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Erik Marshall

5050 Bosun’s Way, C1 Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (313)505-1396 Education
Ph.D. Wayne State University, May 2010. Dissertation title: Distributed Cinema: Interactive, Networked Spectatorship in the Age of Digital Media . : Robert Burgoyne (advisor), Kirsten Thompson, Steven Shaviro; Outside reader: Nicholas Rombes. B.A. Wayne State University, 1995. Majors: French, Education. Minor: English.

Teaching Experience
College Level:

University of Michigan – Dearborn

Lecturer I, January 2013 - Present

Film and Society, Issues in Cyberspace Oakland Community College , Adjunct, 2009-Present

Introduction to the Film, Composition II Henry Ford Community College Adjunct Professor, Present

Media Writing, Introduction to Telecommunications, History of Film and Criticism Wayne State University. Adjunct Instructor, 2004-Present Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1998-2003. Introduction to Film, Intro to College Writing, Intermediate Composition, American Studies, Works of World Cinema, Writing. Lawrence Technological University. Adjunct Instructor, Fall-Winter 2007 World Masterpieces of Literature I and II College for Creative Studies. Adjunct Instructor, Fall 2004 History of Animation.

Other: 2001 Instructor, 14-week course on black film for local teens. Funded by Ford Foundation, sponsored by the Humanities Center, Wayne State University. 1997-8 Teacher. French and English. Imlay City High School, Imlay City, MI.

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Washington. Wayne State University Professional Memberships Society for Cinema and Media Studies Modern Language Association. D."Belief Construction vs. 2001. Death. May." Society for Cinema Studies. Departmental Service 2001-2 Appointments Committee. Foreign Language French: proficient speaking and fluent reading abilities. "Portryals of Drug Use in Recent Films. March 2001. Historical Fact in Morris's Mr. Detroit.C. Wayne State University. Wayne State University 1999-2000 Graduate Committee." Y/X conference. .