“Mr. Dr.

Sheila Weiss” A – C#m – D (STING: To / G) C#m Bm

I lie in bed and listen to her gentle snore C#m Bm Then I wake her with a whisper in her ear C#m Bm But I let her sleep so I can watch a minute more C#m Bm Then I kiss her brow and coo: it’s seven, dear Am Bm/A And then I put her in the shower C#m/B D And I get some coffee inner Em Em/D Then I give the girls their oatmeal C7 While I make a plan for dinner F#m F#m/E Ebdim Then I send them with their brown bags on their way D/E A (lick) And when the telemarketer calls I say: A (lick) This is Mr. Dr. Sheila repeat This is Mr. Dr. Weiss repeat Mr. Dr. Sheila – D/E C#m Bm I’m Dr. Sheila Weiss’ husband Price (hmm…) C#m Bm I do a load of laundry and head out to the gym C#m Bm Dropping Sheila’s cleaning off en route C#m Bm An hour’s worth of breaststroke keeps me firm and slim C#m Bm See a fella’s got to keep his figure trim and cute.

Am Bm/A And if I see a friend from high school

© 2007 by Brock Simpson

Dr. Sheila D/E A I’m Dr. Weiss repeat Mr. tied-back hair Fdim E E9 © 2007 by Brock Simpson . I don’t feel embarrassed C7 No. Sheila Weiss’ husband Price (rock out over: A C# D E) E I’m on the front lines now! Ebm/E Smoothing in the soothing balm – F#m Ebdim I’m the nature – I’m the nurture D I’m pretty much a fifties mom E Dm/E I’m at the centre of it all – the little things we’re made of: D D/C# Cmaj7 Bm The little green socks of the girls that I love: C#m So I vacuum like a banshee Bm And I whip up some granola C#m I get Amy from gymnastics Bm Ashley from viola Bb Then she comes in – and I dropped my tongs and stare Gb/E A bm Abm/Gb At her rumpled-up suit and her greasy. Sheila repeat I am Mr. Dr. Dr.C#m/B D Or a pal from Delta Sigma Em Em/D No. there’s not the slightest stigma F#m F#m/E Ebdim And when they ask me why I seem complete D/E A (lick) I couldn’t be happier to repeat: A (lick) I am Mr.

Unexpurgated. Sheila Dsus I’m the doctor’s husband Price Ebsus Fell in love with Dr. Sheila repeat Call me Mr. Sheila Dsus/E Nee Macpherson. Sheila Esus (rall) I took her name and now I’m Price Weiss! C#m On Friday there’s a party Bm At the home of Dr. Kaye McCarty AKA Bm Mrs. Weiss repeat Mr. Martin Woodman Am Bm/A And when one of them asks me C#m/B D Am I psych or am I surgeon? Em Em/D I feel a warm sensation C7 As this joy begins to burgeon F#m F#m/E Ebdim And I want to get up on the table and crow! Em F#m/E Em F#m/E “This is real life – it’s really real life Dmaj7 C#m C Bm Am “This is Unmedicated. Sheila E © 2007 by Brock Simpson . Dr. Dr. Dr. Gmaj9 I feel so happy I sing: Csus Call me Mr. Dr. Goodman C#m With Dr. Un-hyphenated life!” A (lick) So call me Mr. what other gifts you bring. now it’s Weiss – and Mrs.And I wonder God. Dr. Dr.

A (lick) That’s my wife! That’s my wife!! A C#m D E (2x) Sting © 2007 by Brock Simpson .

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