a banana use an umbrella

Ask the students which is the best advice, a, b or c. (Hopefully they should all answer c.) Hand out the What should you do? worksheet for students to complete in pairs.


Explain to the students that when giving advice you use You should + verb

Ask students if they know any other ways of giving advice. Try to elicit Youd better, but dont worry if students do not know this structure. On the board write: You should go to school. You should + verb Youd better go to school. Youd better + verb

Ask the students which they think is stronger advice. Drill both structures, substituting go to school with other verbs. COMMUNICATION PRACTICE ACTIVITY (10-15 mins) Tell students to work in pairs and write their own mini-quiz like the What should you do? worksheet. Students then swap partners and ask their new partner their questions.

COMMUNICATION Hand out the Match the sentences worksheet for students to PRACTICE complete in pairs. ACTIVITY (5-10 mins) PRODUCTION ACTIVITY (10-15 mins) Copy and cut up a set of the Advice game cards for each group of four students. Arrange the students so that they are sitting in groups of about four around a table or flat surface. Tell them that they are going to give advice to people with problems, they can win the game by giving the best advice. Put the pile of cards face down in the middle of the table. The first student takes a card and reads his problem, each of the other students must give him a piece of advice. The student must then decide whose advice he is going to take,

then he gives his card to the person who gave him the best advice. Then the second student picks up a card and reads it out, and the others advise him and so on. The winner of the game is the student who has the most cards at the end. WRAP-UP ACTIVITY (5-10 mins) Give each student a copy of A new puppy. Read the complete text and students fill in the missing words.