The breeds shown here on Live Ducks are the most common domestic breeds.

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Pekin Indian Runner Rouen Cayuga Swedish Buff Muscovy White Crested Khaki Campbell Call Duck More Domestic Breeds Choosing a Breed Where Can I Buy a Duck? Breed Comparision Chart

Which breed makes the best pet? There are many domestic duck breeds with as many distinct characteristics. Ask owners of any of each of the breeds and they will tell you theirs is the best. Just like choosing a dog or other pet, there is a breed of duck with the perfect personality, appearance and characteristics to suit most anyone. Some ducks are known to be friendly, noisy, very large, small, have pretty and bright plumage, imprint easily on humans, etc. Don't get stressed if you're new to this, just refer to my chart for a quick overview of the breeds and do more in depth online research once you find a breed that interests you. Before you decide on a breed for a pet, remember the Pekin is the tried and true standard that works best for most casual pet duck owners. Other breeds may have quirks or undesired personality traits that can be a challenge for a first time owner. No matter how hard it gets, you cannot simply "dump" a duck into a local pond if it doesn't work out in your home. Read "Are you Ready for a Duck" if you are not a duck owner and Giving up Your Ducks?" if you made a serious mistake and are looking for intelligent solutions. See more photos of domestic ducks and ducklings

Pekin Hen Pekin ducks have a large pure white body with orange beak and feet. Pekins are the most common domestic duck choice. They are on some restaurant menus as "Peking Duck". Because of their huge body and skinny legs, they are prone to leg injuries. They are unable to fly. The Pekin breed is of Chinese origin, first imported to the United States around 1873. More often than not, the Pekin is the best choice for anyone getting started with ducks or those who look forward to alot of interaction with their pet. The Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain Pekin Duck Photos Domestic Ducks

some laying upwards of 300 eggs per year. Their feathers turn lighter as they grow older.Fawn Runners Indian Runners come in more than two dozen colors and stand tall and upright like a bowling pin. Cayugas originated in Cayuga county. thus the name. They originated in France and came to America around 1874. but not well known in the United States before 1900.S. They grow almost as large as the Pekin. They are the most prolific egg layers. a gorgeous dark black with shimmering green feathers. the Rouen is too heavy to fly. New York. They are known to be calm. black and silver. FeatherSite Oklahoma State University Cayuga Drake Cayuga ducks are rare. They are said to be calm in nature. Unlike its smaller cousin. the mallard. They do not fly. Runners were introduced into England as early as 1830. known as the Finger Lakes region. some say from China over 2000 years ago. . FeatherSite The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Ashton Waterfowl Rouen Drake Rouen is another popular domestic breed that closely resembles a mallard duck when fully mature. the blue Swedish duck was being raised by farmers in Pomerania. As early as 1835. which back then was part of Sweden. They are one of the few ducks to originate in the U. This breed originated in India. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain Blue Swedish Pair Swedish are large bodied and come in blue (more a soft gray).

they are the only breed of duck that is not a descendant of the mallard. Some can fly. they wanted to with each other and didn't bond with us.The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy McMurray Hatchery FeatherSite Buff Drake Buff. They were introduced to the United States in 1909 and became an officially recognized breed in 1914. They are known to be good egg layers. Despite being hand raised. also called Buff Orpington. English in origin. Their character was not as friendly as other resources stated. They continued to grow until they were larger than Pekins. from Orpington Farms. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Kintaline Farm Poultry and Waterfowl Centre FeatherSite Muscovy Hen Muscovy are a "quackless" duck. but in my own experience my opinion is that they'd make a better flock bird than a family pet. The Buffs pictured below are my own. large and fawn colored. Kintaline Farm Poultry and Waterfowl Centre Muscovy Information FeatherSite Muscovy Photos White Crested . it depends on the body size. Originally from Brazil. There are probably exceptions to this behavior. at about 5 weeks of age. and great if you live close to your neighbors. are gorgeous.

Moulard. Which breed is best for you? When choosing a breed. if you are new to duck ownership there are a few things you need to consider. Appleyard.White Crested ducks look like a Pekin wearing a fluffy white hat. Saxony and the elusive Pommeranian (also spelled Pomeranian) ducks are domestic breeds that we have little information on . They have . and are excellent egg layers. They are known as a very noisy breed. but their small size makes them desireable. but overall the Pekin has the best reputation for being friendly. Their beaks are blunt and round. FeatherSite Crested Duck Information Metzer Farms Khaki Campbell Khaki Campbell ducks are a greenish bronzy brown color. Call Ducks can fly. so you'll need to clip their wings periodically. so they may not be a good choice if you live in urban areas or have neighbors closeby. Said to be a cross between Pekin and Aylesbury. There are exceptions. taking on the name Campbell. playful and a good family pet. Call Ducks Call Duck Association UK The British Call Duck Club Kintaline Farm Poultry and Waterfowl Centre Aylesbury. the developer of the breed. • Want a duck for the eggs? Runner ducks are known as some of the best egg layers of all domestic breeds. They originated in England. They are known to be very loud. • Are you a first time duck owner? Make sure to read: "Are You Ready for a Duck?" • Looking for a family pet? Some breeds may not bond well with people and prefer the company of their own kind. Khakis are a cross between Indian Runner. Mallard and Rouen. outgoing.some are considered rare. of course. Little House Poultry Farm Ashton Waterfowl McMurray Hatchery Call Duck Call Ducks are sometimes referred to as "miniature ducks" because of their compact size.

Where can I buy a duck? There are several options: pet or supply store which I do not advise because they are often incorrectly sexed or have health problems due to overcrowding. the Cayuga with it's lustrous green plumage or the bronze beauty of the Khaki Campbell. Some farms supply ducks. Check with them for details regarding sales and shipping. It depends alot on the duck and the kind of care and interaction they get with humans. Some Runners have made wonderful pets. though many like the ones in my area will take ducks in. they are fantastic. so you'll end up with alot more than the ducks you call ducks and goslings with no minimum order quantity and a Live Arrival Guarantee. For a resource that sells ducklings. Beware of breeders selling ducklings with "warmers". which impressed me. They raise ducks for a variety of purposes. You can try animal shelters. All of our ducks past and present came from a very reputable farm in California called Metzer Farms. preferably from the beginning. The warmers are live male chicks.a reputation for being moody and neurotic. see my Links page. http://liveducks. like Metzer Farms. Straight Run Ducks are simply ducks of various breeds that have not been sexed to determine if they are male or to find ducks for sale. Find a reputable resource that sells ducks with pre-determined sex and named breed. Ours was not nearly as approachable as our Pekin. and there are a few mail order options. Keep in mind that not all ducks live up to their reputation. but if you want fresh eggs. They do not slaughter or eat their own ducks. To find hatcheries that sell fertilized duck eggs ready to incubate. and easy to find. please visit eFowl.html Copyright © Live Ducks All rights reserved . but not offer them for adoption. including for sale as pets. • Going for show? There are many breeds that would be a beautiful addition to any home including the Rouen that resembles the Mallard. I wouldn't get one again as a pet. Some are considered rare and difficult to find.