Ottoman Empire (1300-1922 – Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe) People Sulieman IMilitary conqueror who

added vast lands to Ottoman power, assembled an advanced navy but also tried to make the people he conquered happy. He did not slaughter the people but redesigned laws Selim- son of Sulieman who as a drunk who simply followed orders of royal advisor. Not a good military leader (example: Russia beat back Ottomans) Power Conquered Constantinople, the center of the Byzantine Empire and caused the fall of the entire empire after lasting 1,000 years Controlled trade routes around Med. Sea Took over land in Europe as far as Greece, Baghdad (Iraq), Tunisia, Algeria JanissariesChristian boys taken from conquered areas trained to be fierce fighters Advanced weapons: navy, cannons, cavalry Accomplishments Tolerance – different religions under the Ottomans were allowed to practice their own religion if they paid extra taxes (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Sulieman I Selim Janissaries Tolerance Advanced weapons Why did the empire fall (3 reaons) Fall In 1800s, the start losing land to European powers in the Middle East Leaders like Selim start borrowing money to finance wars and Ottomans go into debt. Sultans stop being trained in combat strategies, stop developing war technologies Internal rebellions fight against corrupt Ottoman rule

Qing (China 1644-1912)
People Kangxi – fought government corruption by keeping taxes low and sponsoring arts Yong Xheng – sponsored government reforms by getting rid of head taxes and allowing farmers to prosper, but his nice nature kept corrupt officials around. Qianlong- under his rule, the controlled East Asia culturally, politically, economically Power -Manchu outsiders take over -Didn’t dramatically change the laws, political structure of Ming who ruled previously, so easy transition made people less likely to rebel -Queue – made people shave heads to show loyalty to the Qing -Isolationismrefusing to let trade or new ideas come in because they may be unstabilizing -Unified country under one religion/philosophy (Confucianism) -Dual System – every government position had both a Qing leader and a native Chinese Accomplishments Southern Creation Scrolls – depicted Kangxi’s rule Fall -European powers started taking control of the land and forcing treaties Advanced military on them to under banner monitor to the system where Qing govt. soldiers were assigned a -Europeans sell specific color to Opium drug to help organize Chinese them and fight as a family -Opium Wars Qing try to stop Europeans from selling drugs, but they lose this war and must give land and power to Europeans. -Internal rebellions against a corrupt govt. (led by Wu Sangai)

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