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Jack the Ripper Q1

What does the examiner want you to

Describe law and order in London in the late nineteenth century.
Aim to write about 400 words….

Target: Key features/recall of knowledge

Level 1: Simple statements supported by some knowledge, e.g. the police, crimes,
punishments etc. (1-5) – Grades E, F, G

Level 2: Developed statements supported by relevant knowledge, e.g. details about the
Metropolitan Police Force, methods, police work, reputation, types of crimes etc. (6-10) –
Grades D, C

Level 3: Developed exposition supported by selected knowledge, e.g. shows

understanding of the expected role of the police, controversy over use of force, crimes
that could be prevented etc. (11-15) – Grades A*, A, B

Paragraph Key content

1 Introduction – historical background to law and order in London: charlies,
constables, beadles, magistrates, bridewells and lock-ups; Bow Street
Runners, River Police and the reasons for introducing the professional police
force; Peel’s role; historical context – French Revolution, industrial conflict,
protest movements and uprisings; growing fear of crime and ‘criminal
2 Role and reputation of the Metropolitan Police; methods used; suitability of
recruits; types of crimes the police would face;
3 Opposition to policing from both rich and poor, and reasons why; adaption
of crime prevention and crime detection methods and techniques;
4 Continued problems for police into late 19th century; threat of Irish
terrorism; gap between rich and poor; West End and East End; natives and
5 Successes of police force 1850-1888; gradual acceptance of police force;
new technology and methods since 1829

Remember WHEN the ‘late nineteenth century’ is…..!!

Refer to for info sheets,

presentations, videos and notes….