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Dresden Holocaust Often we are taught that the only so called Holocaust that happened was the one

that did not even exist. The ones that happened and exist are classed as controversial and questioned and researched because they are a threat to the Jewish agenda. These true Holocausts are brushed aside in history, there are no memorial days for them, no days of so called liberation set aside. Instead they are forgotten and are slowly losing their places in our true and real history. Our children are force fed lies and trash and are taught to forget what really happened during World War II. Winston Churchill known and regarded as a hero and the true face of Britain is nothing but a cold blooded ruthless murderer who did what he did merely to impress Stalin, yet we are meant to hold him in high esteem and regards and be thankful for everything he did. In my eyes, this man is nothing but an abomination and deserves his memory to be spat on rather than honored; this article will go in depth as to why. Dresden: .Dresden was a hospital town, for escapees from The Red Army and others from the war in Nazi Germany. .Dresden made china and was well known for its culture of arts. .Dresden is said to have been making supplies for the Nazis, yet these supplies were nowhere to be seen and were not used in order to defend themselves when Churchill began his massacre. .Dresden had no ways to defend itself under attack. .Until Churchill began his massacre, Dresden had been fortunate enough to not really suffer any damage from WWII. Winston Churchill: .Winston Churchill was half Jewish, born to a Jewish mother Jennie Jerome, who was the daughter of a New York business man known as Leonard Jerome. .Winston Churchill was born in 1874 and finally died in 1965 following a series of strokes at 90 years old. .Winston Churchill was personal friends with Franklin D. Roosevelt who was also Jewish (it is important to note that Roosevelt supplied Churchill with bombs and such) and was allies with Josef Stalin who was Jewish too and had The Red Army under his control-whom were responsible for making thousands flee to Dresden out of pure terror on the night of their holocaust. .Winston Churchill gained full support from the United States on his Dresden holocaust. In the year of 1945 on February 13th, thousands of Dresden civilians were wiped out by raging firestorms that raged through their city, knowing no boundaries and was aided by the oxygen that was giving more fuel to the fire. The firestorms lasted for an entire night and finally ended at 10am the day after. In an entire course of one night it is roughly estimated that 250,000 died, half of them being actual Dresden civilians and the rest being escapees from The Red Army. On that night, only one warning siren went off-they did not have enough time to rush to the air raid shelters before the holocaust began. Dresden was known as a hospital town with no arms to defend themselves, if something tragic happened (as it full well did) they were left completely defenseless with no ways of attacking back. Yet those who act souless claim that they did have defenses and were making supplies for Nazi Germany, and because they were in Nazi Germany that was a solid excuse to attack them-that and the fact that Churchill just wanted to show off to Stalin what Britain and the United States was capable of if Stalin broke the war contract that they had.

However, these defenses that Dresden supposedly had and were making were nowhere to be seen on the night of February 13th 1945. Men, women and children were targeted on this fateful night and hardly any were spared, survivors that did survive often give horrific eye witness accounts on that night, stuff that nightmares are made out of and Hollywood horror movies. Churchills victims either could not breathe because the air was that thick with smoke in the air raid shelters, women were reported to be running around holding babies to their chest with their dresses on fire screaming until they eventually fell over, or crushed by the burning buildings, or the victims skin literally melted to the ground because the temperature was so hot. When the melted skin was found, there were only puddles left as a reminder that these were once human beings. Burnings were burnt to cinders; those fires destroyed everything in sight not allowing anything/anyone to escape from its mass destruction. A quote from an eye witness:
A Swiss citizen described his visit to Dresden two weeks after the raid:- 'I could see torn-off arms and legs, mutilated torsos and heads which had been wrenched from their bodies and rolled away. In places the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to clear a path through them in order not to tread on arms and legs.'

From: _07_dresden_holocaust_500kpdf and: on: Churchill knew no compassion nor pity that night. He did what he wanted to do without regards to human life and emotion. He only allowed three hours between one lot of bombing before giving them a second dosage, he gave them three hours safety in order to fool the Dresden civilians to think that it was ok and everything was over. Churchill deceived, and is responsible for a holocaust. Yes, what real qualities that a hero today should have, of course those qualities in someone are extremely valuable and something to consider if it gives you legend status. Please pass this article around, Im making this into a video and into PDF format as an essay available to download on my site. In honor of the Dresden victims and my Fatherland Germany. May you never be forgotten and may your tragedy live on in our hearts forever.