Relation of Geography with Commercial Activity

Presented by- Manohar Prasad. (IB+IT)

What is Geography with Commercial activity ? “ All such activities” which operate to produce goods and services to satisfy the needs of consumers and which seek some point of location over the Geographic space”. Any Commercial activity aims at gaining profits which depend on six factors:

6 Factors:

Selecting favourable location for capital investments. Determining the growth potential of its service & market areas. Understanding international markets & investment opportunities. Meeting environmental impact standards. Developing effective strategies for corporate planning. Analysis and presentation of masses of statistical data for business decisions.






Problems in Commercial activity:
Location. Environment. Transportation.

Factors affecting Location: Raw Material. Power. Transport. Market. Land. Purchasing power of people. Capital.

Factors affecting environment: Location. Relief. Forest. Water-bodies. Land. Mineral resourses.

An economic activity is linked to a complex system of suppliers and customers, which must be supported by a transport system.
Mode of Transportation:

Roadways Railways Airways Waterways Pipeline.